Thursday, December 19, 2013

APB Retribution now available!

APB Retribution is now live on iOS! Cheers to all the hardworking folks at Blazing Griffin for pouring their hearts and souls into this game. And I'm not going to lie -- the gameplay is pretty killer.

Learn more about it here:

Pick your shots carefully -- one slip up and you're dead

This is no shmup. Use stealth, planning, and tactics to win

Enemies can see and hear you...but make sure they don't.

Use grenades and the environment


  1. More like Hotline Miamai to me.
    Also too bad that there is no Windows Phone 8 version..

  2. Will android get a version? Would look awesome on my Galaxy S3

  3. Tiggs promised another blog post today ^^ Just checking in to see when it' posted :3


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