Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pandemic Event - A New Strain

Thanks to the great reaction that we've gotten from the Epidemic event, we've decided to give the infection a whole new vector that starts with today's patch!

Introducing the Agrotech Close Engagement System, AKA the ACES.

The ACES comes in two varieties - the ACES SMG and the ACES Rifle. 

The ACES Rifle and the SMG are two entirely different animals. The SMG is a short range, fast firing weapon. Low damage and a huge magazine, but you'll want to consider firing in bursts to maintain accuracy. It also features a Red modification called Short Barrel that allows the system to output more bullets than its sister weapon, with the downside that accuracy tends to degrade due to the lack of a rifled barrel. If you want something with a faster fire rate than the OCA but find the Tommy Gun too difficult to control, then the ACES SMG is the perfect gun for you!

The Rifle version of the ACES is similar, but features an Extended Barrel Red modification that effectively transforms the weapon from an SMG into a pseudo rifle platform. The longer, rifled barrel allows for higher velocity rounds to be used, thus increasing the weapons damage at the cost of firing speed, due to recoil management systems inside the weapon. This is actually a blessing in disguise because it makes accuracy bloom more manageable than the Rifle's sister weapon. If you want something that fills in the gap between the ATAC and the OCA then the ACES Rifle is for you!

Players that have 26 total kills with the Colby .45 AP will get a 10-Day ACES SMG. 10 kills with the ACES SMG will get you the 'Mutated' title. 50 kills with the ACES SMG will net you the ACES Rifle for 10 days. If you didn't manage to get a Colby .45 AP during the Epidemic Event, it's now available for purchase from Armas and Joker Distribution. 

Better get crackin'.


  1. THIS GUN IS WAAAAAAAAY TOO OP. G1 this needs fixing BEFORE you try to squeeze as much cash out of it as you can... dont do the same thing you did with the tommy gun and the nano...

  2. so this is why the Colt .45 is $50 bucks on armas. Cause the only way to get this gun for 10 days, is to buy that gun. ;/

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Step 1: Release OP gun into the cash shop
    Step 2: Idiots buy said gun
    Step 3: Nerf said gun
    Step 4: Repeat process for dat cash!

    This has happened with the Tommy Gun, Nano, Ducky and now with the ACES. Good job driving one of my favorite games into the ground.

  5. Why didn't you leave the event open? You clearly didn't code the .45 completely yet, people dont get pistol activities or roles for it. Would you mind fixing that pls :)

  6. latest patch...the latency seems to have risen by 30 for Australian players is the permanent? D=

    (was hovering around 180ms nicely, now its between 210 and 240ms!!)now ALMOST unplayable)

    1. i play on 210 and 240ms on a normal base so i don't find it "almost unplayable" i am rank 224 and i destroy people.

    2. im not asking if you destroy people or what rank you are, cos i simply don't care. That is what your used to, I'm not used to it because im used to 170-180ms. being used to a certain latency and having it changed from 180 to about 230ms,is a big difference.

      I'm asking if anybody else in Australia or if anybody has had a latency rise since the patch yesterday.

  7. i cant seem to play since yesterday(24/aug/2013)...are servers down? i get error 8... help pls


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