Monday, April 30, 2012

Last chance for 50% G1 Credit Bonus, ends tonight (April 30)!

[Edit: May 2nd at 3:00pm PST: The bonus credit process just completed for all players. You should now have your 50% credit bonus in your account (if you spent credits in Armas during the bonus period). Enjoy!]

Just pointing out that 11:59pm PST April 30 (or 07:59am UK time on May 1) marks the end of the "post 1.7 and tactical gear" 50% G1 credit bonus, where 50% of the G1 credits you spend in the marketplace will be redeposited into your G1 account! So if you have not yet gotten your items from Armas, you should take advantage of the last few hours of the bonus.

We threw the bonus in as another incentive to smooth all the minor issues after the 1.7 major release and to coincide with the tactical gear pack this weekend.

Here is the forum link for the actual details:

Last time we had a G1 credit bonus was 10 months ago, when the game went from Closed to Open Beta (and at that time it was a 100% bonus!), so chances are that there will not be another credit bonus for quite some time after this one (though we usually try to throw them in once a year or so).

See you in San Paro!


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