Monday, April 20, 2015

Server Merge Update and Name Survey

Hey San Paro!

We have been working hard this month toward the scheduled EU server merge this Wednesday, and the US merge 2 weeks later. As promised at the beginning of the process, I'd like to keep you updated on where we're currently at.

New Merge Dates

We are pushing both merge dates back by two (2) weeks. This means that the new merge dates will be:

  • EU: Wednesday, May 6 
  • US: Wednesday, May 20

Setting up a successful merge involves a ton of moving parts, including hardware setup (which requires flying out to the data center), database and server configuration, and extensive scripting work. We unfortunately ran into a series of events involving international travel complications and hardware shipments over the last couple weeks that delayed our timeline. 

Still, most of the configuration work is already complete and we are in a solid position to complete the merge. And despite these setbacks, we were considering different ways we could get everything in place by the original date. In the end, we felt it was best to reserve another 2 weeks for simulation and testing to take extra care that your characters appear on the new worlds just as you left them. 

Server Name Survey

We need need six new names for each of the servers that are soon coming online (PC/PS4/X1 on US and EU). One (or more) of these servers will be your new gaming home over the coming years and it's fitting that you take part in their creation. 

After gathering your suggestions for what to name the new servers, we compiled the most popular names into a survey for you to cast your votes. In case your chosen name isn't on that list, we left a space for you to write it in. Should you write yours in, we only ask that you pick a name that appears in the APB universe.

So please cast your vote here by May 1st 11:59 PM PDT!