Friday, September 30, 2011

Do we need some sort of 'cheater amnesty' as we crack down on cheaters?

Wow - so yes - we have been tracking cheaters for quite some time, and with the launch of patch 130 we basically KILLED almost every cheater from all three major cheatmakers - in spite of their claims to the PB shield and other BS that they have been working on.

I clearly will not tell you HOW you were observed. Let's just say you were observed. And we can say with unequivocal certainty that the account you used has now or in the past been used for cheating. Sorry.

Some people posting in reply to the last post clearly stated things like 'I borrowed the account from a friend' or 'I got the account from a cheater friend.'

So - what do we do now? And what do the cheaters do now?

Sure - as a cheater you can go make a new account and RAGE CHEAT on the servers this weekend. Sure you can get some cheat-time in. But for what? Of course it just means you will be banned again, and with the next couple of builds we are ratcheting up the cheat hunting in such a manner that you cannot return. Ever.

Come Clean Instead!
Instead I have a MUCH better idea. If you feel remorseful. If you think you want to come back to the game. Then uninstall the cheat (or in some cases - because several of the cheats are root-kits that have actually BORKED your machine, you may have to re-install Windows), make a new account - and then play nice in the community for the next few weeks while we roll out the next several changes, and then pray we MAY let you continue on the new account before we launch the next anti-cheat patch. If someone TRULY comes back and plays clean - we may consider it. However, under no circumstances will you get back anything from the banned account. Don't even ask.

There are some interesting stats for the crew we banned (and to give you an indication how this was NOT a 'public' or 'easy' cheat ban). Nearly 50% were paid accounts (!). Some had 1500 HORUS of game play (that's 240 hours a month for the period one of the players played!). Some had spent a lot of money. And they STILL could not keep themselves from breaking the rules and destroying the game experience for those around them. It's all VERY SAD.

Based on the bans we can now even compute the revenues of the major cheat makers. We estimate that the three cheat makers make from $15,000 to $50,000 in revenue per month (depending on the cheat maker) from their cheats from the APB portion of cheats. So - for those of you out there will to pay a farg-ing $30 PER MONTH for a cheat - AND as much for items in APB - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? AND - why on earth do you support the cheat makers to begin with. THEY are the ones that just cost you a boat-load of money, time and effort.

No cheat will go undetected forever. So I say it again - just don't do it!

Here are some interesting screenshots from the 'top-three' cheatmakers. Anyone feel pity?

You have ONE LAST CHANCE to stay with this game before we go live. Don't F-that last chance up.



  1. I was a former hacker on other games, I will say this now. Once a hacker on a game, always a hacker. I do not hack on APB:Reloaded though as I care about it and I would be defeastated if I was banned.

    Should have a Three strike out system, you get Auto-banned if it is detected, then you have 2 more chances, ect.

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  3. I love you Bjørn. Så rått! Keep up the good work!

  4. I lost my account because I lent my friend my laptop and he ended up using my account to hack. $25 SS4 Rapier gone, and $10 Premium gone, as well as around 95-ish hours played. I've moved on to War Inc. Battlezone, so I'm not coming back. Peace.

  5. Yes this is what i like to hear!!! WOOOO!!! now do the same for warrock LOL.. The Warrock division needs to read this post and get some inspiration to actually banned cheaters!

  6. I am a long time player, played since RTW, haven't played in a while due to internet issues, but I'm glad to see that the game is in better hands, I praise you all for a fantastic job.

  7. Funny because i dont think they realize how much revenue they lost by banning them all lol theyll just continue to cheat and go under new IPs to troll this game. Best part is you guys are the reasons there are so many hackers! You didn't do your job keeping hackers out from the start so others had to hack so they could enjoy the game LOL

  8. No to an amnesty. You've done the right thing banning the cheaters, it's the only way they'll learn, plus some of the honest players that have left might now come back.

  9. Oh on a minor note, your account got banned cause your friends are idiots and like to hack, that's your problem, tell your friends to get their own accounts, computers, etc, and they can do as they please, maybe you should be friends with people who have more self control, that or stop lying to "ATTEMPT" to gain sympathy and try to make admins look like crooks, you're the crooks for hacking, your friends are the crooks for hacking, you lost money in the deal? lesson hard learned, be legit, be happy, plain and simple.

  10. Once a hack always a hack. No second chances, they all knew it was illegal and chose to accept the repercussions. If you walk into a bank and hold it up - second chance? I think not, you go to jail. Just be glad you're only getting banned from a game. My vote is to ban them all, forever and always. RyanT should have 2 strikes against him just for the fact he cheated in other games.

  11. haha, the pics where hilarious x)

    pay me 30$ a month and i will send u a fart in a can ! inhale it and feel the taste of victory !

  12. as a former hacker, i can tell you your doing a great job cleaning the cheaters!!!
    once a hacker always a hacker ieventually stoped ruining others game and applayed to a antivirus company. leaching hacks out of ppl and claming you just used a freind's account is just plain stupid get a life go invest your time in better stuff couse iknow 70% of the ppl who used thoues hacks are leacher and the other 30% gave up the game couse it got boring.
    if you spend money on the game you can still be banned so just giveup play like a human the game was actually fun untill you little kids with hacks started infesting it.
    keep hunting them down i hope i can be back after the hackers purge and actually play with ppl and not with aimbots.

  13. It should be a permanent ban, plain and simple.

  14. Genuine question:
    "Do you know why people hack?"

    If so, then find out means of getting rid of what's turning people around.

    If not, the you are not aware of what your playerbase wants/needs/finds fun.

    Not everyone hacks in every game, correct? Yet this one seems to be really badly hit.
    Ever evaluated what YOU (as a company) may be doing wrong instead of blaming those hackers directly?

    No smoke without fire.

  15. Hah! I was waiting for this. Shotgun justice ftw. No amnesty.

  16. im extremly anoyed here why i gto banned when i DONT HACK AT ALL LIKE WTF! just because i found a smart way to kill hacker doesnt meani hack!! for god shake i use osmaw and shotguns! pfc i can kill u if u come around a conner with 2 shots cause the damage has been increase so how on earth can i be hacking? i use the weapons wich i can use ingame for god shake!!! i mean for god shake dont u think u are little bit retarded if u keep going in vehicles when u see that i killed before with osmaw!! jesus christ if u are vip and i kill u cause u are in car thats not cause i hack thats cause i can see u!!! so how on earth did i can bann!!!

  17. I'm not a hacker or anything, but after reading this VERY unprofessional post, I am moving on to other games. It shows a side of your staff that really makes them look bad, and I will not fund such stupidity.
    I recommend that you hire professionals, then you guys might actually get somewhere.

  18. ppl hack becouse its a challenge
    ppl leache thoues hacks becouse they suck ass

    if its a hacker he will hack once or twice then continue playing clean if its a gouddamn 6years old leacher he will camp the hack till hell use it on a GM
    hackers=ppl who dousent think it throue

    hackers stup suppling the leachers they are ruining your work couse we all know hackers wount abuse the game they just want to pawn PB's engen for fun or stuff the problem is some of the hacker are leeking this data to ppl who supply leacher why wount you get this data to PB and tell them how to improve they'r engines and this will provide you a new challenge.
    stop suppling leachers they will get you in truble.
    and that dude who lent the laptop to a "fraind"
    are did you lend hem your account too?
    you lost your own money couse your damb.
    ask hem to pay you the money if not take hes computer and get baned from ther too couse we all know you did it and not hem.
    so "dont piss in my ear and tell me it's raining" - urdnot wrex ME

  19. What you should add is a server vote system for kicking players. Crysis 2 for PC did this after hackers really ruined the game, then it became really easy to manage. it was a good system.

  20. Lol love all the rage posts on this thread.. some people are mad! lol keep up the good work. Time to get back on APB:R. (=

  21. ''some players run left and right real fast and their gun is shooting direction everywhere up in the air while they do kills real fast , is that a cheater then? becose i can not run left and right and left and right while shooting everywhere in the air and kill the enemy. or is that a connecion glitch?'' this is not cheating cause this is how i kill people u can only do that with serten guns like submachine gun and shotgunt and some secondary weapons any other in game guns like sniper rifle submachine gun light machine guns means that player is hacking and im gues i got banned for killing people like with with shotgun if u just keep firing on the person with lets say shotguns fore example the auto shotgun and keep moving left and right back and forth realy fast with ur keys wile holding shift key to sprint it might seem that u are hackign but ur not its just game mecanis now apb! since i explain this to u i would want a responce regarding my bann for killing people with shotguns the exact same way i just explain this. cause it amaze me that i got ban when i dont cheat i only use my brain to fingur out trinks to kill people fast like hacker for example with their aimbot this move they use can back fire on then when u use this move i just discribe ! so again i ask why did i get bann


    Seriously IP BAN THEM.

    There's no excuse.

  23. ROFL furiousgamer's post are making me lol

  24. ur the idiot that doesnt get it gamerfirst is money first so it doesnt mather if they need to bann some f2p accounts that are acused of hacking and some of them that are not like mine ass long as u pay to play ur account will not be banned how do i know that cause i made new account to see if i can still see some know goldplayers wich i just did so their nothing ROFL gamerfirst is joke to the game industry and should be removed

    1. So true. Hackers get banned after 3 months playing?! That's way too long. Now they act like they are bosses. Well real bosses would have banned them within a week or so.

  25. @Brandon65936
    I don't see how this is unprofessional. If anything it gives a bit of realism to those people who whine that companies aren't doing anything. You see posts from video game companies that sound like a generic rejection letter, it's nice to see some human characteristics to people who run a game, and run it well.

    Get your head out your ass.

  26. Great news! Time to play again without those cheaters! I want to see them all in the name & shame list, just want to check some names :)

    P.S. Tell us, when russian servers will start to work? I want to play with lower ping :(

  27. I love this. SO many times I've called people out on pre-firing, after watching 100% accurate non recoiled full clip sprays. Only to see "Learn to play, or Umad?" Cry for me now bitches.

  28. OOOOH ThankYou ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou

    and all the rageposts in here... Fuuuu you you got served.

  29. I am SteveMcGerrett, TheAfroSamurai, and Shoryu. I can only hope you ban the cheaters, however I feel as though if they all get banned I may not have a challenge anymore. You know how hard it is to defeat a cheater without cheats? Its insane.

  30. finally :) now people can start learn the difference between a normal player and a player with some was never pissed of the cheaters.more the being accused of being a cheater when ur not

  31. I just had to put this out there. I'll be the first to admit I've been cheating for a few days. It was fantastic, nothing better than killing 12 times in a row, and hackusations for the opposing team. Why did I cheat? I was tired of losing every single damn time/I have no skill/ 50% of players do cheat. Take your pick. Was it worth it? YOU BETCHA! Will being banned and losing some money stop me from using cheats? Nah! I'm just a sore loser!

    First I want to congratulate the team for a job well done. You've put us cheaters to shame. Now I would like to bring to your attention the lost money by taking these actions, you pointed out how many people you've banned, think about how they will never purchase anything from you again.

    Also I would like to publicly disclose my names so people who I've played with can note I will not be using them anymore, Colby West Coast Server: GoingGoingGone (Criminal, F2P Account), Darla (Enforcer, Premium). To anyone who I've played with, I've had fun, and wish you the best! :) And no I didn't always cheat, just the last three days. :P

    And finally, I've only played APB Reloaded for a week, and I've got to say, I loved every minute of it. You've done great work, and I wish you the best at release. Now if you don't mind, I need to find another game to suck at. ^_^

    Darla (A.K.A. GoingGoingGone) Out. It's been fun! ^_^

  32. I have never understood the mentality that you should cheat if your enemy cheats too. It's like giving up all your hopes for justice being served to hackers, and assuming G1 will not do anything about it ever. So, there you have it. Now the hackers you felt like you had to hack against to compete are being banned, and you're banned too. Much deserved.
    On top of all this, I don't think G1 would really want the money of a group of cheaters. I'm sure they can make enough cash through legit players.

    My trust in your is restored again, G1. Thank you for your hard work, and keep it up. This is the best game ever.

  33. Thanks guys for the support. Yes - banning cheaters actually loses us lots of money... in the short term that is... In the long term it creates a better game!

    Also keep in mind, we are not done yet, with several upcoming builds lined up to further improve things.

    The target is set on December, when we have to go out in retail stores, and the goal is to have legit players who are enjoying the game. So we truly appreciate all the support you give us to help us get across the finish line with a great game and a great community!

  34. I wish you guys the best, your doing great! :) OK, Now I'll leave :)

  35. I just wish Pb would start doing Hardware bans.
    I honestly feel that anyone caught hacking should never be allowed back, I know in my gaming clan if you get caught hacking in game you are out of the clan for life, We do not accept any excuses..

  36. I am very satisfied with this Zero-Tolerance against hacking since is the way to ruin people's games and create panic when players are doing their missions feeling afraid to play against a cheater, keeping the game clean will get more and more customers and that's not only the best thing, it'll also give to the game a good reputation and beautiful comments, see what happened with Combat Arms, te game is filled of cheaters and they don't care about it. Cheaters are losers who doesn't have skills and are afraid to lose with their own abilities.
    Again, very nice job from part of APB team, i hope the things goes right.

  37. i never used hack and still i gold 10 :) and tnx for start new program of banning ppl i really glad to hear about it so keep it up.

  38. Hardware bans will be the best counter hacks ever use it! PB is allready installed why wount it start collecting data about the computer MAC or the windows/linux/MEC(maybe in the futur) serial and ban it then even a reinstall wount work.
    all you need to do is add in the PB readme file thet if you install this game you agree that PB will be able to collect surten information about your computer and your legaly covered.

  39. This goes out to "furiousgamer" and the other QQ noobs.

    Good riddance.

    Let me assure you there are WAY more legit players playing this game than the handful of pathetic players that NEED hacks to play.

    But because of you hacking losers, many legit players quit playing. Of those legit players that quit, G1 lost income potential by allowing you nitwits free reign while they devise the purge of the worst players ever.

    Once it's PROVEN that the hackers are purged and deleted and prevented from playing again, I, as well as many others, are willing to pay the premium prices to play this game based on our skills.

    So if you're THAT STUPID to allow "a friend" (LMFAO) to corrupt your account, you do deserve no access to our world.

    And if you're one of those that invested mega money and mega time on your account, only to lose it all for being an idiot, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    nah nah nah gooooooooooooodbye!

  40. Lol at all the twats blaming G1 for making people cheat.

    people cheat not because the game is doing something wrong, they cheat because they enjoy the game but completely suck at it. They cheat because they seek external validation by having as high TL as possible. And finally they cheat to piss off legitimate good players and to destroy the game.

    Sure, banning them took some money from G1, but once they're gone more legitimate players will come with they money. It's the long-run that counts. Don't think you're doing anyone a favour just because you pay for the game AND for cheats.

  41. Finally! So tired of the crap. I never got cheating. If you've got the skills, great, use them. If you don't, you're only going to get them if you play the game and practice/learn.

    And those people that used the steroid excuse and said they had to cheat to compete...hilarious. My friends and I play without cheats and deal (dealt? :) ) with cheaters all the time. You just work together and screw them up (since even an aimbotter can't survive a rocket or a car).

    I love the forum posts on the cheater forums. Aww, my hax don't work now I can't screw everyone else out of the game they're playing and even paying for. No fair.

    Keep up the good work TechMech and G1. As long as you don't introduce a bug that bans people by mistake (or makes them look like they're cheating when they're not), permabans are the way to go. They know what they were getting themselves into. And if you want to feel better about it, put a big notice above the registration form saying you WILL ban for cheating.

    Oh, and for those peeps that loaned their accounts to It's a F2P game! They can try it out on their own. So, why give them your friggin login with that password you use for all your MMOs?

  42. Now all G1 needs to do is:
    1. Actually release the REAL percentage of hackers compared to legit players. What was it before...3%?
    2. Stop Hiding the fact that premium weaps are buy to win. (Say hello to Whisper)

    Games are not perfect you know. Games CAN do something wrong - It all depends on whether the dev's have the balls to own up to it. Look at what APB was before G1 took can't tell me it was perfect then, and the guys that made the game brought up issues only after RTW went bust.

    I dont think the high priced weaps/constant pushing for use of ARMAS/Overpowered Armas weapons vs normal in-game weapons will do them any favours in regards to having more players join.

  43. Nicely done, it might bring me back to the game as it used to be really boring and annoying to ever think "Now I think this guy can see me anywhere and doesn't have to aim... oh well, I'm gonna have a pee then."

    Tho, I still want to point out a fact, which G1 doesn't seem to hear about, which is FALSE-POSITIVE BANS. Yes there are, quite a few. Just check the forums around 7/28, there are a lot of topics claiming legit account getting blocked. Why would I tell this and not trust G1 ? Because I personally know someone who's been banned tho legit. (char name : Mals1)
    So what ? I'm still pretty angry and not sure about coming back in-game if the risk of false-positive still exists.

    Just telling. Just hoping G1 will someday react to this, because to me it's been put "under the rug" by deleting all these topics... well, how sad it is.

  44. @Freaky:
    And due to the nature of secrecy around how they catch players, it's almost impossible to gain a successful appeal.

    I can imagine it sounding something like this in RL -
    "Hey, I saw you Steal from me!"
    "What?! I never did! where's your proof"
    "Not just did"

    It'd going to be a case of My-word-over-yours with those people blocked with legit accounts.

  45. Don'T believe them they lying not all hacks is still undetected. But there is bunch of undetected ones.

  46. LoL.My account banned.I dont use the cheat but My account banned..What the fuck ?
    Please remove my account ban.All labor went to waste.

    Name: DeathLand

    and I made Rifle Mand Rank 14,Gold 8 level.R 163.All gone to waste.

    Thanx Gamefirst.Thanx.

    I only installed Cheat Engine and Cod4 WH but I not used in APB cheat... Please,I want back for my accounts...

  47. You won't lose Money G1, believe me. The cheaters won't play and won't pay, that's true, BUT the legit players will feel encouraged to buy items and support a CLEAN game - clean from cheaters. They won't ragequit because of aimbotters or wall"hackers" anymore ( i know that are just "cheats") ;) good luck.

  48. Seriously, brilliant job!! Made a huge grin when I read this post. Serves them right.
    And I agree with some posts here. Permanent IP ban. Those f***s knew the TOS and still hacked/cheat. No excuse IMO.
    But oh well, at least encourages me to buy items (with real money), knowing my experience won't be ruined by those guys.

  49. Stop with the IP ban already. Only total noobs think that IP bans work. IP can be easily changed. Also, very often there is more than one machine behind one IP (LANs with one external IP and so on), so you would end up banning whole network because of one user.

    Hardware ID bans are where it's at.

  50. @TheShadow:
    The pricing for their stuff on Armas is stupidly high. Legit players aren't even that interested Check APB:R's Facebook Page when they announced one of the most recent car kits...all comments pretty much just said "No"

    Id rather pay for a F2p Game that's NOT asking for money from me in a beta period, and that has reasonable price points.

  51. infact i can make new account start playing the same way i did before with a shotgun and kill ur whole team with out gething my onw ass killed and still be banned cause apperntly im supose to die 5 times in row cause i have no brain get out of here!! its not hacking when ur the retard that doesnt know to run around the building to kill the bloody sniper!!!!

  52. lolz every time i post here i get my stuff removed just anounce too every one that u are baning not only hackers but allso f2p hardcore user to only keep serten p2p peeps that are still hacking and to atract noobs to the game their are websites out their wheir i have seen gamerfirst unbanning wel know hackers because they said something usefull to them. what a ur corupt company

  53. ....LOOL those screens, made me feel all warm inside. FUCK YEAH! G1 <3 Gonna start playing again.

    Oh and lmfao @ the "hire professionals" guy.

  54. Hi if someone is ghosting what things can happen whit him? Because i want to report one but dont know where shuld i do it. (i got screeshots)

  55. Awesome news! Screens made me giggle my socks off. The way things are going, hell yes I'll buy the retail version in December. And future finances permitting, hell yeah I'll keep premium up after that.
    Keep up the great work!! :D

  56. and for the cheating i think ip ban i not enaugh if you guys can manage to make a hardware ban that would be good. (if there is one i dont say anything i am not good in thses things) As i know every part of the pc has got an ID, than in theory if someone got catch on some cheating the game shuld collect the ID-s and put a ban on the harware.

    sorry for my "English"

  57. Pricing in the Armas market isn't high at all. The fact that you can have a permanent weapon in this game for not too much scratch is wonderful.

    I've played a metric fuckton of other Free to Play games, and it's the same for all of them. You can either rent a weapon/item for a short time if you don't intend on playing a game for long OR you can invest in a more expensive item if you intend on playing for a long time. Buying a weapon for 30$ is really nothing if you plan on playing for more than a month.

    Be happy APB hasn't adopted the Korean/Japanese "Gatcha" way of winning permanent/premium items. Basically it's a raffle. You spend actual money to *possibly* get that item. At least with Armas you know what you're getting and what you're spending your money on.

  58. Just finding it funny how many people are saying that they are using a game mechanic or blaming the devs for their hacking, all cheat detection engines gather data from your system to detect hacks so you can say mechnics all day but if you got banned there was evidence in your system and as to it being the devs fault all of the best games have hackers its just like in real life some one not skilled has to feel better than everyone else so they resort to cheating, lying or stealing and thats exactly what these hackers are doing they are cheating themselves, lying about thier abilities, and stealing from the game experirence for other players. I personally of the mind that each account should log a hardware id at login & sign up everytime since the creators of these hacks will just get back to making more hacks and in most cases be trying from the same machines over and over agian to test the new hacks

  59. Oh God .. AHAHAHAHAHA.



    .. I can't stop.


    God. This post is so full of win I can't even comprehend. G1, I bow to you. Glorious job.

  60. I'll be honest, I'm coming clean. The only reason why I ever used cheats is because everyone else was doing it. Now that there will be a lot less of them, I'm happy to play legit.

  61. Liked this post and LOVED the pics, watched all 4 times and then ROFL showed to clan and all, really its been a good laugh over here.
    i agree on the 3 strikes permanent ban, maybe it will make them hackers get in line, but not completely discourage them to quit the game unless they cross the given line.
    See you hackers around, just not as much LOL. "oh well, account gone" as a hacker said. and GOOD RIDDANCE!

  62. People who think IP bans are effective are cute. I just wanna pat them on the head and feed them cookies. :3

    Looking forward to the future patches. Since the first major anti-cheap patch I've noticed a significant drop in "WTF how'd they do THAT?" moments.

  63. To @PatriaX
    Quote: "Please remove my account ban [...] I only installed Cheat Engine and Cod4 WH but I not used in APB cheat... Please,I want back for my accounts..."

    Some of the cheats are rootkits. They basically take over your machine. By installing them you give them (the cheat makers) permission to muck with all games (and everything else) on your system. And whether you like it or not, you will effectively be cheating in every game that the cheat supports.

    So - don't do it. Wallhacks, aimbots, you name it.... Not worth it...

  64. hahahahaha me kills-1 death-30 that's what you get hackers.lmao am so f-ing happy. burn them all guys.

  65. To @Bjorn/TechMech

    I deleted all the cheats from my computer and I Promise I will not use any more.Please Remove block my accound.I gave a lot of labor.

  66. @PatariaX

    You can start over with a new account, presuming you have a clean computer (remember - even using a cheat on a DIFFERENT game can get you in trouble). You will not get back the account you violated.

  67. @Bjorn / TechMech

    Why bro, please..Is hard to start over.I did not do anything I Blame bro..Please remove block.Put yourself instead of me.

    I did not do anything..

  68. ^^^LOL!! Terrible English, and he blames his brother xD

  69. @ dfghhg

    Sorry,I little speak english.Im from Turkey..

  70. never hack and never get a bann thats the deal.
    and yes i love that deal ! Every Game Publisher should work like that :D

  71. I've only ever hacked a game twice in my entire life. Counterstrike(wallhack) and Mu online(teleport/ohko). I've been hack-sober for 6 years. I never used aimbot, because.... easy to notice and you must have shit aim to use aimbot.

  72. wow im going to put some more time and money into APB if i find i run into less obvious hackers over the next week or so. good job G1, hope your promises to crank up the heat on these wastes of life are as legit as the playerbase should be afterwards o/

  73. I logged on a couple of times today and have run into several people still using their hacks.

    what gives?

    Bjorn, I give you an "A" for effort, but a "D-" for success on this latest endeavour.

    It was easy to pick the busted ones out in their re-roll gear, but I was under the impression the hacks were blocked. Boy was I wrong.

    And to people like PatriaX, suck it up. It will be interesting to see how far you advance with your natural talent and not cheating. Get used to being a Bronze 5 lol Trying to weasel your way back to your hacking account does nothing more than to entertain us legit players. And yes, I am laughing so hard at you. A lot.

    I think what eludes me is the "why" one would want to hack other than you suck at video games and should find something else you are ABLE to do, like do your homework and be in bed by 9.

    Contrary to what these hackers want you to think, they really are pathetic IRL and resort to cheating on video games to grasp that last straw of "ego" that really is their lack of having a spine.

    pay a hacking web page to make themselves look better to themselves on a FREE video game! lolololololol yeah, that makes sense!

    do the math ;)

  74. @Bjorn / TechMech well now im a bit worried ... i did installed cheat engine a couple years ago to play Saints Row 2 just because of this problem here:
    I never used it on any other game online or solo played, but its still here ... so ... uninstalling now ... will remnants of the program create problems later? should i just reinstall windows? that would be troublesome ...

  75. btw it would be sad and funny to be banned because of a program i used to play a game slower.

  76. @Sulanna - we are watching the cheaters at the moment. With the next major patch whoever continues to cheat (as opposed to in good faith start over with a clean account), will be permanently out. In the meantime all we can do is shake our heads at people's stupidity....

  77. will it affect APB if one uses cheats on a sandbox game like Dead Island but is totally legit on APB?

  78. Cheating seems to be rife still within the game, just now people aren't trying to hide it. Lots of high TL Gold's with very very low rank doing the rounds in pairs.

    Shame I've never seen a GM on EU servers to date; could've really done with one or two tonight.

  79. Good!! Screw the 3 strikes thing I read up ^^ there some place. I say, if your caught cheating, your done for good. I hate cheaters!! They ruin it for the people that follow the RULES!!!!

  80. Bjorn / TechMech why oh why oh why aren't you learning even a single mistake from the RTW times?

    Hacker, cheaters call them what you like do not deserve a second chance, after this week the attempts to get long term players back are going to be undermined by a promise of second chances.

  81. P.S. Ask G1's marketing people to read forum posts from Google such as this:

    Then consider is a 2nd chance worth the negative reputation of the game?

  82. Awesome job! It's great to see so many of these guys (perhaps even gals) being eradicated. Best wishes for APB:R and the team(s) working and contributing to it!

  83. Hey WASPINC - funny enough - the MMORPG post implied through its headline that all we discussed today was amnesty. That's clearly not the case. Our main discussion in this blog was obviously all about finally NAILING all the cheaters who lived with the delusion that they were 'undetectable.' But I have a sense that none of the MMORPG readers even bothered to go past the botched headline.

    Compare that to MMO Crunch (and yes - we do pay attention to discussions about the game): where they CORRECTLY spelled out that this is a 'major crackdown on cheaters' first and foremost (and if that had been the MMORPG headline - I am sure the poster reaction would have been different)

    We are NOT formally offering amnesty to anyone - simply warning people that with the tightening of security measures, the ability to 'slip under the rope and repent' is quickly vanishing. In the next few releases, you will NOT be able to make it back.

    Our goal is to be cheat-free (or very close to it) by December for sure.


  84. Really think this is the most impressive anti-cheating act I've seen. I'll be honest, cheating almost ruined this game for me. You brought it back to life, didn't expect that.

  85. Good riddance. Hopefully the European privacy laws don't get in the way of HWID bans...

    Any company that makes an effort to stop cheating has my support. Good work guys.

  86. Well, if they want to cheat... give them one server for cheating...
    But anyway I dont want to cheat in this game cos I am playing APB not for wins but for awesome outfit :P

  87. @Bjorn

    I love your attitude dude. In other games when you get announcement like that it sounds lifeless and it screams "We're just trying to make you (legitimate gamers) feel better, while in reality we don't give a damn".

    You sound like one of us - pissed about cheaters ruining the game for everyone and determined to kick their asses into oblivion.

    Hence, you sound like a gamer identifying with us, not some corporate intern just doing what he was told to do.

  88. fcuk this ammesty, he hack, ban him forever, zero ammesty, ban all hackers.

  89. PLEASE FIX THE LANDGRAB MISSION, It is the ONLY 10 stage mission int he game and it is HORRIBLY broken.

    I had 2 out of 3 items turned in. I didn't turn in the third one so I could farm them since I know if they have ONE of the items turned in or on them I automanically lose. I STILL lost, PLEASE FIX THAT MISSION.

  90. APB Devs listen me - You should not ban that all cheaters , instead You should mark their account and all characters as high thread and make killable by all in district . Even with their cheats they wont play long if they die every few seconds. Simple solution

  91. Bjorn, I would kiss you if I was close enough.

    Keep up the good work, man!

    (But try to don't reveal that the cheaters were gotten because of their registry entries. It may help cheatmakers to avoid it, I don't know.)

  92. Just an update - we are still working on the 'name-and-shame' list. Since it has 8000 characters on it, it has turned out to be a little bit tricky to share in a logical location. It may be another day before we have created a part of the site to handle this size of list, since we are also going to share some additional data about the accounts that were banned (like TL, Rating and Hrs Played)

  93. @Enolice

    This would give them the ultimate trolling power. They would drive around the city, ruining missions for everyone. Use your imagination ;]

  94. they wont drive if killed by players , its just an idea how to keep players and get cheating out, btw it would be very annoying to be killed every few second even by your own faction

  95. Hmmm- actually if we did make all cheaters Prestige5 (or using that mechanic) - then sure - the in-district survival time would be measured in a matter of seconds. We will certainly consider it (though there are of course some serious downside trolling risks to doing that).

  96. Bjorn, if you could man... could you look into the LANDGRAB mission? It really is bugged and needs fixing. It is the only 10 stage mission in the game, if you get all the items (end stage is 5 items with 3 turn ins to win) you can win... however if the enemy has 1 of the 5 items they automanically win even if you turn in 3 items before they turn in 1.

  97. it might be some side effect of my idea but im sure it can be minimized ,im sure cheaters will even kill other cheaters and on the top of that ,we normal players will protect game we playing from inside . I would not make them prestige5 as they did not deserved but use that mechanic to make them killable for all players

  98. Id like to thank those at G1 for fixing the cheaters, i finally logged into the game today after a long break in hopes of this one day getting fixed. i actually spend several hours on there today and it never had so much fun, you can really tell the diff. i was able to hide and ambush people, i was able to go toe to toe. it was a blast. thanks guys you got me for a long while now ill be sub. by days end. thanks for providing a wonderful time : D

  99. Imposing morals on a game that's full of lawless fun is kind of odd, but enjoy your victories and whatever else. We only want polite criminals and clean enforcers.

  100. this is great news and thanks for the screen, i love to read the whining.

  101. It's a bit late to drink tequila when your kidneys is dead. (c)proud mexican peoples

    Most of really good players abandoned APB 2-3 monthes ago and you guys just started to ban hackers? What can i say... LOL!

  102. to much marihuana in g1,joke, seriously to much money, they now see, more money lose than we give them(premium bla bla bla)...

  103. I'm new to gaming... 42, Female... have just started learning the lingo, etc... My group of friends were all really excited to play APB when it came back... I joined in 'cause I like hangin' with my friends. But honestly, I stopped playing as much as I was 'cause all of the hacking was so frustrating - I'm new to this, I want to learn, get better, etc... But I didn't have a chance with all of the hacking going on... I'm SO excited to see if I can actually improve my skills now that I have a fighting chance in missions... THANK YOU for doing this!! :)

  104. cant belive people would risk their 1500hr account :/

  105. It was fun while it lasted. G1 fixed the hacker problem for a day or so. Now they they're all back, I wonder what's next. Another slap on the wrist while legit players get cheated?

  106. they will allways come back. but if you pay like a idiot for hacks and play a shitload of time APB with your hacks, buying items... and you get bannedn :D you lern it the hard way.

    i like it how this works out. G1 putting alot of effort behind it and APB:R is worth all the trouble.

  107. This is probably the best news I`ve read in a while, actualy made me so happy i logged right in to my account and wanted to play some, first match i get is against some rating 30`ish G8 with his ntec and wont miss a shot, well il be back when you guys add HWID ban, if you do it before bf3 hits the streets, if not i wont ever return to this game i guess. (yeah i know there will be cheating in BF3 aswell, but atleast every 14 year old kid cant affor to buy a 50$ new cd key every time they get caught\banned cheating,that and their aimbot cant hurt me that much in the skies ;) Bjorn: I hope you guys will send out news bulletins in the mail or something when you add hwid ban. until then ADIOS!

  108. Yesterday I made a quick bounding box and cross hair hack and was banned on two of my accounts, and I sincerely apologize.

    Plus, the bounding box didn't work.
    Y IT NO WURK?!1

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Hey cheaters .... YOU MAD BRO?

  111. Best. Post. Ever. I dont think you should give these people a chance, even if they feel remorseful, they chose to break the rules, so why should you feel the need to break Ts & Cs to let them back? You know full well they'll only end up using hacks again. So in my opinion ban the fargin lot and keep it that way so honest people can enjoy this game without the hackers spoiling it and killing it.

  112. An idea.....

    1) Confirm they are a hacker (HWID, or other method).
    2) Turn their names green (or choose a color)
    3) Give us the option to kick them from either side of the mission (Whether you are a crim. or an enf., you can boot a "green" from a mission that you are on.

    ---- OR -----
    More expensive for G1, create a server. Once an account has been tagged as a hacker, move them to the server and let them play with other hackers, and leave the enjoyment of an untainted game to the rest of us.

    just my 2 cents.

  113. OMG GM I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Hey TechMech.

    I already wrote this to the GamersFirst Support, but i want to write it here public too.

    I'm one of those who get ripped of while the maintenance on friday. I formated my computer, setup everything again and started to play APB with a new account. Legit of course!
    And... what shall i say? I got a lot of more fun than before! I'm not raging about obvious hackers anymore. I'm not even raging when i lose tons of missions in a row. Why? I know their "Day-X" will come soon, too. Well, i have to be honest: I'm such a noob, without the aimbot i used. But even in the last days, since i played legit, my skill growed up a bit.

    I just want to say thanks to you (TechMech) and the other Devs, who are working against the hackers. Even if i was one of them too.
    Keep this work up, like the last few weeks.

    Ah and, my comp is much faster then before... Never thought a hack can bring up such a problem for the whole machine. Thanks for this, aswell.


  116. [1] Bjorn your blog is idiotic and hypocritical.
    [2] You've banned a couple legit players who are good at FPS
    [3] You ask dumb rhetorical questions ie: "Why do you cheat."
    [4] Your ===== idiotic team banned my ===== account for not ====== reason and I even stream my ====kin matches on livestream.

    So F' this game I'll make sure to spread bad publicity about how retarded Gamerfirst fails at controlling there game/admins.
    This game has been officially labeled as a waste of money. You guys aren't going anywhere anyways much like the previous owners. so w/e have fun with your fail game. I don't even play it as much anymore after reaching my goal of maxing out my standings.

  117. Invalid_Request is a butthurt crybaby because he got banned HAHAHAHAHA what a noob.

  118. you know, tempz and me were talking about ppl who mention that dint cheat but got banned, i have 1300hrs on my account and been hackusated to death.. and tempz is a much better player than i am (i imagine he was 1000+ hrs)

    so if anyone would get banned unfairly would be him or me. hopefuly this ppl will learn their lesson

    techmech i have a question that im sure you guys calculated: how much of APBr revenue goes to anticheat? i imagine its 3-10% :p

    also sidenote: i did not expereince crouchlock on patch day but had issues with it last night

    (yay apb)

  119. i think most hackers that got banned now, will return (probably legit). eventfully after some time, they will turn again an hack. and the next ban-hammer will be much sweeter... lol

    we have a winner! fresh fish, fresh fish...

  120. Watching the screaming, wailing butthurt of the hackers who're practically choking on their sour grapes is hilarious.

    "Your game is stupid, I don't even play that much any more, I'm not going to pay to play when I got banned." These are the kids that would pitch a fit when they didn't want to get beaten playing football any more, and stomp off home carrying their ball with them so that nobody else could play.

    It's G1's ball, boys and girls. Grow the fuck up and read the TOS some time.

    @ovi And it's fatass by a nose! Fresh fish, fresh fish, fresh fish!

  121. “I clearly will not tell you HOW you were observed. Let's just say you were observed.”
    - Clearly Because they didn’t observe. They’re going off noobs crying hacks.
    “And we can say with unequivocal certainty that the account you used has now or in the past been used for cheating.”
    - You’ve banned my Enforcer who’s been called a hacker. However You didn’t bann my criminal who’s been called a hack Obviously your methods for finding hackers is flawed and I’ve been told multiple times on my crim that I was reported for being better than them in the game of idiots.
    “Sure you can get some cheat-time in. But for what?”
    - Using my interpersonal critical thinking skills I can tell you that the reason hackers exist is to piss on other peoples days. You seem to lack thinking skills.
    [1] “play nice in the community for the next few weeks while we roll out the next several changes, and then pray we MAY let you continue on the new account before we launch the next anti-cheat patch.”
    [2] “However, under no circumstances will you get back anything from the banned account. Don't even ask.”
    [3] “No cheat will go undetected forever. So I say it again - just don't do it!”
    [4] “You have ONE LAST CHANCE to stay with this game before we go live.”
    - Thats like saying, “hey even if you play legit be forewarned we might bann you reguardless if your playing legit.”
    - Which obviously happened here I’m sure there are other people out there who know they haven’t cheated who feel the same way
    @Shiz Your lucky I don’t know you in real life boy. Keep hiding behind your monitor trolling.

  122. Being perfectly honest, though, I can't reasonably expect that there aren't some people who haven't actually been hacking or cheating who are going to end up being a statistic and having their accounts banned. That's something which I can't abide, and will no doubt be the source of rather less hilarious crying and antics over the next couple of weeks.

    I'm glad that there's fewer hackers, at the end of the day, but let me throw another two cents in and hope that it's not too much to ask that G1 double-check their blacklist after a while to weed out any mistakes that might have been made. Reading the TOS and cheating anyway is one thing, and that makes you a douchenozzle. Reading the TOS and finding you've been banned anyway? Okay, true, that's more than a little shitty.

  123. NVM you took too many times to kick cheaters, the game is dead, next time you'll learn that cheaters are THE fuckin problem of quite any game, you can wait a bit when you got some millions ppl on your game, not when you count it as a lil thousand...

    Too bad, this is soooo sad -_-

  124. the thing is hilarious.

    i dont think there is ONE false positive in the whole list. dont us hacks, dont use fucking macros, dont mess around with the gamefiles, dont run programs that are directly interacting with the fucking game.

  125. Was playing last night. Long session. I encountered 4 aimbotters. Ghosted them for quite a while.

    Been playing ALL my life. I know the difference between legits and non-legits.

    Switching districts was not an option. Population was too low.

    Don't really feel like buying your credits at all anymore.

  126. @Bjorn / Enolice
    Making all cheaters notoriety/prestige 5 right before engaging hardware id band would be cool. Only in controlled manner though. Make event out of it.

    I just know from experience that one cheater with bounty on his head can effectively ruin a mission for both teams.

    It happened just last week on one of the waterfront streets. The objective was right next to a street and there were heavy firefights everywhere around. Then the prestige 5 cheater came, being driven by someone else in a tank (nulander). He was killing members of both teams using aimbot from a very fast moving vehicle, and right before dying he just dived inside the car to regenerate - rinse and repeat. Unlucky for us the gas station was just around the corner. Before one of our guys picked up OSMAW he already caused a lot of damage as the mission timer was down to 30s. We all wasted our time to deal with cheater instead of doing mission. Imagine that x1000.

  127. @Ken addeh. So you are saying that G1 need to take a look at themselves for not making a game that holds the "cheaters" tiny minds, attention span? Are you f***ing retarded? Here's what it sound like to me..."Wahhhh I can't aim against this enemy, they are more skillfull then me". "I'll show them!!!" (installs hack) "haha pwning you noobzzzZZzz" You get banned... "Wahhh its your fault G1 for not making the game fun....Waahhhhh. shut the f*** up you cry baby peice of s***. Good work G1, by the way I have also still experienced the crouchlock bug and ppl are still trying and succeeding in using NPCs to "bug" an item held item.

  128. HOW ABOUT THIS!! If they come clean, tell you what they used, and allow a program to go on there computer for , say, 30 to 60 days ( which would look for 3rd party software but at a more extreme level, this would be a good chance to try new software for this ) , plus there on screen name in the game would have an icon nxt to it showing they are a come clean hacker... then maybe you should.
    this would allow you to see what program or process they used and reverse engineer it. have your program or whatever check for it signature from then on...
    my 2 cents

  129. All people who have been confirmed cheaters should be thrown into their own server so that we would have one(many?) server/s with only cheaters VS cheaters. My guess is they would get tired of only playing against other cheaters and maybe there is a slim chance that some would actually understand how dumb and annoying it is to cheat. Meanwhile they can can still buy all the premiums and Arma-stuff that they like. Kinda like threat level=cheater and then they will be sorted thereafter with no chance of joining a normal server.

  130. All i have to say is YAY. and thank you. My faith in Gamers First is still up there.. I am really glad that matter of cheating this has been taken seriously. And to what reacherobeya mentioned in regards to the item hold bug behind NPC contacts--That should be looked at too or at least brought to your attention. Thanks a lot!

  131. hw ban and no mercy for cheaters, i lost all of mine clan for cheaters and whisper noobs...

  132. I highly doubt that legit players were banned. Is it that unbelievable that G1 has sophisticated monitoring methods? They obviously were making sure it would work well, as they progress to even better anticheat methods. Keep up the good work, Bjorn and team. The new updates and bans have been recognized and much appreciated. I have new friends joining, and I'm proud to say that the game is better than when I joined RTW APB!

  133. Well its about bloody time G1 slammed these nub hackers in there place. I love it and best of all g1 put them on blast about it by show the world how much you guys suck. if u need to buy skillz then i find that completely sad. And honestly all you idiot saying there should be a three strike rule need to shut the F*** up. U hack? Get ip banned and case closed. why do we need to play with rule breakers? if u can take em out they should be gone for good.

    Im Diamond from APB and i approve this message!!!!!

  134. Easiest way to get around the P5 problem? Make hackers/cheaters able to kill all other hackers/cheaters.

    This game conditions its players to shoot at red, I bet all of them would troll their own kind for quite a while before realizing what's going on :3

  135. awesome ! hacker noobs quit game AND STAY THERE FFS !!! i laugh hard how all those noobs try to find excuses and shit , dont be that stupid and give your account data away to anyone , end of the story. its a pretty simple formula: hackers = no skill = learn to f***ing play !!! very good work G1 keep it up .

  136. I quit playing about 2 months ago due to cheaters. I kept getting the " I pay for my account, why would I cheat" "umad?" and the rest of the generic replies to any accusations. I may not be the best player (hey for being a grandmother I think I rock!) but I liked to play until I started swearing like a sailor from all the hackers in game! My husband kept asking me why I bothered playing since I didn't seem to have fun- I only yelled at the game anymore. So I quit. Seeing the email about all the bans made my day. I'm actually willing to come play again. I played and was part of the beta when the game was in RTW's hands.
    I've spent a couple hundred dollars in here on my own two chars as well as for many friends who were less fortunate (aka out of work/down on their luck). I have no problem continuing to contribute to the game if it becomes enjoyable again playing with people kicking my arse through their OWN skill and not any lame hacks.

  137. Well done G1... you have my full sympathy for this. That is one of the largest cheat-whacks I've ever heard of.

    You just made me consider getting premium when this goes live. You do have some pretty stiff competition, I must hasten to add... I'm in beta for BF3 and SW:ToR is running an alpha test this weekend. But I'm considering it... I wasn't before this massive action. ;)

    Again: great work. :)

  138. To all hackers: Was it worth it? Was it worth playing for all those hours, just to have everything taken away in one shot?

  139. I stopped playing because of all the hacking.
    APB: Reloaded is an amazing game and I'm glad to see it's getting the attention it needs to improve.

    Thank you G1.

  140. @Invalid_Request I have also been accused of hacking many times. But low and behold i was not banned. Know why? i don't hack.

    No company in their right mind would listen to their players on a ban other then to say ok he has been accused allot lets check into it and watch him for a while.

    You can see for yourself that they have s/s's taken from the hackers forums, This makes me believe that they payed for the hack or got in via other means and found out what codes were being altered and detected them, meaning that retards like you who hack get banned because they are found to be sending the altered packets which PB was looking for.

  141. Brilliant! Whats even more precious is the tears that flow from the whiners and ragers who hack and come up with the lamest excuses ever. Delighted to know that G1 doesn't tolerate these excuses and are taking a firm position!

  142. OK, trial period over. Do the deed G1...

  143. @PatriaX You made Rifleman 14 at Rank 164. You cheat, end of.

    Now go QQ some more....

  144. DO NOT take lightly on the "hackers"! Hardware ban them NOW, to prevent further problems that may creep the entire community and the success of the game launch! The best message is the one that gets understood, so If the hackers are supposed to learn from their mistakes, ban them forever, so they can start playing without cheating next time (play another game, of course, not APBR). This post is great news, I'm loving the way G1 is dealing, step by step, with these vermins that call themselves "hackers". Whatever the "hackers" claim, DO NOT unban them. Let them cry their tears of sorrow.

  145. At last i saw a lot of cheat addicted persons in new ban list -thanks a lot g1

  146. Maybe I'll play again now that there are less hackers, since it was difficult playing fair amongst hackers. Oh also, those people who play with hackers on their team piss me off just the same.

    Stop promoting hackers legit players!!!

  147. FInally! I left the game because those people months ago and with this good news I'm couraged to download the game again and support the developers as always. Keep on going G1 :)

  148. I wouldn't give hackers a 2nd chance, I would HARDWARE BAN THEM and laugh as they cry all over the forums, if they manage to have a way to do so.

    Also I still see tons of hackers out there, it seems the slap on the hand isn't doing crap to them, just making them rage hack to wreck your game even more.

  149. So I'm assuming when this goes live they will be issuing permanent bans? Since currently from the new ban list there are already a number of people back in under similar names hacking it up just as they were doing before.

  150. Me and a couple friends came back to APB from a long hiatus recently due to you guys FINALLY doing something about the hackers. We appreciate it and hope you guys don't back down. Hackers were making the game UNPLAYABLE.

    Also, please don't implement any amnesty. These people knew they were doing wrong and were paying to do it. Make 'em start over fresh and see if they can do it right.

    Lastly, you guys need to be advertising your actions on some game media sites, you'll probably get some good press, praise, and reclaim some old accounts who left because of the incessant cheaters.

  151. Great job! I love how most of these hackers are illiterate kids. " how ccn u ban me, i wassnt cheattn , derp derp derp.

  152. any udates on the road map to 1.6 patch?

  153. to people talking about Cheat Engine (by DarkByte) - it's nothing more than a hex editing software reading process memory. i doubt it's considered to be a hack of any sort (as long as you're not running it while playing a game or trying to edit APB process values... which, i recon, wouldn't work anyway because most of the MMOs are more into server-side calculations than client-side). but it would be cool if TechMech could verify me opinion.

  154. nice detective work. actually teaming up with community members and putting the innocents first, such a change. i think i'll entertain the notion of coming back. you haveth my money for now g1. and if you get VAC secured or get with Steam, you'll have my money for life.

  155. I don't agree with the strike system that some have pointed out. If you're caught, you're out. No coming back. The strike system only encourages people to hack, not keep them away. "Guess what, I still have 2 strikes to go, which means I can keep hacking!" The point of the system that's implemented now, is to teach others, not the ones that hack.

  156. When is there a new update :)?
    Like to read those updates!

  157. Love it, and love the game.

    They deserve it.

    Love the "unprofessional" attitude.

    1 week playing, and I see a massive wipe of hackers. I want to pay for prem. I see a new solid investment.

    Cry moar hackers. Though the tears here are epic, they are even more tasty in game and their hacks can't make up for their sorry "skill"

  158. I've never played this game, just checking the site out ..

    I just wanted to say you're little notice here, you used very harsh wording.

    You do realize talking like that doesn't deter cheaters, but encourages them right?

    "we are ratcheting up the cheat hunting in such a manner that you cannot return. Ever."

    Quote this one as famous last words.
    I'm not going to come to your game, nor am I going to indulge in that VERY tempting OFFER.

    Just know that you can't secure yourself 100% on the internet and you will suffer dearly in stress and frustration trying.

    You ban the accounts, they don't CARE about the accounts ANYMORE than you do. They make more just as easily as you do. You wanna keep your game safe from cheating? Don't give it out STUPID.

  159. ok good move. Now I will come back and actually start using the Arma's Marketplace

  160. Lol, hackers can never be permanently banned, unless you strip them of a computer and interwebz.

    This will only deter kids that use hackers programs, and consider that makes them a hacker as well. It doesn't.

  161. Ok! I'll come clean. I'll come clean to using TS3 for communication so we could easily take down enemies. Then used Xfire to record my games so I could watch them later. Totally giving me an unfair advantage, as I could watch what I did wrong in a match and learn from my mistakes.

    I say, I have always supported y'all, but this, this is just wrong of y'all.

  162. I suppose that if you make some of the things free like layers on cars and bodyparts(like it was in the old APB) I think there would be less hackers becuase it's very annoying,almost it's like "You don't have premium-you can't do anything and you suck" Myselve, I like the game how you made it more realistic and other.. but please make some of the things I've said earlier in the comment. Best wishes JustKlixs

  163. In the end it was to be expected...
    I am sure all the points like "don't give away account details" and info about manipulating game files beeing inapropriate are written down in the rules, security advises and/or terms of use...

    It's poor but as long as a game is F2P there will be masses of cheaters coming back again and again...
    And it's even worse that the same happens in pay2play games either...

    G1 cannot change this and nor can anyone else so this is just natural human idiocy...

  164. "If someone TRULY comes back and plays clean - we may consider it."

    omg... IP BAN THEM 4EVER!!!

  165. Kinda of a old thing to be commenting on but hopefully it is read. The major issue is no matter what there will always be hackers, but if they know they can get away with it, there will definitely be more. Also people should be in control of their own account, I cant even count the times I have heard that same old song and dance when I was administrating for another nameless game. "I let my friend use my account and he used a Bot/Hack" We live in a horrible age where trolling and being a a**h*** is considered normal. How horrible is there? Kind people are the minority, that being said it really comes down to what type of player community do you want to flourish. I personally say Perma-ban accounts and three strikes from the same IP = IP ban. But even that feels to lenient, they have to be made a example of not be treated in a higher light then players who don't hack.

  166. So cool! let them continue using this cheats/hacks. (i mean ROOTKIT) :), thats going to be sooooO0 funny that all ther STEAM????(i bit that thy have payed for another games in steam!!!) will Publish to every1 :) ""have a NICE CHEATING/HACK""!

  167. I don't hack myself but I'm not really opposed to hacking; if you want to ruin your gaming experience, go right ahead.

    I find amusing though that people actually spend money on a game they "hack"... also these people consider themselves "hackers" but I doubt any have even seen code before(except those making the hacks).

  168. OMG!! Thank You SOO MUCH!!! This game is awesome, I even paid for a month(in spite of being semi aware of the hacker problems)... I then after being massacred repeatedly by hackers quit... I look forward to coming back! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  169. Just so people know, you certainly don't have to reinstall Windows to remove or modify a rootkit. I doubt many, if any of the cheats are "borked" in anyway.

    I do think "hackers" deserve a second chance but people don't just up and change overnight. I mean, maybe they chugged 16oz of robotussin and had their ego, personality and everything they "know" dissected and shown to them. Maybe they did change but in most cases it'll be a while before they want to play the game properly, 1 month minimum.

    Please don't go over-the-top with this anti-hacking thing though. It's good to stop these "hackers" but if the counter-measures negatively affect the quality of gameplay then they're probably not worth it. Currently it's fine but many companies go a bit crazy with this, you don't want to develop anti-hacking DRM or anything.

  170. why a last chance !? the cheat is a cheat !
    If you want cheat, no clic "I Aggre" in installation !

  171. Lol I love ban hammers :D *Thumbs up* G1.

  172. No amnesty please. It's bad enough that cheaters get to play the first time.

  173. I say way to go, if you have found a way to perm ban these people who are caught I will definitely keep playing this game, so sick of the losers who are so bad at the game they think cheating makes them a pro or a good player , to HELL with every single one of these pieces of crap let them burn in hell and have nothing to play !!

    And to quote 99% of the cheaters in game when "acting pro" with their cheat, "you're just a noob I don't cheat!" "You mad Bra?"

  174. First things first, nice job guys at G1.
    Second, I don't want to sound selfish or cheapass and i don't know if you guys receive that idea often but would it be possible for you developers to make graphic tweak mode for low end computers. :P I know it's a sloppy walk but even after tweaking some files (client files, not messing with servers files aka cheating) but (as noob as I am with computers) I can't find a good-fps spot. I'm just thinking it would be nice if we could choose our priorities (aka making player's characters look normal but making those civilians look very crappy, taking out those immaterial obstacles such as bushes, having very simple textures for the buildings or anything the player might be looking for his gameplay).
    Anyway, just my own feelings ;P

    Keep up the good work APB:R :D Even with some "crappy" textures, when the fps is enough, the game is awesome :)
    (lawl at those pc elitists that are gonna sue me for breathing their air...)
    128mb gcard and still playing happy ^^

  175. Hi Bjorn. I know this is necrophelia commenting on this blogpost now. But I'm basically all out of options. I really need the help of someone. My account has been banned now, but I swear to whatever god I might have to answer to that I have never used any third party software like they say I have.

    I have tried to talk to the support 6 times now. But they all just send me a standard, almost automated response where it says that I have used 3rd party software, that my account is closed and will not be opened again.

    I'm getting really frustrated since I have enjoyed this game since the dawn of RTW APB and have never done anything to jeapordize the account. Both because the name I use is the name I always use on mmo's which I want people to recognize in any game I meet them in, but also because I put down alot of time and effort on all my characters.

    I really am running out of options here, and I was hoping that someone could take a look at the case. I know you get alot of cheaters banned, and in 99% of the cases it's probably correct. But I don't think I would put this much effort into this if I was indeed cheating.

    skyfisk -at- is my address if you need that one, I really hope that we can get this sorted, because I really don't want to leave this game an angry Norwegian :(

  176. I played since Day 1 of original APB closed-beta, and came to APB:R and loved what you did. Still a great game, and the only thing that threw me off was the cheaters. So I quit, and I started getting asked "were you banned?" Because I quit a week before the system went out to stop all the cheaters. I may have to take another look at the game now.


  177. finnaly al thos noob cheater out of the game let the fun begin!

  178. Comment pending for approval. Now you let it look like everyone is happy with you. Smart smart.

  179. I played for 1 month without hacks, only used the enforcer hack thingy for 2 days and today I'm banned... kinda sad, but I don't really know if I wanna start playing again, I'll miss both my crim and my enf, and it still pisses me off how this game is following the ''pay 2 win'' model, even though it's getting new users everyday... is it really needed?

  180. Cheaters (because lets be honest, they cannot be called hackers. 99.9% of the people that cheat in game are just dumb fucks with money) should get no pity. They wasted money to ruin fun for other people. NO MERCY.

  181. I love how they cheat and don't think anything is wrong with it. Alot of them saying "oh I didn't even use the full settings" .. etc. What a bunch of lame tards. If you cant play by your own skills just quit, and for shits sake don't whine when you get banned for CHEATING.

  182. Good game keep it up. I'm crazy about the idea.

    How is status on catching cheaters in this game today? I left when the cheating were at its highest (It felt like that :)

    Are they still eliminated after this entry more than a 18 months ago?


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