Friday, April 12, 2013

From Your Mouth to Our Ears

It's crunch time once again at Reloaded Games. It’s been a pretty hectic week with "Settle the Score" getting ready to make its way out the door, not to mention the recent announcement of APB Vendetta. You should check out the Vendetta Kickstarter (if you haven't already), to find out more about the exciting game in the making, inspired by the APB Reloaded universe.

But first stick around!

We're going to talk about the process of how our Community team reports issues and ideas from our forums, twitter, Facebook and blog back to our Development team. We're also officially introducing you to the new Contact, Speedball, who will be joining us in the version 11 update.

Manning the Floodgates

One of the things that we're really working on this year is the quality and frequency of communication that goes on between Reloaded Games and our community. We're constantly striving for new and better ways to communicate with you guys, and it’s always good to see feedback on our efforts, be it positive, negative or (in some cases) outright weird.

Trouble is, there’s a lot of information coming in, so the community team needs to filter through a lot of the noise and try and get the strongest signal to pass along to the development team. What are the real concerns or ideas that the majority cares about the most, and how do we tackle those ideas?

We have a page on our Reloaded internal wiki that details the top ten issues in the community with links on how we intend to actually fix those issues. We're aiming to start crossing off more and more of these throughout the year. Some of the issues that we've got plans for are (in no particular order): server performance, new content, mission balancing, and in-mission spawning.

Cool Community Stats

We keep track of a lot of stats in APB Reloaded – just about everything that players can do in the game is tracked and collated into spreadsheets that we access and use to analyze player behavior. Recently we compared a list of the most lethal weapons over a week long period on Joker NA East before the weapon balance patch, and then again after the weapon balance patch when we saw a similar number of players on.

Over a 24 hour period on NA East we saw 203,055 kills; that’s 141 player deaths per minute. The most lethal weapon in the game was (prior to the weapon balance patch) the NTEC-5 with the STAR 556 coming in a close second. Shotguns accounted for slightly more kills after the balance patch than they did before, and the STAR and the NTEC had swapped places. Keep in mind that these stats don't reflect the lethality of particular weapons, rather they reflect their popularity. These stats also didn't include kills caused by vehicle explosions that were triggered from weapon damage.

Also, the total number of Easter Eggs delivered this year was a staggering 10,543,233 - that's over 8 eggs per second for the entire duration of the Easter Event! The person that delivered the most eggs was Colby’s DonCostello. Well done DonCostello, you had some tough competition!

The New Dealer

Who's this new Contact hanging out in Social? His name is Speedball and he works for the new faction, Joker Associates.

Speedball is a character that we're very proud of because everything about him has come from the community! The appearance of the character was taken from the winner of the Almost Famous contest that was run on the APB Reloaded forums for Reloaded Day 2013. His look and biography was created by Darrell Kayne from Obeya, his voice was provided by Bumbleton from Joker, and the outfits that he sells at the moment were created by players from all over the game.

Speedball will be selling player made content for various upcoming Joker Associates contests, as well as stuff that we find in the community that we think the rest of the world deserves to see and use. If you think you make stuff that other players would love to have, then keep an eye on the APB Reloaded forums for more Joker Associates contests in the near future for your chance to win. Together we can all help Speedball build a decent stockpile!

Winners of Joker Associates contests will get listed as the creator of the item in-game, and they'll be sent the new, super-exclusive Joker Associates weapon skin (props to Vivianne from the APB Reloaded forums for the inspiration on this skin!), as modeled by Gumball below. So far only twelve people in the entire game have this weapon skin, so it really is as exclusive as it gets!

That’s everything from the Community team for now. We hope this has given you some insight on what we do and how we work, as well as helping to bring you up to date on the latest in 1.11. Our next blog post will be up soon and should have details about a much requested item that’s finally going to see a release. Some sort of… dessert scarf? How the heck would you wear a dessert sca - 

Oh... right. Desert Scarf.


  1. Better communication = More Players..

    Good Job guys you finally figured it out <3.

  2. Next blog up soon. Damn it, you just had to say the word.

  3. Always good to hear you are listening to the community, somehow I am starting to think this was the plan all along. Bring in a lot of new players, to generate a large amount of revenue quickly, then using that, put it back into the game keeping these players (all while examining the APB source code and learning it) ... how'd I do? Probably can't say right?

    As for the Joker contact, very clever idea I must say. I should try putting my song up to have sold, it does get a lot of attention.

    BTW, can I get my Desert Scarf Mask fixed? Can't customize it and it's starting to drive me insane (the black works, but would really like to change it).

  4. How'd I not get in this Joker Contact clothing desl? I place in every costume contest.....


  5. Just have to get some of my content to win! Would love to have it sold from a contact!....

  6. Good to see that scarf is comign along but how about a rerelease of the Nomad/Citadel and the ATAC 3 slot ?? People (including me) have been asking/spamming the forums for that too. And it's as simple as putting it on the ARMAS since everything is already created and tested....

  7. It's always good to hear about upcoming stuff, but what of the cheating issue? It seems like there is always talk of something being done to get that under control but the rerolls are still like roaches and the closets get a bit bolder with each passing week. I can't tell if reloaded is being quiet about it for a reason or just because you all don't know what to do. Techmech used to bolster confidence in the past but that confidence is starting to die. There's an open invitation to come play on Joker during primetime 5-11PM. I say this not to be a butt, but as a concerned customer who feels like this new content is overshadowed by the frustration of playing against these people all the time.

  8. Gameplay > Everything else

    Any word on server performance?

  9. This server fix you guys speak of, is it talking about client side fps lag or just the server lag? The fps stuff is very fustrating also.

  10. Oh look, the scarf that i had in 2008.
    Nice new item bro.

    1. Yes, expecially since it's always been available to female characters.

      Just kidding, it wasn't.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. please sell me 3d glasses i will pay 50 usd for them please

  13. "Some of the issues that we've got plans for are (in no particular order): server performance, new content, mission balancing, and in-mission spawning."

    So you'll keep ignoring the huge amount of cheaters all over the place uh? Don't be surprised the community shrinks more when the new patch comes.

    1. +10 from me and my friends .. i don't care about new stuff the games is complex enough for me , DO SOMETHING about the HACKING

  14. This doesn't look like the desert scarfs i have (left over from RTW), are these retouched? Then again that's a female scarf so that could be it. The male version or the version i have is considerably more bulky which i wish it wasn't. ):

  15. sadly while new features are great, you guys have not fixed the issues the last few patches where supposed to fix (sticky nade bug anyone?)

    not to mention the segregation patch should of came before balance patch. this is the biggest issue

    right now the guns are all broken, there are OP guns, and UP guns. there is no balance.. the min damage values are aweful

    wish we could fix the game before it becomes more broken

    server perfomance IS worst by each patch, last friday even fightclub was rubberbanding

  16. will the new contact offer user generated shaders :p

  17. ps: whats the deal with overkill? is it still active in colby?

    pps: and whats the news with the new UI

  18. I'd preffer to see a fix for the general protection fault, but we all know that ain't gonna happend:l

  19. what about the hackers and the aimbots that comes and takes my win..............guys i put my really money to play this game but still not satisfied.......................

    And a request can u put a new fight club district ...............and ur new scoring card looks great

  20. You know what would really boost this game? A new district/map.

    You have Financial/Waterfront.. how about an Industrial district?

    Or a Ghetto district.. or even take the war into the green fields, woodland area, lakes and beautiful houses countryside/suburbs!


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