Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Account Wide Permanent Weapons to launch June 28

On June 28 we plan on launching the long anticipated Account-Wide Permanent Weapons feature.

It has taken quite a bit of back-end re-engineering to support this feature, but from a player perspective it makes total sense, and this feature makes your account as a whole more valuable, and also brings more purpose and meaning to having additional character slots now that all your slots will be able to equip the same permanent gun you have purchased.

At the launch of this feature we will convert ALL CURRENT PERMANENT WEAPONS held in your account to the account-wide version of the same gun.

Therefore ANY permanent weapons you purchase between today and June 28 (at the current lower prices) will become account-wide on the day of conversion (at the ‘single permanent gun’ price).

AFTER the conversion, going forward players will have the option of buying ‘single character permanent weapons’ (at a lower price) and more expensive ‘account wide permanent weapons’ (the latter of course given to ALL your characters in an account).

Now, there are people that have purchased two of the same permanent gun for two different characters on their current account. For those players we will refund the G1 credits used for the second gun +20% bonus credits that were part of that second purchase.

In most cases though it appears people have purchased different permanent guns for their multiple characters, and for those players the change will just means that ALL their account-wide characters can now access all the guns.

We will send out more details before the change-over takes place, especially while we are performing our last minute sanity checks over the course of the next 8 days to make sure the change will not cause any other issues along the way.


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