Saturday, September 21, 2013

1.13 Features

Today we're going to talk about Daily Activities and Leased Modifications as the headline features for the 1.13.0 release. We've been promising both of these things for a while now (even though you might not have realised it) and we're incredibly happy that we're finally getting to bring them to the game.

Daily Activities
Daily Activities are activities that you do for contacts that you've completed progression with that give you rewards. Most of the rewards that you'll be given will be Joker Tickets but there are some very difficult activities that give rewards that are even more impressive! These activities can range from 'finish a mission' right through to 'run over a hundred and fifty pedestrians.' You can take up to 5 activities in a day and each one of these will give you a reward the moment you complete the activity. 
Let's just go through this process:
The first thing you've got to do is finish your progression with a contact. Every contact has a Daily Activity - early contacts give easier activities, higher up contacts give higher difficulty activities. Just open their pledge menu, accept the daily activity, and it'll appear at the top of your HUD right next to your contact progression indicator. It'll update as you carry out your activity and also give you a quick indicator of how things are going and what your goal is, just like the current Fight Club activity system. Unlike the Fight Club activity system you can't skip your current activity but you can move onto a different contact if you're not happy with what you have at the moment.

But what will you be spending these tickets on, I hear you ask? Well...

Leased Modifications
Also arriving in 1.13.0 are Leased Modifications. These modifications don't have any Rank requirement. They cost 250 Joker Tickets and $750 and last for seven days. 
The current modifications that can be leased are all of the modifications available from the Specialist contacts (ie Car Surfer, Flak Jacket and Radar Jammer). This, along with a whole host of content additions planned for the Joker Store in upcoming patches means that you'll have plenty of things to spend your Joker Tickets on!

This is just a piece of what's in store for 1.13 – keep checking back for more updates!


  1. Are you guys really adding pve activities to apb? sob i tought you guys would do better now

    people who are not pvping in mission districts make matchmaking much worse.. those afk ram raiders, car delivers, muggers just got another way to not queue for missions or participate

  2. damn it i always forget something.

    any chance we will see any 50k JT prices? like a 5slot fireball with car spawner... im not really into the crown :p

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Time to roll out whatever we've got laying around, eh? Now featuring other great changes like renaming the internal names of items, because that discrepancy was such a bother.

  5. So instead of playing missions people will now run over pedestrians etc.? Great idea guys, really great...

    I bet it will be even harder to get opposed missions now. Thanks a lot...

  6. Bye bye, ex-management. Hello, new management doing the same awful decisions.

    You really, _REALLY_ haven't thought things through with this. It isn't that big of a problem for me, since I pretty much only play with a premade group, but I foresee shit tons of criticism about "random teammates dicking around for an activity in a mission".

    1. Wow you are so dumb, They have been talking about this patch for MONTHS before the layoffs every happened, Try reading the forums once in awhile.

    2. noone ever mentioned "pve" activities which is what we are complaining about

      not encouraging the player to queue up and participate in missions causes 2 very realistic issues we players who want to do missions have to deal with

      1. matchmaking works better when more people are queued up and ready for action. you wait less for opposition AND you get a more diverse opposition which gives us pvpers a better experience

      2. then there is the "no shows"; afkers, detreters, muggers, dumptruck trolls... we all experienced it.. and yes the kick helps UNLESS you get a backup that decides to also not show up and now they get another reason to not come do the mission which also yields them rewards

      at the end of the day are this player vs player mission districts or are they "mission districts but you can also do stuff thats not related at all to missions"?

      look at how non enjoyable certain activities in baylin like "granades/2ndaries/run people over" ruin the whole experience. its a great example of how poor implementation can ruin a great idea

      we all apreciate the effort but you guys got to remember we came to play apb cause we were promised a pvp based gta style game not cause we wanted to run raids or kill npcs, or collect pumpkins away from the action

      this year has been aweful.. we got a bunch of drastic changes full of flaws that are as bad or worse than what they replaced. and whats worse is that we got more bad dastrict changes before the previews changes were polished or fixed.

      if anything you should move ram raiding/mugging/witness/(and pve activities) to a different district that has a ruleset like "cops and robers" and emphasise the mission districts as the fast queue, fast paced objective bassed pvp mode we all love apb for

      sometimes we do feel like you people dont experience the game the same way we the players do. or if you experience it at all

      after the whole gold lockout fiasco persally i feel like you guys owe us a refund for our premium time at the very least for as long the lockout was active. which i doubt will happen. and at the same time changes is like this makes us even more hesitant in investing in any of your product

      ps: pve activities really? you people should be ashaimed of yourselfs

  7. nice ......what about new contacts is it coming in this update ????u told it will come soon..?

  8. No. only daily activities and bug fixes. contacts for the next big patch

  9. 250JT for a Mod for 7days.
    250JT! Lets think about it...that is silver in a normal FC!
    What a joke!

    G1 Why do you bring new stuff like this?
    you KNOW that is a joke!

  10. you are kidding with player? we wait 5 mounths for this shit? sry but Reloaded Production you S U C K,players all day see bugs + lags + cheaters and coming new stuff... the normal company do that with on week ... and for reloaded production is: 5 mounths....................................................................................... nice jog!

    Sry bad english... my english its like that company "SHIT"

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  11. good job, g1, really good one - instead of keeping players in the game, you are shoving them away from it with such kinds of "patches".I guess, u'll realize your mistakes only when you gonna have max population about 800 players, half of which would be a blatant cheating rerolls. Keep on, you're doing a great job in digging a grave for once good game.

  12. OMG that so unfair that we guys that are R:195 have been playing so long and then a R:10 can buy Thoose Mods So UNFAIR!!!

    1. 250 JT is not something that noobs get quickly.. Only rerolls and better players will get that amount of JT easily and then they belong at 195+ anyway. Basicly there's nothing wrong with that.

    2. There's everything wrong with this. If they had this from the start it wouldn't have been a big deal but it didn't happen that way. I worked hard to get to max rank and the ability to use those mods, why should some noob who came to the party late get to use them?

    3. Why not? That should be the question. And if you are not extremely selfish you wont find an answer to that.

  13. I like this idea actually. Joker Tickets should be obtainable via different methods than just Fight Club. The only thing left to do now is to add more Armas items to the Joker store.

  14. I like the idea about joker tickets outside of fight club, but why should it pre activities that distract players from missions. I recommend that the achievements such as kill npc's (which is pathetic) be for people who are "not ready." Also, a GM ingame (named Giantsblood) once told me that 1.13 will have graphics updates that will reduce lag for those who have high end gpu's. Hopefully the server lag gets fixed too.


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