Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Hello Citizens,

I would like to start off with a thank you, to the members of our community that have taken the time to answer my Q&A questions. The responses you provide will better help us to refine APB.

The next Q&A will be started shortly, when it does please feel free to ask a few more questions and I will answer them in the same time span as my last.

Now on to the meat of my blog post J

The Easter weekend is approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new event. The goal for this event was to take last year’s theme and change it up in order to make it fresh.

We took last year’s Bunny Mugging gameplay and changed it up a considerable amount in order to present to you:

Mayor Jane Derren's San Paro First Ever Open Conflict Easter Egg Hunt 2015 aka The M.J.D.S.P.F.E.O.C.E.E.H 2015 (J)

Go out and capture as many eggs as possible. Mug a BUNNY, A CHICKEN or even other PLAYERS in order to claim as many eggs your grubby little hands can hold. Squirrel your eggs safely with a contact or carry all the eggs with you, till the very end. Play your way… choose to play alone, play with friends (no groups), back stab friends or just sneak around grabbing all you can. The event is yours to enjoy, so go MUG, SHOOT and BANK your way to new titles, rewards and the new Easter Egg Event Trophy.

The official rules will be posted in our forums.

So I look forward to continuing our Q&A, reading your answers and hope you enjoy this year’s Easter Event.

The fun starts on 4/1/2015!

So have a safe holiday weekend everyone, till later gang.