Thursday, June 28, 2012

Account Wide Permanent Weapon Conversions in Progress, New Pricing Tiers

Around 12:00 midnight PST (about 08:00 GMT) the team started the conversion progress. We expect the full conversion process for people that held permanent weapons prior to June 28 to take up to 24 hours, so if you are expecting a converted gun, please be mindful that there is some delay, and it also means it may not show up in your account until June 29.

New Account-Wide Permanent Weapons (AW-PW) vs Character-Bound Permanent Weapons (CB-PW):
The new account-bound weapons are available for purchase right away from the Armas Marketplace (go check them out). Going forward the price difference between Character Bound Permanent Weapons and Account Wide Permanent Weapons is around 20% (give or take a tad based on exactly which weapon it is).

In other words; if you have an active premium membership, an Account Wide Perma Weapon will cost you the same as it would have cost a non-premium player to buy a Character Bound Perma Weapon

AW-PW Pricing Tiers:
The pricing is now in three simple tiers; 1799 / 2899 / 3999 credits based on the gun, with an additional  20% discount for active Premium players, PLUS any potential future additional discounts and time based sales that our Designers and Producers may engage in for certain events.

That's a pretty decent value for money, given that in theory you can have up to 100 characters on one account (!). Not sure you'd want that many, but IF you did, you would also have yourself 100 permanent guns if you made one AW-PW purchase...

This means the lowest priced Account Wide Permanent (non-sale or "MSRP") at 1799 G1 credits gets you for example an NTEC PR-1. On the high-end, the most expensive Account-Wide Perma Guns (for example the pair of OCA-626 guns) will run 3999 G1 credits.

Translating those prices to "Real World Currencies":
For those not familiar with G1 Credits, this means...

NTEC-PR1 AW-PW will cost $22.49 USD / 17.99 EUR / 14.50 GBP if you are a non-Premium player, and $17.49 / 13.99 EUR / 11.25 GBP as an active Premium player.

OCA-626 AW-PW models will cost $49.99 USD / 39.99 EUR / 32.75 GBP as a non-Premium player, and $39.99 / 31.99 EUR / 25.75 GBP as an active Premium player.

Hopefully the above explains the new (and terribly simplified) CB-PW and AW-PW pricing schemes that are in effect as of right now.

Remember to "Try Before You Buy":
We always encourage you to first take advantage of the free trial-periods to try out all the guns in the game before you spring for any purchases. This way you can decide for yourself if any of the Armas guns are to your liking, or if in fact you like one of the non-Armas guns instead.

And yes, our games are free2play, and you WILL be competitive without buying these guns, though the style of gun (each with its own specialization) will truly allow you to pick a completely different playing style.

As we have pointed out many times before (and as is supported by those who actually play APB, and not just read about it), these guns are not OP, they are simply specializations catering to specific play styles. And yes - if you want a gun that fits your exact play style (think of it as an Armani suit, tailored to your specifications), you will in some cases have to pay for it. And of course, when you do, you also join thousands of other gamers in showing your direct support for the Development Team, as it continues on the very long and ardouous quest to create a bigger, better and more optimized APB...

That kind of support is greatly appreciated by the whole team. For example, last week we were able to hire a fantastic new UI and UX artist to tackle the conversion to Scaleform, and all those things that will make navigating the UI better, more intuitive and more efficient. That kind of improvement was directly funded by the ongoing support from gamers like yourself!

Thanks all, and see you in San Paro!


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