Friday, June 3, 2016

APB Xbox Game Service Status

[11:30 AM PDT June 4 (updated to clarify launch procedure)]

The team has figured out the issue affecting lots of players unable to load the districts and play the game. The fix will not be live for some time, as it will need to be certified and deployed by Microsoft before getting to all players.

The bug is that if you have more than 20 other players on your "block" list in your Xbox account you will not be able to load into the game districts, and you will just be stuck on a loading screen before getting kicked back to the main menu (or remain on the loading screen for a very long time).

We clearly don't suggest you reduce your block list (since often keeping other players blocked is a good thing) and the team created the fix for the problem this morning, and will be working with Microsoft to see how fast we can get it applied on an expedited basis.

Unfortunately that means that dis-proportionally "more experienced" and "older" Xbox accounts tend to be the ones that are unable to play the game at the moment, and we hope you return to try the game again as soon as it has been solved.

[7:30 PM PDT June 3]

The login servers are now back in service. We're still working on the other issues mentioned in the original post.

[6:30 PM PDT June 3]

We have taken down the login servers for maintenance work. Will update when they are back online.

[5:00 PM PDT June 3]

Hello Citizens

With the Xbox One “Soft Launch” underway, we have encountered two technical issues that are affecting certain players on the Xbox One version – and in case you are affected, it means you may have to retry the game at a later time.

The first issue is specific to certain players. Right now some Xbox One players are stuck on a loading screen when trying to play the game (and/or have seen an “Error Code 4” or “Error Code 5” message), and these players will be unable to join a “district” to play a match. Unfortunately those accounts that are affected with this issue will not be able to connect and play until the development team completes and deploys a patch since it’s an error triggered by specific accounts. Our team is working round the clock and on a patch, and we will update the blog here as soon as that issue has been resolved.

The second issue is an intermittent server issue that can kick a large number of players at once. We will deploy a patch for that issue as quickly as possible as well, and will update the post here with more information as soon as new information is available.

Again, thanks for being one of the first to try to game on console, and we hope anyone affected will return to try it once these two items are sorted. As soon as they are, we will signal the “all clear” here on the blog and our social media channels. And the team will figure out a good way of compensating all affected players.

-Reloaded Team