Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello Citizens,

We hope you enjoyed this weekend’s RUNDOWN EVENT. We are aware of issues that did occur during this event and rest assured we will be rewarding those players effected with the proper prizes. Join us today for the final day of this reward packed event.

This Wednesday is also the last day to participate in the find the Dev event. Locate Ghoulface before end of day May 18th and earn yourself a little prize.

Voting for the first RETURN OF A SEASONAL event has ended and on Wed May 25th till June 8th you will have the HALLOWEEN EVENT available for your gaming pleasure.


That’s it for now Citizens, have a fun gaming week.


Friday, May 13, 2016

The Rundown Event!

Hello Citizens,

We hope you have been enjoying the Find the Dev event. There is still time for you to jump in and find Ghoulface and earn some cool prizes. Remember this event will end on Wednesday May 18th.

If you have not voted yet for the return of a favorite SEASONAL EVENT, you still have time. Voting will close this Monday with the reactivation of the winning event going live on May 23rd.

This weekend, the APB team brings you THE RUNDOWN EVENT. From Saturday to Monday is your chance to work your way down the list and earn Joker Mystery Boxes for each task as well as some bonus Joker Tickets for completing all the daily objectives. The list of objectives and prizes for each day are:

That’s it for now, enjoy your weekend Citizens,


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seasonal event voting begins, and other APB events

Hello Citizens,

We hope you enjoyed Part 3 of the meet the Dev posts. With its conclusion comes the next Find the Dev event that will be taking place this Wed, May 11th and runs till May 18th. Here's your chance to participate and earn prizes for the event itself and a unique title at the end of the series.

Voting will be starting this week for the PICK YOUR SEASONAL EVENT. You will be asked to vote for your favorite seasonal event, the winning event will be playable for 2 week period. We will start the voting for the SEASONAL EVENT today, with voting ending on the 16th. Head on over to here and make your selection.

This weekend will also feature THE RUNDOWN event where you work your way up a task ladder for multiple Joker Mystery Box prizes. More info will be provided later this week before the start of the upcoming weekend.

Stay tuned this week for updates and be safe till later Citizens,


Friday, May 6, 2016

Meet the Dev part 3

Hello Citizens,

As mentioned in this week’s previous post, we are bringing you part 3 of our Meet the Dev series. With this post, I am happy to introduce you to our QA Lead Ghoulface.  He has taken some time from his daily schedule to answer a few questions concerning who he is, what he does and some other topics of interest.  

What does a work day look like for you? Talk us through some of the different tasks you have to perform.

The QA team are responsible for testing just about everything related to APB, and it’s my job to oversee the team’s work.

Generally, our work all starts with a test request from a member of the development team whenever changes or additions have been made. From there I need to assign out tasks to the rest of the QA team, and in the case of new features I’ll also need to write a new test script before we begin testing. These test scripts form the basis of most of our initial testing, as they allow us to ensure the main functionality of the element being tested is working as intended. I then need to report back the findings of our testing to the relevant members of the development team, and highlight any major issues found. I’ll also usually organize a play test with members of the SPCT for any new features, so we can get some additional testing and feedback.

Outside of specific test requests, I’ll generally ensure that bug fixes are tested by the team as they are submitted, as well as then verifying the fixes in builds that are set to be released to the public.

What has changed over the course of your time here at Reloaded? Do you have any memories that stand out as special for you?

I suppose the biggest change for us has been the move from solely developing for PC to also developing for the Xbox One and PS4, and having to adapt to the requirements and capabilities of these platforms.

There have also been some changes in staff here, and on a personal note it’s been great to see a number of QA testers progress into other roles within the company. Despite the changes in personnel though, we’ve always been able to maintain an enjoyable and productive atmosphere in the office.
The one memory which stands out for me, was a company trip to a local museum for a games exhibition. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of one of our producers going all out on Dance Central.

What excites you about the future of APB?

I’m excited about seeing the engine upgrade as a finished product, as I’m sure a lot of our players are. Specifically, I’m looking forward to seeing how we can do things differently as it should allow us more freedom when it comes to development.

What game(s) are you enjoying at the moment?

Right now I’m working my way through Pillars of Eternity, which I’m really loving. As a big fan of the old Infinity Engine RPGs, this is pretty much a perfect fit for me. Other than that, I also have my usual fall-backs of my slight Football Manager addiction (500 hours a year isn’t too bad, right?), as well as my love for Total War games.

Is there a new game or piece of gaming tech that you are really excited about?

I’m really looking forward to the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, since I loved the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution was really enjoyable as well and a step up from Invisible War.

What is your all-time favorite video game?

As I previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of the Infinity Engine games and so it’s not much of a surprise that Baldur’s Gate II is my favorite game. For me, the combination of story, characters and world is unmatched.

I wish to thank Ghoulface for his time and to inform the community that, with the conclusion of this post, we will be preparing the next Find the Dev event that will run from Wednesday May 11th until May 18th.  Get into district and hunt Ghoulface down to be in with a chance to win the ultimate prize at the Find the Dev finale.

That it for now folks,


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hello Citizens,

We hope you all enjoyed the second phase of our Find The Dev Event, featuring Androvald.  Keep an eye out for an introduction to another member of the Reloaded Team, which will coincide with phase 3 of our Find The Dev event.  Remember to hunt down the Dev in each of the events for a chance to earn a unique title at the completion of the final Find the Dev event.

Last week’s Character Art Pipeline blog was positively received from our community, so we will therefore be following up with more detailed descriptions from the key departments of Art, Code and Design over the next few months.

I am also happy to announce that we will be asking you, the community, to vote on which seasonal event you’d like to see return for a limited time this summer.  Voting will commence next week, so keep your eyes peeled!  More details will be provided as we move closer to the end of May.

April has been an exciting month but we are also excited for what May will bring to all the players in APB.

Until next time citizens,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

APB Reloaded: Character Pipeline overview

The character and clothing pipeline for APB Reloaded is very convoluted and can get very restrictive at times due to the nature of the game’s customization systems. In this blog post, we attempt to break this system down in order to provide an overview of the workflow we use when creating clothing assets for APB Reloaded.

For the purpose of this blog post we will be using the “War” clothing pack as our case study.

Concept and Mock-Ups

Before we start production on any final assets, we need to concept and prototype initial mock-ups of what we intend to create. It’s beneficial to use ZBrush for this stage as it allows us to quickly put together ideas that we know will work within APB’s customization suite. We may then add further details in Photoshop, depending on whether we feel the need to:

Once satisfied with our initial concepts, we will create another mock-up that fully fits within APB’s pipeline restrictions. This is a very important stage, as the sheer number of clothing options available to the player can also prove very restrictive from a development standpoint, therefore we must ensure that any new item of clothing can work with potentially hundreds of different combinations, with as little issues as possible.

With this mock-up we can test for any glaring issues as the last thing we want is potentially weeks of production time being wasted by major bugs that were found during the final stages of development.

During this stage we may also take the opportunity to refine the initial design.

High Poly

As soon as we are satisfied that the initial mock-ups fit within our customizations system, we then move on to the next stage, which is the creation of the high poly.

The high poly is a high-density mesh that is used for rendering textures for our low poly game model. Normal maps give the illusion of extra geometry detail by altering how light reacts to the surface of mesh, whilst Ambient Occlusion is used to provide diffuse shadow detail.

We create the high poly first so we can then alter the topology of the low-poly mesh to match the high-poly as closely as possible before baking (rendering textures).

Our high poly meshes are created mainly in Zbrush, using the initial mock-up as a base. In some cases we may later refine areas in 3DS Max (such as with some of the hard-surface elements of the “War” outfit).

Low Poly

Once the high poly is finished, we then move on to the low poly. Which is the mesh used in game (as a ZBrush mesh consisting of millions of triangles would be unsuitable for real-time rendering).
Due to the fact that players can modify the height and weight of their characters, the majority of the base clothing in APB uses the same set of initial topology, which is then morphed depending on the clothing asset and shape of the player character in question.

Secondary clothing assets (such as hoods, headgear, body Armour and masks), are unique meshes that are snapped or placed on to the base topology as separate assets. These assets will not be directly affected by morphs, other than their placement in relation to the body.

In order to create an initial morph set, we first adjust our default topology to match the new high poly meshes. We will then re-create this process across various extreme weights and body sizes to create a set of morphs that should cover all player characters in game. This process is gender specific, so these steps will need to be further reproduced due to the differences in topology between the genders.

Unwrapping and texture creation

Once satisfied with our low poly morphs, we then need to ensure the UV’s are correctly unwrapped to allow for texture and mask creation. The UV points are the same across all of these morphs, therefore we only need to unwrap one (usually the default to provide the most balance and least amount of texture stretching).

When unwrapping these assets, we must stick to our template character layout, as the majority of texture space will need to be retained for other aspects of the character (such as skin and other clothing categories). This is because our studio editor generates new textures on the fly as the player puts various pieces of clothing together, therefore all unique clothing categories need to be unwrapped as if they were to fit on a full character texture sheet.

Once we are satisfied with our low poly morphs, we will then move on to rendering our textures. From the high poly we will render our Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps, which we will then use as a basis for creating our final textures in Photoshop. In Photoshop we will also create our specular maps and in the case of “War”, emissive maps for artificial light features.


With our initial textures created we then need to create a series of color masks. These masks will determine what parts of the clothing players will be able to customize. The number of customization options increases with the number of masks. The War outfit for example, uses 20 different masks in order to provide as much flexibility as possible to the player. With this now set we are ready to begin testing in game.


Once these stages have been completed (and tested), we can then move on to the finalization stage, which involves rendering out icons and naming the assets in game. The icons themselves are rendered from 3DS Max using global cameras and shaders, in order to keep the UI consistent. With this complete, the only remaining steps involve marketing and release.

We hope you enjoyed our brief overview of one of the art pipelines powering APB Reloaded. The artists would wish to thank our player-base for the amazing customizations you continue to create with our work.

Thanks, and until next time...
APB Reloaded Team

Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Dev To Find and Shake, Rattle, Implode!

Hello Citizens,

With last Friday's blog post, we provided a little info on Androvald, our Senior Engineer. Now is your chance to find him in San Paro and earn yourself a prize. From the 27th till the 4th of May, Androvald will appear randomly in action districts - find him before he disappears and earn a reward.  Whoever finds him first will win 10 deployable 'Joker Box Weapon Caches' that allow you to spawn a random Joker Box weapon temporarily for you and nearby friends. You only win this reward once, after which you'll receive 5 deployable selectors. Subsequent players will win 3 deployable selectors.

Starting with Androvald those lucky players who manage to find every single Dev will win a brand new Title upon finding the final Dev!

We had some technical difficulties over the weekend which prevented the Shake, Rattle & Roll event from going ahead as planned, and we’d like to apologize for that by giving every player who logged in between 04/24/2016 12:00:01 AM UTC and 04/26/2016 12:00:00 AM UTC (4/23/2016 7 PM CDT to 7 PM CDT 4/25/2016) 5 Joker Mystery Box 13s. Delivery of the JMB 13s will be within 48 hours.

Enjoy this week’s events and be safe Citizens,

Friday, April 22, 2016

Who We Are Part 2 & Shake, Rattle and Roll Event

Hello Citizens,

We hope you all enjoyed the return of Beacon this week, as well as the first Find The Dev event.  The month of April is still not over and we have a few more things heading your way.

Today we have another interview for you, from a second member of our development team.  Let me please introduce you to Androvald, our Senior Engineer.  Androvald took some time to answer a few questions.

1.       What does a work day look like for you? Talk us through some of the different tasks you have to perform.

I spend most of my time implementing new features and events, and fixing bugs within the game. 

While my specialty is game play, I tend to have to touch a lot of parts of the game as we are a small team. While the process of adding new features can be vastly different depending on what is required, for me it usually starts with a design document. Whilst the designers work on that, they will discuss the technical feasibility with the programmer who knows most about that area of the game. After we figure out what the new feature is going to be, we may create a prototype to figure out whether or not this new design will work. Once the feature is designed from a game design perspective, for bigger features we create a technical design. In this technical design, we lay out what goes where, and what pieces need to interact with each other. After all this is done, we can finally begin writing code. During the process of implementing the feature, we work with other disciplines to ensure things end up in a way that everyone can work with. When possible, we check with the designers that we are moving in the right direction, and the feature is working as expected. We check with the artists and designers that have to create content for these features that what we expect in code is indeed the case in the content that is going to be created for it. After it has been implemented, the feature will get tested by our QA department, and we try to fix as many problems with it as possible before getting it out to our test environment, and then live.

2.       What has changed over the course of your time here at Reloaded? Do you have any memories that stand out as special for you?

A lot has changed, yet a lot has also stayed the same. I’ll have to agree with Magallan that the general mentality always stayed the same, which makes this a great place to work.
One of the memories that stand out to me is when we moved into our new offices a couple of years ago - checking out the office space with a few of my colleagues and seeing Edinburgh Castle. It feels almost unreal that this has been a few years already.

3.       What excites you about the future of APB?

We have so many ideas of things that we want to do after the engine upgrade. The plans for a new revised mission system are particularly interesting. The main things we hope to address with that is the problem with the one-sidedness of the attack/defend stages, as well as the missions without opposition. The engine upgrade itself should be quite interesting as well, but there’s always more things to do for that.

4.       What game(s) are you enjoying at the moment?

I really enjoyed Epistory, which definitely has a unique art-style, as well as some interesting game play mechanics. I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy XIV, though I’m mostly waiting for them to add new content to that. Other than that, I’ve been playing CoD: Black Ops 3 multiplayer on and off.

5.       Is there a new game or piece of gaming tech that you are really excited about?

I’m looking forward to Star Citizen / Squadron 42. Seeing how their open development philosophy will continue to work, as well as how much of what they promised they can actually make a reality is a big part of that. It all looks pretty good so far.

6.       What is your all-time favorite video game?

I think I have more than one that is roughly on the spot of all-time favorite. A series of video games that has stayed with me for a long time though, would be the Descent: FreeSpace series. I received the first installment of that series with a joystick purchase, and I’ve picked up the expansion and sequel game after.  

I want to thank Androvald for answering our questions.  Meet the Dev team Q&A will be a recurring installment with find the Dev events to follow shortly after. 

We are also happy to announce that a new event will be had for this upcoming weekend.
Time to Rock Around the Clock this weekend by taking part in the SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL event.

Get ready to SHAKE your enemies with grenade kills, RATTLE your foes with shotgun blasts and ROLL them over with a quick vehicular death.  

Each Daily objective rewards you with Joker Tickets and a Joker Mystery Box 13.




This around the clock event, runs from today April 22nd till Monday April 25th.

That’s it for this week folks, enjoy this weekend’s event and stay tuned for the next find the dev update.

Till later Citizens,

Friday, April 8, 2016

Who we are at APB Reloaded

Hello Citizens,

Starting this month we will bring to you a new feature with our APB blog posts by introducing members of our staff to the community. This will provide you all with a glimpse of who we are and what each of us is responsible for within APB’s reloaded development.

Each introduction will include a few questions about what they do, their thoughts and other little titbits of information you might find interesting. With our first entry I am happy to present to you Magallen, our resident Operations Engineer who was kind enough to provide some answers to our questions.

1. What does a work day look like for you? Talk us through some of the different tasks you have to perform.

My main work day to day is writing code for the back end servers and databases used by APB, providing the platform upon which an MMO runs.

I wear some other hats too:
I'm responsible for making sure our QA team always have a safe space to test in;
I work with CS to help diagnose issues players are experiencing;
I work with our operations team to make sure that all of our hardware, new and old, is properly set up to be used for our live service;
I handle deploying new builds to our servers and configuring them to run the right servers in the right places.

The short version is: my job involves solving problems. Ideally before they happen. If something isn't working, I'm usually a good person to ask about it.

2. What has changed over the course of your time here at Reloaded? Do you have any memories that stand out as special for you?

We've seen a lot of people come and go in my time at reloaded but I don't think that's ever changed the mentality of the team. We still have a strong sense of family and everyone pulling together to make APB a place where you guys want to spend your time. We've improved a lot on our processes and how we communicate to get things done faster and make sure everyone is on the same page.

I've also really enjoyed seeing my colleague’s careers progress alongside mine and them rising to new challenges.

I think my favorite single memory was the first time we had an in office play test of the Easter egg mini-game (and not just because it's the only time I wasn't the worst player in the office).

It's my personal favorite event and it was good to see the whole team enjoying the game that we built.

3. What excites you about the future of APB?

In my own time I game on console much more than PC so I'm looking forward to being able to play APB at home on console.

I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces it brings into the APB community.

4. What game(s) are you enjoying at the moment?

I've been hooked on Star Wars Battlefront for a while now. I'm always playing football manager (Inter Milan are my team this year) and I play some Pokémon when I get the chance.

5. Is there a new game or piece of gaming tech that you are really excited about?

I think affordable VR kits open up some awesome ideas that just weren't feasible before. Games gaining access to almost infinite cloud processing power could allow developers to create a lot of things that until now have been impossible.

6. What is your all-time favorite video game?

Always a tough one. I'll say Skyrim, and the whole elder scrolls series, are the games that I've enjoyed most.

I want to thank Magallen for taking time from his busy schedule as well his Pokémon game time with us and we look forward to introducing you to the other developers here at APB Reloaded.

We also are announcing the SIN TO WIN event where it pays to be bad. This event runs from Saturday to Monday, so here is your chance to be rewarded for being your bad selves.

Till next time, be safe and good gaming citizens,


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Engine Upgrade Video, Loyalty Reward and More!

Hello San Paro,

In this month’s blog post we are featuring a sneak peek of the upcoming engine upgrade. Much of the community has been eagerly waiting to see more of the engine upgrade in terms of the world and combat so we wanted to share some more of these game aspects with you.  Please sit back and enjoy the Asylum district in a way never before seen in APB Reloaded.

Now as a special surprise for the community. Those who ask for a New Loyalty Reward shall receive a New Loyalty Reward!

New Loyalty Reward

Originally intended as an ARMAS release, we have decided instead to add the Euryale to the Loyalty Reward Counter. The Euryale is an LMG from the same blood as the Medusa, however this variant does not come with Intelligent Recoil Stabilizer mod. When the Euryale is released this weapon will be retroactively rewarded to players who have already qualified through ARMAS purchases. Stay tuned for more updates and information on the Euryale as it becomes available.

While the development on the engine upgrade advances, developers outside of the gaming group have been adding some additional value to APB Reloaded through these projects:

Event Tracker System

One item that the team has recently put together is the Event Tracker system. The tracker was created from the communities desire to have a way to track progress in various events.  We didn’t just want to have a tracker but also reduce the time it takes for a player to receive a reward from completing an event. In the past there was a significant delay from completing and event to receiving a reward, the event tracker has taken care of that problem by rewarding a player, typically, within five minutes of completing an objective.

What’s Next for the Event Tracker System

In the past few weeks the Event Tracker has been expanded from Mission Completion events to an array of new objectives. A new multi-objective mode is being added in which events will become more challenging but will also offer greater rewards for those who complete it.  Being a game with a strong community, we also wanted to expand the system to support clan based challenges. This will be another focus point for expanding the event system down the road.

Lastly, there is a known bug in the system where some players who complete the event within the final hours of the event do not receive a reward.  That is definitely something that will be fixed, however, in the meantime a quick ticket to customer service will get that issue resolved for you.

At this point, the Event Tracker has required no development time from the game development team which has freed them up to wrap up development on key projects which are due for completion this year.

APB Web Site

This is another project which the web team has started preliminary work on. The web site will be released in phases, with the first phase containing the following core features:

  • News (Filterable by Type)
  • Media (Screen Shots, Images)
  • Game (Information about APB Reloaded)
  • Community (Currently consisting of forums)

There may be additional features added within the first phase but they are not part of the core feature set. Additional phases may offer more in-depth guides, improved community area, statistics and more.  Here is a sneak peek of the web site:

Final Notes

Right now the team is under a tremendous workload completing everything in the new engine and readying everything for the new platforms. Once the new systems are launched we look forward to finally returning to expanding “the world of APB" with the new tech in place.

In the meantime, hats off to the community for being some of the most passionate gamers out there and displaying a tremendous amount of patience while the team wraps up development.

Till next time!

-The APB Reloaded Team

Friday, November 13, 2015

November Update: Engine Upgrade Images

Hello Citizens,

As most of you all know, we have been busy with our engine update over the last year and we are proud to see the improvements that have been made over this period of time. Previous blog posts has shown the update improvements to the social district and now is the time to present to you some updated comparison screenshots as well provide a brief comment on what was has been done to reach that improvement.

In order to accomplish what you see below, the art department has completed:

  • Balanced color grading and saturation levels.
  • Balanced fog and depth of field.
  • Altered directional light color, light bounce, brightness and skylight shadow depth.
  • Added dynamic shadowing to certain assets (such as the palm trees on the strip).
  • Rebalanced sky
  • Various material updates

While it's been incredibly slow to get here, we are making great progress and soon all of you will be able to enjoy a nicer visual experience, and our team will finally have the ability to implement new content and areas using the new engine systems.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Let the Trick or Treating Begin!

Hello Citizens,

Halloween is 8 days away but we at Reloaded wanted to start the festivities early and are pleased to announce that the Halloween 2015 begins today!

Returning with a vengeance is the Headless Horseman Event II, which will be packed with 4 new titles and a new customisable backpack for you to earn and enjoy.

We are as excited to bring back this popular event and looking forward to joining you all in this action packed, unique and fun arena where you can team up with friends, work your way to become the Horseman or run till the bell tolls and the nightmare is over.

So enjoy the festivities and looking forward to seeing you all online.

Till next time,


Halloween 2015 Horseman Event

The rules for the event are simple:
  1. Collect X amount of pumpkins to become the HORSEMAN and start the event (Timer Starts).
  2. The HORSEMAN must kill other players to convert them HORSEMAN’S army (SOLDIERS).
  3. SOLDIERS must kill other players to recruit them into the HORSEMAN’S army.
  4. SURVIVORS must avoid being killed, till time runs out (Timer Ends).

NOTE:  SURVIVORS blip on the HORSEMAN’S army's radar when the bell tolls, signifying that the HORSEMAN Event is coming to an end...keep fighting, running or hiding to survive.


  • BUFFED UP HEALTH, FLARE GUN and a custom steed ENVEGAS




Achievements, titles and a new backpack can all be won and earned in this year’s event.

The titles are:


For participating in the Headless Horseman Event 2015:

  • HHE 2015 - BACK FOR MORE


Enjoy folks and have a happy Halloween.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hello Citizens,

With all the work that has been going on, it has been a bit of time since I have spoken to you all. With the Halloween season upon us, now is a good time to get you all updated on what will be in store for this month.


Phase 4 of the REVELATIONS PACK will soon be released to all those who have purchased the pack.  Since the release is a few weeks away, we wanted to provide a preview of what you will receive.  











Over the last few months we have gathered important information from both of our test districts.  We thank all those who took the time and energy to participate, your feedback was very helpful to us.  With that being said, all weapons that were being worked on will now be returning to the main game next week, weapon test and TTK districts will therefore be removed on the same day.  Of course no weapon balance is ever complete and we will update you on any changes that may happen in the future.


We are pleased to announce the return of the HEADLESS HORSEMAN event for this Halloween, details of start dates and prizes will be presented to you soon.  There is a lot going on this month and we will keep you informed as we move forward over the next coming months. 

This is shaping up to be a fun month, unfortunately with all the good news comes some bad. Jobs has been the producer on APB over this last year and a vital team member for many years previously to this and it saddens me to announce his departure from Reloaded Games.  He had some final words for you all before he left, which you can read below.

Hey San Paro!

After five years with the Reloaded Team, I’ve decided to cast my sails and embark on a new journey.

When we re-launched APB in 2011, I knew we had something special in our hands. Like many of you I fell in love with APB:R, made lasting friendships, and felt privileged to be a part of its community. I am proud to have poured my heart and soul into growing this game. And having contributed to nearly every aspect of APB – from coding to design to production – I feel that it’s the right time to begin the next chapter in my career.

I’d now like to introduce you to APB’s new Producer: Kullgar. As one of our most senior team members, he’s long been an invaluable part of the APB production staff who’s made extraordinary contributions from behind the scenes. And with over nine years of experience at Reloaded, you couldn’t ask for a better person to lead APB into the console generation.

Thanks to all of you again for your loyalty, support and friendship. I’m sure you’ll still see me around San Paro every now and then (especially if you own a PS4)!


The entire APB team wishes the best for Jobs and welcomes Kullgar to his new role as producer.

Till later citizens,


Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello Citizens,

This month’s blog post comes to you with a few announcements and some updates on what is going on in the city of San Paro.  We will be bringing players a new vehicle, an upcoming pack, updated weapon stats on the weapons that have been balanced previously and returned into the main game and the new TTK test districts coming this month.  Please visit the forum links provided to view more detail on what has been done and what you can expect to see in the next month. 

OK, let’s start with…

This Wednesday will see the distribution of PHASE 4 of the JUGGERNAUT PACK containing the remaining 2 weapons, RABID and THE MANIC from the FANATIC BROTHER LINE.

As well as the introduction of the new IO GROWL to our vehicle line up, available for purchase in ARMAS, in game and won as rewards during gameplay. 

The open 4 slot model will be an ARMAS exclusive and available on Wednesday Aug19th.  On September 16th all players will be able to purchase an open 2 slot version in game using APB Cash and open 1 slot models, being available randomly during missions. 


We were not just happy with creating a new vehicle, we also wanted to kick off the next pack with some style.  Therefore the team and I are happy to present, the PACK OF REVELATIONS PASS on ARMAS.  This pack is unique in that, we wanted to offer a stronger visual variety of goods to the player and yet still maintain the overall APB Reloaded feel.  This PASS will be available to players this Wednesday as well, with each phase being released over the next two month. 

We wanted to share as much as we can before the items are released to the players and are happy to show you what has been created and worked on. 

With that said, I present to you the PACK OF REVELATIONS which contains:

PHASE 1 (AUG 19th/2015)

PHASE 2 (SEP 2nd/2015)


Which when combined together give you the "APOCALYPSE" 


Exclusive Primary and Secondary Weapons + Exclusive skins




PHASE 4 (OCT 28th/2015)



As you can see this pack has something for everyone and we are proud to bring this to you all.

As was mentioned on some of the forums, we did not provide updated information and stats made to the following weapons.  To remedy that issue, we have provided all the stats and description changes that were done based on the information gained from the weapons test district.


Information on the above weapons can be found via the link below

Of course no weapon balancing is ever truly finished, but for the time being we will be removing the weapon test district and substituting it with:


Since my time here with the company, I and many others have looked at and debated the merits of a longer or shorter TTK and its relationship with players expectations and the weapons they chose to use.  Forum chats and feedback have been present for some time now and the upcoming month of September, you the community will have a chance to test out two TTK districts. One of the districts will contain RTW configuration, the other will contain a predetermined set up which will allow you the player, a chance to try out different TTK times and compare if they are better or worse than what is present in game as well as provide us statistical data on what was being used, how long and etc.

We will not only be reviewing forum feedback but will also have survey questionnaires sent to random players requesting more detailed information on their experiences between each test district.

As you can see we have packed in a fair amount of stuff for you to test, enjoy and customize.  Stay tuned for updates regarding our TTK findings and updates as they happen.

Till next time citizens,