Friday, February 21, 2014

1.15.0 and more!

1.15 is out now, isn’t it?

New Tutorial
The new tutorial is out! What do you think? We went a long time without a proper introduction for new players and that’s not something we’re necessarily thrilled about, but if you’re wondering why we took the old one out completely instead of just leaving it in until we had a better one, we found that having a sub-optimal tutorial actually made people play the game less than no tutorial at all. Which is also why the new version is completely different – instead of being forced into a tutorial district and being lead by the nose, now new players are given the option to do, or not do, mini-objectives which should guide them to a more thorough understanding of APB while they play the game for real.

There are also some fixes/updates to the tutorial going out in the next patch, which you can read here.

Weapon changes
Along with the update to 1.15 came a host of weapon balance changes, most of which are proving quite popular, and one which is fairly controversial! Obviously APB, and all online games, are always evolving. We're pretty confident that talented players do not rely on a single weapon or trick to win, but instead can learn and execute a number of different competitive maneuvers, of which there should now be a greater variety thanks to the balance improvements. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

JMB10 is out
If you think APB is a fun way to spend your time and you don’t mind kicking in a few dollars to support it, there’s a new Joker Box available for purchase with the new CAP40 potentially waiting for you inside. In testing I got it on the first try, so I guess that means I used up all my luck for 2014.

Sneak Peek Wallpaper
Hey look at this cool new wallpaper I found

Click for full resolution image
Chaos Contract
We're testing a new event type we're hoping may become a regular feature - this round requires a Legendary, so if you have one and want to test, head over to the forums and check out the details.

Engine update

Any blog post would be remiss without an update on the engine…update. That said, there’s not really one here – work continues as always.


  1. I'm thoroughly excited for those shoes and goggles.
    Is there also a version where you can wear the goggles without the hat?

  2. Let you know in the comments? well, okay.

    Tutorial: Great

    Weapon changes: Nerfing CJ3 on the most inaccurate primary (Oca 626) when its already bad in comparison to the PMG, not nerfing/ rebalancing the PMG and Ntec or even percs despite the forums being flooded with feedback to those weapons on how they're too good (really in a balance patch those should have got touched first..), nerfing the Scout - removing jumpshotting is fine but it should of been a rebalance where it became better in another way like a small boost to damage (25-50) or being able to move faster while in MM and fire, making the HVR jump shoot better than the Scout, and like I said - touching less-used weapons before fixing the ones that need to be tweaked the most.

    But other than what I said here, the changes were good.

    When it comes to getting legendaries, JMB and "few dollars" shouldn't be in the same paragraph.

    Also. Re-using the PMG's sound. Fucking really? You guys have gotten to the point you won't even use new sounds on weapons or give them correct animations. then you ask huge prices for uncompleted weapons.
    Anything but re-using sounds for other weapons please.

    The gun itself seems cool though.

    Cool I guess. Cept its probably gonna' cost an arm and leg and bring in nothing for the game's base content.. as those kinds of updates are unheard of.

    Ok. A event that only people who have made lots of money in-game or spend tons of real money on JMBs can participate in.
    this is coming from someone with lots of legendary weapons.

    Just being honest.

  3. Hey! A+ With the Enforcer Mikro! and the Shoes! Keep the good work going ;D
    Gjob Linus!

  4. More uniforms! We need more military clothes!
    Criminals prey on citizens. Enforcers could fine citizens.

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  6. The patch looks good imo.

    The spawn system seems to be working fairly well (except in fight club ofc, where enemies are always spawning on me), it doesn't feel like I'm playing horde mode all the time anymore in mission districts, and more teamwork is needed to break a spot, though its easier to break defense now as well.

    Weapon balances

    In short, I like them, though I havn't tried out the PMG or OCA with cj3 (or anubis and nssw). These rebalances seem to make sense, as now the mods actually give a downside to smg's as well as every other gun. Some of the others I thought were needed, like the 50 mag tommy gun. I was surprised by the FRP buff, however its now more competitive, and much easier to use imo, less recoil helps alot on it.

    The scout "jump shooting" nerf had it coming, and after using my scout a bit, I believe that its ok now. You can still jump shoot fairly accurately when an enemy has no cover within like 10m, further than that... not so much. It is still usable and and highly functional. (Good thing)

    I like the tutorial for it as well, its nice to see that one was finally created, and that it seems well thought out. And the rewards for doing it are indeed nice.

    All in all, keep up the good work.

    (wish there was an edit feature for this blogging thing lol)

  7. Good job on ruining the scout. Now N-Hvr 762 is superior in EVERY way. 2 nerfs since I bought scout, don't think I'll ever buy weapons from Armas... At least buff dmg from 550 to 600 so it's not useless against clotting agent 3 (you know the modification that 90 % of people use).

  8. Good job on ruining the scout. Now N-Hvr 762 is superior in EVERY way.

    I agree with you.

    The scout is an old weapon, which have been in the game since the beginning pretty much.

    Sad to see such a cool and unique feature dissapear from APB.

    It made APB stick out from any other shooters.

    It was an accepted weapon and feature, now all of a sudden remove it after the Pathfinder came out.

    I don't understand why you did this.

    It's already been nerfed.

  9. I want a refund for all the scouts i have bought. Enough said.

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  11. Love the look of the clothing, and it'll be nice to see the cross faction mikro's added to the game. The male shoulder holsters and female back holsters need customisable versions in game - they seem to have been overlooked again.

    The only people really upset about the loss of scout jump-shooting are the one trick ponies who have crutched on the broken mechanics for so long they are miffed that they are going to have to exploit something else (probably they will move to quick-switching) Those of us who used the sniper rifles as sniper rifles (God forbid!) instead of bouncing around like Skippy in a bush fire are unaffected by this belated fix for a long term broken mechanic which it has taken courage to do given that someone in the past tried to cover their posterior by saying it was a "feature".

    I am not convinced that the changes to the NSSW were in the right direction, as adding a little more mobility (at the expense of accuracy) for a weapon already hampered by high TTK and poor accuracy fundamentally due to the poor base accuracy and high horizontal recoil spikes. Removing the excessive random horizontal spikes and increasing hard damage to place HD/Sec in clear ground between the SHAW and ALIG may have been a better direction in giving the NSSW a niche that would encourage its use and place it closer to where it's description implies.

    On the whole though, a good patch and looking forward to seeing the new clothes/guns/mikros. :)

  12. Everybody crying about how the Scout is crap now. It's not. If you people actually took the time to learn how to use it as a sniper rifle, you'll find that it has advantages over the HVR.

    1) You don't get slowed down.
    2) You can fire it out of cars.
    3) It's more accurate than the HVR.
    4) You still two hit kill if you can aim.

    Stop crying that your weapon is dead and start using a sniper as a sniper.

  13. 1. Neither do secondaries or fragile.
    2. Who wants to snipe in a moving car.. if you're planning to then just use a dmr and ride on top.
    3. The Scout has better accuracy when in marksman mode on the ground. The HVR has a much higher base accuracy and can shoot without using MM better so is more viable in cqc. Just crouch and hipfire it.
    Overall more versatile.
    If you're using HS3 on the HVR then its so incredibly close to perfect anyway.
    4. Um, what? How the fuck is this an advantage over the HVR? Both guns 2 hit kill, just the HVR has around a 13 second window for you to hit the second shot before the enemy heals and the Scout has around 3.

    Its not that the Scout is a bad gun now. Its that the HVR is much better.

  14. So... how much is the pack for only the car gonna cost? 4000 g1c?? i hope not because i want it but not everyone has money to blow.. just saying.. think of your prices please, not everyone can afford it, especially when most people in apb are around the 14 years old. I'm in college and at the moment i can use that much money for something else.. so please make it max 2000g1c.. good update though

  15. Eh... I'm here everyday just for engine update and there's nothig new. Sad ;<

  16. When is the new engine update date comfirmed alrdy??! Please confirm either its in Q1 or Q2 Q3 Q4 Q#$%&#&!

  17. In order of appearance...

    The new tutorial is cool, I like it a lot. Glad you got the bugs worked out.

    I'm THRILLED with the weapon nerfs, because I feel like balancing the game towards LEGITIMATE, FAIR play is one of the biggest suffering points of this game in general. Now if only you guys could do something about people who purposefully glitch objectives or golds who ride the silver-gold edge specifically so they can de-threat and join a bronze district to faceroll easy opposition, I might end up regretting what I'm going to say next.

    Fuck your stupid bullshit joker boxes, holy fucking God, I have spent $250 dollars on them and not gotten a single legendary, AT LEAST $75 of which went to JMB 10. But I'm not the worst horror story! There's a forum moderator who has spent $500 on joker mystery boxes, and HE hasn't gotten any legendaries either! And I talked to a SPCM earlier today who has spent a similarly large (I don't remember the exact number and I don't want to misquote her) amount of money on JMBs, and not gotten any legendaries! Not to mention -- when sharing my story about how much I spent in game in the social district, it was echoed by a chorus of easily 5-6 different people (and I've told the story more than once, and it's always different people each time, so it's not the same group of us whining about bad luck) who have said that they have spent anywhere from $150 solely on JMB 10, to $400 on all the JMBs in the last month, none of whom got any legendaries either! There was even someone who said they spent $200 on mystery boxes IN ONE NIGHT and didn't get any legendary weapons! At first I thought I was just unlucky, but giving a rough estimate, approximately 20 other people (who are constant players, many of whom I noticed were gold ranked) spent HUGE amounts of money on boxes and never got the only thing inside the box that actually matters: A LEGENDARY WEAPON! I have so many 4x4 Gumshoes it's ridiculous!!

    In short, I love you guys, I love this game, if I knew anything about game development I would volunteer FOR FREE in efforts to make the game better--


    Please. <3

  18. I would like to mention though that I don't personally think the way the N-SSW was handled was really the correct way to do it. The gun already suffers awfully from a really piss-poor base accuracy and longer TTK than should be necessary, so trading accuracy for mobility doesn't seem to make much sense by way of balance. I feel like if you got rid of some of those ridiculous horizontal recoil spikes (oooorrr possibly nerfed the amount of vertical recoil added by muzzle brake making it a viable mod for something other than solely the SHAW, or the 1922 if you are one of those stupid "mouse pull macro" users) and beefed up the hard damage a bit and the health damage JUST A LITTLE it'd fall right in line exactly between the SHAW and the ALIG where it was supposed to be all along.

    Something I forgot to mention, the new "improved" spawn system? Is utterly and completely broken, IMHO. I know it may just "be me" since it always seems to just be me, but when I sit there and really pay attention to where my oppisition would be approximately spawning based on how quickly it takes for them to get to the objective, compared to how long it takes me, it always seems like the team that is more 'in control' of the objective (more points, higher team presence in the area etc.) spawns a good 50 meters closer to the objective, leaving the struggling players to run 150-175, sometimes even roughly 190 meters to get to the objective, by which time the "in control" players are seemingly spawning right on top of it, solidifying their presence and making it infinitely more difficult for the opposing team to overtake, even with proper tactical planning -- tactics mean squat when your enemies respawn close enough that you can't empty a clip and reload before they're shooting you again.

    Also, I want body armor for my crim. Knee pads and elbow pads just aren't cutting it.

  19. cut the crappy events and reskins, jmbs and releasing cars across factions.

    go all in for the engine update. the way i see it, you could spin off APBR as completely re-released and pull in a huge number of new players which would get you more money over a longer period of time. of course you could always do the armas stuff, but i think it better for the game that you guys focus on what NEEDS to happen, instead of trying to pull in cash, cause to me it seems like yall might do this legendary event, release jokerboxes, and bail on the game, leaving the players pissed and from a business perspective, that would work.

    we would hate you, but it would work.


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