Thursday, May 24, 2012

APB ban hammer time - "Inside Mole Edition"

The endless war between cheaters and gamers continue. In the last few days (along with the release 1.8) we were able to mass-ban everyone who have ever used one particularly annoying cheat. Our inside mole that has infiltrated the inner workings of this particular operation reports the following from their private message boards... Utter pain and confusion...

Remember - there is no such things as 'just a little bit of cheating'. You will get caught. And you will lose everything on every account you have ever played. Sure you can re-roll. And get caught again...

Or - how about - just don't cheat...

Your TechMech

And to be clear - the ban affects not just APB but all games where PB is used....  (as illustrated in this post):

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