Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Ready for Reloaded Day!

Hello from sunny Scotland to all our Reloaded fans! It’s time to kick-off the month of March with style AND substance as we share our plans for the year ahead and reward our loyal players.

March 7th is the birthday of the APB: Reloaded team and so we’ll be celebrating this as “Reloaded Day” with a whole week of free stuff and the best contests we've ever launched. We’ll also be blogging about the history of APB: Reloaded and what we’ll be doing in the future.

We’ll be giving away over 400,000 G1 Credits in total prizes with Kill and Customization Contests. The ‘Almost Famous’ customization contest gives you the chance to see your design in the game and featured on billboards across San Paro as the new Joker Industries spokes-model!

Other giveaways include an in-game party hat & streamer and FREE 3-DAY PREMIUM for everyone – you get Bonus XP, Bonus APB$, and 20% off purchases from the ARMAS Marketplace!

We wanted to come up with something to reward our long-term players so we've created totally unique Titles for Closed Beta Test and Open Beta Test players. We truly appreciate all the help in getting Reloaded started.

Thanks for all your support,

The Reloaded Team


Upcoming Blog Posts

  •  4th March – “History of Reloaded” blog post.
  • 7th March – “Future of APB: Reloaded” blog post.

Reloaded Day ‘Kill-a-thon’

Duration: 00:01 hrs UTC Monday 4th March 2013 to 23:59 hrs UTC Sunday 10th March 2013.

This is a simple “Most kills wins” event. The top three players with the most unique kills in each world will win a prize (Mission and/or Fight Club Districts).

Top 3 players per World win:
  • 1st Place – 40,000 G1 Credits
  • 2nd Place – 20,000 G1 Credits
  • 3rd Place – 10,000 G1 Credits
Winners will be announced week commencing 11th March.

‘Almost Famous’ NPC Contest

Duration: 00:01 hrs UTC Monday 4th March 2013 to 23:59 hrs UTC Sunday 10th March 2013.

Design a new Joker Industries “Spokes-model” contact! Your character will be added to the game and will also appear on Joker Industries billboard ads throughout the game.

Design a character on your account and submit their image, character name and up to 750 word back story to the forum post. One entry per account, please see forum post for full rules.

The Top three creations as judged by the Reloaded Productions team will win:
  • 1st Place – 40,000 G1 Credits + Character appears in game!
  • 2nd Place – 20,000 G1 Credits.
  • 3rd Place – 10,000 G1 Credits.
Winners will be announced week commencing 18th March.

Celebration Gifts

Free ‘Reloaded Day’ Party Hat and Streamer

Log-in to the game and automatically receive these two customizable in-game items for free.
Duration: 00:01 hrs UTC Thursday 7th March 2013 to 23:59 hrs UTC Sunday 10th March 2013.

Free 3 days Premium Account

Log-in to the APB: Reloaded ARMAS store during the offer period and enter the following code to receive a free 3-day duration Premium account:


Duration: 00:01 hrs UTC Thursday 7th March 2013 to 23:59 hrs UTC Sunday 10th March 2013. (3 days Premium begins when you enter the code during this period. Even if you enter the code on Sunday, you will receive the next three days as Premium).

Get the following benefits in-game:
  • 20% discount in the Armas Marketplace.
  • Up to a 90% bonus to all Contact Standing (XP) gains.
  • 125% bonus to all APB$ (in-game currency) gains.
  • 50% reduced cool down on activated abilities.
  • Advanced access to customization suites (up to 100/50/50).
  • Extended duration for free Armas trials.

Free Titles

Free in-game titles for players who have been with us since the Closed Beta and Open Beta days.

Duration: A promo code will be automatically delivered to qualifying players on Thursday 7th March, and is available to redeem until the end of this month. The code can be claimed by logging into Armas and going to the 'Redeem Code' page.
  • CBT Veteran” Character Title Unlock (Account Lifetime) 
    • Closed Beta Players (First logged in before 23rd May 2011)
  • OBT Veteran” Character Title Unlock (Account Lifetime)
    • Open Beta Players (First logged in 23rd May 2011 - 6th December 2011)

Many Cheers and Happy Birthday!

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