Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Recent Happenings and More


I’m not much of a blogging gal, but I’m trying my best. Here is what has happened since our last blog post. We’ve accomplished many small tasks while the team focuses on PS4, and I’ll play catch up for those that haven’t been hanging out on the forums.

Introducing the Mod Squad.  This thread was a long time coming, and is about getting to know those that help out on the forums.

Welcome back to our APB Brazilian players. 
We’ve lifted the IP block for Brazil and are working with Hoplon on migrating you back to our service.  There will be a database copy on August 22nd and Hoplon will be shutting down their APB services on August 28th.  We will have more information about the migration after we look over the database copy.  Of note, Brazil and a bunch of other countries can now access APB using Steam.

Event Tracker 
With the existing team busy working on PS4, the community is pulling together and helping with event suggestions, and some of these community-suggested events have already rolled out to you.  You’ll see who suggested the event in the event tracker UI, so jump into the discussion and provide your feedback for future events.   Some events may have a few bugs (we’re still getting the kinks out), so if an event doesn’t work don’t worry, we’ll get you a prize a few days later as long as you give it a try. 

Armas Weapon Free Trials 
We reset all weapon free trials on Armas and added the free trial option to all weapons (excluding those added in the last week to Armas).  We will make sure that the free trial option will be reset again on a consistent basis (every 3 months is what we’re aiming for).

New Armas items 
Based on feedback from players we’ve done some digging and have released some items on Armas that were not available previously.  Check out the Armas featured tab to see what’s available.

District Max Capacity 
On Friday we lowered the districts to a max of 80. We’re monitoring this to see how it impacts performance for the player-base.

Things we’re looking into (this does not mean it will happen; we’re in an exploratory stage)
  • District Queuing - We're looking into this. We may be able to salvage some of the older code from the RTW days and make it workable with our modern game client and server.
  • Seeing what other items are available to add in the mix. We have a really talented community with a lot of knowledge of past and present APB content. We're reading your comments on this and will continue to see what's feasible.
  • More daily events – check the event tracker every day! You never know what you might find if you read the description for the events.
  • We’re in touch with our friends at Innova and investigating what items and events we can use to give our players more content.
  • Armas Pricing - We're evaluating our options regarding pricing and making costs more uniform across weapon types. There are clear gaps in the logic for pricing where some items are over-priced and others are under-priced. When we have more information to share we will.
  •  Looking into the ability to have player content added to the Joker Store, how long this would take, and legalities.
  • Adding to Loyalty rewards to those that are existing. 
  • Investigating the option of having open test servers vs closed.  

Community Discussion:

Here’s a good one I’d love your thoughts on: What would be your priority for the rest of the year if you were calling the shots?  Tell us here
  • Complete the Engine Upgrade and no content releases
  • Put the Engine Upgrade to the side and release new content
  • Define what you feel would be new content
  • Other thoughts and suggestions?
I'll end this update with this funny moments in APB video.  Warning: Don't drink and watch this video, it may cause spewing!

Have a great week. 


  1. Has off now focus on the engine upgrade, the community has been waiting and wishing it for along time for it and it should bring new players into the game. After that release new content. Also give the tools to create new content to the gamer's(weapons, cars and clothes) so then you have an entire community creating content that will keep the game alive while getting a cut from their creations. Therefor creating more content and giving some people that are trying to start out in the gaming bussiness some "street cred"

    -Mf Braz

    1. And maybe down the road gather some of the community that stand out in content making and give them the challenge to create a new and entire district, but one thing I should mention, when people create content one of the fail or pass "rules" should be that the content cant be connected to a specific Clan ingame. Because I feel that would had a bit of bitterness between people and clans.

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  3. Complete the Engine Upgrade and no content releases

  4. Fix Xbox One servers. Theyre garbage.

    1. At the moment all of the servers are experiencing performance issues.

  5. When will the next patch for xbox be released?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. complete the engine upgrade, with no content released. but i have to say, im loving the ammount of open communication we are getting now, and the fact that you guys are letting us actually have atleast some say in what we think should be done, even if you do choose to disregard it in the end. hopefully this continues for a long time, and doesnt just die out quickly, hearing whats going on, in relative detail, and having some real effort put into bringing us some of the things locked away in the game files is a nice change.

  8. since the moment G1 spoke about the engine peaple were hyped about it but waiting couple years does stuff to peaple ( i dont understand how hard it is to do that kind of stuff but 1 thing i know is that peaple are done with you guys releasing guns/content/cloths and stuff they want the Engine peaple can't even run the game anymore my server ms is always around 100 now when i come online then i insta shut down apb normaly it always was 33 but now its trash Fix servers and give peaple the engine upgrade afther so many months/years waiting.

  9. The engine should be the priority. All the content in the world means nothing if the game is barely playable. I have a 6 core cpu, 2gb gpu, 8 gb ram, a solid state drive... still the game runs poorly. The engine should be the priority.

  10. First of all, nice blogpost. Like the open communication we have now.

    Now for that question you asked...Is that really a serious question? We have been waiting for this upgrade for yeeaaarrrss....literally! It's okay if the game has no new content for a while, just finish the upgrade already. I really appreciate the effort you put into this, I really do, but this question should not even be asked lol.

    So yeah, screw content. Engine upgrade please

  11. So here are my thoughts: 1st try to complete the engine..IF there are issues wich cause gameplay demage or smth like that, take your time! :) 2nd stop working on xbox its bullsh*t we dont need a xbox version its a PC game. 3rd release new stuff AFTER the engine is released and try some new stuff not reskins -.- and pls keep us up to date as much as u can... thx <3


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