Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Fun In APB!

Hello Citizens,

The month of June is almost over but we still have something in store for you!

Starting Friday, June 24th at 4:00 PM UTC until ending on Monday, June 27th at  4 PM UTC we'll have a store wide sale with up to 50% off (excludes JMBs see store for discounts).  

Marked for Death Event : Friday, June 24th - Monday June 27th

Start your weekend off right with the introduction of our new "Marked for Death" event. Take to the streets of San Paro and mark your enemies for death!

Each day requires a larger and larger number of kills in order to earn 20 JMB’s.  Participate each day and earn yourself an extra 5 JMB 19’s.

Kill 20 to earn 20 JMB 19's

Kill 40 to earn 20 JMB 19's

Kill 60 to earn 20 JMB 19's

Kill 80 to earn 20 JMB 19's

Compete every day across the entire weekend event and earn yourself a bonus 5 JMB 19s. You marked them for death, now it's time to pull the trigger and get your just rewards.

Note: The 5 additional Joker Mystery Boxes will be delivered within 72 hours after the events end. 

Good luck and get those kills!  See the event tracker for more information.

From Wednesday the 29th till the 13th of July we will be bringing you a new Anarchy Event. This event is an updated version of our popular Chaos event that contains modified game-play in order to give the players a fresh twist on an established and popular event.

We will also be seeing the return of our Independence Week Event, which will run from June 29th till July 6th.

Rules and information for both the Anarchy and Independence Week Events will be provided in next week’s blog post.

We also wish to remind those players that have not yet downloaded and played APB Reloaded on the XBox One; that time is running out for early adopters. Login before July 4th and be rewarded with the XBox One Founders Pack. This exclusive pack contains the Fireworks Flare Launcher and the Mikro JC14 ‘New-Cross’ for Criminals or the ‘BobCat’ Vaquero PRC40 for Enforcers. Additionally play more than 10 Hours and receive an added bonus of an exclusive Title – XBOX ONE FOUNDER and the exclusive XBox One weapon Skin.

The Title and Weapon Skins will be given out during the game's first update and are exclusive to early adopters with the required play time. The title and skins cannot be bought or earned after the “Founders” period ends!

That’s it for now citizens, enjoy the upcoming events!

Reloaded Team