Friday, April 22, 2016

Who We Are Part 2 & Shake, Rattle and Roll Event

Hello Citizens,

We hope you all enjoyed the return of Beacon this week, as well as the first Find The Dev event.  The month of April is still not over and we have a few more things heading your way.

Today we have another interview for you, from a second member of our development team.  Let me please introduce you to Androvald, our Senior Engineer.  Androvald took some time to answer a few questions.

1.       What does a work day look like for you? Talk us through some of the different tasks you have to perform.

I spend most of my time implementing new features and events, and fixing bugs within the game. 

While my specialty is game play, I tend to have to touch a lot of parts of the game as we are a small team. While the process of adding new features can be vastly different depending on what is required, for me it usually starts with a design document. Whilst the designers work on that, they will discuss the technical feasibility with the programmer who knows most about that area of the game. After we figure out what the new feature is going to be, we may create a prototype to figure out whether or not this new design will work. Once the feature is designed from a game design perspective, for bigger features we create a technical design. In this technical design, we lay out what goes where, and what pieces need to interact with each other. After all this is done, we can finally begin writing code. During the process of implementing the feature, we work with other disciplines to ensure things end up in a way that everyone can work with. When possible, we check with the designers that we are moving in the right direction, and the feature is working as expected. We check with the artists and designers that have to create content for these features that what we expect in code is indeed the case in the content that is going to be created for it. After it has been implemented, the feature will get tested by our QA department, and we try to fix as many problems with it as possible before getting it out to our test environment, and then live.

2.       What has changed over the course of your time here at Reloaded? Do you have any memories that stand out as special for you?

A lot has changed, yet a lot has also stayed the same. I’ll have to agree with Magallan that the general mentality always stayed the same, which makes this a great place to work.
One of the memories that stand out to me is when we moved into our new offices a couple of years ago - checking out the office space with a few of my colleagues and seeing Edinburgh Castle. It feels almost unreal that this has been a few years already.

3.       What excites you about the future of APB?

We have so many ideas of things that we want to do after the engine upgrade. The plans for a new revised mission system are particularly interesting. The main things we hope to address with that is the problem with the one-sidedness of the attack/defend stages, as well as the missions without opposition. The engine upgrade itself should be quite interesting as well, but there’s always more things to do for that.

4.       What game(s) are you enjoying at the moment?

I really enjoyed Epistory, which definitely has a unique art-style, as well as some interesting game play mechanics. I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy XIV, though I’m mostly waiting for them to add new content to that. Other than that, I’ve been playing CoD: Black Ops 3 multiplayer on and off.

5.       Is there a new game or piece of gaming tech that you are really excited about?

I’m looking forward to Star Citizen / Squadron 42. Seeing how their open development philosophy will continue to work, as well as how much of what they promised they can actually make a reality is a big part of that. It all looks pretty good so far.

6.       What is your all-time favorite video game?

I think I have more than one that is roughly on the spot of all-time favorite. A series of video games that has stayed with me for a long time though, would be the Descent: FreeSpace series. I received the first installment of that series with a joystick purchase, and I’ve picked up the expansion and sequel game after.  

I want to thank Androvald for answering our questions.  Meet the Dev team Q&A will be a recurring installment with find the Dev events to follow shortly after. 

We are also happy to announce that a new event will be had for this upcoming weekend.
Time to Rock Around the Clock this weekend by taking part in the SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL event.

Get ready to SHAKE your enemies with grenade kills, RATTLE your foes with shotgun blasts and ROLL them over with a quick vehicular death.  

Each Daily objective rewards you with Joker Tickets and a Joker Mystery Box 13.




This around the clock event, runs from today April 22nd till Monday April 25th.

That’s it for this week folks, enjoy this weekend’s event and stay tuned for the next find the dev update.

Till later Citizens,