Saturday, April 14, 2012

More 1.7.0 - Get Ready for Countdown!

Welcome back to the second half of our “New Breed Part 1” blog post!  As mentioned in the first half, here we will get into more details on the other new features coming with the big 1.7.0, including environmental changes, new weapon mechanics, and new character mechanics.  

As with any of the changes made to the game, we make a concerted effort to take into account the feedback given to us from the Community.  In 1.7 we have tried to address both community feedback and to implement new items that will give us room to grow the game in the future.  On that note, without further ado;

Environmental Changes: You will see that we’ve made quite a few improvements in both the Financial District and the Waterfront District.  While, most of the changes focused on Financial we think you’ll like what we’ve done for both.  And we didn’t forget about our latest maps from Fight Club. Some of the things we did to improve Fight Club maps include removing a few camping spots and adding details where we felt more depth was needed. While city planning can be a full-time job, we’ve also made sure to add a few new areas in preparation for future content updates, where some of the other New Contacts (cough – New Breed Part 2 – cough) will have a home.


Gaijin Club: A smoking area has been added to the back of Gaijin for late night clubbers. This is accessible through a new entrance on the top floor and from the alleyways around the rear. This extra entrance helps make the area a lot less impenetrable as a defensive location.  Now you can dance, hang out, and assault other players all in the same locale.  Sounds like a fun night to us!

St Medina's Incinerator: The Incinerator Building (opposite Wilson LeBoyce) will now have an extra rear entrance added to the roof, so take advantage of this new route of attack. The rear courtyard now contains overflow waste waiting to be incinerated.  This place might be ideal to hide a dead body or two – I mean – an ideal place to recycle a thing or two!

Alexandra Park and Display: The top two floors of the car park have been opened up, with the top floor TipToe’s stomping ground. Multiple entrances and a gaping hole in the floor for access to the level below make this a great combat space also. Remodelled parking complex in the Financial District now gives players access to its top floor.  Keep one thing in mind – only visit the top floor if you have business with TipToe. If you don’t she might give you a one-way express ticket to the ground floor (courtesy of the gaping hole in the floor)…

New-Cross Skate Park:  You might remember getting a first glance at this area from our sneak peek video of the new Brick Mod. The Skate Park has extensively been rebuild and re-envisioned. This area now features a number of ramps and jumps, and has access to vehicles. The perfect place for all you aspiring stunt car drivers and extreme sportsmen/women.

Pretorian Offices (Justin Teng): A new stairwell has been installed in the rear of the building allowing access to the upper section of the building, making this popular camping ground far harder to hold.
SSPD Offices (Violet Prentiss, Ty Durrant & Grissom): The interior decorator has been in and given these offices a fresh lick of paint and installed some new lighting fixtures. 


Prentiss Boxing Club: For all you real contenders out there head to his spot to train in the “noble art” and maybe learn a few more “unorthodox” methods of combat. The gym itself is not currently open to the public but its break area and upper balcony are, offering a strongly defensible location to set up in. A stairwell and offices have been created inside the Prentiss Boxing Club to give better access to the roof-top as well.

Villanueva Hotel: The luxurious sea front property has had some work done to its upper balcony, allowing Michael Simeone to relax in style - though he’s thinking of hiring some security to keep to riffraff out… An extra stairway has been created to the top level, and the area has had some graphical improvements to bring out the hotel class.

Rimbaud Cocktails: A new cocktail bar has been opened in the down town area the Waterfront district, just across from the Tsunami Casino. An exclusive bar, its popularity among the wealthier of San Paro inhabitants has blessed it with a 24-hour alcohol licence. The cocktail menu is mixed Mandarin and Renaissance Italian. Apparently, the house Absinthe is the best in the city.


There has been an extra 'base' area added near the cranes, and the enforcer spawn point has been moved to the Dog-Crate in the north-west. The previous enforcer spawn has also had a small makeover, with extra entrances in and out. This is primarily to facilitate the new 'Scavenger' Game-type (I'll cover that in the Fight Club Challenges section).

A shipment of new creates was recently “commandeered” by the factions and relocated (with some planks they also “borrowed”) to give them new routes to navigate the Baylan container yard. The Criminal faction have also set up a new, better fortified, base at the feet of the crane. The billboards by the Enforcer’s base are now free for anyone looking to throw up some of their tags.


The top floor of the north tower in the beacon has had a few changes to make it less defensible. In addition, the scaffolding on the west side has been extended, giving an extra (though risky) fast access from the fifth to eleventh floors.

The construction site has recently had some new scaffolding installed, making it easier to ascend to the roof from the front of the building. General work has been on going, so you find various tweak and changes to this decadent high rise building. Some blank billboards, that are just asking to be tagged, have also been installed at the entrance to the construction offices.

Vehicle Changes

New ambient taxi with a roof mounted advertising board. Mobile billboard sounds like a good place to advertise and recruit new clan members? Maybe you are planning on having a player event and want to spread the word. The sky is the limit for things you might want to show on that cab! (Just keep in mind the limit for the things you CANNOT show, and you will avoid the banhammer).
We also will have new vehicle kits for both the Enforcer and Criminal carrying kits for you to carry your group in style.  And as hinted here and there we’ll have a few new Uber Packs, new Vehicles and Kits in store for you soon.

New Weapon & Character Mechanics

Now, Qwentle, our Lead Designer spent some late evenings a long with the rest of our team, trying to make some of these needed adjustments become a reality.  So if you see him around be sure to say ‘Thanks’ or emote some happy dance.

Marksmanship and sprinting mobility improvements: Now we have different speeds for Marksmanship, depending on type. For all but the heavy weapons, this has either increased or stayed the same. Large weapons such as the heavy-snipers and LMGs have had their marksmanship and run speeds reduced, but have been given the ability to sprint, albeit at a much lower speed than normal weapons. This removes an arbitrary constraint (not being able to sprint) while still maintaining the effect (the weapon is bulky and slow).

Marksmanship and sprinting movement speed is now modified by the weight and encumbrance of a weapon. This means that you can technically sprint with every weapon, but how fast you move will be determined by the aforementioned modifiers.

Kevlar Change: Kevlar will now only adjust movement speeds, and not acceleration. It now slows as follows:
L1: +10%hp, -10% Sprint Speed
L2: +20%hp, -10% Sprint Speed, -10% run speed
L3: +30%hp, -15% Sprint Speed, -15% run speed

ACT44 ‘Last Stand’ Change: Qwentle wanted to ensure the retail box magnum was not overpowered, and perhaps erred too much on the side of caution.  But to re-balance things, we’re switching out the mod for this weapon and replacing it with a mobility sling mod. This should allow it to move faster when aiming. This should fit it into a fairly interesting place, being a high damage side-arm that can be aimed and fired when moving at near run-speed.

So there you have it folks!  We hope all of you are prepared for New Breed Part 1 (1.7.0) and as you get to make your way with exploring the new content please feel free to share your feedback with us.  For more nitty-gritty details, we’ve pre-emptively posted Release Notes on our Official Forums -

There have of course been many additional improvements that will make life harder for unpleasant players and for cheaters, though we will not discuss those in an open forum. That's an ongoing battle which continues unabated behind the scenes.

So stay tuned for more news about 1.7 when we go LIVE and keep your eyes peeled for some special upcoming promotions and Armas Releases around the release of 1.7, by visiting the Armas or checking your registered GamersFirst e-mail.


  1. I would like ask about racing district, since nobody has shed light on it yet, is it in the works? Has it been scrapped? What about asylum? It seems like you spent a lot of time on the current districts but haven't talked about the ones that are unfinished. Also, is there any way I could talk to your lead mapper?

  2. Good Question. I'm interested in that too... So please give us the answers about those two districts. :)

  3. What about new guns (model and stats not just new color or name) for players that can't pay with real cash but they can get buy it from contacts with ingame money.

    1. they can't do that because, they will lose money... -.-

    2. It makes me sad that they can't add a few more decent rifles for poor people like me. I like the current guns but they have been the only guns I could get ....FOREVER!! :<

  4. racing has been promised last summer and said to be released in fall. since then not a word!

  5. will the banhammer drop before the 14th? :)

  6. any chance we can get a preview of the cross faction cars added with this patch? :) i think players really want to check it out (maybe me too :p)

    1. We just released some more sneak peeks on our Forums -

  7. ok its mostly me but im sure there are some players who might wanna preview them..

  8. Too bad no one likes fight club. I wish I saw something about an anti cheat.

    1. well the post states clearly they dont discuss those in an open forum, iam shure that G1 is aware of the cheat-problem...

    2. while they dont mention how, there has been an nocible decrese of cheaters as time goes. with the contant banwaves and updates to their inhouse/pb anticheat system they have less playtime per account

      hwid are active but they dont hwid ban cheaters on the first offence, but there ARE cases were players are not allowed to make new accounts

  9. I wanted to ask you something guys.When i am prestige 5 the other enforcers of the whole district can kill me,right?Dont you think thats stupid?The other day,after many hours of gameplay i got prestige 5 and an enforcer (not member of my team) hunted me and killed me.I cant remember his name,he had a pink car.What do you think about this?

    1. THATS apb!

      it sometime sucks at missions, but if you dont want to get P5 in the mission simply roll over some civilians...

      i love it to win a mission with p5: more money, more standing and especially: more fun

    2. no man,i love being prestige 5 and killing random crims in the district but the stupid thing about this is that the enforcers in the district can kill me and make me lose the p5.There are griefers out there who do that....

  10. I love how vague g1 is in their forum and blogposts, very often it is said that sth is being implemented but not in which way.
    What was done about the essential bugs? Nothing.
    I am not hating on this patch, it is awesome, but there is much more work to do and instead of loads and loads of new content at least some major bugs could have been fixed, a lot of veteran players would have been happy. Sometimes the commercial idea behind new features is just too obvious. I think that is alright and stuff, no money no game, sure.. but f*cking up players with commitment shoots you out jobseeking faster than you might think ;)
    Marksman bug, weapon failure bug, the new radar bug, glitching players and items into buildings, putting hold items into group member's (who's not on the mission) trunk, danko's teleport roof and all the random gpfs and much much more - all that persists...
    And why was there no word about the NPC driven Vegas being removed from the streets?

  11. Seriously ? Youre deleting an posting here instead of answering it ?

    That simply doesn't sound like GAMERSfirst...

    ok, another try, anotherwise i will publish this on my german newsmag - your call...

    These News aren't interesting for me, as long cheaters still dont get hardware banned in bigger waves, when will this happen (i remember you announced this in closed beta for release)?
    when comes asylum and the racing district you promoted so hard and announced .... uhm for last year?

    i think im not the only one who thinks like this. dont throw your PAYING customers away and please ANSWER now the questions instead of deleting them...

    btw.: no my Name is not a joke - i have an german newsmag with focus on SINGLEPLAYER-cheats...

    1. Chill out dude! You didn't understand the "Part 1" in "New Breed Part 1", huh? It looks like they have like 3 batches of content ready or almost-ready to release in the nearby future. I bet they will blog about it soon.

      As for banning cheaters, they HAVE stated they have made their lives harder with a patch, but they said they can't go into details (for obvious reasons). They have also stated that they have only two high-priority tasks and dealing with cheaters is one of them. What more do You want?


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