Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year New Stuff!

It's January and now that everyone is back in the office from the Holidays (or recovering from the epidemic flu season going around) - we are picking up full steam ahead on all sorts of projects.

Server and game optimization, 1.10.1 patch update, Hit Squad Clan Event 2, Joker Jackpot, San Paro Royalty Event, and upcoming plans for Valentines Day! We are starting off the New Year right by working on a bunch of new stuff for all of you.  And part of our New Year's Resolution includes informing our community more frequently about all of the stuff we are working on as we are working on them.

So what's this 1.10.1 patch we speak of?  Our Dev Team has been focusing on various Weapon Balance modifications, crouching modifications, a couple new Weapon Skins, and some minor bug fixes. We are looking at releasing this patch in a few weeks time.

For a more in depth discussion about the Weapon Balancing and other modifications we've asked Qwentle to comment:


Written by Qwentle
(Lead Designer APB Reloaded)

1-10-1 Weapon Balance

Afternoon guys,

I promised an update prior to the Christmas release but getting those elves into their costumes and ready to go outside took a little longer than anticipated, so I’ll just talk about what we’re working on now.

As promised, we’ll be making a number of balance changes to APB: Reloaded in our next patch, mainly concerning Damage over Range and Crouch heights.

Damage Falloff

Currently we have an ‘Effective Range’ distance, which determines at what distance weapons do their maximum damage. From this point, the damage they do falls linearly down to 35% at the weapons maximum range, which for almost every weapon is 100m. This means we have a damage graph like so.

For 1.11.0, we’ll be adding a further stat, ‘MinimumDamageRange’, while also adding the ability to adjust the minimum damage on a per-weapon value. This allows us a lot more flexibility when determining damage over range, especially for weapons we want to be fairly accurate, but quite low range (i.e. the Joker Carbine and the Nano). It will also allow us to add a more effective niche for sniper rifles, making them the only weapons effective over 85m (I’m also currently playing around with having a 150% effective range on the DMR, making it a 2 shot at extreme ranges and a 3 shot at closer, but I’ve not committed to this yet).

This gives us damage graphs more like the following:

This means weapons fall better into their range niches, with snipers dominating extreme range conflicts, and longer range weapons beating out hybrid weapons such as the Carbine at mid-ranges.

We’ll also be making a number of individual balance tweaks on the weapons, but as these are still being play tested, we’ll wait until they are finalised before revealing the changes.

Crouch Heights

The other thing we're looking to address with this patch is the crouch heights of players. Currently the hit-box for players when crouched is significantly taller than their player, even for large characters. As such you can often shoot at players that are very deep behind cover by aiming above their heads and checking the reticule colour. This is because when players move while in a crouch state their models rise significantly (as they’re standing on the balls of their feet).

To solve this we’ll be adding a third hit-box which will take effect when the player is crouched but not moving, that will be significantly smaller than the current crouched hit-box. This allows the player to fully hide behind most pieces of low cover around San Paro, and they’ll be safe from incoming fire that would previously hit them, but only as long as they don’t move. 


As mentioned earlier, we also have a few different Community events going on this month.  Seeing as we'd like to continue fostering more Clan-based activity, we decided to launch "Round 2" of our Hit Squad Clan Event.

From our first Hit Squad Clan Event, we received a lot of good feedback from the community.  It seems a lot of players were given an opportunity to group up and meet with new people.  There were a lot of new Clans which formed and some older Clans recruiting new players too.

Round 2 offers some of the same rewards from the first event. That includes free Joker Boxes for participants who simply complete the required number of Missions, and for the top Clans per server a "Clan Shout Out" (in-game broadcasts for their World). 

This time though instead of using Backpacks as our random drawing prize, we thought it would be interesting to change it up with Joker Tickets. It's kind of an indirect introduction of Joker Tickets becoming a reward for Action District Missions. Currently, they are only obtainable through Fight Club Missions, but as we mentioned before, we have plans to have them for Action District Missions too.

San Paro Royalty Event rewards players for finding players in game who have won the elusive Crown from Joker Distribution.  If you saw these "Kings" and "Queens" on the streets of San Paro and took a screen of them you would be rewarded.  And if you get the San Paro Royalty to emote you could earn more rewards.
A simple sighting event that everyone could participate in was what we had in mind, which also gave some recognition to those who worked hard to earn Crowns.

While those events are coming to a close soon, we are already brewing up some events and contests for next month.  Stay tuned for our next post where we'll be sharing more details on how we'll be celebrating Valentines Day in San Paro this year!


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  2. These changes seems non-sense to me... For example the "croaching tweak"... AFAIK it used to be pretection against un-fair advantage of making smaller characters (taller character = taller hitbox) >>> with this, dwarfs will have big advantage...

    Also nerfing the HVR on middle range and in close combat even more is not necessary! Its hard enough to play with HVR against all the middle range or even those hybrid guns as most of the missions have indoor/close-combat stages. Its not possible to switch everytime...

    Why are you all the time changing what works. Why dont you focus on THAT LAGS and other problems???

    In almost every patch that is rolled out, there is something what is ruining the game for the OLD and LOYAL players, who are playing APB from its beggining.

    It is really like telling us "Go f*ck yourself, we dont need you. We do not care about loyal players." For me and I guess even for those others who plays APB from its beta stage this is absolute betrayal...

    Please at least find a little bit of courage and RESPOND us here. I hope you will not just ignore us again.


    1. Holy shit. You're a blithering dumbass and you have no idea what you're talking about. I can only assume you barely skimmed the article, or have very poor English reading comprehension. Please try again.

    2. They are not nerfing the HVR in anyway. Currently most weapons do their minimum damage at 100 meters, so there fall damage could begin at say 50 meters for the N-tec but doesn't hit the minimum damage till 100 meters.

      Well think about the graphs posted. This means that they were still not doing their minimum damage 90+ meters. Now they have made it so that minimum value doesn't go up to 100 meters. The HVR didn't begin its fall damage till 90 meters. This just means you probably won't have Obeyas outshooting HVRs are 85+ meters anymore (thank you for this).

      I love it because I have been complaining about how snipers don't rule the long range like they should.

    3. Hitbox is the same size for every character. What she meant that tall characters are the one who have it correctly - therefore even if they hide they still have slightly taller hitbox. If your character is midget he will have hitbox way bigger than his size but it would be same as tall characters and you can be hit behind cover and they done logical thing - moving makes you stand up a little and not moving you probably will be fully covered - something I thought was already in effect since day one and only now I realized it was not

  3. Qwentle first of all I could kiss you. You have been doing what I have been asking for, making sniper rifles finally rulers of the long range (that's our territory).

    As for the DMR, I have a slight concern with that. Now let's assume the Nano has some range nerf, good. But what's bugging me is that players will carry DMRs and a secondary that can cover a large portion of that 3 shot range and then when it comes to long range, pick up the DMR and blast away anyone including HVRs. Personally I love the DMR, and have been waiting for its buff since Closed Beta days. But please be careful. The theory you suggest could have DMRs picking off people in 0.80 secs, while HVRs take 1.75 secs (remember 3 shots they take 1.60 secs).

    I like the idea, but I am a little worried here. Just that 0.80 secs at long range has me cringing. I mean I have had my sharing of using it, and just remember to how fast it can bolt and fire that second shot. Even some of the other guns that give an HVR a run for its money at long range I think take over 1.00 sec to kill (because usually I'll either just about ready to fire that second round or will when I die). Either way thank for addressing this gun.

    Also, I will have to say that hit box for crouching currently isn't to bad. Let's say I have learned about it sticking over to my advantage well, and there are many time it doesn't stick up high enough, but as long as it doesn't go wrong, I guess I can't see any problem to it (even if that means losing a trick of mine).

  4. Thank you for your detailed and candid feedback on the weapon balancing, Ange1ofD4rkness!

    I'm going to step out of the way and let you give Qwentle that kiss instead as he should largely be credited for these changes.
    I'll also make sure to point him towards your feedback you've shared =)

    1. Thank You!

      One other thing, Qwentle for you again. It just dawn on me, most players who carry HVRs really don't know how to CQC with them very well. I personally have but I have carried it for 100s of hours (no I am not bragging there LOL).

      The HVR though is almost always desired over the DMR because of two reasons, the 3 shots, and the fall damage, despite the fact the DMR has a faster TTK, and that the DMR also has a much smaller bloom (no real need for hunting sight). This means this could actually make the HVR obsolete with this update. The only reason I question if I'll switch is because I know how to CQC with the HVR, and the DMR would be a pain to CQC with, but for players who don't really know how to CQC with HVR I feel will constantly start carrying the DMR because it will win the range battles.

      If I come up with anything else I throw it up here, I kind of just got sidetracked from my work, so my brain is in two places.

      Also I am more then willing to offer more insight into the sniper rifles if you would like (I know when I switch to another gun other then a sniper in APB, I always want to switch back).

      And once again Thank You to G1/RP for this

      ~ Ange1ofD4rkness

    2. It's actually pretty fine. It only means that the DMR is leading on maximum range. But the damage one single HVR shot does is still very very high and thus it makes it a very good weapon for assisting.

      So you can say:
      HVR: consistent on every range and a very good team-oriented weapon
      DMR: still "O.K." On Mid range, but will be a awesome to snipe the enemy from faaaaar away (even without any help)

      We all know the situation: You cant finish the enemy sniper on 90+m alone with HVR bcause he will start hiding right after you shot the first time. With the DMR it will be hard for him to do so because of the much lower time-to-kill on that range.

    3. Well I put a post below where I kind of analyzed over the damage and how it would play out (you can read that if you'd like it's under Robbie Robinson's main post).

      You do make some valid points, and to be honest I have a feeling this might just require some trial and error to balance. But I will say this, at long range, when snipers are fighting, they don't always get away if cover is not near due to limited run with a heavy weapon or a weapon switch. Of course you can escape, but with that DMR it's going to be a lot harder (LOL).

      Another thought dawned on me and that is the DMR could become a stealth weapon. It has no tracer, and little sound, you sit at 85+ meters and nail someone (radar only goes to 80 meters), by the time they react, there's a second round in them and they are dead ... ohh that sounds actually really awesome.

      It will also be interesting to see how Scouts are going to hold up in longer battles.

      Oh!!! Qwentle, how is the Improved Rifling mod going to play into all this? I assume it will extend the effective range (like it usually does), but what about the minimum range? I'd hope it shifts both, otherwise you'll just have a steeper curve (IR is suppose to extend the range period).

      I ask because I carry this on many of my weapons (including a DMR when I have rolled with one).

      Speaking of the DMR, I also got to wonder how Improved Rifling is going to play into the DMR if you choose to alter it like suggested. Because unlike other weapons that are all downhill after a certain point, the DMR is kind of like a sin curve with the apex at the long range (if it does go back down). It's almost an opposite of other weapons (if I am understanding this right).

      There's a side of me thinking you've already account for this, but then another side thinking it might have been overlooked. Improved Rifling is not a common mod a lot of people carry (and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if this slipped someone's mind).

      Either way, looking forward to this mod (I might actually start playing more ... seriously, if I know Obeyas aren't going to be as much of a pain)

      ~ Ange1ofD4rkness

  5. What about the anti hack system? are u guys ever plannin to update that thing? maybe ? like in the next 10 years? pls?

  6. I rly like the weapon changes. I also read the leaked post and it sounds really really cool. I'm sure it will improve the gameplay a lot.

    Buuuuuuut: This crouch-hitbox-change is a god damn bad idea. Thanks to that stupid lower-ttk compared to rtw it's already hard enough to attack. This change will only be another advantage for defenders. Yeah you may now think: It's only as long as you stand STILL and are not moving, but that's already enough. I have many situations in my mind in which this change would have a really bad effect.

    BTW: I really fucking love the DMR change. I definitely gonna try it right after the release. And if it's rly that awesome I surely will buy that weapon <3
    But I hope you gonna think a second time about that hitbox-thing.

  7. Sounds cool. My concern would be that players fade out at 95-100+ why would you make a gun effective at 150m when you can't see them? That's my to make that draw distance longer.

    1. 150% damage, not 150m.
      DMR starts to do 150% at ~90 or 95m (i cant recall the exact number)
      you cant see and shoot above 100m anyway.

    2. not 150% damage nor 150 meters.
      it's 150% effective range what is talked about, tottaly diferent story, but still, yes, it would 2-shot kill in 90+ meters

    3. Well it could be look at damage. seeing as at 100% effective range the DMR currently requires 3 shots (at 400 damage a shot).

      So theoretically it's at 600 damage a shot (more then the Scout's 550 and less then the HVR's 850).

      You know if it is 600 at long range (let's assume 85 meters since that the number that was thrown out, however snipers have their falloff start at 90 meters), that actually might make the gun pretty well balanced.

      For instance think about from the stand point of it's like a Scout vs someone with Clotting Agent 3. You don't nail those two shots back to back they'll heal. Of course the Scouts have a 1.75 sec fire rate compared to the DMR's 0.80 secs.

      Also with the DMR I wonder if we'll see Kevlar more active? If I am doing my math right, then Kevlar II would save somebody if they were able to regenerate just once piece of health (after 2 shots), of course this assumes it's 600 damage, and stays at that all the way to 100 meters (which at 100 meters you can't see the enemy and don't get a red crosshair but can hit them).

      LOL look at me rambling, sorry about that.

  8. Think most would assume this kind of modifier was in the game already. So seems all good. Only thing I would watch out for is completely cutting off rifles and semis to the 70-80m range, care should be taken. N-tec is popular for a reason, but it is also quite well balanced. The window for going into cover when under fire frome one is already reasonable, and if it was minutely tuned to take a extra bullet or two compared to the current balance, it might* do. But I'd say imposing drop off ranges across the board may not be necessary and make the game less enjoyable and deep overall, the sudden jumps from close to long range adds depth to gameplay, but at the same time enforces issues like spawn trapping. Hopefully everything is done with a light hand leaving place for further fine tuning over time, as this variable is initially implemented.

    1. That spawn-problem is something entirely different. You can't and should handle the spawn-problems with weapon-balancing. They need to fix the spawn-system itself. ;)

      It's a good idea bcause choosing the right weapon for the right situation becomes more important which means that balancing is working. If you can use one weapon in (almost) every situation, then it becomes OP (Nano).
      NFAS is a good example that those changes are gonna work:
      It's beast on in-your-face ranges, but is so fucking useless on even short range. And no one is complaining that this gun is OP. (It's only annoying)

    2. I agree and that was my point - just meaning I recognize it, it can be a big issue in APB and it is not easily solved.
      Killing long range capability may help while breaking other things in the process. I am just saying I could see them wanting to "nerf" long range reach a little. And it might work out well if minutely fine tuned but there is a reason the majority of people see no issue with the N-tec; because they are using it themselves and at the same time recognize its weaker points when they are on the giving as well as receiving end, and the same but to a lesser degree applies to the Obeya. It is a holy cow for many and it may be overly affected by this patch.
      I dont see how like Ange1ofD4rkness argues these changes would bump forward HVRs in the balance as their use is unchanged - it is rare that you stay in the max range for any longer duration and the window for two shooting people will be the same, or would the changes, beyond the carbine and nano which the blog post hints at being the main reasons for the need for more complexity - be so massive that a HVR can just stand out in the open and fire two shots against a Obeya/N-tec and last but not least, Obir, firing back and come out of it alive, in the 60-70m range?

    3. The reason I am happy for this. I have had an issue with the Obeya for over a year where it was just as effective as an HVR at long range.

      I remember the first time it happened, I was sniping a player (z0h, even remember the exact spot) at around 90 meters. He dropped me with the Obeya before I could pull the 2nd shot off. Have you ever wondered why a lot of higher level players don't carry HVRs? Because an Obeya can do just as well, but allow them to run and lean out a window (and fight CQC).

      I assume this is what you were getting at

  9. San Paro Royalty Event was such a joke, colby does not even have anyone who picked up the crown yet.

    can we get some graphs for the joker, pmg, nano, obir ,obeya, etc? Of course this could not be the final stats but I would love to see a preview

    1. this one so much! If you guys indeed wanna keep players on the loop, plz give as some graphs for the weapons.

  10. angel DMR starts to ramp up at 70m and does max damage at like 90m.. this distances in the real world will cripple the feature

  11. Absolutely loved the news, i hope that adding the minimum range damage will bring more tactics and variance of the weaponry used by a 4-man team. Maybe it can bring more visiblility to the Assault Rifles since right now i feel like most teams try to go either short or long ranges, and i see very few good players using star or n-tec.

    1. There are quite many people using the ntec. Even good players. It's only that they normally prefer other weapons.
      In example:
      I would prefer to play with obeya than ntec atm bcause obeya is more beast. Same goes for a friend. But still then he is playing with CR5 from time to time.

      btw: I dun like N-Tec at all. But i rly love playing with my Star. LOVEGUN POWER!!111 (But the star rly could get a small buff)

    2. Just like you and your friend, i like N-tec and i use one sometimes, but i prefer going shotgun or obir cuz both are more "beast". I know good players also prefer other weapons and that was my point .... maybe ..... just maybe, n-tecs will be used more often.

      btw: Star is OP. Its a great weapon, easy to use.
      N-tec gives me a better challenge.

  12. can we also see graphs with riffling3 and how will it work on the dmr ramp up?

    will other weapons that are worthless get rampup? atac/osca/a cqc weapon?

  13. ps: will riffling mod the MinimumDamageRange now?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LOL I saw this right after I wrote asking about it.

      I am also curious how IR3 will play into effect period because right now it would only shift the effective range (the last part of the apex of the graph).

      Great minds think alike?

  14. As for the hitbox size while crouching, it seems it will take away from skill from the game. Personally I prefer it the way it is now

    also it does not matter what is the size of your character model, everyone will get the same hitbox size

  15. the change to cover will affect snipers the most, then the obir and obeya and ntec to lesser extent

    1. Indeed it will, I loved being able to pick people off at long range who thought they were hidden, but the thing is, if they move, that hitbox will pop back up.

  16. Yeah you trick the sniper into shooting using crouch spam, dodge the bullet then move or bolt

    its way easier to dodge sniper fire when you have 100% cover and control of it

    1. Shush don't give them the trick ... let them figure it out (many won't get it)

  17. think it's very wrong to change weapon states that people have bought and paid for.
    when people have paid for a product they expect is as it is. so does in the end worse or better.
    This may put arouses strong feelings of anyone.

    maybe i should consider giving people their g1 back and so people can test weapons again. lock them up again so we can try. and select a new weapon. because it sounds to many of the weapons will change their shot power.

    EU law says that you must have what you pay for otherwise you can get money back. that is, if in making a weapon worse, living weapon is no longer up to the expectations you havede when you bought it.

    This new system should only værike for new weapons and kntakt weapons, not weapons you have bought for real money. as many have give large amounts of weapons which might be impaired.

    1. As far as I know, this law isn't applying for In-Game-Things. And even then: you still get what you wanted to. It's just tweaked. Nobody complains when the weapon get buffed, but the moment it get nerfed it should get refunded?
      Buy giving G1 your money you agreed that they have the right to do whatever changes to the item they want. Heck they even could close the entire game just right after you have bought it and no single law can protect you from this.

      Anyway, it's actually no real proplem. It's not that the actual purpose of any of the weapons is being changed or removed. All the weaponchanges are to restrict/improve the weapon in the niche it was SUPPOSED to be in the first place.

  18. ps: maybe the high mag scope will get used on the dmr since kimiko hates it on the hvr

    1. LOL She actually tried using it? I saw that thing and went "not happening".

      Actually something interesting, last night I got out a DMR, and what I found interesting was DMRs work better when they get the first shot off. If the HVR did (Scout or Regular) against me I would have to hide because trying to get the other 2 shots off was suicide.

      (of course was having issues with shots registering)

  19. yeah mag scope works great with the obir, been looking for a duck to try it on

    i might buy an armas dmr for it

    1. Personally I love the high mag scope in the DMR. I just wish I could substitute one for the HS3 in the DMR-AV.

    2. Ehh, I worry about the tunnel effect I see it causes from the screen shot (plus I like having the cross hairs visible when not in marksmen.

      But OBIR huh? I was thinking Snipers, I might actually try that.

      And yeah I got a DMR finally, been wanting one for a year now

  20. OLD
    This is because when players move while in a crouch state their models rise significantly (as they’re standing on the balls of their feet).

    they’ll be safe from incoming fire that would previously hit them, but only as long as they don’t move.

    I think or is it the same thing?
    Joker n Oca is just OP. U can just nerf them. With the new balance will be very difficult to play with assault rifles. There will be an era of Oca, and morons with a macro for Joker. IMAO

  21. The whole DMR buff seems very counter intuitive. There is no logical sense(Mind you, yes I know it's a game.) in making a weapon 2 shot at longer ranges and 3 shot at shorter ranges. Meaning that it wouldn't follow any of the current criteria of gun usage in the game. Perhaps put it more on par with the HVR Scouts it would be more useful, but at the same instance no one would want to buy the Scouts on the Armas marketplace if you can get the same effect from a gun you can buy with in-game cash. Or you could always drop the TTK of the DMR between 1.3 - 1.5 seconds.

    1. Scout = Same fire rate as HVR but lesser damage, running, leaning out windows, quick scope with the bloom settings.

      HVR = More damage, but no ability run, also in marksmen the bloom takes longer to go away then the scout

      DMR = 3 shot at closer ranges, longer result in up to 4 or 5 shots, and sometimes stun instead of kill. Has a faster TTK then any other sniper but landing those 3+ shots can be hard.

      The DMR currently is underpowered, especially in a sniper fight because if the DMR doesn't land that first hit right away, it's already in trouble. Remember an HVR is almost always 2 shots, but a DMR is at least 3.

      It will be an interesting change to see, I worry a little, but at the same time it almost might follow a role of "carry an HVR for these scenarios, but a DMR for these" instead of currently where it's "Carry an HVR for all scenarios"

  22. bigger hit boxes and smaller bloom angel

    high mag scope owns face

    1. Yeah but it also gives you tunnel vision, and removes the crosshairs. Remember I don't use the universal crosshairs cause I use the bloom a lot (plus when fighting CQC this would get in the way)

  23. Finally got around using the High Mag Scope on an DMR, there seems to be a 1sec delay after you go into MM for the bloom to start to close, lol im so not used to real sniper

    Would love for High Mag Scope to change this delay on sniper, delay itself seems to be from running and going into MM mode

    Sad part is that if you have the secondary out, then switch to MM then switch to the dmr you can get around said delay

  24. To APB Dev Team:
    WHERE IS ASYLUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys released a BRAND NEW map for APB, the 1st new map ever, and that was in October.......... its January 31st and not a word about it, did u forget or something? i dont care about stupid Valentines day, Christmas events or Clan stuff in old maps. I WANT A NEW MAP, THE NEW MAP U SHOW'D US!

    :):) hope u guys see this and give me a response. me my buddy have been wondering about Asylum since u took it away from us


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