Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weapon Test District Update and a bit more

Hello Citizens,

We start the second week of June with an announcement regarding the new weapon test district and changes we have in store with tomorrows update. 


Your play testing has provided us with valuable data regarding the 10 weapons we selected for testing. In order to gain the best info possible, all changes we implement will be provided shortly after a weapon has been included for balancing.  The reason for this is to avoid preconceptions which allows us untainted feedback. Many thanks to Qwentle for his work on analysing the data, implementing the changes and providing the descriptions of what has been done in order to balance the weapons better. 

You can find the detailed performance data and planned changes in the forums here:


We also provided the weapon drop system for those players wishing to participate and test, but do not have the weapon presently in their inventory.  These can be used until the player switches weapons, the weapon is dropped or on player death.  Future plans call for Weapon Caches Boxes, many players have seen this mechanic before with last year’s Christmas Event.  But unlike Christmas, these weapons will be available to the player and for others to use. As we move forward with testing more and more weapons, the weapon drop system will also be refined in order for us to include it into the main game.  Consideration is also being taken for changing the Weapon Test District from Baylan, over to a modified Open Conflict District.  

Next week will also include the announcement of the Creative Competition Winners.  I wish to thank everyone that has submitted their work and appreciate their patience in waiting for the final results.

Announcement of the Q&A live stream will also be provided this month once the date and time has been confirmed.  Details will be provided to you once everything is ready to go.

That’s all she wrote for now folks.  As changes occur, announcements will be made here or on the forums.

Till next time Citizens,