Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crazy Vegas Weekend!

It all began with a fun little event called the 1.8.0 Challenge.  At the end of it 10 lucky winners per world server were awarded the never before released Vegas G24 (4-Slot customizable vehicle) and the Vegas Hot Rod Kit.

Those 50 players were hailed the exclusive owners of the Vegas G24 and Hot Rod Kit with bragging rights included...until now!

Today we have launched three new products in the Armas Marketplace:

Vegas Uber Bundle
Spring Sale Price: 3119 G1C
w/Premium Price: 2495 G1C

Vegas Uber Bundle includes:
  • NEW! Patriot Vegas G24 (4 Slot Customizable)
  • NEW! Vegas Hot Rod Kit
  • Vegas G20 Mercury Kit
  • Vegas G20 Rugido Kit
  • Vegas G20 Wheel Kit

Vegas Kit MEGA Pack
Spring Sale Price: 1949 G1C
w/Premium Price: 1559 G1C

Vegas Kit MEGA Pack includes:
  • NEW! Vegas Hot Rod Kit
  • Vegas G20 Mercury Kit
  • Vegas G20 Rugido Kit
  • Vegas G20 Wheel Kit

Hot Rod Kit
Spring Sale Price: 969 G1C
w/Premium Price: 775 G1C

Vegas Hot Rod Kit includes:
  • Vegas Hot Rod Spoiler
  • Vegas Continental Spoiler
  • Vegas Hot Rod Rolling Cage
  • Vegas Hot Rod Skirts
  • Vegas Hot Rod Hood
  • Vegas Hot Rod Rear Bumper
  • Vegas Hot Rod Taillights
  • Vegas Hot Rod WingMirrors
  • Vegas Hot Rod Headlights
  • Vegas Hot Rod Front Bumper
Need a Refill on G1 Credits? CLICK HERE


In celebration of this NEW edition to the Vehicles family - check out the “Let It Ride” Vegas Customization Contest for your chance to show off your customization skills, win Power Joker Boxes, and have your talent displayed in full glory in the Armas Marketplace!

Contest Rules Prizes:
  • 10 Talented Winners will be selected for their customization skills!
  • All Winners will get 3 of each Joker Mystery Box (1, 2 and 3) - Total of 9 Boxes
  • If any of the winners incorporate at least 3 components of the new Hot Rod Kit in their design, they will have their Joker Mystery Boxes upgraded to the Joker Power Boxes instead of the regular Joker Mystery Boxes.
  • In addition to the upgrade in boxes, those winners will have some of their screenshots published in our Armas Marketplace.
  • Screenshots must be taken in the car customization window, UNALTERED - no use of Photoshop or graphics software permitted.
  • All submissions must include 4 total screenshots taken from different angles that best showcase their design work.
  • Please include your Character name and Server to your submission.
  • Submissions must be entered within the contest period 6/22/12 - 7/1/12 11:59 UTC
  • Winner will be selected, announced and awarded within a week after contest end date.
Post your submission for the contest HERE

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