Friday, June 5, 2015

New NA Server LIVE and Action District First Look

As of Wednesday 6/3 we finished bringing our two NA servers together into a new, centrally located server located in Dallas. Just like with the Citadel in the EU, the merge creates a larger and more diverse population, which means better matchmaking and more chances to make new allies (or enemies) throughout each district. You might notice that it's currently named 'Union' - but don't get too attached; our NA players are in the middle of a final voting process that will most likely result in a new name by next week.

Early Merge Rewards

If you have a character on Colby or Joker and haven't already merged a prior EU character, simply log into the new server before Tuesday, July 14th to claim your exclusive Early Bird merge reward! The special gift includes 3 X Joker Mystery Box 17's, 5 X Premium Days and a special Trailblazer title for each merged character that displays its original server name.

Improving Network Performance

Now that the bulk of the merge work is done, we're now focusing on optimizing network performance and minimizing latency spikes that some of our players have been experiencing over the last couple of days. Specifically, all the districts are now centrally located in Dallas, but it appears that one of the network providers is having intermittent connection issues that has lead to random lag spikes, and our engineering team has been working with them to sort that out.

In a pretty extreme move, we are moving all the Waterfront districts to a different provider early (tomorrow) Saturday morning PST, and then we will be running an ongoing comparison on the performance between Financial (current provider) and Waterfront (alternate provider) for the rest of the weekend and next week. If the alternate network shows significant improvements, then we will be switching everything over to that by the end of next week. 

A First Look at the Upgraded Financial District

Many of you have asked for a shot of an Action District using the new upgraded engine, so here it is! Enjoy an early look at a familiar Financial location, and the difference is night and day (no pun intended =) ):