Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Server lag = solved, TL-ratings changed, NVidia SLI support and patch 116 improvements

Today's patch caps lots of different tracks of optimizations and improvements that have been worked on in parallel for quite some time, so this post will outline all these changes.

Server Side Lag Solved

First up - as of this week we have officially sorted out all the items related to server side lag that were killing some servers at various strange intervals (5, 10 and 20 minutes generally). Without going in to extreme technical detail, the issue turned out to be the method used to invoke various external libraries that under certain conditions could cause network congestion on the server itself. That issue was fixed in the last 10 days, and combined with new networking equipment from Internap that optimizes the route selection from individual players, most server side lag conditions have now been completely eliminated.

The network routing optimization boxes are quite cool, as we were able to observe in real time some players connecting from Australia to Frankfurt (maybe not the best idea to connect that far) and see them drop from 1500ms ping times to 500ms ping times. Of course the 500 we cannot do anything about (given the physical distance), but the 1000ms improvement was very significant.

Will you or some of your friends still see game lag? Sure - under three conditions; (1) your home network runs in to congestion, (2) your ISP has a freak-out and messes up its routes to its peers or (3) your home computer is not up to spec and you end up lagging all the time (but that's of course client side lag which is a whole different beast).

NVidia SLI support in the new 280.26 WHQL drivers

NVidia notified us this week that the new WHQL drivers now have the APB profiles included. This is the link to the drivers. The SLI profiles are NOT listed in the release notes, but, if you install these drivers and attempt to run the game using NVidia SLI card config, you will see that the game FINALLY runs as expected.

Download the final release drivers from here:

(and again - the listed games in their notes is for NVidia 3D vision support, something we have not yet added, but is also on our list of optimizations to come at some point in the future).

Threat Level Revisions

A few weeks ago we released code which altered the matchmaking, but in doing so, the code also (actually at my request) included a new 'uncertainty' modifier value which basically made the matches made with new players slightly more 'uncertain' (and for a longer discussion about the matchmaking changes you can look at the earlier blog posts).

Due to some interesting math behavior - the rating system has been properly rating people (so everyone on a relative basis has the proper rating). Here is a histogram of a set of 15,000 ratings from one world from one day in the game using the RAW (underlying) rating data.

Keep in mind that this data DOES NOT equal the game Threat Levels (as you can tell from the above diagram, the ratings are from negative to positive rating levels and don't line up with TL values). However for those who like math, the ratings DO fall on a nice even bellcurve, which in fact IS the expected outcome of our rating system.

So if the RAW ratings look nice and curve-like, then what on earth went wrong when 'translating' the ratings to in-game Threat Levels? 

In short - the location of the middle of the bellcurve is NOT where we had expected it to be when we implemented the formulas. In fact - in the live data the bellcurve center appears around the value "5.5" and not at the expected value (which was expected to happen much higher up on the translation scale). There are a lot of math reasons for this 'real world' outcome (after all - that's what we use Beta to figure out), some of the reasons had to do with the formulas and parameters used, and some were the result of the APB mission system and how players of different ratings group for missions.

So what happened in the current translation in game? Well - we accidentally ended up with THIS lopsided translation to threat levels that people saw in the game:

What actually happened was that the translation from RAW rating data to visual game information (threat levels) pushed 35% of players into TL 1 (aka Bronze 1). In fact a total of 50% of ALL players were rated Bronze 1, 2, 3 (!). That means there is an ENORMOUS difference in skill between players within those three rating levels - and then everyone else were spread out across the rest of the spectrum. Or another way to think of it - the difference in skill between the lowest Bronze 1 player and the highest Bronze 3 player was just as great as the difference in skill between a Bronze 4 player and a Gold 10 player (!). 

Clearly that was NOT the expected amount of players in those threat levels, and the TL values became pretty useless to gauge overall skill between players. 

In spite of the above translation issue, even though the underlying RAW data was correct, the visual translation into the actual game certainly did not work as intended, and has lead to a LOT of concerns and complaints in the game.

As a result - with patch 116 we have re-translated all the RAW data, into new TL values. When 116 goes live, then the ACTUAL threat level distribution will look like this:

The idea with this distribution is that 30% of players will be Bronze (1-10 in the above chart), 60% will be Silver (11-20 above) and 10% will be Gold (21-30). In this rating system only 0.2% of players will be Gold 10.

The vast majority of players will end up in the range Bronze 6 to Silver 8 (80% of players), and then players above (Silver 9 and up) or below (Bronze 5 and less) will be quite rare (roughly 10% above and below that middle set of values).

Silver 5 will be the most common rating, with 9% of players being a Silver 5.

So when you log back in to the game tonight - don't be surprised that your level has changed. In fact - it may have jumped from a Bronze 1 to a Silver 2 (if you were at the very top of the Bronze 1 range).

Therefore the new threat translation should give you a lot more useful information about the matches you have with opposing players.

Will there be other TL related issues in the future? Potentially - but the plan going forward will be to re-balance the TL display at least monthly.

Hong Kong Premium Server Launch, and the upcoming Russian and CIS world.

Tonight we also enabled the "premium" server in Hong Kong. This is entirely a system meant to give low-latency access to a region that we don't really support yet (given the very high prices for connectivity in the region), and you can ONLY access this server if you are a premium player. That's a little counter-intuitive for a Free2Play© game, but, since you can continue playing for free on the Los Angeles server (where our cost of operations is 10X lower than in Asia), we felt that we would offer a premium access choice for those who really want low ping times to the games locally in that region.

If this experiment works, then we will also consider adding an Australian Premium server given the tremendous amount of interest we seem to have from Australia and NZ as well, where the cost of internet service is equally astronomical.

We have made progress on launching the game in Russia and CIS as its own separate territory, and I will update the blog when we have more details on that launch. When that happen we will also be able to re-enable the use of Cyrillic characters in chat, game names etc. for the Russian and CIS worlds and will migrate all Russian characters over to that world.

Going to GamesCom or GDC Europe?

We do have a contingent at GamesCom and GDC Europe. If you are going as a gamer (to GamesCom) or an industry person (to GDC), certainly feel free to come by.

We have a pretty small presence at GamesCom (mostly for 'fun') but we WILL be giving out quite a few free codes and other swag, so stop by the APB 'alley' if you plan to be at the conference. You can also meet with some of the APB Devs, Artists and Designers who will be there handing things out.

Patch 116;  Various fixes plus 'spammy popup reduction'

For patch 116, please see the patch notes on the forums, but one of the bigger changes involves reducing the annoyance factor of the popup we added in earlier builds meant to point out the clear difference between premium and non-premium players. We may have gone a LITTLE bit wild (yes I know - maybe VERY wild) with the earlier version of the popup with the sheer amount of notifications. In build 116 we relaxed the spammy nature of the notifications to a much more manageable level.

In the new build the popup does NOT appear in the Tutorial (which was a little over the top), and does not appear when you hit Heat 5, and it ONLY appears after 50% of the missions during normal play. Of course getting a premium account completely removes the popup (yay!), just like premium cable TV has no commercials.

However - for all the people that expressed their concern about this popup, it is worth noting that premium conversions JUMPED nearly 40% over the old conversion rate when we added this notification (potentially people didn't realize what they were missing :) ), so we are going to continue using the popup (albeit in a much milder form). After all, this increases our ability to launch more stuff by being able to increase our staff to work on all the remaining issues in the game. After the popup was added about 33% of all the CCU at any given moment on any server are now Premium players, and the number is growing.

Future Changes

Next up - we are continuing to work very hard on optimizations and exploit fixes as well as the next set of feature changes. Based on some really interesting work we are doing right now we have been making some tremendous progress and at some point (when things thoroughly QA-ed and ready) we plan to release of a lot of changes simultaneously, which likely will take the edge of many current and future exploits. I won't be sharing more than that until it's ready to go (given the enormous amount stuff involved), but as soon as we are ready we will share much more data.

Finally the new features (ClanWarfare, Racing and Asylum) all are progressing, though with a relatively small team progress is taking a little bit of time. Once these features are close to release, we will share that here and then we will start preparing for the final 'formal' (non-beta) release of the entire APB Reloaded game.

Stay tuned - and see you at GDC and/or GamesCom in case you are stopping by!



  1. TL system is looking fantastic, I can't wait to try it out later. Good work devs.

  2. Bjorn first of all thanks for fix the lag a little bit.

    Here's the problem when the game was Closed beta i always played at maxed settings without any problems Anti Aliasing 8x now with those patches i cannot play at maxed settings WTF you guys are doing!! when the closed beta started my fps always at 62-74 FPS all the time now with the new version 1.5.2 the fps is runnig at 56-60 Fps and i cannot play at higgest settings its not my computer i build my own gaming computer i play alot of games and this is the only game that the fps Always drop like this in my computer with is really weird....

    and here is my specs.

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64-Bit
    Intel® Core™ i7-980x 3.33Ghz Extreme Edition
    Thermaltake Big Water A80 Series
    Corsair 8GB DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz
    NVIDIA GTX 295

    Its imposible that the problem is my computer.
    I Play Crysis 2,GTA IV,Team Fortress 2,Splinter Cell Conviction,Assasin Creed Brotherhood and i have more games on Steam that i forgot the name right now. i know its a freeeee!!! GAMEEE and its beta but i see alot of games that are beta have Unreal Engine 3 and dont have lag.

    I Live in Puerto Rico and always the MS Drops to 921MS when i reach 1 hour of playtime. i really dont know what more to say but its pathetic and sorry for say that.

  3. I felt like you lowered rewards too much for non-premium players. I had to buy premium because I wasn't making $$$ after car spawns and ammo.

  4. @Jay M - we will continue working on optimizations. Because there are more features in the game, the FPS may have dropped and we will come back to further frame imrpovements. However 56 FPS doesn't sound terrible, though I understand that the 5%-10% drop can be disappointing. Do try the new 280.26 video driver from NVidia and see if it improves the fps for you.

  5. @ER, we have to make it reasonable for people to convert to Premium, otherwise the game will not survive. At $9.99 for the first 30 days, and $7.99 for future 30 day blocks (if you re-up before the first month is over), that clearly is less than most other MMOs on the planet :). Or as a free player you will need to play a slightly larger amount of games :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That advertising "you could have got this" pop up did seem really annoying for my free friends.

    50% of the time is still a pain. I would suggest if you REALLY think it is necessary, then add it only when players do quite well on a mission.

    That way it could turn into a badge of honour. "I did so well on that mission I got the premium popup". Doing well on a mission obviously changes from person to person.

    As it stands, it caused a few of my friends who played the free version to quit (who did buy ARMAs weapons) which is a real pain for me, because I have a less of a reason to play now.

    Maybe consider not showing the pop up for anyone that has given you any kind of money? I think your real focus here is trying to get people using the ARMAs, once they have done that and you have taken money from someone, they are more likely to pay again if they enjoy the game.

  8. Great job, but what about the "pc freeze" problem? Is it solved or we still wait?

  9. Thats ok.but we are waiting sooo much for apb's opening, dont we?.we still play open beta, and if u look to game; nothing so big change's coming up.we are all maxed contacts, waiting for clan warfares, new districts, and car parts.

    we have 1/3 hacker players in apb.and no one gets ban.u guys are looking for lag etc.but when u gone fix that problems too?

  10. How about another fantastic premium benefit: disabling preset mods!

    What's that? They've put ramming plate on another premium car? Disable it!

    How long does it take you to reload a star spider? Half an hour? Disable extended mags!

    Huh, a reflex scope on a preset machine gun? Disable that!

    Of course you won't be able to replace the disabled mods, but it would be nice to be able to turn them off sometimes. Often one mod will ruin a perfectly good preset car or weapon.

  11. @Bjorn i usually played in Patriot in the EU server and ive played since the very day this game went live over a year ago and i have never ever seen this many hackers on patriot, im afraid im leaving until this gets delt with as its just unplayable. i really like the game, i just really hate the hackers.

  12. still have pc freeze, i hope that this problem will be fixed soon because PAB is a fantastic game and i dream to play it without rebooting pc every few minutes.

  13. Immediately after this patch I was banned. I had just installed Blockify today ( and got a second account banned as well. After removing Blockify and creating a third account the bans stopped. I have submitted a ticket to PunkBuster as well, but figured I'd throw up the info here on the blog for other players. If there's anyway for me to contest the ban please post it up here, I'd like to get my account back = (

  14. Being that the SPCI program is a complete failure and i got perm banned from the forum for speaking out. The guy that runs it does not even know who who the devs are

    On the other side you guys keep giving support to the god aweful looking site like apbvault while some of us who do much better for the community get punished for helping

    American offices and the actual devs have little communication and this is really frustating

    I have proof that most of bugs i report never reach the devs unless I aproach them directly (tell neume to read his damn twitter sometimes)

    At the end im done helping out the game tech and im gonna focus on killing newbs in game

    so much for spci and making the game better, and yes I knew about the drivers.. but guess what I could not tell anyone cause I was forum banned. (lol)

    Anyone replying here: careful about helping out the game cause the wrong kind of help is not wanted.

    FYI: cheat devs found out 2 weeks ago that they push strings to districts and i tried to tell gamerfirst and they never EVEN listened. now 300 bans were lifted and cheaters are thankful, to bad G1 is ignoring me, I actualy had a fresh aprach

    (dint even read the blog) :(

  15. HELL my idea would of helped ALL your games across the board, much better than the hwid bans

  16. and you know tech? a ton of people are loosing hope in your game, several who think you guys are fucking shit up by giving the biased player base some power

    your SPCI and SPCC progams will fail just like when your forum mods got cauth cheating

  17. @Bjorn,
    In a comment above, you talked about how premium is now at 10 dollars and 8 dollars with the premium discount but you said it as if it would stay at this price. Will it? Or will the price of premium go up to 15 once the game is out of BETA like mentioned before?

    - Vulft

  18. How about a fix for certain ATI cards making players invisible and bright random colors? I recently had to switch to my old ATI radeon 4870X2 2gb and half the people I face are invisible and no renaming the exe to crysis sucks and causes a massive FPS drop and this isn't the crossfire issue since I'm not running crossfire.

  19. @Blackhawk
    The 4870x2 is a dual GPU card so it may still be a crossfire issue.

    That being said, I have installed the 280.26 drivers and am still unable to run both GPU's on my GTX590 without encountering flickering issues.

  20. did anyone even bother to post or bump the forum trhread for this? lol

    (ati fixes are next)

  21. I understand why you have a premium pop-up but can you atleast make us able to close it with ESC and not only pressing "Later" button, that is one thing i find utterly annoying having everything else close with ESC but not the premium pop-up. And that should be considered something that is wrong cause ESC should close every window.

    // Biggs

  22. @Bjorn
    TL system will never work correctly because its TEAM Threat Level now, not your TL. IT depends on WIN/LOSE not your actual skill so this change will not repair the TL system.

    IF this never changes then to improve TL you will have to:
    1) Play Solo , FRACK YEAH!!
    2) Play only with good players without Meta Team

    Rest of option is based on luck with backup and dispatching.

  23. Hello.
    Are you actually of the false-positives bans wave ?
    I know personally 1 person who's been banned by PunkBuster, that I can certify not cheating ; I also know that a few people in my clan had the same issue.
    Looking at G1's forum, this is going since 7/28 and I really wonder how such an issue isn't fixed already ! Overmore, there is almost no communication from staff about it...

    I'm actually not playing as much as I'd like to because I'm scared to get legit-banned too... fix PunkBuster !

  24. Freaky they aware just dint care to tell the players

  25. Humm, the tl change is a start, lvling bronzes to low silver players wil" result to a certain amonth of mid silvers be high but the proble of a big difference on players skill will stay, till this new sis get stable.

  26. The main reason I stopped playing is the apparently crazy increase in haxx0rs lately. At least on Obeya

  27. let me cast a little question upon @Bjorn / TechMech : after playing the open beta with lots of lagg, I've configured the configuration files with the lowest settings , i do not have an optimal graphics card (ati radeon HD4350) but still it runs quite nice on my Q8300 QuadCore, although since the latest updates, my PC gets stuck on 34 F/P/s on the client, but a total latency of 200/250 MS when driving or shooting, this makes the game slightly unplayable when entering missions against players who do run the game correctly.

    any help please? already overclocked, configured ini. files and so on.

  28. @dreamss

    I am pretty sure you were forum-and-SPCI banned for being a jerk.

    Help is always wanted and appreciated, presuming you are actually trying to be genuinely helpful.

    You can always appeal to Neume if you want to be reinstated.

  29. @themitchhh

    200/250ms latency sounds like you are playing from a long distance from the datacenter? From where and how far are you connecting from? There is not much we can do about the distance (if that's the issue).

    The lower frame rate - if it is 34 FPS now, what did it use to be for you earlier? There were some changes in the game that could have reduced FPS slightly (we have seen some other players report the same), and we should be back to optimization later in the release cycle.

  30. Too bad, but me and all my friends stopped playing. Look, it is fine if there is a cash shop in game. But..

    - The prices are insane.
    - You offer old content only unlockable through the cash shop.
    - OP guns which are overpriced.
    - Premium is a joke. Why? We get f*ckall for the amount of money we have to pay. In a P2P game, you get the WHOLE game if you pay.
    - The amount of advertisement is insane. If I am a premium player, I DO NOT want emails and ingame advertisements telling me to go premium.

    And really, sort out the game before charging money. I played for almost 600 hours, and still the same bugs are in the game, since RTW.

    The game runs shite compared to how it looks.

    And comparing the cash shop of this game to the cash shop from League of Legends and Global Agenda, I only can say, GamersLast, MoneyFirst.

    NEVER put any gamebreaking items in a cash shop. And why the flying duck would you put old content in the cash shop? The game is all about customization and I can't even unlock car parts anymore.

    Why doesn't APB get a developer/company who actually cares about their playerbase.

  31. Thank you for hard work all of you :) really GJ

    My big ask will be only hackers block. they so much in this game. There is lots of good players that are real good. but I see aimbot and wallhack all the time. I changing dist every time for ignore them.

    Please lunch Nuclear rocket on hackers :) I will lovely to watch how its blow :) :)

    and again thanks for Good Job! ! ! !

  32. The premium popups are tantamount to ransomware, plain and simple. (Ok sure it's not holding your entire computer hostage but it's essentially the same thing on a smaller scale)

    On a supposedly F2P game that's just ridiculous. -.-

    Just sayin'

  33. For the NVIDIA ver.280.26, it says it doesnt work with my kind of windows which is Windows 7 Ultimate

  34. not to mention the core clique is allowed to come troll me in irc and do whatever they want.. yet everything i do or say is being inspected by a microscope and logs are sent to you guys

    every exploitable thing i have found was reported to g1 first.. i have never abused anything to benefit me personaly

    even when i found a way to create CB keys using you guys own backend.. i reported it and made sure it was fixed (ask vali). yet im accused of making a keygen (i only implied it was posible)

  35. hell i was kinda told (never directly) that i was trolling OTW with the said toys.. lol when i had your own forum mods on my group watching me

    we did 3 matches.. they left vent channel and district and totaly ignored me

    everytime i tried to befriend the other cores they simply ignored me, the chief never gave me any info over the month i was core trial

    not sure how I was the jerk lol

  36. feel free to email me at you know where if you want to talk this further privately. which i tried to do but never got an straight answer. sadly the G1 american offices have me in the cold

  37. @dreamss - I'd be happy to chat with you offline. You should PM me on the forums with your email and I will get back to you in the next few days.

  38. @BladeArtist

    'Ransomware?' - because there is a reminder popup that will appear at most every 15-30 minutes or so after every second mission? Really? To get a game for free? If that is a huge issue then I suggest going premium.

  39. meh apb giveth apb taketh Edwin

    the devs are great people and some actions of their employes should not represent the real people behind this game.

    sadly we as players will never get the full story on anything due to fail politics

    Normaly I would stoped bothering long ago but love the game to much to see it fail, even if im kicked from the core team I will do my best to bring the random player concerns to the people in charge

    if anything bjorn concern encourages me to back and try again

  40. bjorn.. afaik the popup apears every match atm, sadly the feedback never reached the correct people.

    I think there gonna be changes to it in the future but atm its after every match

    (again there is A HUGE lack of communitcation with the game...

    you guys generaly dont tell people whats going on AND people seem to assume nothing is going on

    example: jump height increase was not advertized UNTILL the day it was going to live.. so only 20~ people got to debug it AND on the other hand the players dont think devs are doing anything


  41. as far for the guns, i suggested early on a bang for your buck deal.

    where people can get just more than 1 gun and you guys can get a nice chunk of money

    "includes 2 months of prem and random rewards"

  42. I think we need more answears on the APB reloaded forum cuz sometimes i ask there things that people view, say what they think and coment but i got no answear that i was really looking for...we need a moderator or some1 there that can really help us...

  43. @Edwin are you REALLY hailing Global Agenda as a success story?

    They have had zero content updates or adjustments in the last half year, their only "patches" have been to add more hats you can buy for real money, literally.

  44. @BJorn
    And you literally just said "Buy premium so we wont spam you", which kind of proves my point.

    Granted, it's not as bad now as it used to be when it popped up every time, but it's still annoying.

    Your goal is to _annoy_ your players into buying your product? Just because you see an increase in premium subscriptions does not validate your means of achieving that.

    Although I guess I'd take annoying popups over buy2skill weapons any time, but you guys seem to be doing that as well anyway. (Having a silenced weapon as a premium only option proves my point, not hearing your opponent is a massive tactical disadvantage)

    You should look at games like Global Agenda for how to do F2P properly -- those guys are treading a fine line but so far haven't annoyed me yet, per se. (I've even bought some of their boosters in addition to purchasing the game [AKA "Elite" after they introduced the F2P model] because of that, something that I won't consider doing just because some popup is trying to force me to -- if anything that's only going to make it less likely)

  45. Correct me if i'm wrong but... The reason the cash shops are high priced is because... Its OB lol.

    Isn't Gamersfirst trying to make some money so they can actually work up to fixes like these. To keep the game up to date and fun. I for one think it's a great idea haha. Yes i also agree is over priced and silly to buy. But Gamersfirst uses this as an advantage for the dumb people of this world.

  46. @dreamss - I am on a trip (so response will be slow) - but you realize that now I have to share examples of what specific concerns we have.

    Here is an example of you bragging to other players how you attempted to steal beta keys (or predict beta keys). Even if you say you never DID it, your communications indicate that you DID exactly that (so claiming to break things is almost as bad as actually breaking things).

    That certainly is an example of why you are perceived as a 'jerk' in the team. On the other hand - could you reform, and just become helpful instead? Maybe - but you would have to show that.

    And we have much more than just this chat btw (including your talks with Poedgirl).

    Again we are looking for anyone who is serious and can be of real help. Not someone who likes bragging ang making general trouble. I hope that's clear

    [2011-07-19 05::31:43] Sinister: Lol
    [2011-07-19 05::31:45] _dreamss: nuuu
    [2011-07-19 05::31:57] _dreamss: i still have my beta key generator
    [2011-07-19 05::32:04] _dreamss: sucks for the peoples keys i stole <3
    [2011-07-19 05::32:11] Sinister: And that fits into the convo how?
    [2011-07-19 05::32:15] _dreamss: WHY did you ajax a key check lol
    [2011-07-19 05::32:29] _dreamss: broke knows what im talking about :p random derps

  47. As far as the prices - some are high and some are LOW - because people pay those specific prices (or get big discounts during our daily deal specials).

    Now - the benefit is of course that we are then able to spend more resources on the game, the more we can generate from the game.

    Unlike RTW we have a very strict operating budget, which actually has to break even. THAT is for the benefit of everyone given that the game is going to live much longer than it did last time around. Also the dev team having pulled crazy work weeks for 10 months is looking for more developers to expand the team :). If you know any extremely great C++ coders out there with UE experience - we'd be thrilled to talk to them :)

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. btw did you get the whole log on my chat? or just cleverly edited logs to make me look bad?

  50. I also agree that the rewards for free players were reduced too much.
    Personally, I would rather have had a progressive system for free players. They'd gain the 'normal' amount up to a certain amount (for sake of argument, say 20K), after that rewards would be reduced as the players bankroll increases (again for sake of argument, to 20% of 'normal'). This would allow free players to finance weapons but limit, based on gameplay, high tier guns and mostly cars.
    Premiums wouldn't be affect by this and still gain their bonus. I think this sort of system would preserve free player goodwill and still provide an incentive to go premium.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. @Patrick, edwin is correct though, success of a game does not depend on how much content you overload people with. Global Agenda is stable, they have enormous content for PVE and PVP is somewhat ok, APB PVP > GA PVP
    Gamers actually dont care as much for overwhelming content updates, when they are satisfied with a stable game, they understand it and play it till they get bored. End of story.

    I actually like the simplicity of APB, you get exactly what you come there for. Wham bam thank you mam! New patch is actually really good, hackers are being dealt with, threat has been fixed. With hacker problem handled this game actually doesnt need any content updates imo.

  53. Meh and my big mouth, honestly I was joking with a webdev in the channel at 3am to stay awake, dunno if you have the whole log or just that but the next few lines I explain that it was a joke and I personaly reported the bug.

    ANYONE can look bad from irc logs (read sometimes), IRC has its own form of comedy and its never meant to take seriously

    Let me put it this way, why do you think im fighting so hard? or im this upset? I gain nothing.. no free G1c or ingame gear.

    IF you guys had "concerns" why NOONE from your team took the time to talk to me? I was not worth the time?

    On another more possitive note I still got some ideas for your company that I think will benefit all your games, and a small project i have for apb.

  54. @Freaky the false positive ban %tages are not very much. They were just casualties for a war against a bigger cause. I know there are terrain bugs which lets you see a red through walls, you see their hover text through the wall. If you follow that target and that target has a video cam on, it may actually end up getting you banned. I would much rather have an active community that reports suspicious activity and get some legit players banned as a consequence than NOT have a reporting system and anti-hack system at all. In most FPS games, aimbot is a problem and yes there are some innocent folks who fall to the ban hammer as a result. Just something you have to deal with..

  55. ALSO.. DAMN MY deleted posts in here. just realized that I deleted the reply when I commented that your forum mailbox is full. (MY BAD lol)

    Yeah im human and tend to make way to many mistakes :p On the plus side im willing to listen

    back to fragging


    ALL DISTS FULL OF HACKERS WTH? In every mission I meet hacker and they killing me 3 bullets kill is that real?

    today I seen hacker that 2 months ago was hacking and today his hacking no ban or anything...

    why the hell he hack today? why not banned 2 months ago?


  57. Bjorn keep up the good work :)) Also, I wanted to make a notice of the way data is called when anything with a vgui is brought up. Scoreboard, Character Progress, etc. Whenever it's called up for the first time and every so often it causes a spike for the majority of players I've asked. And was wondering if reworking the methods used for calling data to reduce lag and cpu was something you guys could or are already working on, a little acknowledgement would suffice. ;) Thanks man.

  58. Also, is in-game moderators, that are averagely check up on and monitored by admins something that has been thought about. Not to go as far with banning privileges cause that could get out of hand.

    But, just have have certain test monkeys or even have people fill out an application of the forums to get the position. You guys could then code some simple tools to view other players with the goal of making them so it's easy to determine if someone is snapping or walling, and then we could report the player and it would put them on a list that the admins could sort through and go check out for real. Possibly even have that player "REQUIRED" to be online for a certain number of hours every week. :))

    I think that it would be a non-abusive and non-intrusive way to spot/report hackers. Because after of my years playing in PunkBuster secure servers, the servers have always had admins/mods playing frequently enough to ban hackers playing, and that's where this falls through because of course there are "A LOT" of more players, but the mods seem like the only "SURE FIRE" way to rule out the cheaters. Because last I heard you guys were trying to check out the programs that the hacks use and that'll honestly be a bit*#. Sorry a longish message :/)

  59. Just a note, but the SLI issues don't seem to be fixed in 280.26... :( I still get the typical flickering and occasional mostly-invisible player.

  60. And yes, im sorry for the triple post. I also think it's neat what you guys are doing for the out of region areas. Applying something like that to the cheater situation would also prove useful. The "majority" of the cheaters aren't going to pay for premium or guns with the potential risk of losing them. And I know we have the North America and Europe Servers.

    What if, in every world, you guys set up a certain amount of servers that you need premium to play on, it's up to you on how to because you could put them in each world, or some other way. And gauge how many you need by using the same method as you do for the amount of servers you need to players now. So, the premium servers will have way less exploiters/cheaters. And it would work even better with the more premium players you guys said you've been getting.


    Great, now all we need is an anti-cheat system and a bit of game optimization because many people (like me) with powerful computer, which can withstand Crysis 2 on max graphics with decent fps and no stuttering, badly optimized MMOs like Rift on max graphics with once again decent fps and no stuttering and games with some powerful physics like Dirt 3 and Mirror's Edge (I know it's old but there are some really insane scenes, where ur fps goes down to 15-20 when windows get smashed and glass is flying) on max graphics. So yeah, that's the most important thing. Then mission objective locations must be reworked. Sometimes u have to go to the other side of the building just to go inbetween them where ur objective is. Sometimes for one of the factions the objective is in closed space with only one way in and the other faction has an objective which can be seen from anywhere (i.e right next to the street behind a fence... and u can shoot through the fence). Or when you witness someone and ur drop off is on the other side of the city and his is right next to him... so if you get killed you spawn next to your drop off and it's over. Now that I'm talking about spawns... they need a fix too. Once I died, the opponents did their objective and I spawned next to it while the next objective was 1300m away and the enemies were already 900m away from it... and I don't there isn't even a single neutral car which I can take. Oh yeah... and witnessing... I think it's obvious - an enforcer might come behind u and u don't notice him while ur carrying loot... so you get ran over or shot right when he clicks his button without u expecting it. And when you want revenge you can't witness him or anything... you can't shoot him after the mission is done. It's over and the "bad" guy can't do shit about it because he's obviously a criminal, who can't shoot at the good guys *cough*. I mean that's what criminals do, right? It's like u swapped criminal and enforcer roles. Enforcers kill whatever they want (there isn't even a big penalty for killing civils) and criminals just ram/transport vehicles... no murder. This is pretty much what came to my mind. The game needs a bit of rework and that's it.

  62. I was wondering were is admins ? why in servers no admin? they need check players and see who's hacking.

    in dists I see only advertising and no admin actions .. I was in 1 dist and there was full hack going on and no admin or something that can do anyting with that... only way was change dist now its were ever dist I go hack is always :(

  63. waht about able to shoot anyone? or anyone on the other faction instead of having to be in a mission, that sounds like fun and I think it was mentioned before, any truth to it?

  64. *sigh*
    After I dunno how much time, I finished reading ALL of the comments...
    Here goes my 2 cents:

    Great news that the Server side lag was fixed (I for once, can't distinguish server lag from client lag, except when everyone complains at the same time).
    But still, I still think you need more networking engineers working on the game... It's networking needs to be optimized, but on a p2p basis...
    What I mean is: I live in Portugal, average 62ms when I'm "alone" and not downloading anything specific. There are times where I go into a mission as backup with 20 guys, and my ping goes WAHOOOOO to 1500ms when I see a bunch of dudes together that I haven't downloaded their "clothes" yet... This can also be proven with the fact that a friend of mine that has a crappy ass computer with windows XP, has an average of 20-30FPS (I have an average of 50-60FPS with everything maxed out including AA and resolution), but he NEVER gets these lag spikes because has optic fiber Internet (between 50 and 100mb) while I have a standard 20mb Internet (because my ISP hasn't gotten optic fiber to my region yet).

    I think that when you join a mission, what-ever it is, there should be a 10s waiting time where the game pauses for EVERYONE, so everybody can download each other's clothes and cars, so we don't lag-spike when some "new dude" is shooting at us...

    I hope I can make myself clear...

    Also, is it possible so when you lag (Internet wise), you game continues on and doesn't get stuck? It's really annoying coming out of a tiny alley with a fast car, and going into a street with a lot of people and you just ram everything and kill every civ. because the game turns uncontrollable...

    I think I've said enough about this huge issue (I could keep going on, but I wanted to point out the most important thing that no1 has pointed out in these comments before).

    I won't come back here to this webpage so I won't read any replies you make, unless this reply system sends me an email, so if you really want to state something that doesn't match or completely agrees with me, my in-game name is Chinoman10 (it's like that everywhere, even on my website (down atm)).I play on EU2.


  65. Forgot to mention that the game usually uses 2,5GB of my RAM... Making my 4GB practically useless with FireFox occupying 700MB with 20tabs open and several other programs like Skype also being non-responsive whenever I click outside the game (I run on windowed atm, to test if the lag spikes reduce... But I haven't seen any results so far...)


  66. Chinoman10 should not be running so many background processes when playing APB. your resource budget is easly expended even at 4GB of ram

    if the player wants to multitask then upgrade to 8GB of ram

  67. Yo!

    GJ guys, keep it up!

    BUt one thing I'm dissapointed at..

    Where is the new district u talked about in Februrary? I'm still waiting for it..

  68. Tastyandy apb is gonna get tons of new content, just not added yet :p

    personaly i cant wait for the new assylum district, new map and new ways to kill!


    gogo 21836kills

  69. @Tastyandy - we are working on the stand alone Racing District as well as the stand alone Asylum District. It's taking us much longer than originally anticipated, mostly due to all the resources we have been spending on other fixes in the game. But we are back to working on these key items.

  70. @dreamss - impressed to see you are still sticking around. I am happy to have you re-engage with us as long as you continue being a force for good in the game. And yeah - your big mouth appears to have gotten you in trouble a few times. But we can be a forgiving bunch. Don't spew hatred if you cannot stand the outcome. But if you stick around I am sure you can get The Wall and Neume to forgive you.

  71. haha tech, yet to be told the honest story and from the looks of it you guys dint get the whole story either, im still frustated that none of you asked for my side

    specialy since I spent a lot of time in the forum/irc/ingame and all they could come up is a few chat logs that where cleverly cut to make me look bad.

    yesterday i heard something funny that actualy gave me a new outlook, and like i said. communication is not you guys best fortee ;) (not mine either)


    ^ deepest art in APBR so far, WTB find the spot contest :)

  73. techmech quite honestly I take it personaly when I read comments like "Don't spew hatred" or "being a jerk" when I have spent 90% of my time being a positive force for APB. :(

    Dunno just seems like I deserve more communication instead of having to vent out on the forums and then get oerm banned. (did you even read the post I was banned over with, or anyone bother to ask for the full irc log?)

    fyi: kimiko one of your best forum mods was about to quit her position when she saw all this crap. and she is the first person to yell at me when I fuck up :/

    also.. WHAT did i do to neume :( He used to respond to all my twitt messages and I always listened what he had to say, again im quite hurt noone bothered to look up my game account and shoot me an email/pm.

  74. @ Bjorn

    Hello there,
    I am having a strange error:

    -What World and District where you trying to log into?
    Obeya- europe 1
    -Were you switching districts?
    No I was logging in with my character into the *select District* screen
    -Did it happen at the first login?
    Nom my game crashed yesterday, I think before the update, and I tried to log-in back in the game but it gave me the same errors as to day, I thought it had something to do with the update.
    When I try to log in and select the character and click next I get these errors:

    World enter failed:
    Cannot connect to the world that this character resides on. The world may be unavailable, please try again shortly.

    You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly- The server mya have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues.

    I am having this error already for 40 hours, and still no fixes.
    I send G1 support a ticket. Post 100 topics on the forums, but still no answers.
    Can you help me out, if we talk in private?

  75. @dreamss - we appreciate anything positive you have done for the game. And I realize you are a super-frequent poster. So it's simple. Continue doing positive things, and positive things will happen.

    Also - stay away from even 'joking' about being a jerk, which you appear to have done on several occasions (or in this case - joking about being a hacker or a scammer). It's like yelling "BOMB" at the airport or "FIRE" in the movie theater.

    Don't do it. People will freak out. Especially if it comes from someone who was supposed to a trusted person.

  76. @ Bjorn
    U read my message in this blog?

  77. My biggest issue at the moment is lagging directly around enemies.

    Yesterday, I had a match with 4 guys. I had run nearby them a few times and had "downloaded" their clothes. I had an SMG so obviously, I'm a CQC kind of player, but EVERYTIME i got near them, my screen would freeze for about half a second, and that, as you know is crucial in a game like this.

    It happened a couple more times, even when driving next to them.

    This has a happened a handfull of times but it's obviously an issue with the networking, as chino said - And you REALLY need to sort that out first and foremost...bad netcode can kill a game.

  78. No, it seems dreamss and his plate is much more interesting than actually worthwhile posts, no offense. -_-

  79. Kenny Z: I apologize for taking over the blog but this is the only way Im finding out what I did that pissed off G1. since noone else bothered

    Ken Addeh: sadly sounds like your machine is the one having issues. apb does a ton of IO on the harddrive and sounds like you got bottlenecked.

    I actualy made a report on making apb perform better somewhere in the forum.

    Bjorn: OMG i never joked about being a hacker or a scammer.. I joked that the fail web developer made it possible. even neume has been known to have slipups (calling players rtard)

    this is not me yelling fire at an airport, this is me saying that a bunch of extention cords plugged to each other was cause of a fire

    this is frustating we cant talk privately -_-

    and quite honestly... bjorn it seems you already have your mind set about me and you wont even listen what I have to say :(

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. (please get over the damn irc log, the irc channel has been mine since RTW days and you guys stole it. this was my first experience with you guys way of treating the community - I have been working my ass off building the IRC community and im being treated like im the one trying to destroy it)

    at the end you guys are the ones that will be missing out, cause I never had an DC/AA/etc account yet I was able to deliver private info to you guys (why do I have to spell shit out)

    I have a reputation to uphold among the gray area community and the data gathered went directly to you

    I dont quite care about what the community thinks about me, I care what you guys tought about me (or used to care).

    i tought the SPCC was a PR battle and SPCI was for bug finding. boy was i wrong

    would you rather that we talked about bugs and whats possible privately cause where afraid of being punished from an offhand joke? or cause we know all logs are being cut and pasted to you?

    Only one that gained benefit from my actions was apb.

    HERE is what I been told I did:

    Trolling TM with unreleased items: this is why i was kicked off the core team aparentlu, yet it was a complete madeup lie that was allowed to make this whole even worse

    IRC log pasted: yeah a slipup but someone internaly could of talked to me about it as soon as they saw it, and that would been the end of it. yet that wasent the full log cause if you read it you see that the cores came in at 3am to atagonize me.. while i was having a real conversation with a player

    IRC log with poed: yes i was quite frustated from the actions of garry withholding important information. yet the next day i sent him i well tought out email about the matter

    Here is what I have done FOR apb:

    gave a shit about apbr :(

    (this is getting to the point that i have to digout dirt on everyone so i can defend myself?)

  82. Change name to "Money First".

  83. @ Bjorn

    I still cannot play due this error, I placed a tweet on neumes twitter and he just ignored it =(

  84. screw matchmaking and TL I WANT THESE DAMNED HACKERS BANNED FOR GOOD! i played for like 2 hours last night and about 40% of my matches had at least one obvious hacker in it. one guy think his name was "spriggs" was JUMPING AROUND while having perfect aim. not a missed shot while hopping around like a pogo stick...

  85. add that to the asshats who use an autoclick type input to spam their joker carbine at full auto speeds while having perfect aim. its almost like you guys have a deal going with the hack devs because soon your gonna need to hack just to keep up with every other player on the server. and the game being free means that account bans dont do anything at all.

  86. Can't help but feel you guys at G1 are ridiculously dense. (further reinforced by the fact that my old K2 account has been bugged and support is still telling me to "hold on" from February)

    The popups didn't cause users to buy premium. You NERFING FREE USERS INTO THE GROUND caused people to buy premium.

    I'm one of the people who quit playing instead of wasting my money. (which I barely have due to being unemployed)

    More-so, Punkbuster wasn't updated and hackers still run rampant. That's another cause for me quitting.

    Customer satisfaction = higher profits in the end. Think about it.

  87. I FEEL SO WASTED AND IGNORED... I posted a message at:
    G1Neume (twitter)
    Bjorn /TechMech (Blog)
    APB support ( Ticket send 3 times)
    Neume''s FaceBook..

    All this was IGNORED..
    @ Bjorn/TechMech

    I am going to cut my wrists, as I cannot play APB now ..
    This is making me a SAD PANDA..

    EDIT: I also send a message at ""apb_reloaded "" (twitter)

  88. @DAOWAce

    Chill out man, It is just a game ;p
    Look heres the thing: they DONT force you to pay.
    All the spamms in game are just advertising.
    If YOU think this game is WORTH paying, then pay, if you DO NOT think this game is WORTH paying, don't pay. Simple as that my friend.

    And besides, we live in a capitalistic world, they have to earn money at some point. I also agree with you that they sometimes go too far, but that is just my opinion. I like this game, but it would be nicer if the support in this game was better. They will support you whenever they want, that is just bad. I already asked Bjorn to help me with my issue. I already asked Aleenia on twitter to help me. I already asked Neume on twitter and facebook to help me. I made a few topic about my issue and still no answers. I feel Ignored. I don't have a voice in the support, that is too bad. As I am now losing my patience..
    If anything play/or don't play, this game is cool though, but it is not finished( keep in mind that it is still a beta game).

    But then we go back to my first thoughts..
    It is a beta game, you can use it as an excuse, BUT this is a BETA game where people PAY. So
    in that way people actually want to see IMPROVEMENT. I can agree with those people. We also should be more *updated*. Like what is going on in the Devs Team, where are they working on etc.

  89. @Phosgene - sorry - don't mean to make you feel we are ignoring you. But the whole team has been travelling to GamesCom this week, so it's been a little bit hard to follow up on all the items. I have asked the remaining US team to follow up with you, since it sounds as if your account has gotten into a bad state. And we CLEARLY don't want you to hurt yourself over a game!

    The team should be following up with you shortly.

  90. Hey Phosgene,

    Can you message me on Twitter? @G1Neume We're trying to get to the bottom of your problem.


  91. I honestly dont care about the new upcoming content, I am really happy with what the game has right now and I am willing to spend money for it if more initiation is shown towards identifying and banning hackers. Also quick responses to reports was a must. Maybe an online admin who can "watch" accused hackers on the server side. In my experience there are atleast 3-4 hackers per district online at all times.

  92. OMG what happened today, I have never seen sooo many hackers in one month than what I have just today. Right after servers came back on, a barrage of hackers on the enforcer side logged on and hacked for hours. What are the admins doing? How come sooo many hackers all of a sudden are loose.

  93. I think this is a great Idea for your game, REMOVE the threat based matchmaking all together. It is obviously not working out. With majority of the hackers bottled up in the high threat levels, the high threat bracket is more of a lottery atm.
    restrict premade groups to 2, make the matchmaking ENTIRELY random amongst all players on the server. That way chances of players running into hackers is a lot less and games will be fair. Yes if its your luck you will run into highly skilled players sometimes but by being random the games will be more fun and fair. Let the luck of the draw do the talking. It will fix your game

  94. Hey do u use the old apb client or what cause I'm not sure how to play, please email me at


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