Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seasonal event voting begins, and other APB events

Hello Citizens,

We hope you enjoyed Part 3 of the meet the Dev posts. With its conclusion comes the next Find the Dev event that will be taking place this Wed, May 11th and runs till May 18th. Here's your chance to participate and earn prizes for the event itself and a unique title at the end of the series.

Voting will be starting this week for the PICK YOUR SEASONAL EVENT. You will be asked to vote for your favorite seasonal event, the winning event will be playable for 2 week period. We will start the voting for the SEASONAL EVENT today, with voting ending on the 16th. Head on over to here and make your selection.

This weekend will also feature THE RUNDOWN event where you work your way up a task ladder for multiple Joker Mystery Box prizes. More info will be provided later this week before the start of the upcoming weekend.

Stay tuned this week for updates and be safe till later Citizens,