Monday, May 18, 2015

EU Merge Countdown

Here we go! We're ready to start the EU server merge on Tuesday, May 19th at 200 AM BST (May 18th 6:00 PM PDT). The EU servers will remain down until the server merge has completed, once it has completed we'll post on the forums and social media to let you know! We'll also be creating a separate thread for EU players to post after the merge should they have any unexpected problems. We're hoping that everything goes smoothly and the thread won't be needed!

Joker, Colby, and Han will go down for maintenance at 8:00 AM BST (12:00 AM PDT) and be back in service at approximately 11:00 AM BST (3:00 AM PDT).

Once the EU merge is completed we will determine the best day to execute the NA merge based on the initial merge results (and if there are any new cleanup tasks the team has to perform after the EU merge).

Next Up; Server Name Unveiling and the Juggernaut Strike Pack info.

Keep your eye out for a new post once the merge process is complete, where we will unveil the new name of the EU server, and where we will share the details and preview images of the upcoming Juggernaut Strike Pack that arrives later this week.