Thursday, July 21, 2011

Open Beta 2 (version 1.5.2) live now

(plus Nvidia SLI support coming soon)

So - after some initial delays (recall we had targeted June 30), APB Reloaded Open Beta 2 launched this morning.

The initial patch had a few stability issues at full production load, which meant we had to quickly re-patch, and now the team is working round-the-clock on another patch to solve the remaining disconnection issues in the next 24-48 hours.

Open Beta 2 (aka 1.5.2) contains the biggest changes to Missions, Matchmaking, Skill Rating and District Recommendation to date, and it's very difficult to simulate some of the effects of these changes in QA or even in the smaller "Test World" - so for the next week we will be watching all the data coming in from these changes very closely, so everyone should expect there to be rather frequent patches over the next week.

In other words - YES - between now and next Friday I expected daily occurrences of "15 minute warnings" to take districts down for patching. If you see one of those, then please just log in after the patch and continue testing.

NVidia SLI support will be added in next NVidia driver set
We just received formal notification from NVidia that they are finally including a dedicated APB Reloaded profile in the upcoming beta driver-set 280 thus finally enabling NVidia SLI support. The current driver-set (275) was released June 22, so we expect 280 to appear on the NVidia site the next two weeks. Once the 280 beta drivers are live we'd highly recommend every NVidia gamer try them out (and report on them). This driver update should finally resolve the high end SLI related issues for APB Reloaded (!). Next up - getting AMD to do the same for CrossFire, and then finally fixing some lingering sound driver issues.

After these hardware issues are resolved we will take the decision if we are going to create an Open Beta 3 (aka v 1.5.3) version that will incorporate the next major feature update and optimizations, before we go to final Live/Production release (version 1.6.0). More info to come on this after we have patched and updated 1.5.2 and everything is stable, as well as a longer discussion about future optimizations to 32-bit implementations (which still is affecting about 24% of all our players).

Matchmaking and Threat Level Changes
The initial indications from this morning is the people are getting much better matches, but under some circumstances are now seeing a pretty large REDUCTION in threat level compared to what they used to have, even when they are winning.

We will analyze this data today and tomorrow as we get it from the live servers, since it's clearly possible that there could be a bug in the threat system. However (and this is important), the changes we made can also make you arrive at a NEW threat level in the new system even after winning and it may end up being a LOWER threat. So it's entirely possible the system is working as intended and just being re-calibrated, but we will know more once we have analyzed the live datasets.

Also due to the changes, it used to be that everyone basically started out as roughly a Silver 2, and then moved up or down depending on match outcomes. Now instead everyone starts out as a Bronze 1, and from there start moving up (you can technically still move down, but then you just stay as Bronze 1). This change alone essentially could be thought of as 'reducing' all threat levels by about 12 levels (though of course what actually is happening under the surface is much more sophisticated than that).

Basically the threat system is based on two parameters, (1) your expected skill and (2) the uncertainty about your skill. If the system is very uncertain about your skill level, it will use the lowest possible value to signify your new threat. This is all to say that if you were to beat someone of a very different rank than you or who has a very UNCERTAIN rank, even if you WIN it's possible the system will determine that we are now in fact MORE uncertain about your real skill rating even though you won (!). If that happens it will (paradoxically) appear that you are going 'down' in threat level, but in reality your skill level may have stayed static, but the uncertainty about your skill level most likely increased pushing down your threat level. If you continue playing the level will eventually stabilize (though at a new value).

One of the reasons for this current effect might also be because as of 1.5.2 new players have HIGHER uncertainties (by about 25%) than in the original system (which is what makes them start out as Bronze 1 instead of Silver 2), and as those new players play with existing players, their uncertainties are 'spreading out' across all the other players (of course the math behind this is a little more complicated than this). But it also means that over time the system will again stabilize. However - it COULD MEAN that if you used to be a Silver 6, going forward will now be called a Bronze 9 (or other generally lower rating).

In the end, since you will be put in districts with similar ratings, the change should NOT have a massive impact on your performance.

However, we continue looking in to all the data, and we will determine if in addition to the re-calibration there is another hidden issue we need to fix. If we discover this then we will make an update, and also change the current threat levels. More info to come on this over the next few days.

Cheating Stats
So we were going to post a name-and-shame wall here on the blog (there is the outline of such a list already on the forums), but ran in to technical issues with the sheer volume of accounts (and blogger not having a good method of showing 6000+ entries) so we are still working on a method to link this to the blog. In this and future patches there are also new methods of detecting cheaters, though we will 'crank up the heat' on cheaters slowly (but surely) as we head closer to live production.

Contrary to what people think, the cheating percentage is quite small (in percentage terms) and we are finding, banning or suspecting about 1.3% of the entire userbase (another way to look at this; 98.7% of players do NOT cheat). And yes - Punkbuster might be slow to catch on sometimes, especially right after there have been some significant updates to paid cheats, but it pretty much always gets the cheater in the end. We DO have a group of suspected cheaters that we have NOT YET BANNED on purpose for a variety of technical reasons (those are the 'I'm crashing my system rather than being detected' crew - and you know who you are), but I feel sorry for their asses for having spent that much money to cheat in a free game, especially after we do include them in our future "Name and Shame" campaign.

Of course even though a low percentage of players cheat, they also ironically are also frequent players, which means they show up in matches slightly more often than non-cheaters. The net result is that usually a cheater is able to play a series of matches before we catch him/her (our name-and-shame log has this data as well), and there are large differences in cheating percentages by country. For example, a Russian player is nearly 2X as likely to attempt to cheat as an American player. Also paid players are slightly less likely to attempt to cheat (though some paid players ALSO try it, which does boggle the mind).

Again - just don't do it. If you do - you might get lifetime banned from all of our current and future games, even if your cheating was in the past (and we haven't yet banned you). Probably not worth the trouble, since all it really will do in APB going forward is to match you with much better players, so the result (if you are NOT a good player to being with and you are RELYING on cheating to get by) is that you will need to continue cheating to maintain your higher rating (it's like a crack-cocaine loop). If you stop cheating, then of course your competition will get easier as well, but during your descent you will of course lose (like drug-withdrawal).

Future Servers - Russia, Hong Kong and Australia
None of these future servers are live yet - but this is where we are heading. For Russia, we are in discussions with various Russian publishers to take all Russian players and to have a Russian publisher host and operate the game from Russia. There are a lot of reasons we want to segregate the Russian community, but mostly because we don't have a good payment network for Russia, and also to handle this from Russia would provide some improved performance to that local market. We will share more information about Russian servers as we announce those partnerships in the future.

On a trial basis we are planning something else interesting; we are going to put District Servers in Hong Kong and in Australia. But - because the cost of hosting, power and bandwidth is INSANE in those areas (bandwidth in Australia is 50X - FIFTY TIMES the price in the US) - we are going to make those district servers Premium Only. In other words - just like today, the thousands of players from Asia play on the Los Angeles servers, can STILL play in LA for Free, but if they want to play on a local (Premium) server they will need to have a Premium account.

As we get closer to these new server configurations, we will share more details, but I would expect this to happen sometime before September (and when it does - the world list will simply show new 'Premium' worlds that you can select).

In Summary
The next couple of weeks are going to be incredibly intense for all the teams as we work through Open Beta 2, and prepare for Clanwarfare and other critical updates that are just around the corner. We really appreciate the support from the community as we continue working toward making APB Reloaded the best Free2Play(R) game on the planet :) ! Obviously some critical things still to do (including Optimization for 32-bit and others), but after all the fixes are in we will have a really strong foundation for the next big release of the game. With today's patch we have taken a big step toward that goal, especially once kinks have been worked out in Open Beta 2.


  1. Fantastic blog post, covering a lot of the hot topics discussed on the forum. Thanks!
    - Niuva

  2. AWESOME POST! But we want more data!

    Telling the players how stuff work is such a great thing, we desperately need accurate data and at best most of the time we have to guess or dig the data out the game files.

    I still want accurate data for all mods, weapons (distance in m) and players stats (can only guess how much HP and STA players have)

  3. not to mention WE seen undocumented changes to stats all across the board :(

  4. There is lots of lag in the game which makes it very hard to drive since lots of walls appear to be clear but end up being well you guessed it walls and aiming at other players when your sight skips once in a while

  5. There are some glitches with the new patch, 2 missions I was on we could not kill our opposition because they were grey to us and vice versa.

  6. dont get me started on the whole test server snafu btw :p the server needs 3-4 full blown instances of people playing so instance crash bugs are bug before pushed to live :P

    make it available to everyone and open more communication, also encourage players to play on said servers by releasing info on upcoming changes (jump height increase was kept underwraps for far to long)

  7. @dreams - thanks for the feedback. Well - the OTW servers are only meant to have a few hundred players to run a test for semi-scale. The full blown test is in fact supposed to take place in the Open world. However, there clearly are things we can share earlier in the process (though of course, there are things we THINK we will do, and in the end decide against after playtesting, so generally it's hard to determine if something is guaranteed to be a new feature or not).

  8. threatlevel-system sux again ! only sink, no rise up ! ONE month worktime ! respect G1 !!! no threatlevelbug fix !

    held nothing what you have promised! do you want us for fools?

  9. and after the patch even more hackers. ! madness the game is just laughable! and I spend so much time seeing how it only makes money so that g1.

  10. @zcala - not sure you read the explanation above. Your threat level isn't something that should be thought of like Progression. Instead it's a relative measure between you and everyone else playing the game. Also - the patch didn't bring 'more' hackers, but there are some bugs the team is working to solve that may make opponents appear like they are cheating (when they are not). We will post updates on Facebook as we continue rolling out new patches.

  11. How about a Chicago Premium only server for the North American players?

  12. Hacker ONLY Serves please...
    They can hack and we can still play fair!

  13. always just talk. Just change the threat level system so that we can also rise times. because what the fuck? you will play for the only punishment, no matter whether you win or lose!
    you always fall in the threat level! I am now of silver on 10th gold10 Congratulations and I will win 95% of the missions!
    that's no wonder that so many of them cheat on their level rise

  14. @Myrothas - funny enough. We had internally discussed actually setting up a "rampage" server where we guarantee you will not be banned :) - and anyone can use ANY dirty trick in the book to play there. Not sure we'll do that - but actually not a bad idea.

  15. @zcala - we are still evaluating if there is a bug in the system - or - if this is just the expected realignment (so everyone should be getting lower threat levels).

    The threat level system does let you rise, but it also is designed to give you as good of a match as possible. The RATING (progression) is what you earn over time.

  16. "come try the new jump height increase.. and remember some of the changes might not make it to live"

    players are used to test servers from other games (mmos) on which features are subject to change

  17. What about new items! I was sure there where new items coming!

  18. Do what you need to do to make the game better, take your time, i have said this seems the more you play APB the more of an ass you turn out to be as our little friend zcala proves above -.- Gold level 10 smh. Don't rush crap for these ignorant people. Hacks are annoying and essentially my only problem with this game but patience is a virtue XD i just hope you IP ban them :(

  19. the most important is to find a solution for the cheaters!!!!!! in one hours, we ahve played vs 2 cheaters (poulop21 for exemple) level 5/6 gold. That's must be your priority, seriously :(

  20. In all the matches I've played since coming to G1, I don't think I've run into more than two or three people I actually suspected of hacking. I think people are blowing that issue way out of proportion.

    I understand there are glitches to be had in almost all updates, especially in beta. That's ok because that's really what the testing phases are for. But, the lag issues are an ongoing problem since early testing. I see that as a point that need to be keyed in on more than "hackers".

    One major problem I see is the inbalance between missions for enforcers and crims. Enforcers are spawned farther away from objectives and have much harder to achieve mission goals most of the time in an opposed match. Even crim players have admitted time and time again that they tend to be dispatched and spawned very close to where they need to be. If the plan was to make enforcers have a challenge and being a crim was meant as easy mode in the game, then you're doing a great job, but as that doesn't really make sense...the current system is quite hard on new players who want to be one of the good guys.

  21. I'd love to see a change to the game to eleminate driving lag, that's pretty much my only beef with the game, and I know it plagues tons of players who are far away from servers, even within the US. I know games like NFS world and pretty much any game that involves driving has eliminated this issue. It'd definitely keep me playing post-beta. I'm not gonna nag about the matchmaking or anything, because I know you guys are making quick progress with it, just make it playable :P I lurv me some ram raids haha

  22. @tundion It depends what server you play on lol...on the weekends on the Joker NA east side, its horrible I've once been in a whole server where every missions there was a hacker...and the thing that's pissing people off now is that they are getting bold...making clans i almost died when i saw a whole hacking clan. lol

  23. On another note, why is the Scout just trash now? I bought it for the accuracy and now that has been completely thrown out...

  24. @ Bjorn

    "The RATING (progression) is what you earn over time."

    Time? Not really. You see there are 4 Tier, 0-1-2-3-4(final boss), and tier 0-tier 3 are 10 level contacts so 4 each Faction group, that makes 4 Tiers x 10 levels x 2 faction groups = 160
    2 final bosses= 15 x 2= 30 + 160=190 + the beginning contact in tutorial dis 5 levels= 195.
    You may already know this but COntacts levels are the rating system:P And they dont get earned by *time* Because some 1 can play 8 hours long pledged to a maxed contact and still be the same rating, (btw i always pledge to a maxed contact, makes me earn money:3. Now I know you guys are into fixing the issues, but dont you guys need to open a PRIVATE world to TEST patches before PUBLIC release, and the Private world test should be public too. Honestly if you test the patches before you release em will safe you alot of work. Also you guys are aware of the Treat Level errors, while I disconnected all the time during a mission, my treat level dropped alot, and I worked hard to win missions.
    I hope you guys will find the sollution ASAP.

  25. I still haven't been able to even start the game yet, it just closes out, no error's or anything and I see forum has others same issue. My system for the System Requirements Lab Test passes all the required checks and then some, tried support but like others still haven't been able to find a solution to start the game.

  26. I'd like to give my honest opinion here of your anti-cheat system involving Punk Buster.

    While it may be ideal for detecting and filtering out all free-ware based third-party applications, it's no secret that the system fails absolutely horrendously when it encounters the more sophisticated premium services.

    Reports have been made, video footage documented, yet your GM crew (or others) lacks the sufficient knowledge to perform a full appropriate investigation.

    It saddened me severely when I learned your GM team wasn't even informed about the third-party applications ability to detect their invisible presence while monitoring their activity. (This is based on my own personal interactions with your small GM team).

    One trend that has developed tremendously since last year is the "Toggle" feature, which allows the user to seamlessly enable/disable the system. This is becoming the common trend, especially during the final stages of missions (to avoid losing). Throw in Wall Hacking, which commonly goes unnoticed as well, for an ill-fated and deadly combo.

    With Punk Buster's inadequate programming and your support teams insufficient knowledge, how do you honestly plan on combating these individuals?

    The community is generously trying to assist your company along the way with our reports, but feels absolutely disheartened in your efforts.

  27. on the server is in Brazil?
    ta impossible to play with latency 300 +

  28. The cheating issue is actually likely far more widespread than this post suggests. My reasoning for this:

    a) Players with an unfair advantage via exploits and also those who are paying for cheats will likely reside in the 'Hardcore' category - Those who spend 5+ hours each day playing APB, so you be much more likely to be matched against them.

    b) I'm guessing that over half of the APB player base only plays the game casually, perhaps a few hours max every few days. Or logged in to try the beta and only played for a day. This further narrows the stats towards a higher cheating majority. It's a bit of a hypocrisy to make up percentages, but lets say 60%, this more than doubles the percentage.

    c) Regardless of how much you guys claim to be in control of the situation, i guarantee that at least one third of the cheaters using undetected hooks will reside within the player base for a very long period, as they are very good at hiding their methods and configuring their hooks to be more stealthy in their methods.

    Taking in to consideration this 40% of regular players, then a much smaller number who actually play for long periods of time daily. Your cheater base is likely to lie more in the high 20%'s within this pool.

    The end result of this (and what i've been getting at) is that any good player who is likely to be paying premium and staying with G1 for the long-haul is going to be running into hackers every two or three games.

    Thanks for reading

  29. helo im from indonesia n im still can't auto patch 1.5.2 pleae add manual patch

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. *EDIT*

    Furthermore, your most important customers, the ones that you need to keep happy in order to maintain a healthy profit margin for the game are the most effected by this (especially with the rating/match making system being what it is currently. Therefore this 1.3% of 'detected' cheaters (across the entire board of APB) is much more dangerous than it appears on paper.

    Take note Bjorn

  32. Thats all good, but where is the new customization stuff?)) Like where is the clothes?)) I need so high hills pls))))

  33. Did you considered making a free for all instances in each district? bringing back the leaderboards? giving us an option to chalange a group in a mission(clan war)? this game is an mmo and its too much pve, please give us an option to challange other groups on a random mission, and a free for all instance. im not asking to make new district, only make few scripts and use another instance. i hope that u read this cuz i gave you 2 great idias that should have been in this game few years ago.

  34. Bjorn: I have to ask, isn't it possible to launch legal action against the people SELLING hacks? After all, they're impacting your business by chasing away users, and also making money off of your IP without giving you a cut.

    Secondly, it'd be kind of nice to have a command, like /fps, that shows your health/sta and the health/sta of whoever killed you in numerical terms. Sometimes it'd make a duel feel a LOT less unfair if you knew that you took a good chunk out of your opponent before he gibbed you. Because sometimes you'll get a lot of these pitched fights and since you can't tell how much damage you've actually done to the other guy, if he gets a bunch of wins in a row it starts feeling like he's got an unfair advantage. It'd probably cut down a lot on "OMG HAX!"-complaints.

  35. To be honest I'm not seeing the mission fixes. Checkpoints are still there are last stages. You said before APBR was even in beta that you'd fix checkpoints and item hold last stages by not allowing last second captures.

  36. Is there some sort of time frame on the international servers? Aiming for live release?

  37. TLDR how about posting blog updates more frequently instead of posting every month a farging book?

  38. lol @ the hacker-nummbers. seriously.

    the 32bit memory issues have some connection to the graphic drivers. if i use newest nvidia drivers i can play untill 1.9GB memory, than the game will overflow the mem., and windows will shut up the programm... BUT if i play with an older nvidia driver (i think 185.85, cant look right now), somehow the game wont ever reach 1.9GB of mem. but it will begin to lag tremendously after 1.6-1.7GB, forcing me to restart it at some point. this issue is common in newer nvidia drivers, i get it with L4D2 and AoC for example.

    @ Patrick's suggestion: SIGNED!!!

    and pleas implement REAL stats of weapons, cars, etc.

  39. 98.7% of players do NOT cheat?
    LOL you fail G1!
    More as the half are cheating in this game or whatever but not only 1%+ is cheating... its more!

  40. @Bjorn i would like to add that after the update many people had +1 tl up. so those people just lost their +1 tl after 1-2 matches. and they came back to their original tl they had before. they didnt lose anything. the fail was the +1 tl because of the update. anyway thats all.:P

  41. @Bjorn

    Thanks for the new patch, seems to me a big fail.
    - Disconnection issues
    - Lagg spikes
    - latency 1500 in social
    - Unstable game
    - Bad matchmaking ( for example Criminals: silv6 silv 6 silv6 silv7 & Enforcers: Br1 Br4 Br9 Silv3(me)-> No backup available, They have nade launcher and camp at roof, hopeless.

    This new patch ruined my game, I wass TL 6 and I lowered to Silv3 by:
    -Lagg spikes: Holding a Concussion grenade in your hand and throw it, turns out the lagg hold the grenade and you suicide.
    - Awesome backup, Item-hold mission, they taken it to a roof and only 30 seconds left, and 500 meters away.
    - Losing missions when they call backup in a hopeless situation: Eliminate mission, Red bar as far at the left side and 1 min left, Escape missions 2 minutes left, Lives left:1...
    - Disconnecting problems, disconnecting without being in a mission reduces your threat Lv
    SOMEHow, Came back in game after a "waterfront pack error"or something and Tl went from 5 to 4.
    - Awesome money, now REDUCED money for NON-premium users, how you mean SNiff Snif Pay2Enjoy Sniff Sniff.
    - Can't even do a SOLO 1vs1 without being called in a backup FULL of non-experienced players.
    Maybe add a button from the group leader: "Get backup missions",
    Or just the Old rtw system, silv3 silv 4 silv4 Dispatch press Y or no to accept, but this time a fair method, that only silver TL's can see Silver dispatches or something.

    Oh yes whats up with this Clean char- pwnage-rage-kill. SOme how I get killed by noobs rating 20 and silver 4. I seen some aimbotting, snapping around- making 180 degrees kill all the time with STAR or Smg.
    1) Create a new Account.
    2) Find a hack on google.
    3) Use it on your new Account.
    4) Testing hack, rage kill pwn.
    5) 4 hours later they try to login- oh Account banned.
    6) Ya bit too late don't you think, 4 hours later, when we already lost a TL(s) and when they won and killed us.

    Some how this game is always disappointing me in a way, even when G1 act like the new upcoming patch is gonna be *IT* and turns out to be a fail patch, just like now.

    Sigh.. I'd quit the game now If I was rating 50.

  42. On 1.5.2 I will say that the reduced money rewards was so far reduced that I don't think I will enjoy this game much anymore. I consider myself a heavy player currently, 2-3 hours a day, and at that rate I was growing, making money, upgrading, etc. Having Fun!

    Just a few days ago I was considering going premium because I was enjoying the game. I thought: "I like this game, I might pay to be able to add more decals, and more fun stuff, maybe a decent gun."

    Now after playing for 2 hours on 1.5.2 I made a fraction of what I did before. Now I feel I MUST play 2-3 hours a day or I will not be able to maintain my inventory (since they expire in 10 days) let alone grow and get better guns.

    Now I feel that you guys have made it so I MUST pay for premium or MUST play 2-3 hours a day or I won't make enough money to be able to maintain my enjoyment. That makes the game no longer enjoyable, and now just a stress point. I can't even imagine what new players with almost no money will think!

    The review in PC Gamer that got me to play this game said the best thing about it is that it is one of the only MMOs where non-premium players are not forced into becoming premium just to enjoy the game. I think you just shot that review in the foot.

    I know it is Beta and here's to hoping that you tweak it a bit more to make it a bit less stressful when it comes to cash. (Make guns cost less, expire longer, give us some more money again)

    I sure won't consider premium again until I feel the game is FUN and relaxed and not a Stress.

  43. @ mutant_toe

    first off, if you get used to a gun you will hit pretty good with it. i played until rank 80 with the starter STAR, and at the end i kicked gold players with rank 150+ no problem.
    mods wont make a gun better, it will adjust the gun a bit to your playstyle or make it worse, but it wont make you better.

    said that, if you buy for example a premium gun like the "whisper" and you are used to the playstyle, it will make your life MUCH easier. it will beat a similar OCA with 2-3 mods in any way.

    so yea, you will have benfits that matter if you pay, in a 1on1 confrontation or random groups. a bad premium guns team wont do shit against a decent team with starter weapons.

  44. @mutant_toe that is the saddest reason for not going premium Ive ever seen! The game is too stressful? I cant make enough money as non-premium, so Im not going to buy premium because it is too obvious of a useful upgrade for me? Broken logic is broken.

    With the new upgrade to premium's money rewards, you can buy just 1 month of it, make a million dollars from missions in that month of *LAX* gameplay, and be set for life! Lol

    Im tired of these people crying over 10 dollars of premium. You want to plant your feet, and remain free players? Fine, but stop complaining you have it so bad. They are here to make money.

  45. @Andrew I think you missed the point since you probably are premium already.

    2 days ago: for $0/month it was enjoyable and *LAX*. I almost went premium because I enjoyed the game.

    Today: For it to be equally enjoyable and *LAX* I MUST pay $10/month.

    This is a Beta, I just wanted to let the Devs know that there are some people out there, like me, who may not enjoy that little change to the game.

    Sure, maybe for $10/mo it will be more enjoyable then it was before, but the fact still remains that the the $0/month experience got worse. And the $0/month experience is what "get's the customer in the door."

  46. Mutant, you realize that they are under no obligation to provide you a free experience, right? And yet they do it anyway.

    You can pay money to support an enjoyable game AND advance a bit faster, or you can deal with having to play a bit more to get the same gear.

    But you don't need upgraded gear to win. Yes, mods make a difference, in some cases a huge one(upgraded PMG and Obeya semi-auto, for instance), but they'll never make good tactics and teamwork irrelevant. The money might be too small to constantly afford top-modded guns, sure, but you're not too poor without premium to afford normal, unupgraded ones, which is really all you need. Basic HVR, OCA, STAR, OBIR and ALIG are still excellent guns.

    It's what I used almost exclusively until I was rating 120+.

    The way the business model works is that $0/month is a free chance to try out the game. If you feel like it's something you really want to invest time in, then you pay. If not, then you don't. No one is forcing money out of you, and G1 is not obligated to give you stuff for free. Most other companies would have had you pay just to START playing.

  47. NICE!!!! New patch = more flame... why? its a beta omg

  48. Just a question to the staff: have you considered other asian locations? I am a singaporean, and the price for bandwidth isnt very outrageous here, so you might give it a thought.

    That being said, you guys seriously rock.

  49. imo this "patch" is BIG step back, rly not a litle bit forward.. i know game is still in beta but this? its not 1.april right?

    1. apb before patch 70%, apb after patch 35% .. maybe its almost unplayable..

    and biggest joke is ofc treat lvl im still having fun how i can easy drop from silver lvl 4 in to bronze lvl 6 two ours of game...if this was that patch about every1 last mounth were talking, then rly dont see any progres in playgame.., or even in what ever.

    but on the other hand i believe it was just a joke:D and in next few days we will could again anjoy and this is very important word anjoy this game

    and i know my english is sux maybe most sux ever but im not sry, cuz this patch is worst:)

  50. The threat system really is broken, very broken. The first day the patch was introduced (1.5.2) i started the day out as gold 2.

    I go on a 8 mission win streak, on the 9th mission i win against a HIGHER THREAT team, and i lose a threat lv, and go down to gold 1.

    I played the next day, starting out as gold 1, get on a 14 mission win streak (without ever going back to gold 2) and lose against a team that is is around the same threat as my team was. I lose threat again.

    Apparently your system thinks that 1 loss = 1 threat level down. It also thinks that 15 wins = no threat progression.

  51. I'd agree with mutant toe, the money reduction for non-premium accounts (and a premium account isn't the only way you can spend money on the game) is really going too far. Before I had to decide between a one slot weapon and an expensive car (200-400 spawn costs per mission), now I feel I can't afford either. The blog post a couple of months ago said free players would get things more slowly, but now they effectively don't get them at all before they grow bored of the game. Premium getting stuff 25-50% faster is fine for an option, Premium getting stuff 300-400% faster makes it an essential purchase before anything else from ARMAS.

    Also, the matchmaking is great but the district recommendation needs tweaking as it puts me in districts filled with people with ridiculously good weapons by default (everyone with two slots and hunting/reflex sight 3) and I have to switch to a district with people who have similar weapons to my unmodded star manually.

  52. Hey Bjorn, I like the new changes in this version, but I must be honest - the new TL system does worry me. I was s5/s6 with all my characters before the bugged rating system, and I'm the first to say that ranks aren't as indicative as many think, yet now from what I've read I might fall in the low bronze ranks and remain stuck there just because of... uncertainty??? You get what I mean.

    Okay, enough with my "whining" now. The rest of the updates look very fine. I'll be waiting for next updates (and I suppose pretty much everybody will).

    PS: I agree with Patrick. I didn't even buy a modded weapon till R100 or such. All I've learnt in APB comes from teamwork and unmodded guns.

  53. I also say that they have to give the money and standings back to the non-premiums, there are still people that can't afford premium, and are thus left out. G1/Bjorn please have a rethink about this issue. I don't care that premium users get more then non-paying customers, but why let the f2p have to grind for let we say months, while the premium users can get stuff way sooner, now that is honest though, since they pay for it, but why leave the F2P out?? Also any news when the devs gonna add more different vehicles?? one of my chars have got the Appreciation pack since it was in CBT and she has about 21k Cash, but I need 19k more to buy a G20 or a Cisco, which is almost impossible to do now with this amount of income.

  54. now any nub can hack clothes or make nude patch. uber update. thx

  55. Do you understand, about what does talk? For anybody there is a not secret that cheat of such brands as x22 and Artificial PB cant to discover

  56. While bandwidth maybe expensive in AUS i hope you guys have looked at co-location and getting a cross connect to peering network instead of buying bandwidth directly from whom ever.

    1Gbit peering link from PIPE Networks was $350/month last time i checked.

  57. Ok if you wont ban the cheaters yet, then tell us who they are. so we can just leave mission and auto lose, insted of letting it drag on.

    Its bs, thats what it is.

    Get a grib G1, your digging APBR's grave like this.

  58. And another thing.

    If people are not ment to try to reach Tl 30 if your not good enough for it. Why not just take out the TL 30 achievement. Because some people actually play games to complete them, and will stop at nothing to do so(i.e. Cheaters that bot to get tl 30).

  59. 1# abuot the Threat Level wy dont u guys put a meter (XP bar in other games) or something thata shows how many wins or loses have to get to the threat level to go up or down, 2# abot the hackers i see to many and the PunkBuster is S***t im playing Call of Duty and its good for nothing HackShiled is beter (the best would be break all the bones in his bodye of the persone whos making these hacks)

  60. Zemtex, I imagine the reason they aren't instantly busting some cheaters, is because once they know they're cheating, they can keep an eye on their cheats and see how they work.

    That way they keep a few guinea pigs around to bust the remainder on.

    Also my suggestion on hackers would be to not ban them. Just make it so they can only play with other hackers. That way they keep paying for premium and pay-to-own guns, take a longer time to realize they've been caught(and therefore to update their cheats) and still don't bother legitimate players.

  61. Love it. This patch broke more things than it fixed. You seem incapable of changing even something like the UI for missions. You now have a bar AS WELL as takeouts.

    You seem to go about your programming the same way i make websites with css. I just try to change values and see what they do. Often ending up with a lot of tries cause i broke a ton of things before I succeed. But im an amateur noob with no css knowledge.

  62. I'd like to refer you to this thread:

    Which links to the vast collection of threads on just one of the many client performance issues we experience. Performance issues despite running very decent rigs, well above any specified recommendations. (And yet encountering loads of hardware elitists on the forums despite this...)

    A vast collection of threads on an issue G1 are yet to comment about, let alone suggest they are dealing with, let alone help us try and narrow down or alleviate for ourselves.

    G1's communication with beta participants, in both closed and open beta, remains a joke.

    I, and many others, have taken part in the beta to -help- and assist in solving issues. Isn't that the point of being in a beta?

    Because of this, I continued playing -despite- game crippling issues.

    I've collected all sorts of solutions, tried all sorts of things, done loads to try and narrow the issue - someone even bought hardware to try and narrow the problem down.

    And we get nothing from G1. Being a beta participant has been pointless in trying to get a game we love working well.

    You are bleeding players because of this and other performance issues you refuse to publicly address.

    I can only assume you are making enough cash off of the marketplace that you simply don't care that you are losing players because of these issues.

  63. This is awesome and all about the Australian servers, but one problem...most of us Australian players have already spent cash on weapons etc on our current characters....if you introduce a Australian server does this mean we have to start all over again with out the guns we have paid for because i for one would only play on a aussie server if there was one...but that brings to the problem of the real $$$ i have paid for weapons like the whisper and NTEC...i mean if we have to start ALL over again thats pretty s**t. Unless you introduce a character transfer or finally enable it so ARMAS weapons are mailed to ALL your toons.

  64. so...if you create an Australian server us Australians will be incredibly will make our current characters useless and paid for weapons useless considering we wont be able to use them if we have to start all over again on this aussie server...which i really dont want to do, and i dont want to have to pay for them again...tbh you should introduce a character transfer or allow ARMAS weapons to be x'fered to all your toons

  65. So the development road map went the way of the dodo, eh?

  66. I was going to read all the comments/suggestions.. But, however I don't play too much I haven't seen a single hacker, plus I stay positive. Programming is not easy especially when involving complicated math, the game is still in beta, we test there new patches so they can keep improving it although there are some major new things or changes I'd like to see.

    btw, I like the idea of seeing the health of the enemy when killed !

    Also, lookig forward to the racing district ! :D Good luck, G1 team !!

  67. how to get exp in game i cont understand that stil playing the game

  68. i'm stuck on bronze one. i realized that good team is the key. unfortunately i keep getting guys in traing or bronze one's who sometime don't even know how to call for buckup or basically staying on another corner of the map and do nothing. i've also lost many times beacuse grup member killed me intentienally. well....threat calculating algorithm should take that into account...still it's one of the best games i've ever played. it's even winning with cigarettes:) good work guys :)

  69. I have a small problem. I tried joining the game, by registering and all. Once I get past my DoB and email, and all that, and I attempt to have everythign validated, it says it validate my GamerID or Nickname. i've tried countless times. any solution? thanks in advance


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