Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to the Future of APB Reloaded

At the beginning of 2013, we promised we’d take a lot more time to communicate what’s happening with APB Reloaded and our plans for the future. Starting March 2013, we’re going to make “Reloaded Day” the start of our Reloaded calendar year. In this blog post we’re going to share an overview of our plans for the year.

2012 was a massive year for Reloaded. We had a newly-launched game and all the associated teething issues that needed to be ironed out that we attacked with zeal - things like compatibility with thousands of different PC set-ups, launching localized versions in Russia and Brazil, and creating and managing in-game events for Valentine’s, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few.

For us, 2012 was the year of Consolidation – making sure everything worked, that the game was fun and that we were listening to your comments, suggestions and bug reports from the community. 2013 is the year of Delivery. With the game and our development systems improved and more advanced, we can look to delivering more new features and content; things that we all want to see, and that you've been asking for.

Everyone knows that game development is a very fluid process – new software and hardware is released all the time, new ideas are born, new, unforeseen challenges appear. Regardless of the challenges that all passionate game development teams face, our goal for 2013 is to do everything possible to deliver on planned updates, so long as they are highly polished and ready for our players.

New & Improved Features for 2013

Our ‘To Do’ list  for this year is pretty ambitious. Some projects are only in the design stage, but others are being coded as you read this. We’ll also be constantly working on performance, anti-hack measures, and bug fixes throughout the year.

So on to the good stuff! (Please note the list below is not in order of release or priority.)

Our major goals for 2013 are:

  • Score system update
  • New tutorial
  • Brand new front-end design
  • Mission re-vamp in mission districts
  • Elective spawning
  • New  contacts
  • Asylum map with new game mode
  • Threat segregation
  • Joker Ticket activities in mission districts
  • Smart district spin-up
  • Re-designed HUD

“Settling the Score” (Version 11)

We’ll be releasing a few major updates throughout the year, the first of these being called “Settling the Score” (Version 11), set for an April release. This update will feature an improved District instancing mechanic, a new scoring system that balances arrests, kills and mission objectives, and a new way for players to choose their own spawn point after death. We’ll write a blog post with full details just before release.

ARMAS Marketplace Content

We have a small but talented team of artists constantly working on new content for the game. 

As we've already revealed in a concept teaser we’re working on an Enforcer Performance Kit for the Bishada, and of course we’re working on the Bishada Criminal Performance Pack too. There will also be some new clothing elements for both packs, and these will be revealed a short while before release. This is all a few months away, so consider this a very early sneak peek.

Special Events

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about our in-game special events because they allow us to create some fun seasonal gameplay and rewards. We’ll be doing major events for the usual big holidays - Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween and Christmas – and there will be plenty of other stuff in between. Our next major holiday is Easter, and while we don’t want to reveal it all yet, let’s just say that you can expect to find a brand new character walking around the streets of San Paro.

We’ll continue to work on improving online game performance, update current anti-hack measures, pursue new possible anti-hack measures and destroy bug that may pop up throughout the year.

A Bright Future

Improving APB Reloaded is a continuing conversation with our community. We appreciate your feedback and we read every Forum, Facebook, and Twitter suggestion. We’ll continue to work on improving online game performance, update current anti-hack measures, pursue new possible anti-hack measures and destroy bug that may pop upthroughout the year.

So 2013 is the year of major updates, more content, and more communication. We appreciate your support, we hope you like what you've heard so far, and we look forward to seeing you in the game.


  1. You guys mentioned fixing the clothing pipeline: does this mean that we can look forward to new unlockable clothing/hair/customization items this year?

  2. Hoping to see some more kit teasers soon :)

  3. Would still love a racing district! :(

    1. I saw a forum post by revoemag stating that they built a mock up of a racing district and he basically said it wasn't any fun. He said making it actually fun would cost as much time and money as doing some of the stuff in this list that makes the action districts fun.
      I think that might be a fine 2014 goal... I cant think of anything Id want to happen before all the stuff on this list.

  4. Need a function at some later stage where if a team was defending and won the mission the losers get the option for a rematch where by the winners can decide by vote if they accept, the exact same mission starts over again, but this time the other team does the defending. this will straighten out a lot of fights in the districts about: "This point is so unfair yada yada", also a one on one deathmatch challenge area in all major action districts where people that trash talk can take each other on and settle their differences while the rest can observe and maybe even bet on a winner, but to stop this from taking the focus away from the actual mission there can be a cool-down of say 4 or 5 hours before a person can challenge again

  5. I guess my overall point is that i love this game and would like to see some BIG additions to it THERE IS SO MUCH you guys can do with this, I am a programmer my self so I know this takes HUGE time and resources and the steady stream of small things like clothing items etc is nice, but i try my best to buy plenty off armas whenever there is something i really want. like lately i've decided to steadily buy all guns permanent, so as to support you guys, my point is, you bring the goodness, well support you guys!! #excited!!

  6. I like the current UI styling. Will it change (graphical design, typography, overall layout) or will it mainly be a port, opening up for polishing and adding new things to it?

  7. You guys need more buyable weapons

    their are 2 smgs and 2 machine and stuff

    would be nice to see more

    same weapons get boring after a while

  8. Good to see an overview of the planned changed, can't really say I disagree with them they look pretty good.

    I was especially pleased to see Asylum will be re-released, I missed it last time.

    I was disappointed to hear no further details on how the hardware upgrades are coming on, with Colby having had some testing I was hoping to see some news by now on rolling this hardware out to all the other servers, especially EU servers as their current state is pretty abysmal and at times unplayable. Yesterday the server was spiking constantly, sometimes hitting as low as 2FPS which I can tell you meant a significant level of frustration of ghost shots, killed in 100% cover, unable to drive and basically amounted to pure luck in a skill based game.
    Suffice to say, regardless of any other plans, this needs to be sorted out ASAP otherwise it doesn't matter what you have planned, hardly anyone will be able to play.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. As a member of SPCT, trust me when I say they are working on getting the servers fully tested and running the best they can before they are put into LIVE operation.

      Be patient, there coming soon and I think you'll be very pleased with what you'll see and feel about the game.

  9. Thank god for elective Spawn more BS Spawn camping and spawning over and over on the same place with enemies already waiting for us...And you really really need to increase the Lease Time of weapons from 10 days to 30...or just bring back the old permanent weapons with expensive cost because the weapons cost is just unsustainable for people who only play 2 or 3 hours a day and cant play every single day...

  10. Any chances of getting more slots for clothing? And more outfits slots? I'm an online fashion whore...I need more than two outfits!

  11. Any chances of more down-to-earth clothing items? that would be free in game?. Things like a vest, a snapback, different shoes, or even a hoodie(down) for the males.

  12. damn i hate hackers, with a burning passion of a thousand gods.

  13. THANKS!!!!
    Thats why we stick to the game and to gamerfirst, G1 Credits, and all your updates.

    Keep the good work fellas!


  15. Your major goals for 2013 doesn't include anti-cheat? Really...

    1. In the article it says "We’ll continue to work on improving online game performance, update current anti-hack measures, pursue new possible anti-hack measures and destroy bug that may pop up throughout the year."

      So yes? Too on the nose?

    2. I seem to have skipped that part, my bad. I'm really excited for all of these things as I spend quite a lot on Armas, even back when the game was incredibly sketchy, to support the game as much as I can because I see the potential it holds. I'm very glad that potential is starting to show. The main things I'm looking forward to (and hoping for) are Asylum district, dynamic car lights, dynamic cop lights, dynamic criminal underlights and Midtown district (probably far away in development). I understand you guys are a small and dedicated team but I believe that with every community idea considered and every aspect of the game examined for optimization your team and the game will be very successful in the future for a long time regardless of how old the game engine may be.

  16. bunny clothes and no enfoshada and crims get new kits, armas content regarded as actual content for a f2p game.

    i see where are you headed , bright future indeed

  17. get more gms then im happy to continue playing

  18. YESSSS BUNNY EARSSS will it be available for everyone?? can finally make battlebunnyriven :D

  19. A Bishida kit when there are still cars that have none. Exactly what we need cater only to the popular stuff. There are much bigger issues. Like your matchmaking or the fact that silver players log on to districts that are supposed to be for silver players and fight nothing but golds. Fix whats wrong instead of piling on more frills.

  20. YES!! please make a new UI layout! It would make APB alot better if you do that right. That may sound stupid, but it really makes a game special. For example: The menu of just cause 2 makes it fun to play already. If you do this right, more people will play it.

    1. No. This is NOT needed, and is also stealing UI concepts from another game, territory I don't think G1 wants to tread. A UI and menu will NOT make the game more fun, you make no sense.

  21. If you could add some nice insane clothes for Criminals because most clothes only fit the Enforcer even tho crime get the same clothes a crim who looks lime a military guy dose look wired xD my point is add some cool clothes for crime and enforcers but clothes that will match there stats n crims and enforcers.
    Anyway I really am looking forward to these updates :-D will make the game more awesome!!! =D

  22. I would love to see some graphics improvement, this game, as most of we know, doesn't have the best graphics, and yet it is very heavy for graphics cards, as we know, we can play well developed games with amazing graphics and running them at least on medium, but with APB it's impossible, around the city, with shadows off and all on minimum i barely get 30fps, and if an explosion comes it goes all the way down to 10fps (I'm using a 1gb nvidia geforce), and that ruins my gameplay and many other gamers with "medium computers".

    Also, I would like to see a matchmaking improvement, I start a new character, new account, I win 5 missions and boom, I'm gold. The next match, 1 vs 1, lvl 20 vs 200. What is this? At least change the range of the matchmaking for lower levels, just because i'm gold doesn't mean that i'm a good player, come on i win 5 missions and i turn into gold, at least make it lvl 50- against 100-, a 200 lvl player with OSMAWS and all that good stuff is impossible to go against. (Sorry for the bad English, I'm Portuguese). Please at least take a look at this.

  23. I will say this, Ive been in this game since the original beta and I have yet to be this excited about the future of APB. If you ccan actually deliver this game will finally be everything we wanted, plus asylum alone would make me happy, so far it is my favorite district.

  24. New cars would be sweet. Like 10 new cars.

  25. Enforcers need more open world stuff to do for cash. The fact that we rely 100% directly on criminals sucks. Fitting things like interacting with a recently raided shop to file an incident report and get a little cash [possibly also renewing the crims witness status when you do so]. Spraying over graffiti around the city [also opening up the same for crims, respray their tags]. As it sits, if you're an enforcer on a server where all the crims are on missions or just hanging out, there is absolutely nothing to do and drives me insane.

    Oh, and fixing the witness system so they can actually be witnessed. I know on my crim how often and how long the shield pops up but when I'm on my enforcer and I see someone who I know has it, I still can't do anything. Going back to the open world stuff for enforcers, it would open up the option for new dynamic missions, like if a crim spotted an enforcer spraying their tag or raiding a hideout the crim could witness the enforcer and begin a new mini-mission to defend it.


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