Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome to the Citadel!

[Note: the merge has been completed, and you can follow the "merge clean-up" thread on our forums here:  !]

After weeks of planning, building and testing and we are pleased to announce that the new EU server - the Citadel - is now open for you to play in!

A few weeks ago, we let you the players vote for the name for our new server, and Citadel was an overwhelmingly popular choice. We agreed, and thought this was a fitting choice - the Citadel is now APB's largest server, boasting 3.1 million characters, 193845 clans across 2.5 million accounts. 

What to do Next

Just log into APB!

As we mentioned in an earlier post, most characters will be merged on-demand as you log into the new server for the first time. This will only take a few seconds in most cases, but some accounts may take longer, especially if you are the first member of your clan to login. Once you see your characters in the selection screen, the process will be finished and you can start playing.

Earn Your Special Treat for Being an Early Bird!

Simply log back in to the EU server to automatically merge your accounts before June 30, and you will receive the special Early Merge Bonus Package, featuring 3 X Joker Mystery Box 17's, 5 X Premium Days and ONE Exclusive Title! 

Later This Week: Get The Juggernaut Strike Pack Season Pass

As a special treat, the eagerly-awaited Juggernaut Strike Pack will be available this week. Compared to our previous bundles, this season-pass style pack will bring you more, exclusive content than ever before from May through August. 

The Juggernaut pack will include:
  • Bighorn/Mammoth Vehicle
  • Frenzy Assault Rifle*
  • Strike & Blend Weapon Skins*
  • Urban Strike Clothing Set
  • Manic Submachine Gun
  • Rabid Light Machine Gun
* denotes pack exclusives

As an added bonus - players who pick up the Juggernaut pack will get all of the Bonus items for that phase and later!

Happy Hunting!

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing in the new Citadel and look forward to the intense matchups, new friendships and clan activities from here on out.