Thursday, May 21, 2015

Merge Cleanup and Final NA Merge Date

Hey San Paro!

As players continue to merge characters into the Citadel, our team has been working hard to tie up loose ends this week.

The TL;DR version; while 99% of characters were moved successfully during the EU merge (you can read more here), the remaining 1% had various issues, which means our dev team has been deep into sorting out the unique circumstances that lead to these conflicts. The team is updating the merge code as they go along to avoid those same issues during the NA merge. To give them sufficient time to sort out the current customer support tickets and updating the code, this unfortunately means we have to push the NA to Tuesday, June 2. It really does suck we have to move it, but this will allow for the smoothest possible NA merge.

Current Citadel Merge Status

Here is a a list of merge issues we have either fixed, or are working on fixing:
  • Not being able to merge certain characters, or unexpected behavior during the character select screen 
    • Fixed
  • Mail in inbox being reversed, from oldest to newest
    • Fixed
  • Unable to restore deleted characters from EU1/EU2
    • In progress. While we still store deleted character info, retrieving and transferring this data from the old servers is a complex task. We are building a set of tools to streamline this process.
  • Clans being renamed
    • In progress. Some clans that contained banned characters had their names mistakenly changed during the merge process. We are working on fixing these clans.
  • Unable to create new clans
    • Fixed. We temporarily disabled this feature while investigating an issue where new clans could potentially take the names of pre-existing ones from EU1/EU2. This is now re-enabled, and un-merged clans from EU1/EU2 will have their names reserved until they merge.

NA Merge Date

As mentioned earlier, our goal is to make sure that all the kinks are ironed out before we kick off the Colby/Joker merge, and we are now set to start the NA merge on Tuesday, June 2. More details will be posted as we approach this date.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to another successful server launch!