Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waking back up?

Alright. We have had an incredibly intense three weeks, so really sorry for the long posting gap (while of course the team has kept updating Facebook and Forums regularly). This will just be a quick preview of what's coming up, and I hope to follow this up with much more detail at 'some point™' when some of the critical items we are working on have gotten sorted out, and at that point also post a brand new roadmap.

We just released patch tonight, which fixes various issues, and adds more server-side controls for certain items to reduce some specific client exploits. That's the good news. Keep in mind patch 96 is a specific hotfix patch, and does not contain the large items the team has been working incredibly hard on for version 1.5.2 of the game.

The Next Big Thing - version 1.5.2

1.5.2 introduces many new items outlined in the roadmap, most importantly district recommendation and skill-rating based matchmaking and it ALSO introduces a lot of items we had not yet talked about; meta-grouping for better PuG-ing, action grouping relaxation (fancy way of saying you will be able to shoot right as you stop sprinting instead of being blocked from shooting), 70+ different mission fixes, new clothing, new items and a boat-load of various bug fixes and improvements based on much of the forum and tester feedback we have had. So there is much more to talk about once that version is ready to go live.

The plan had been to get the 1.5.2 build out by June 30 (per the roadmap), but right now it seems we will go past that by 'some period™', partly because of the massive amount of changes requiring a lot of testing. In the next few days we will also decide if we will use this build as the first one to go up on the Public Test World. We have recruited and selected about 500 volunteers (who do not yet know who they are I should add), and people with those accounts will be able to test builds going forward before going live to the public. The next few days will determine if the PTW system will in fact go live before 1.5.2 or vice versa.

We have also completed the networking upgrades that were scheduled on the roadmap. Now players in Europe will also be able to connect through Telia, which should give customers a drastically reduced ping when going to the servers especially from Northern and Eastern EU. We are in the next few weeks also adding TiNet (an Italian telecom) which has improved network coverage for Southern EU, for areas such as Spain, Italy, France and Greece.

Some Currently Known Issues in the Beta

Finally - we are fully aware of several annoying issues we are tracking and hoping to address shortly. There are a lot of specific or individual items that are on our list - but there are two in particular that are more general and requires a special mention here - Latency spike and 32-bit issues.

There is a latency issue that kicks in every few minutes or up to every 10 minutes for several players, where suddenly latency spikes to 800ms in the game. However, if you simultaneously happen to be running a long-running ping in the background to (our ping probe in the EU) or (ping probe in US-East) or (ping probe in US-West) - you'd see that the network ping/latency actually stays low during the spike, and server side and client side frame-rates also stay normal during the latency spike. So from what we can tell the current spike is not a direct networking, datacenter or server issue and instead appears to be a client side issue, at least the most likely culprit at the moment. We are working to sort out what other dependencies trigger the random client latency spike, but because of the complex interactions of all the components it will take a bit of time to isolate the root cause. We will update as soon as we have a patch that addresses this particular issue.

And the biggest issue of them all continues being 32-bit optimization for those who do not yet have 64-bit systems. APB LOVES memory. The districts are VERY large (compared to other high end games APB's districts can even be described as HUGE), and therefore the game demands 1.8GB of memory or more (and especially after a few district switches and encountering 100 other players with their customizations, that usage easily hits 2GB plus). We are working to optimize this, but at the moment the game will continue running close or at the 2GB limit. Unfortunately 32-bit windows by default only addresses 2GB of RAM, so this can lead to crashes on Vista-32 and Win7-32 in particular (XP-32 tends to fare a little bit better).

For MOST Vista-32 and Win 7-32 systems, especially if you have 4GB of Ram we continue to highly recommend TRYING (at your own risk) the bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 command (here is a great reference from Autodesk which uses the same trick for AutoCad and 3DS Max on 32-bit systems). This command will increase addressable application space from 2048MB (default) to 3072MB, minus any memory mapped devices (such as graphics cards). Unfortunately it also means if you have a large memory mapped device (such as 1GB graphics card) this setting could cause conflicts. Some players have reported success when using a slightly smaller amount - in particular bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 2560, which sets the user-mode (program) address memory to 2560MB, which often seems to be enough to keep APB and it's very large world happy for a few hours. Here is the Microsoft reference on the bcdedit /set command. Again - try all these commands at your own risk (or go the proven route and upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7, which is clearly the preferred route).

There is a pretty good collection of known workarounds by moderator nXe here, which we have not fully vetted - but certainly feel free to try these as well in case you have compatibility issues.

Expanding the Team; more C++ game coders needed!

Also - as a result of the great response the game has had in Beta, we are right now expanding the development team in Edinburgh, UK. If you (or someone you know) is a fantastic C++ coder interested in either game engine development or game play development you can send in your cover letter (describing  why you would be great for a critical job on the APB team), and your CV/resume to careersUK /a t / GamersFirst / d o t / com (split apart just to help with our spammier friends - so your first test is to see if you can figure out what email to send your resume too :) ). 

There is some additional info on this page (click on "UK" to see the description): Our team is located right at the heart of Edinburgh, one of the coolest cities in Europe, with many great direct connections to other key cities on the continent. If you or someone you know are up for an amazing job and an amazing challenge where you will have a lot of impact, certainly drop us a line and try to convince us why you would be a great team member. Only friendly, well adjusted, optimistic and nice people need apply :) . And we are pretty serious about that requirement, since the team requires incredibly tight collaboration between all team members around the planet at all times.

In Closing

So - in closing - this preview is intended to get everyone up to speed, and prepared for the next major build, which really is the foundation for the more complete game that we had envisioned when we set out on this journey many months ago. A huge thanks to everyone who have played, tested and engaged in the world of San Paro for the last three months. We expect the game will be that much better thanks to all those efforts.

See you in San Paro!



  1. Nice to hear 1.5.2 will be eagerly anticipated. :)

  2. And the *thousands* of cheaters?

  3. Thanks for the update. I run Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro using bootcamp so was completely unaware of the bcedit commmand. I'll try it out.

  4. No mention of Threat level being bugged (which it clearly is). Myself and others have been sitting at the same threat for weeks and weeks.

  5. Thanks for the update, was beginning to worry.

  6. @Branden TL is not supposed to go up over time. It is supposed to find your relative skill level and then stay fairly stable there. I don't mean to say that the system currently works perfectly, but it just doesn't make any sense to say that TL is bugged just because you have stabilized.

    OTOH, if you clearly are significantly better or worse than your TL would suggest (e.g. if you keep having winning streaks but never any losing streaks), then you would have an argument.

  7. Threat level isn't bugged ,it's the matchmaking setting you against people who give you either no points or a tiny amount of points.

  8. And Windows x86 addresses actually 3 GByte max ;) Using 4 GByte in your computer and you'll see on My Computer > Properties, that it's actually 3,00 GB :)

  9. @StriFe - not quite. When you set the properties above (using bcdedit for Vista and 7, and the /3GB switch for XP) you can actually use up to 3GB for user programs and 1GB for kernel and memory mapped applications (like PCI bus items). So you would be using up to 4GB - though that usage depends on the memory mapping covered by the size of PCI devices (ie graphics cards) you have. Normally you would see 4.00GB Memory (3.20GB Useable) or similar after changing these settings.

  10. Ty god posting news after 3 weeks and reanbling us to write.

  11. Thanks for your great work.
    I have one problem ---> I can't downlaod patch every 5 or 10 sec error came how to fix it? I have to try 100 time to download simple patch :(

  12. @Branden

    I can understand what you say and im 100% with you.When you lets say played 1000 missions and the system has all the results from them in order to gain/loose threat you will need to play dunno 100 matches???

    The whole idea is dumb the previus system was taking the history of your previous 50 matches something really bad but instead of G1 increasing that number to lets say 100-200 they added a new system more bugged with more problems over time.

    Imagine you play the game for 5-6 months playing 5000 missions your TL will be stuck forever.

    Also the most important thing this game needs atm is the hardware bans that will keep the 70-80% of the hackers away.

    Somewhere at the forums i read(and laughted) that the person who is behind the new districts that will go up soon is responsible for the hardware bans also and they wait him to finish with the districts to add them to the next patch in the following days and then go back to work on hardware bans.

    And for last we desperatly need some fun matches into the game like some 8v8 or more that you only get dispatched to them once a week.So i really hope that the new Asylum district that is for clans will be to the roadmap for next month

  13. 1. "(fancy way of saying you will be able to shoot right as you stop sprinting instead of being blocked from shooting)"

    I hope you realize this will be a major buff for the JG (run, shoot, run, shoot) and will deal with it accordingly. Dont see the need for this change at all.

    2. PTW during beta? Ehm. A beta of a beta? Are you serious? Maybe it's time you stop calling this open beta then? You're already making money off the game and everyone can get the game the only reason you're calling it beta is to have an excuse for shit quality and bugs. You can't really have a beta of a beta... at least not if you know what you're doing :)

    3. I really hope this current hotfix balances the little secondary uzi that is basically more powerful than any of the close ranged primary weapons. SPDW or w/e

    4. I hope those 70+ mission fixes aren't spelling error fixes but proper fixes. They are needed, badly.

    5. I hope your matchmaking fixes will be a true fix. The current system makes no sense.

  14. you can enable PAE ( physical adress extension ) that will make vidows see ( and use ) more than 3.2 gb of ram

  15. Yeah fix your damn spawn system, its outrageous defenders to spawn 20m from the objective while attackers need to deliver two heavy items on the marina bay in WF.
    TL system as far as i remember (your statement from month or two ago) was supposed to motivate people to go up, but once you get enough matches you will only fall down, that is quite a contradiction not to mention loosing threat while winning missions. I cant wait to see the fail with the segregated districts, there wont be any gold TL's left beside cheaters.
    So far everything you touched went from bad to worse:
    Spawn System
    Threat level system...
    For so many months the only thing we see from the developers is them holding their balls while executing group grieving with trucks and you picking money from Armas releasing Overpowered content.
    Two thumbs up keep up the good work ...

  16. @Raul

    +1 to you about number 3.

    That secondary can kill faster than OCA in proper hands and why the the hell a player can have a sniper and an CQC weapon same time??

    Secondaries are good the way they are without that SPDW.Act 44 fine Colby fine the joker i think that burst 2-3 shoots fine but that weapon is op.

    Have you seen in cs that kind of weapon???No because every sniper or m4/star user would use it for CQC

  17. Patch download error the final file has error to download.. the luncher started to download patch and in random times comes error... please fix it . I know that several ppl have this problem .. but please fix it. this is 3rd patch that I can't downlaod it.. u have to try 100 time to download it

  18. Can you please fix so we don't have to run the game with admin rights? Or at least give a good reason why we have to. It's a big inconvenience since it also affect other software running in the background and a security issue. I don't see any reason besides bad/lazy coding, please enlighten me.

  19. so every time when Patch out we have to spam repair to download it? .... 69 times I pressed repair so now I downloaded ......

  20. Also have you ever heard of patch notes? -_-

  21. Yo Bjorn, I have a wish. That you will bring back thoose theme songs we once got in mail from Realtime Worlds, wich came with one of their updates.

  22. When will perma weapons be added ingame?

  23. What are you doing about the HUGE amount of cheaters?

  24. My threat has to be bugged lol, currently on a 33 win streak up against mainly silver/golds... and i FINALLY went up one threat.. silver 7 now, but yet my buddy who i play with same win streak went up 6 TL's. keep in mind same rating same threat to start.

  25. I stay in Edinburgh and would love to work there so much. I can't code for crap unfortunately :P!

  26. So you guys ever going to get around to fixing the freezing caused by ASUS MBs and Realtek? OR are you just going to keep ignoring it like it is nothing wrong and keep adding clothes? I really like how you add more clothes instead OF ACTUALLY FIXING THE GAME!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. to the people constantly complaining about cheaters: which server do you play on?

  29. Wow thats wonderfull! I love the game. Acutally I had the same problem with lagging graphics and so on with my 64-bit system. I had 4GB of DDR3 RAM but never mind I had also problems with other Programs with this RAM. At last I upgraded to 8GB of highvalue RAM which is actually pretty cheap at time. Now I got no problems anymore. A little suggestion: Put a "Report Player"-Button or "Report Abuse"-Button into the game. I mean its realy cool to have that freedom of painting and creating any sign I want but a Nazisign or a Penis isnt very apropriat and should be blocked.

  30. Yippeee! Hope I get into the SPCI, I've been checking my e-mail daily. :)

  31. Sry for dublepost but in short I got to agree to the other commentators: Please dont tell it a beta when you actually call money for it. Dont say Beta is also to figure out the pricing when you actually get the money for "wrong" pricing. You cant charge 20bugs for just one ingame item even if it might be "good." Also the Premium mode doesnt make any sense to me. I cant feel the better xp-Win while playing against others. And just for some extra space for more signs on my car or my charachter, and then only for 30days thats pretty crappy. Sry. But still I love the gameplay and I love the action. Just dont call it Beta please!!!!

  32. Hey Bjorn, could you please have a look at this topic? :( and perhaps say a few things about it if it's not asking much :P
    Some ideas on that topic could be good on the game's and players perspective but since the suggestions thread never stops, the topics keep fading away :-\

    Kind Regards.

  33. i hope the optimization for 32 bit computers also fix the 64 bit computers, i am running on 64 bit and i'm afraid i have been having this issue for quite some time now.

    My fingers are crossed :) And i have 8gb of ram lol, does the command bjorn mentioned allow me to use all 8?

  34. you know what i really hate and sadly i see it even more time. the situation is this, there is an team (4 people) one guy is go for another district or he is do something to his team start the mission when his team started the missin he is go back and because he is not in the missin he is invincible and he starts to sabotate the other team. This happened whit me today 4 times and we cannot do anything agains it. The last time i was so andgy i started to record it. if you need this video to prove my word i will sendt it somehow. So i want you to ask to correct this somehow, i mean nobody can overstand whit a car on a bag what you need to deliver but you cannot pick up. I say than anybody who go over such thing should instant die and his car shoud dissapear and dont spawn for 20 minutes, or a teammate cannot get colse to those teammates who is in mission that distance should min 500 m

  35. Im about to start crying.. your comments show one thing: the game has the worst in community online gaming has to offer... it deserves so much more.

    Constantly whining about this and that.

    If you dont like this game, then stop playing it or try it to get changed they way you like it. If you dont like it how it is: get lost!!

    I suck with some weapons too, but i dont cry for it to be changed so that i can use it.

    And the test world thing: if the want to test some features before they put em live: ok. Its not called beta of beta, its just testing ffs.

    You other guys complaining about the open shop: you are charged absolutely nothing to play this game, so PLEASE STFU and dont pay!! If you want to help, get premium and keep this game alive.

    Im so fed up with you whiny b*tches, just get lost and play WoW again.

    PS: yeah, ghosts really suck!! but forcing them 500m away from the rest of their team wont help at all. they would just leave it! Only thing you could do is take a position in the EULA and accept videos of the ghosts and take actions against - like with cheaters/racists.

  36. @mdogg. Don't be such a e-tard. Some weapons ARE unbalanced. There is one weapon that is simply overpowered. The SA-PDW, the little secondary uzi. I use it to farm secondary kills because it beats any other weapon in point blank range.

    Also "And the test world thing: if the want to test some features before they put em live: ok. Its not called beta of beta, its just testing ffs."
    That just shows you don't know what you are talking about. "its just testing". That is what betas are for. Testing. "Beta Testing", you know. This is a test of a test. A beta of a beta. It makes no sense.

    Sure, some people whine and bitch and moan. But you're the opposite. A fanboy.

  37. @raul:
    Are you sure you're talking about the PDW? If a secondary is op at all, it's the n-fa (the uzi-like one). But thats just my opinion and i do not consider my opinions to universally valid... So whats the deal? Nerf both weapons because ppl think they are op?

    And clearly you do not know what you are talking about. Considering every test to be a "beta" is just ignorant... If at all: a test of a test would be the alpha (not beta-beta) but thats just non-sense! Not every test is a beta.

    Call me fanboy if it makes you happy!! Of course im a fan of APB:R, otherwise i would stop playing it. And thats what some of you guys should do !! Find a better game and be happy with it!

    Im not saying APB:R is perfect, but i do enjoy playing it and i think im not alone with this. And by the frequency noobs call me a hacker, becuase they do not how this game works and they do not work as a team, i guess 90% of all that "fu retard hacker, diaf" is just ppl being butt-hurt because they got pwned by better players. I talked to one of those ranters and explained to him what happened. He was grateful and will never scream HAXXXOR just because someone's better than him.

  38. The game is seriously clogged with hackers. Please get more goddamn draconian about cracking down on it. It's full with people who never miss, always know where you are and spin on a dime in a second to plug you in the face, or have perfect accuracy while running in circles.

    Yeah, sometimes you just get your face rocked by superior opponents. But there's a tangible difference.

    If a bunch of guys with the same ranking as me suddenly go 11:0 across the board against my team, it's highly suspect.

    But frankly, there's one issue that's bigger than that: The atrocious goddamn level design. Both Financial and Waterfront regularly cough up locations that are completely indefensible or, more commonly, completely unassailable. Tall locations only accessible with ladders, which have no locations of equal or greater height to snipe upon, no barely any cover to approach, and where the ladders are positioned such that if you try to make the climb, anyone up there WILL spot you.

  39. @patrick

    The other thing I got frustrated about was the Gold TL guys who seem to be out of my league. I'd like to see that the "pub-stomping" would be banished from the game. And fix the goddamn TL system. I'm sick and tired of seeing rank 100-150 bronze TL guys doing that rofl-pubstomping as they always have upper hand in APB's. Another thing I would like to see is G1 lessening the gear grind. It's awful. I have good experience in MMO's and I know it's unseparable part of them but this is just madness.. My TL skyrockets but my gear doesn't. Odd thing is that I can be a total noob and my TL doesn't take a hit from it but whenever I'm having small winstreaks it goes up and rarely drops.

  40. Qwerty: Maybe just make all gear accessible from the get-go, but make things ridiculously expensive if you haven't "unlocked" them yet. So if you really want to play with the OSMAW early, or an L3 Hunting Sight, you can drop $100k on it. Or you can wait till you officially "unlock" it and get it at half or less than that.

    Also, yes, rating should be taken into account as much as Threat Level, because higher-level gear really ISN'T BALANCED. Concussion Grenades and rocket launchers are absurd for their ability to one-shot people, and the Hunting Sight, Reflex Sight and Cooling Jacket make a massive difference for every weapon they're relevant to. The basic versions just can NOT compare, as the pay-offs are largely irrelevant.

    (what does an SMG care about less accuracy in marksman mode, for instance?)

  41. "Are you sure you're talking about the PDW? If a secondary is op at all, it's the n-fa (the uzi-like one)."
    The N-FA is the balanced one. The PDW is the OP one. It's not opinion. It's fact. I don't base it on just how it's being used against me, but by using it myself. I feel OP just using it.

    "And clearly you do not know what you are talking about. Considering every test to be a "beta" is just ignorant... If at all: a test of a test would be the alpha (not beta-beta) but thats just non-sense! Not every test is a beta."

    Oh dear, you're really not making yourself look better with these comments.
    An alpha test is not a beta-of-a-beta, so to call it. It comes BEFORE beta. It's the phase, BEFORE beta. Generally an in-house client version which is only being tested by company or outsourced professional testers. Beta marks the test which generally goes to the public. Closed beta being limited invites only. Open being publically available to all.
    What is this? An Open Beta. That's what the developers themselves call it.
    To announce a public test realm to test a version before it goes onto the open beta world, is, a test of a test, a closed beta of an open beta. Which makes no sense. You don't test a version publically just so you can then test it again, publically. That's what the Open Beta is for, to test versions that aren't ready for release yet. What's next, a private test realm, where even fewer people test patches, that are then deployed and tested on the public test realm, which are then deployed and tested on the 'Open Beta', so that they can go retail?

    Just quit before you make yourself look even worse.

  42. Ok, so you feel OP, I feel OP with my HVR. Others don't. Still I don't think they should change weapons because some people FEEL something. Im sure you're not alone with your opinion as well as I am. A constructive approach might be something like a poll or a place to discuss this issue objectively. Maybe with some number-crunching and recorded test.

    And that alpha-beta-thing: Im well aware of the terminology regarding software development... You say the alpha comes before beta, sure and the content is going to the PTW before going to beta. See? But I dont feel like this is the place to argue about terms. And why the hell should this be a bad thing? Stuff there could be tested much faster and when they feel to test some stuff on a server with 10 people, why not? If it helps speed up development, what can you critize about it?

  43. @Patrick
    Yeh I know I can buy those modifications too. I actually bought T1 Kevlar and hunting sight 2 to my NTEC Nol which is the only weapon I can slot with modifications. But still my gear remains to be utter poo and I get my ass handed by those S TL9+ guys with their 3 slotted weaponry. I can barely fire a shot from my gun before I drop dead. They should just nerf all the modifications.

    Maybe I should reroll my character to make the fights fun and balanced again?

  44. I never tought but i finished whit this game. The weapons are unbalanced, ranking system is bugged, machmaking system is crap, and it is full whit cheaters/bugusers so what should be more worser in an mmo. The game is losed the poit why i like to play a game, funfactor. Atleast i got new frieds, and we can play other games together.

  45. The weapons are balanced... when you've unlocked them all. And unless they're pay-guns. And unless they're the fucking concussion grenade.

    Really, though, the biggest thing necessary is a complete revamp of the missions and mission LOCATIONS, the level design is SHIT.

  46. Development Road Map is 1 month old. time for an update maybe?

  47. @qwerty_465252
    FFS noob, get rid of kevlar1 (speed is much better armor than kevlar plating) and go to the marketplace and buy a Happy Landings 2 or 3 and a Clotting Agent 3.

    I almost frenzied at your post... I thought you were that troll Patrick_W who was claiming the exactly opposite a few weeks ago.

  48. @Rm4g3dD0v
    Thank you for your concern but I already have those. I was talking about the imbalanced encounters where I have no chance of killing the high threat players. Their guns don't really care what I'm wearing. The thing is that no matter how hard we plan ahead and coop our actions they just glance at us and we drop dead. Against on-TL opponents our win ratio is about ~70-85%. It would be higher but it's largely dragged down by factors like bad backups, team mates crashing, level design or mission type.

  49. Threat levels are silly at the moment.. I de-threated on a mission I won... How does that make sense?

  50. @Bjorn
    Have you looked at the instances lately? There is a 30% less people playing now then the same time last month.

    The reasion, and yes I have seen this exact thing happen in APB (RTW), is that PPL are getting tire of constantly being matched aganst botters/hackers and thus quitting.

    I have had 12 of the 18 members of the clan quit playing APB, the reasion given is all the same, they have reaced the point that 9 out of 10 matches will be against bots.

    I just ran a mission 10 min ago where I was pitted agenst 3 players using starter gear. They were charging the point that I was guarding when a grey truck sideswiped them sending them rolling (4 compete rolls) and spinning (3 and 1.5 360s) while flying over the top od a building and off the other side. The two (2) gunners never stopped shooting and did not miss one (1) shot and destroying my car (was in between, line of site) and killing me before the card landed top down on the ground. Anyone that has ever shot while riding in a vehicle that is hit knows how hard it is to hit a target, now emaging your doing a spinning corkscrew and landing every shot...

    This is why the servers are emptying, and until the hack user/botter problem is handled the servers will only get emptier. How does G1st entind to make money off a game that soon they will have to pay people to play because they refuse to handle the dot/hack user problem.

    The solution is simple, get a good gm, have the go agenst any group with a +5 win streak or better than 80% K/D and film them, look at the film and notice the little things, snapping from one targert to another while in the middle of firing without a stray bullit. Using a colby or act while walking in the open and hitting every shot then seeing them switch to the ntec when challanged by a vehicle.

    or simply watch the growing number of vids on youtoob showing "undetectable" hacks and watching how the users move (hint: it's not how anyone that has played any FPS woyuld move but how someone that bleves their bots, radar and other hacks make them invincable).

    Fix this or watch the game die a second time.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. TL calculation just sucks right now.

    The TL should be calculated by kill/death ratio only. we use TL to determine how dangerous an opp is, and by adding end mission win/lose, mission participation and others players TL in your group, the system fails to give us a correct TL.

    The 1v1 matches really show how bad the TL calculation is right now, I'm silver6 but have come across gold players i could kill EZ and bronze players i can't kill at all.

    By using all those factors to calculate TL you get players that should be higher TL then they are and Players that should be lower TL. now you start a mission the system look for players that are in the same range as your team, it pulls in all them bad calculated TL players. and what do you get? imbalance.

    Sorry if the point I'm trying to make not clear.
    I'm at work and had to do this fast.

  53. There's really not that many hackers that it's unplayable. And the guns you can buy for real money aren't more OP than 2 slot guns you can just buy for game cash.
    People just look for excuses too much.

    At the moment, secondary uzi is OP. Thats about it. Rest is FAIRLY balanced.

    The main problem is mission design (like having to hack antennas for 30s on a roof in the wide open where enemies respawn within sight of the objective).
    Threat / matchmaking.
    Lag spikes.
    No new content.
    Devs are all quiet, probably on the bahamas. Just adding new premium shit.

  54. Bjorn is your Edinburgh branch currently doing internships?

  55. My whole clan (25 nembers) except me and a couple of others quit APB yesterday and now we re playing Global Agenda. The reason? Infernal lag like 180+ after the latest patch and what else? cheater insush. Good job G1, you ve proven you can be worse than RTW. Enjoy the destruction of a unique game only to give importance just another (of the so many) postapocalyptic piece of crap like fallen earth.

  56. still no mention of the LTL problem?

  57. I heard rumours of a possibility to introduce racing mode/districts.
    Will attending these races give the player finnaly the option to customize high end cars wich currently have no customization option at all unless you buy from the online store?

    I understand that beta is beta and that issues such as intermittent lag and matchmaking problems have to be solved first.
    Though i hope your studio does that enriching game play seriously.

  58. What LTL problem you idiot they are shit start getting some skills rather than blame hackers / weapons for your failure

  59. yay way sooo happy to see this blog updated again but i kinda looks like it died again ): 10 days without update is a long time

  60. Have to agree with ProgRamErGirl - the cheats are out of control. I love the concept of this game, was sad when it died, and really happy when yall bought it. As a fellow game prog. I really like your blog and your dev roadmap. But as of the past couple days - every group I'm matched againist seems to have least one hax - sometimes multiples.

    I've spent $15 so far - I think you guys have the right money pipeline in place here (as opposed to farmville/etc) - I feel there is value in what I paid for (which seems like you guys are on the path to make good money).

    But the haxed have killed it yet again. Sucks - good luck to you guys.

  61. Any idea when the 1.5.2 will come out?

  62. @Rm4g3d0v there are no real hackers. it's the hunting sight level 3. just get them to move, and you'll be able to kill them.

    @zachdog6 there is no LTL problem. you're just letting them get the first 5 shots. stop that. and stop letting them flank you. and get a close range weapon. then they're pretty much fucked.

  63. threat lvl for me has been same for a month >.>

  64. helo , im from indonesia and my auto patch can not work . have u manual patch??

  65. Ever consider using Unity 3D for developing this game?

    It has wide development support, programming support it has includes C#, C++, Javascript VB.NET if you convert language to C#, etc. It's platform support you can put game onto pretty much any computer, common device or even the popular console systems like Nintendo Wii, Playstation, XBox360 and Apple Ipod/Ipad device with it.

    If you continue to have problems, as much as it might seem like a bit to convert over to it, it's certainly a highly flexible option with very little learning curve.


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