Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Deaths of Christmas

Festive greetings folks and welcome to another quick blog by yours truly Ricardo Viana, Lead Designer here at APB Reloaded. 

I first want to start by saying last month’s Halloween Headless Horseman event went over well with players and we are happy that many people enjoyed the fruits of our labour.  During the event we uncovered and fixed exploits that will allow us to create a richer experience in the coming New Year.

For those that missed it, we have created a post event video showing some in game highlights from players participating in the event:

Now that December is upon us, we at Reloaded have a sack filled with goodies for you to enjoy this holiday season.  Returning this year are the Elves and Snowball Wars event for you all to enjoy but we are also introducing: 

The 12 Deaths of Christmas, a new event that contains a Deck the Halls activity that unlocks:
  • A new and unique weapon 
  • New rewards and achievements 
  • New deployable - a Secret Santa Box, which can be used in Action districts to earn even more rewards, weapons and skins.

So it makes no difference if you are Naughty or Nice, this year’s Christmas event will have something for everyone.

From the APB Reloaded family, we wish you a safe and joyous festive season.  

Ricardo ”Mok” Viana