Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weapon Rebalance and a Few Other Things

Hello Citizens,

We are halfway through April and we have more things to bring to your attention.  First, the Easter Event will be coming to a close and you have till April 22nd to earn those rewards and Egg Head trophy.  For those that have already played or have been playing, we appreciate all your feedback and all data in game and from the forums will be taken into consideration for all future gameplay and events.

We are also happy to say that we have now moved 10 of our newly balanced weapons into the advanced testing stage, our goal again is to give them the good once over before making these changes live.  The 10 weapons again are:

  • NTEC
  • HVR-762
  • VAS-C2
  • ISSR (A/B)
  • OCSP
  • COBR-A
  • VBR

With this testing we are also refining a variation of the WEAPON PICKUP mechanic, which players saw in last year’s Christmas Event.  The goal is to release this mechanic and the rebalanced weapons within a few months.  There will be a forum post as soon as testing is completed regarding our final changes, listing each weapon as well as a brief description of the changes.

The next Q&A session will be started in a few weeks on our forums.  Of course, you the audience can ask any questions you may have.  I do ask that each person please limit your questions to 2, this way the same or similar questions can be answered as one response.  

New questions for the players will also be posted shortly after the Q&A session is posted.  The information you provided previously are actively being considered and in some cases have been implemented in our present weapon rebalancing stage of our testing.

In a few days APB will be having a Video, Art and Music competition open to our entire audience.  This will be your chance to show off your creative chops and help spread the word about the APB universe and how elements in game should be made to look, read and sound cool.  Details will be made available on the forums within the next few days.

So to recap…

  • 10 rebalanced weapons are in advanced testing – details will be posted on the forums when testing is completed.
  • Introduction of the Weapon Pickup mechanic – as seen on Xmas event 2014
  • New Q&A session – details will be posted on the forums this Friday.
  • APB Reloaded new Video, Art and Music competition – details will be posted on the forums this Friday

As you can see we have a few coals burning and are all excited to see what the end result will bring. We look forward to announcing the release date of the rebalanced weapons, but only when we feel they are fully ready.  But at the same time we are excited to see what your next questions may be as well as the answers you will be providing and the creative output some of you will attempt to do with our upcoming completion.

This is going to be an interesting couple of months.

Till next time citizens,