Friday, February 1, 2013

From Reloaded, With Love

As I mentioned on Twitter, here is the blog we've been working on to let you know in advance all of the plans we have for Valentine's day this year.

Pink and heart-patterned weapons are back! Use them to participate in our Massacre Event or participate in one of our community contests.

We have a fairly new member of the team that will share more details on the festivities on all of our behalf.  Please meet Simon, one of our Producers.


Written By, Simon
Reloaded Producer

Romance is in the air here at the Reloaded love-nest as Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching. Our Valentine’s update includes new role levels, contests and the all-new Fallen Angel costume pack!

'Valentine's Week Massacre' 2013

To keep things interesting for new players and long-term fans alike, we’re taking last year’s Roles and adding in more levels and rewards. Please note any kills made during last year’s event will be carried over to this year, so you don’t have to start from zero again (if you already hit over 750 kills last year you’ll instantly get the top level reward).

The levels for the ranks of the 'Valentine's Week Massacre' role are:

Rank 1 - Requirements: 50 kills. Reward: Death Theme 1.
Rank 2 - Requirements: 150 Kills. Reward: Love Heart Glasses.
Rank 3 - Requirements: 300 Kills. Reward: Death Theme 2.
Rank 4 - Requirements: 500 Kills. Reward: A leased M1922 (Tommy Gun) + Pink Preset Police Hat.
Level 5 (NEW) - Requirements: 750 Kills. Reward: 'Casanova' Title + Valentine's weapon skin.

The 'Snubby Love' role, tracks kills with the Colby SNR 850 'Cherub' secondary weapon, which is gifted to you when you login to the game.

The levels for the ranks of the 'Snubby Love' role are:

Rank 1 - Requirements: 25 kills. Reward: Ophelia - Blonde Decal Unlock.
Rank 2 - Requirements: 75 Kills. Reward: Prentiss (Enforcers) / Bloodroses (Criminals) symbol.
Rank 3 - Requirements: 150 Kills. Reward: Ophelia - Red Head Decal Unlock.
Rank 4 - Requirements: 250 Kills. Reward: Colby SNR 850 'Cherub' unlock, so it can be purchased from Contacts at any time (including outside the event).
Level 5 (NEW) - Requirements: 375 Kills. Reward: 'Cherub Chaser' Title.

New “Angel Wings” Backpack Item

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the skateboard and radio backpacks we recently released, and you’ve been asking us to make more available on ARMAS. Our art team came up with plenty of cool ideas and the first one released is Angel Wings for Valentines!

To get the detail required, one of our artists, Tim, used a piece of software called ZBrush to digitally sculpt the feathers. Digital Sculpting is exactly what it sounds like and can be compared to carving clay or marble, but it’s all done virtually using a PC & graphics tablet instead of a workbench & chisel.

The sculpted model was then exported to a design program called 3D Studio Max where it was tweaked and tested with our APB characters. The final stage meant adding the wings to our test version of APB and checking that they work with other customization items, running around with the item deployed, getting in and out of vehicles, and more.

The final customizable item will be available as part of the “Fallen Angel” pack on ARMAS. As a special bonus we’re adding in a customizable Halo and a “Fallen Angel” title.

In summary, the “Fallen Angel” Pack includes:

Angel Wings (customizable).
Halo (customizable).
“Fallen Angel” title.

Valentine’s Community Contests

In addition to all this new content, we’re going to be running a couple of Valentine’s-themed contests from February 1st to 14th (US Pacific time).

“Rev My Engine”

Keeping the Valentine’s Day theme in mind, players must trick out their ride by designing their own love machines!

  •  14 Entries will be chosen by a unanimous decision.
  •  Each winner will receive a Vehicle Selector - choice of one Account Lifetime Vehicle!
  •  Starts Feb. 1st and ends Feb. 14th

“Be My Valentine”

Love is in the air and it’s time to capture it! Players can design two matching or complementing outfits, one outfit per person.

Players may submit their outfits and characters for only ONE of the following categories:

1) Most Fugly
2) Most Sexy
3) Celebrity Look-A-Like
4) Fictional Icons
5) Star Crossed Lovers

  • Each character must take one in-game editor screenshot and submitted in one entry.
  • Each entry must also have at least one in-game group photo with their matching / complementing outfit worn.
  • Two characters max per couple.
  • One couple per category will be chosen by a unanimous vote. (10 player winners total)
  • Each winning couple (2 different users per couple) will win 300 G1C + A Valentine Weapon selector 90 days!
  • Starts Feb. 1st and ends Feb. 14th.


  1. Hey,
    My favorite day of the year.

  2. I demand more insight into the 3D workflow you use at Reloaded! :D

    1. There's not a lot more to it, really. 3D modelling isn't as scary as it sounds and most of the time learning it is spent figuring out the convoluted interfaces of the software for it. Graphical tablets are no miracle either, they've been around for a while and they're quite often used for painting. Zbrush is a 3D modeling program that is set apart from others due to it's way of turning complex models into relatively simple ones with a very interesting 2D texture applied that makes it look detailed without making the 3D model consist of hundreds of thousands of polygons. It's called Normal mapping ans it's bloody brilliant. 3Ds Max in this case is just used primarily to make the model behave the way it should and to export it into a format the game can use. After that it's just all ironing out the flaws.

  3. So is the valentines themed ARMAS Marketplace coming back? Can't really find anything about it.

  4. So when does the Valentine's Week Massacre start?

    1. "Starts Feb. 1st and ends Feb. 14th."

    2. But the patch isnt there -.-


      The anwser

  5. Ummm can you confirm when the Valentines event will actually be running? Will need to book some time :p

    1. Starts Feb. 1st and ends Feb. 14th.

    2. OMG the Angel wings are awesome all of the players ( well almost everybody) are gonna use the angel wings instead of skateboard :D
      Good job with the Angels Wings :)

  6. Please make more female accessories, clothes, and hair styles!! The female styles in this game is seriously lacking in comparison to the male styles. Male characters have far more options in accessories.

  7. shult it be online now and it's not online valitine. so what clock will it be updatet

  8. Can we get dragon and/or demon wings at some point?

  9. cool stuff. gf is excited for the wings. myself? I rather get some kind of themed shoes

    90% play apb to dress up
    10% play cause of the combat engine

  10. Backpack ideas?

    Batman Capes. It's only logical :D

    Also, could someone clarify to me what is the ''Vehicle Selector''?

  11. Replies
    1. On the official Forums ;)

  12. Do you think you'll add tails anytime soon, is there some type of possibility maybe? ;3

  13. APB Reloaded: From Reloaded, With Love

  14. Will you get the Love-gun available for purchase, when u reach level 4?

  15. or you can just start a vote on if we want the clan leaderboards back or not, so we have a good reason to even play serius yeah the game is fun but gets boring when there is nothing to realy fight for.. well might just be but i put in over 2k hour in to the game so

  16. When will the Armas Valentine weapons change back to their archetype ???


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