Thursday, May 24, 2012

Version 1.8 released - 1 day FREE PREMIUM for everyone

Just because we are feeling generous (and because our downtime and maintenance took much longer than usual) we have pre-loaded ALL ACCOUNTS with free 1-day Premium Codes. These can be redeemed anytime in the next 7 days, and after that they will magically disappear from your account again.

To redeem your 1-day free Premium Code, just log in to the game, then launch the Armas Marketplace, and then click "Redeem Code" at the top of the page.

After navigating to the Redeem Code page, select the code at the bottom of the screen, then click "Redeem"

Enjoy a Premium Day (and enjoy the automatic 20% discount for all the new items)!


  1. A simple "no" would have been sufficient instead of deleting the question.

    1. Keep questions on topic and they won't get deleted.

  2. Have I ever told you guys how much I love you?

    Well I love you.

  3. I think these 1 day premium gifts is both awesome and really positive for the game.
    People get the chance to get plopp and more premium from ARMAS at a discounted price. I know that I always fall for the "discounted prices!" trick ;)

    While it's "a lot" of free premium, you should probably consider doing one of these for every big patch you put out.
    I personally don't care, as I still have over 1050 days premium left :)

  4. Whats to come for APB?
    Turf Wars over San Paro?


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