Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween Idol Contest Winners!

The contest entries this year were so incredible I want to puke. In a good way. Like, it makes me nauseous to look at how good they all were. To everyone who participated, you've all outdone yourselves. There were over 500 submissions and all of them stellar beyond belief.

That meant 500 agonizing decisions.

Picking winners was not easy. There were very few disqualifications for not following the rules, and there were a fair number of entrants who took ‘pop culture’ as literal as possible, giving us some great music-personality themed submissions. As far as the judging went, we interpreted pop-culture as broadly as possible here; if your submission was recognizable to us from anything we’d have read, seen, watched, or played, it was considered valid. Submissions were evaluated fiercely on the following criteria:

  • How closely they matched their source material
  • Overall level of effort
  • Commitment to the character; this included anything like props, billboards, posing, or anything that really sold the character

So let’s get this started, shall we?


Because ALL of the submissions were of such insanely high quality, everyone who participated is getting 3 days of Premium and a Power Joker Mystery Box 7. Bam. That just happened.


Even though narrowing it down to the final winners was so difficult, we wanted to expand the prizes to include everyone we thought still did an exceptional job.Honorable Mentions will receive 1,000 G1C for their effort!


Atropine :: Fran Solo
Bombay :: Lilith
JakeHUN :: Nesquik Bunny
heysie :: McFly
Quemero :: Cyborg Superman
WeiShen :: Wei Shen
Miieena :: Mileena
TomBass :: Michael Jackson
SpittinBitch :: Ellie
CryinBitch :: Lara
CodeRed :: Ghost Buster
LslaSanguis :: Nicki Minaj
DrManfattan :: RoboCop
BannedKalyndria :: Pink Power Ranger
MakkeFett :: Boba Fett
Divlja :: Nova
Ivey :: Rogue
Fid :: Daft Punk


Ayyash & Apoplexy :: Legion Recruit and the Burned Man


xTech, Shadow007, & DarkStar0 :: Hatake Kakashi, Naruto, & Pain
FreddyKruegar, Jigsavv, jasonVoorheas, xCHUCKY :: Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw, Jason Voorhees, & Chucky



Doomed Space Marine (sorry couldn't help myself!)

Driver (+ hauntingly awesome slow-mo dance sesh)

Crysis Nanosuit

Vaas Montenegro (with such great posing I can hear him now! Warning: Explicit language)


ArtemKirillov and Abssento
Scorpion and Sub Zero

UrdontWrex & HalfxLife
Best buds Duke Nukem and Gordon Freeman! 
I...I really want to play this crossover game now


BlacklightITA, TheWarX, Cobra97ITA, AllCriminalsAreB
the Beatles

Tsaki23, Drharleenquinzel, Lance, and SPO3BuRaDoR
Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket

Dessal, Rutherus, and WookieeMan
Captains James Tiberius Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, and Benjamin Lafayette Sisko


Note: All winners per category are listed in no particular order. Winners and Honorable Mentions are going out now and should be delivered to all participants within 48 hours. Participant Awards may take slightly longer. Thank you for your patience.


Again we want to thank everyone for participating. I think this was the best costume contest yet!

On another note, 1.14.0 will be arriving soon. Check back early next week for a sneak preview of some of the upcoming stuff!


  1. great congrats to all the great ones
    ty g1 for the credit

  2. ooh! Thank you. I'm also really, genuinely glad that Duke Nukem, Gordon Freeman and the Star Trek captains won, as they were my two favourite group entries.

    Great effort from everyone who participated. It's nice that no one went unrecognized.

  3. Congrats to all winners, it was great contest. I'd love to see more contests in near future.

  4. I'm shocked The Beatles didn't win.
    All of them are outstanding though, congrats everyone who won, I think I might enter next time.

    1. The Beatles did win, they won as part of the group entries! ^^

  5. kidding me...?
    how did this not win?

  6. Congratulations to all the winners!
    I'm really pleased to see The Beatles won. They were my favourite group entry even if I was biased about it due to them coming from my home city...
    Thanks for the G1C, I only entered as a bit of fun, never expected to receive anything from it so you've made me a happy person ^^

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. It's like the last few pages weren't even glanced at. The Wizard of Oz group, BDSM group, and a bunch of others didn't even get an honorable mention and it seems like the group choices were just a last minute laziness pick.

    Plus, its like the judges don't spend enough time in Social (even though that's the only place anyone ever seems them at). I'm making the Social comment because a majority of the choices is all you see in Social because it's easy to make and very easy to produce. Should there have been a group of DBZ characters, I'm sure they would have won.

    What a joke.

  9. So it was judge with these judge criteria....?
    -How closely they matched their source material
    -Overall level of effort
    -Commitment to the character; this included anything like props, billboards, posing, or anything that really sold the character

    I really doubt that they used this to judge they prob just randomly drew peoples name out of a hat.

  10. Come on guys... I think this was a great contest :D Stop with the criticism. It was their first judging. Ah and... I WANT SOME ARMAS DISCOUNTS :D


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