Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Return of Asylum

First off, we'd like to say congratulations to everyone that participated in the Asylum event for helping make it such a success! You did it! It was really close, and for a while it didn't like it was going to happen. But you all went above and beyond and broke the target that we'd set.

We saw a higher number of users this week than we've seen at any point in the last month, so we've decided to give everyone that got a kill in this event an Asylum weapon skin. It'll be delivered to you within fourteen days of this blog post going live, so keep an eye on your character's mail box.

This test release of Asylum shows a few changes to the Environment from the Halloween 2012 release of the level. For example, you're able to go beyond the old boundaries to the south and get near the lighthouse area that was previously locked off (remember to be careful around the water - the Nantego is so toxic that you'll probably die the second you touch it). We've added linking overhead walkways in a warehouse space that's spread out over two buildings.

We're also bringing Anarchy back to Asylum for the duration of this event. We believe that Anarchy is the perfect fit for Asylum and, in its final version, we'll be using the Anarchy rules coupled with a variety of point-capture, objective hold, and open-world-activity missions to see who can capture and hold Abington Towers. Ever since we tested Anarchy in Financial and Waterfront and saw all the feedback we were getting, we've changed some of the final design specifications for Anarchy, which should help us turn it into a fully featured, fully fledged Chaos district – something that we know all you lovers of the urban war are going to just go nuts for.

We will be launching this second phase of testing on Asylum for two weeks from the 18th of July. Hope to see you all there.

We're very proud of your performance during the last week and we hope that you all enjoy Asylum!


  1. Great to see this finally happen again! But be advised RP: If you don't release it forgood soon you might lose people in this game. Please have a quick check to fix issues after these two weeks and publish it forgood then.

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  3. thats great looking! wait no the images are broken

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  6. Will be weapon skin unlocked on account? or on char only?

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    Try to remove cheater, and u will become a superhero.

  8. Funny I tried using my code but says "Your code has already been redeemed." that's useless...

    1. Have to do it in the game. For some reason it didn't redeem when I was on the website either, but from within game it worked. Also....HOLY FUCKING SHIT I JUST GOT LIFETIME PREMIUM!!! Now can I get a refund for the 140 days of premium I had left?

  9. why i dont have the skin i was playing to unlock asylum

  10. "the ability for low level players to get their hands on late game modifications" ... thanks for car surfer RP :)

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