Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming next: APB version 10, "New Breed Part 3"

Written By Qwentle, Lead Designer

Now that Halloween is out of the way, it’s time to talk about APB Reloaded v 10 (aka 1.10.0), which will appear in the next few weeks. This is New Breed Part 3, and introduces two new T5 contacts, "Birth" and "Templeton," which will be available to anyone that has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organisations.

Birth and Templeton bring with them a large number of goodies that players can unlock through pledging and completing missions with them. Along with a  selection of vehicles, presets and Capacity increases, they also bring a number of new modifications and weapons to the table. Let’s take a look:

With Birth and Templeton, we’re mainly focusing on character modifications. With a number of very useful modifications in all categories, we hope to see a much larger amount of diversity on the streets of San Paro.

Field Supplier – Wide Radius: This field supplier can supply teammates from a longer range at the cost of a slightly shorter deployed time. In addition all ammo suppliers will now automatically resupply any valid targets in range that are not actively firing.

Spotter: An activatable character modification, this works similar to tagger but without requiring you to hit an enemy. Simply activate and paint enemy targets to show them to all teammates, even through walls.

Car Surfer: A utility character mod, this allows you to ride on the roofs of moving vehicles. Great for hitching a ride when there’s not enough seats, or when using a heavy weapon, it does however leave you heavily exposed and without the safety of the car interior to hide when you are hit.

Flak Jacket: A Health modification, this heavily reduces damage taken from explosions. This comes at the cost of your ability to dish out explosive damage however, reducing the number of grenades you have available by 1.

Fragile: A Health modification, this slightly reduces health (14%, just enough that you won’t be 1-shotted by an HVR), but increases your sprint and run speed by the same amount. Perfect for fast assaults and task item carrying.

High-Magnification Scope: An upper-rail modification for weapons, this is functionally similar to a Hunting Sight. It also sets your weapons zoom to a very high value (4.66x normal magnification) and replaces your reticule with a Sniper crosshair at the cost of removing your non-marksmanship crosshair completely.

New Weapons

Half-Brick / Eight-Ball: These are new Grenades that physically hit the target for high damage, depending on how long they have been in the air. At extreme ranges, these can kill instantly, though require high skill to land hits on an aware target. The Eight-Ball flies faster, but the Half-Brick kills earlier in its flight-time. Due to the lack of noise, these can be devastating as stealth weapons, for targeting stationary campers from long range, or just for a bit of fun.

OSCAR : Obeya Corps. Armory have made several modifications to their successful OBIR range in order to provide a weapon for the close-quarters urban market. With the brake removed, iron sights, a 2 round burst and a CQC stock, the Obeya Systems Carbine is much more accurate on the move, giving a burst fire alternative to the Joker Carbine.

We’re also making a number of substantial bug fixes and changes to the game. The most noticeable one is the OSMAW. We wanted to keep our Rocket Launcher feel very powerful, but be primarily useful in an anti-vehicular role, and be very counterable while on foot.  In this regard we’ve implemented a Wind-Up system for it. When firing you now need to hold the button for 1.75 seconds while the rocket is primed then fired. This stops players firing it directly after exiting a vehicle, or directly at your feet from point blank. Due to the balancing brought about by this change, we’ve been able to buff the launcher in several other areas to keep its power. It now carries three spare rockets (so can be affected by Bandolier), has a larger kill-radius, and has a faster travel time. While this may seem like a lot of improvements to an already very formidable weapon, the wind-up timer ensures that it performs most actions either the same or slower than before.

Here's a bit of maths on the subject.

Firing after leaving a vehicle
1.75 seconds
Switching to an OSMAW and firing
2 seconds
0.7+1.75=2.45 seconds
Reloading and Firing
3.5 seconds
2.25+1.75=4 seconds

Overall it takes longer to perform actions with the OSMAW, hence the improvements to projectile speed, ammo capacity and kill radius. This should make it a more effective primary weapon, and feel snappier to use, but in reality be quite easy to counter by an aware team.
Other improvements include weapon damage visually affecting vehicles, a new alternative weapon skin for players that have progressed past tier 1, changing the default pistol to the FBW, and a lot more. We’ll have full patch notes for you soon.

Next time we'll be talking about the next patch, 1.10.1, which includes a number of fundamental balance changes among other additions, and our upcoming plans for Christmas Fun.


  1. Looking forward to this.. Should be interesting to see player acceptance for all these updates. They all sound very enticing on paper and in teaser videos it all depends how they're used on a populated scale ;) Keep it up guys, might up my play time once again!

    1. So, an OSMAW shot on head willn't kill someone with Kevlar Implants, but a brick will do?

  2. Thanks DJ E-mac for the support. We think the update will improve the gameplay, even though some of the items may be a bit controversial (after all - yes - Dump Truck Surfing in your flak-jacket while hurling bricks at people will be possible...)

    1. A: that would be totally awesome.
      B: i wish they would fix the hacking.
      C: the curb for noobs is still retardedly hard.
      D: something im willing to play around except the hacking, that does get quite annoying.

  3. So do we get a surf emote so we can be teen wolf? :P
    Really looking forward to 1.10!!!!!!

  4. 1.10 will be very interesting in terms of the different styles of gameplay that will now be around with this new content. I have really enjoyed testing it and can't wait to see how things play out on Live.


  5. I like it, but please, remove the car rooftop, it's just stupid, and it will be overpowered. And fix the matchmaking for low lvl's vs 215. This shouldn't be a Pay to win game, this game is awesome but it is highly unbalanced. Please, do this thing not because of me but because of the APB communitie.
    We can be a gold lvl 30's but it doesn't mean we are as skilled as a 215lvl player. Please read and think about it for a minute.

  6. No offense guys, I have played this game for about a year now ( Rank 196 gold / devildog ) and I could care less about this stuff !!! Im a supporter ( over $100 usd spent on APBr ) and this does not impress me . If I ran GF my FIRST priority would be to fix and upgrade my servers, upgrade my anit-cheat system ( too many HACKERS in APBr ), install system checkers to stop people with weak computers from playing, HIGH latency scripts to stop people from australia from playing on american servers / americans on european servers as this is where ALOT of the "lagg" comes from !!! The main issue with this game is SERIOUS server side lag !!! It stems from the unreal engine compensating for excessive client side latency and weak computers that cant kick out over 10 / 15 FPS trying to run this game . My computer = AMD quad@ 2.1 per core / 4G 800mhz RAM / Nvidia 275GTX 1G overclocked . I have a CONSTANT 60FPS on Vsync and I can watch my latency go from 35ms to almost 300ms intermittently while in the JokerNA east servers with NO LOSS of FPS !!! Sunday nights, when ALOT of foriegners are on the americans servers, the lag is almost unplayable !! I use internet meter light on dual view along with cupid HW monitor and I can watch my packet flow from your servers litteraly stop intermittently while in game . I have all the COD series games, L4D 1/ 2 , PayDay the hiest / Battelfield and NONE of these games give my computer a single issue !!! I have been building computers for about 15 years now and I assure my PC is not the problem . Even with my cores set to "affinity" , the .exe set to low / medium / high the lag persists . I have even modified my APB.compat for the lowest possible graphics settings and still, the game lags . You guys need to addres the engine, your servers and the hax before making trinkets and unlocks imho ... Not impressed !!! Tell me how you have installed ping limits, system checkers, PunkBuster updates, Engine optimizations, and watch my pocket book open back up !!! I have spent over $100 REAL AMERICAN DOLLARS on this game and I would spend another $100 if the game were fixed !!!

    1. I also agree, the gap between the "noobs" and the higher ranked like myself is getting wide !!!The newer players are gonna start dropping like flies as they can barely keep up now with the ranked up guys !!! Forget about the "threat system" and dont even think for 1 minute that golds stay in gold instances etc ... I am a 196 gold and I NEVER play in gold instances as the hax there are rediculous !!! I stay in bronze or silver period . I seriously dont want to hear about "there are no hacks" in this game or some other BS either cause anyone who says that nonsense is full of it !! I have screen shots, vids etc of hackers ADMITTING they hack and what client they use !!!! Fix the anti-cheat, fix the server lag, fix the game and stop making it almost impossible for new players to compete with ranked players, the curve is getting waaaay to steep for the noobs !!

    2. i must say i dont really agree on the international lag issue you say there is cuz iv never had a problem with that yeah there is a spike lag once in a while but that is it iv played the game since wery first beta og the original APB every server gets some lags at some point but the lag is not that big of a deal wen its just random spikes here and there but regarding cheaters yes that is a big problem in this game but at least 50% of the players acused of cheating are just good players and every online pvp game has cheaters would be awesome if they added computer ID ban = they have to buy a new computer to start playing again.

    3. hello
      I agrre that you have to do somethng with hackers thats the reason i stoped playing this game. Also i rly enjoyed playing asylum, when u turned off asylum servers i stoped playing for good.I have spent 300 us dollars for this game. Greetings all.

  7. wow this update looks amazing :D! The only thing im confused about from hearing from other players that birth or templeton will be available if you're 195+ is it right to assume thats what you guys meant from "two new T5 contacts, "Birth" and "Templeton," which will be available to anyone that has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organisations." sorry for the dumb question xD! im just curious

    1. you probably need to be R215 to lvl them up...

    2. No it will probably be available at 195 hence they say "which will be available to anyone that has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organisations." That is pretty obvious to me.

  8. The is fucken nice man hop you fix lagg to

  9. All I see is Desert Scarves and Goggles.

  10. I love the spotter. It's a true recon mod (and helpful to counter any hackers) The new high power sight is great too, perfect for long ranged weapons.

    It would also be nice if the N-HVR 762 would be given a long equip time even with 3 point sling since some players would prefer hitting an enemy with a strong secondary then quick switching to a sniper with the mod equipped.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Does flack jacket affect brick/8-ball. and how many of bricks/8-balls we can carry?

  12. i like the update. some of the mods will open up new tactical playground.

    however, as nice as it is, such updates are like new varnishing for a car that still needs repairs.
    i can't imagine, why you guys need sooo long to patch this thing out. everywhere i read that ppl buy stuff from armas for hundreds of dollars and somehow it still feels like a ten man team is working on this game. after 3 years i'm kinda sad, because apb is a great game but it doesn't get the attention it deserves :(

    anyway i guess thx, for making an update that is not entirely for armas.

    1. Exactly my point, why paint and put rims on a car when the engine is knocking !?!?!? Fix the game GF !!

  13. Great mods! finaly some useful things that we can use and counter the hackers - tnx alot guys!!!

  14. In addition to gameplay changes I would love some updates to things like the auctions, being able to filter items better, or match the filtering to what the customizer does.

  15. I use to play the game alot back in september of 2011 but then I started to lose and lose alot. Golds were everywhere and getting gashed all the time wasn't fun. Now I very seldom play and the last time I tried to come back it was even worse. I don't know how to fix the balance between players but this game aparently isn't for me because I feel like I don't have a chance.

  16. So G1 is doing something with this game ? Thats something new...
    Just more content like this and better "anti-Hack" system and i can pay for this game again. Maybe..

  17. the balance in the game is actually fine just dont play solo and random-groups. you need a TEAM as a new player to beat random golds. sure you lose games against players who put some serious hours into the game.

    best thing you can do as a newer player, look for a clan with active member and use a ntec oder star (mid-range) at least until R100 befor you switch to snipers or cqc-weaps.

    there are still alot of hackers, but moste of the high-ranked hackers have hopefully lost their accout and startet anew (without hacks). most hackers i see today are noobs, completely unaware of their surroundings or range. so if you think someone is winning because of gold weapons, mods or such, your wrong.

  18. lol wallhack :P icould understand if you coudl spot them and see thm on the radar but like that no thx.
    and i still dont see enything about leaderboards whitch make the game pretty boring after 2500/h ...
    so cya when you get the leaderboards back

  19. one more thing you gus at G1 was talking about the game being to grey and now you have added a grey filter and fog how is that makeing the game more colorfull ? just asking ;)

  20. I'm R299 stay at threat silver so im glad to see some new stuff to help me adjust my playstle to who im fighting so i dont die from cheap hax. the new mods will make gameplay fairly fresh and im glad to see that we havent lost the good ol apb feal and fell into another battle field game ripoff, i lke that there are new possiblilites for us to explore like haveing a shaw or osmaw on the roof of my newlander while some one in the car spotter so if i loose sight of them i can find them whie i chase a coward runing away with the item i earned early into the misson and heled for most of the match.

    that said i would like to see some attentoin to the lag while its not a massive problem it can wreck a perfect shot or make me completely destroy my car when i do eventualy lag out. far from that add a fog adjuster its cool we have it but i can be overpowering. ballance can only be fixed so far so i cant say its a game breaker but untill it is finaly fixed i dont plan on starting a crim.

  21. I am very excited for most of these updates, some I feel will make gameplay a bit unfair for others like the FlakJacket but the new sound effects like osmaw and brick sound pretty fair and I would love to use a scope like that one.

  22. Reading this, I see a LOT of "hacks" and "lag" complaints... Given that a VERY small portion of readers are going to comment, seeing that many saying these things means a large percentage of actual player-base experiences these issues. Kinda makes me wonder if giving it a try is worth it... Granted, I'm not the average person, so I will TRY it again (played Beta and was not impressed, but developments since then have sounded and looked (YouTube) good enough to warrant renewed intrest. However, if the devs STILL haven't crushed most hackers and still haven't improved lag, there's no way I'll spend cash... Adding killer content is GREAT (and necessary) but utterly pointless if the basics aren't covered... Here's hoping it'll hold up to a test-gaming-night tonight....

  23. i wish this game A/ had more guns B/ had permeate guns and C/better car handling

  24. What about the servers, because there has been alot of server issues and I hear its not just me. Such as high amounts of lag...So will the servers be better In this Update? Sorry if this is off yopic but I thought this would be a good place to ask.

  25. can you make you make some content for the lower level players for once?? maybe some new guns at least? Sick of higher levels getting everything as I don't play this on a regular basis and therefore don't have the time to level up!! It would be appreciated a lot!

  26. Maybe one day the GamersFirst start to worry about leveling the playing levels of each player instead of creating missions between high levels of players against low level players. Is that LOATHE play against Golds level 215 when I myself am level 23 ...

  27. How about change view to like some people like first person view and some like 3rd person view

  28. Ok here is my two cents.... Trash all these new features you are considering...

    Top priority - Fix the lag issues and game freezing and crashes, I enjoy the game very much, I have a high end computer with an $800 video card and high speed internet and the game is more often than not almost unplayable... all the NEW features "car surfing" wont make that enjoyable... Really who gives a crap about car surfing. My son has a $100 video car and his game plays great most of the time???

    Second... working on stopping cheaters and hackers ect... Next to the lag issues NOTHING ruins the fun more.

    Third - There is nothing wrong with the player matching system... In real life, Im a cop, I encounter bad guys all time, with varying skill... I am not matched with equal criminals that meet my skill level. Some people are as skilled as me, some less, some much more.. thats reality... I deal with them as I go... varying difficulty in the game makes it more real.

    Things to add - Work on the vehicles..make them handle better...

    when you shoot car windows they should break... Work on traffic jams, cars just sitting around not moving.. Street lights that don't work. Bigger variety of non player character vehicles, street signs, make cities feel more real not the same everywhere you go.

    Give police cars air horns instead of or in addition to regular horns... the ability to turn off sirens when lights are activated,

    What is the purpose of the police lights.. other than looking cool they seem to serve no real purpose... how about NPC.. the public move out of your way or pull over when acitvated???

    For GODS sake fix the witness button.. I see a criminal commit a crime I attempt to activate the witness button and over 95% of the time it don't work.

    fix the re key feature, ever time I change the default keys and I leave or change district i have to re key them... this gets old fast.

    Fix the dump truck strength.. they are way to powerful.. I can ram one with a police car at full speed and its like hitting a steel wall... doesnt move it a single inch... so unrealistic.

    Get rid of the grenades and rocket launchers.. seriously how many people on the street have them... Ive been a cop for over 8 years in a very high crime city, i have never seen any one with either of those... not a single grenade.. not to mention they disrupt the balance of the game incredibly.... nothing worse than a player who uses a rocket launcher as his primary weapon and merely has to shoot in your general direction to kill and destroy your vehicle.

    At the very least limit the amount of grenades or rockets they can have.. how about one grenade or one rocket launcher max!!

    O yeah.. Fix the map feature.. when bountys show up its hard to find them, hard to drive with the map on to locate them without plowing everything in sight. its like trying to drive while reading a paper map, fix this somehow.

    Fix the vehicle lighting.. cop car lights should illuminate the surrounding area, they look completely lifeless, Nights should look a little darker and headlights should play a bigger role,

    This game has so much potential. Fix these issues before adding a bunch of usless stupid new features... I could care less about surfing on the hood of a car.


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