Thursday, April 19, 2012

1.7 now live (a.k.a launching is hard) and...
One Free 3-Day Premium for All !

[UPDATE: the code distribution completed at 4:40pm PST April 20. If you do NOT have a code in your account when you visit the Armas marketplace after 4:40pm PST / 02:40 EU time - then please submit a support ticket. Keep in mind only accounts created BEFORE the distribution started are eligible for the code]

Ok - so - launching a build with as many inter-dependent changes as 1.7 is a giant task, and while having been thoroughly tested, you never know what little trolls will rear their heads in the machinery when it hits live volumes of players.

Just after launch we experienced several unexpected server crashes, most related to an unexpected bug in the auction house when dealing with live data. Most of the issues were mitigated throughout the day, and things are becoming more stable. Also - just because the timing could not have been worse - our private backbone provider, which links our datacenters, decided to have connectivity issues at the same moment, making our troubleshooting much harder than it would normally have been, and also introducing strange lag issues. That too appears to have been mostly cleared up.

We are likely to have a minor update patch early next week to patch lingering issues.

Now that the dust has settled, Quinzel and the APB team want to extend a general 'thanks' to everyone who have stuck it out and are now playing 1.7. It's critical to get as much play time in as possible into 1.7, so we can finalize all the changes going in to the next major version.

So just in time for the weekend she will be sending out a few million 3-day premium codes to everyone who logs in, so look for a notice in your email inbox in the next day or so that your personal code has been activated (and no - you don't really have to do anything to be eligible to receive one other than just play the game).

Once the promo has been triggered, you just need to open the Armas marketplace (and if you haven't done so before, this could be a new experience), and claim your free 3 day premium by clicking the "Redeem Code" button at the top of the Armas marketplace page.

When you get to that location, the code will "automagically" have been deposited in your account (it will appear at the bottom of the "Redeem Code" page - so you need to click the code to activate it in your account.

Once you redeem your code, you will enjoy 3 days of 20% off everything in the store, as well as faster progression and all the other premium goodies.

This is our little token of saying "thanks for playing right at the launch, in spite of any hiccups that may crop up at a major version launch!"

Check your email in the next day or so, and we'll see you in San Paro!


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