Friday, September 5, 2014

A General Update & 1.17.1

Welcome to the latest blog update for APB Reloaded!

Today we'd like to share the status of our ongoing development efforts, introduce you to the latest member of our design team, chat a bit about what you can look forward to in 1.17.1, and give you a sneak peek of the our upcoming content pack.

Over the next few days we'll be talking about the upcoming 1.17.1 release in more detail as we'll as revealing the content for the upcoming High Roller Pack.

Unreal Update

Many have asked how the Unreal update is going? - rest assured steady progress is being made. The technological progress of the update has provided us the opportunity to start defining the visual look of the game, in the upgraded engine. More visual material will be shared, as progress on the upgrade continues - so you'll be seeing less of this:

and more of this:

Overkill in the EU

Updating our EU servers to the "Overkill" hardware is progressing, as we're currently sorting out a few logistical issues. In the meantime, we've been making a raft of server optimisations that we're rolling out with 1.17.1 - be sure and come back for tomorrow's blog, where we'll go into more details on what we've been targeting.

Introduction to our New Designer

We are delighted to announce that industry veteran Ricardo Viana has recently joined the Reloaded team!

With 17 years of experience he has worked on such titles as Eternal Darkness, The Outfit, Company of Heroes and Army of Two. Ricardo has plenty of experience designing for third person action games, shooters and strategic gameplay. As fans of his games, everyone here is super exited to welcome him to the team and we're all really looking forward to seeing what exciting changes he'll bring to the world of APB:Reloaded!


We're currently hard at work putting the finishing touches to the 1.17.1 patch and we plan to have it in your hands very soon. More details on the content of 1.17.1 will be provided in future blogs leading up to its release - but as a brief overview, 1.17.1 will feature further performance enhancements, a broad range of changes to the shotgun weapons as well as numerous bug fixes and tweaks.

High Rolling
Before we sign off on this blog we'd like to give you a sneak peek of the next content pack we'll be releasing soon: the High Roller Pack. It features a new vehicle kit for the Bishada, new clothing assets, and a brand-new and totally unique weapon.

Come back tomorrow and we'll present some of the server performance changes we've been making in 1.17.1 as well as reveal the new clothing assets from the High Roller Pack.

-The Reloaded Team