Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Update Patch

Hello Citizens,

After Thursday’s release the team and I further reviewed our play testing sessions and also read the feedback you all left on the forums. On many issues we agree with you and went forward with some rule changes to the event.

To tackle some of the exploits and obvious balance issues base on play styles, we implemented a few changes with tomorrow’s update:

  • PLAYERS will be invulnerable and will have a speed boost for 10 Sec when Re-spawning with eggs.
  • CAR SURFING will be removed from the Easter Event.

The additions above should remedy a few of the bad experiences players are encountering.

Back by popular demand, we will also be awarding players with Rabbit Ears for just logging in.

Finally, we are introducing last year’s EGG HUNT 2015! ROLE that has been updated for this years event.

Level 1 (250 eggs) : Animal Suit
Level 2 (500 eggs) : Rabbit Mask
Level 3 (1000 eggs): 'Easter Bunny' Title

That’s all from me gang, thank you again for the feedback and stay tuned for a new post from Jobs regarding other game developments.

Till next time Citizens,