Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick "version 130" update

Today we released patch 130 of the game. This intermediate patches fixes various minor items, but also further tightens security in the game. We expect 1000s of accounts will be banned as a result of this patch.

And again, surprisingly, why people PAY for game items and STILL cheat blows our minds. You will be caught (eventually), and what fun can that ever be?

Patch 130 resolves one of the 'rubberbanding' issues that was introduced in patch 123, though further testing is required for a permanent solution.

We are continuing to rapidly move toward the critical 1.5.4 version of the game, which introduces the first iteration of the new maps and game modes. Also 1.5.4 will also further tighten cheat resilience another notch.

Finally, the game will be in retail in North America in December. This means that the 'LIVE' version of the game will be scheduled to coincide with the retail release.


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