Friday, November 13, 2015

November Update: Engine Upgrade Images

Hello Citizens,

As most of you all know, we have been busy with our engine update over the last year and we are proud to see the improvements that have been made over this period of time. Previous blog posts has shown the update improvements to the social district and now is the time to present to you some updated comparison screenshots as well provide a brief comment on what was has been done to reach that improvement.

In order to accomplish what you see below, the art department has completed:

  • Balanced color grading and saturation levels.
  • Balanced fog and depth of field.
  • Altered directional light color, light bounce, brightness and skylight shadow depth.
  • Added dynamic shadowing to certain assets (such as the palm trees on the strip).
  • Rebalanced sky
  • Various material updates

While it's been incredibly slow to get here, we are making great progress and soon all of you will be able to enjoy a nicer visual experience, and our team will finally have the ability to implement new content and areas using the new engine systems.