Monday, June 6, 2011

The Development Road Map

In our effort to "hyper-communicate" about what we are working on, today we have released the Development Road Map (also reachable as a tab on top of this blog page).

At the moment it only has the high level public items we are working on for the next 30 days (and a lot of low level details which are not yet published). However, later this week we are going to expand  include all the cool long-term features that we are working on, such as Clan Warfare, Asylum, Racing etc. which really will open the game up to a whole new set of experiences.

Instead of answering the same questions (and quite frankly - zany conspiracy theories) over and over again on forums and on the blogs, we figured we'd rather publish all the ongoing work in one place, so if you have any concerns or constructive suggestions, hopefully the most common issues (lag, queues etc.) are addressed as ToDo items in the Road Map; for example the upcoming Firewall rebuild happening this week in the EU, the new ISP peer and IP provider we are adding next week to improve latency for EU players, the launch of the CBAK (Closed Beta Appreciation Kit), the launch of car kits, the new matchmaking and the new district recommendation items.

 So - while the current list is just a taste of what we are hoping to share, at minimum our aspiration is to NOT promise things "soon" Wow-style, nor on "Valve-time"  but instead the plan is simply to share things that we feel comfortable promising within some reasonable time frame. Will we ever miss a date? You'becha. And occasionally we will beat a date or two by getting there a tad early. But the general development direction should certainly be very clear from the roadmap itself.


  1. awesome cant wait for the racing!

  2. At least it's public and we get a personal view of it.

  3. I must point out that you say you may not be using "Valve" or "Blizzard" style announcements, but those are the two lead game companies in the world, both of which produce nothing but absolute gaming gold, game of the year demanding titles.

    The reason it's 'soon' is because it's not done before it's done.

    Thanks for the blog though, hopefully it will be updated and not just forgotton.

  4. I guess .. EU is lucky they getting alot of attention.

  5. How about fixing fucking matchmaking so I can play again ? Thanks. In the mean time, I'd like some free premium time for my inability to get a god damn match.

  6. " future enhancement there will be penalties for very high level players joining low level districts and trying to ROFL-stomp newbies." can you give us an example on this penalties? 1gvs6copper? less money?

    hurry up and finish working on the TMC so I have something to do :p, also how big is it gonna be? 400~ actives?

    matchmaking fix is tom?

  7. @Woovie - read the roadmap. Two of the key items in the roadmap are ONLY about improving the matchmaking dramatically (district auto recommendation, and score-based match making).

    Additionally, we are also rolling out a quick change this week, which simply widens the number of potential matches you can be matched up in. It's a temporary change until the two core changes goes live.

  8. @dreamss

    Hey - Neume will announce the TMC applications on Monday. You are not forgotten :)

  9. Why are you guys not focusing on the one thing that matters? The SECURITY side.

    Hacking is ruining this game, moreso than any content, network, or developmental-beta-issue-doodad plans ever could.

    So please, take it more seriously than you are, because obviously you are more focused on beta-testing bugs and content additions.

    Fixing the hackers should be the #1 issue, and I am sure I speak for everyone on this.

  10. where is the brazilian server ?

  11. @Branden

    We are more focused on stopping cheating they you probably think we are. In fact - we are banning hundreds of players per day, and the next step is to add a "wall of shame" of those who actually get caught. We are also working on other changes to the underlying game code that would make cheating harder and less interesting.

  12. how about doing something about the racist dbags and there annoying clans on Joker(east). its a little much deal with nonestop. also the swastika sprays and clothing should be an ip ban instantly

  13. @Rafea

    Funny you should ask - we have been looking at adding a South America server, but there is no timeframe determined for launch in Brazil yet. Currently we do have datacenter space in Sao Paulo, however we are not expanding in to Brazil with APB until a few more changes, updates and fixes are live, and we might also consider partnering with other Brazilian game companies to get the game out there faster.

  14. @Megasus

    It is a perma-ban if we catch you in any nazi regalia.

  15. @bjorn

    is there a way to report players? it gets pretty bad late night

  16. the only 3 things i want fixed in the next 2 weeks.

    1. shots not registering server side... seriously do i need to ask for that.up your serverside fps to about 25-30, and i can already see a few of the items on ur bug to-do list fixed.

    2. no opposition? again wtf.

    3. FINISH optimizing the game, so that not only I, but other people who love this game can actually play like we did when RTW was around.

  17. Is there any news on the latency/control delay issue, I'm enjoying what I can play of the game, but being unable to drive efficiently and having about 1/2 - 1 second delay whilst aiming is proving difficult to successfully complete "capture" missions etc.
    I live in the U.K, play mostly on Patriot. I have made a character on each server and there isn't one that doesn't have a delay. My connection shouldn't be an issue, and I play a multitude of more demanding games than APB with no issue.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work with the game!

  18. also, 1 character i xferd bak had a clothing item on her that does not exist not, Back shoulder pistols(female). i cant even click on her in the character selection screen without a GPF.
    this character has everything i worked for, and i cant even send my symbols to another character.
    I have found my bug and its not fixed yet.

  19. clothes more customizable clothes...!!!

  20. @Bjorn

    Any word on Turkey Servers? You already have a partner here; , so i assume it won't be hard for you.

  21. Anything being done about the horrid latency for East coast players on NA-West? I'm playing with over 200 ping on average, with up to 300 regularly and spikes of over 1000 every so often.

    It's borderline unplayable sometimes, and depressing that I know Australian players that get better latency than I do.

  22. while i agree with the nazi items i must say we dont want to baby it to much. the premise for the game is KILLING each other. the freedom to use stupid symbols and logos is part of the fun. I understand if someone had a holocaust van or a N***er linch van but dont sugar coat the game too much or you will suck the fun out.

    Looking forward to some racing. Also more items in the Arams. I quit W.O.W to play this so i free'd up 15 bucks a month to spend on this game. HOOK IT UP!!!!!

    ---As a side note, thanks for brining it back. i was sad when RTW failed. This game was too brilliant to let go to waist.

  23. @Nicholas Do you understand the concept of beta? Go play call of duty.

  24. @jake....there is a reason why they have a east and west server. so people on the east can play on the east server and west can play on west. pick the right server next time...


  25. You cant Ban some one for having Swatiskas, because they dont resemble racism. Now if some has a shirt say " i hate white people" than yes that is racism not the swatiskas that have nothing to do with racism. Before you have racing, fix your shitty driveing physics i mean really i would love to race if i could make a corner without spinning out every 5 seconds

  26. @ BJorn

    I have a suggestion for a ANTI-CHEAT FEATURE: How about the game automatically records kills while in mission so that yourselves (G1) can view the replays and decide if someone cheats when they are suspected of doing so....this would also be a cool feature for characters to be able to look back on kills after a mission is complete, to save, learn and help enhance their game-play exerience.. And to also not miss out of those crucial aceee kills!

    Please give this a thought, no-one will want to hack if they know that a) their kills are constantly recorded and viewable, and b) that G1 also has access to view and ban them as necessary.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Will we still get the closed beta appreciation kit if we deleted and made a new character a couple times? where will it show up. And i still don't get why permanent guns are so expensive... Will we ever be able to buy some different perm ones in-game?

    I thought the 10 days was only a temp test : [

  29. You keep mentioning how you'll get Nvidia to support sli profiles for this game now the first time you mentioned it I wasn't going to bother commenting, I didn't mind continuing to play with only one of my crossfired cards but the second time you skipped over ATI cards it annoyed me - there have been tons of threads (more ATI than Nvidia really) so I don't understand why it's been left out.

    If you're going to get companies to fix profiles, don't forget the ATI crossfire problem since... it's been around since RTW...

  30. @ chad like in any car you need to let off the throttle and/or brake earlier.
    go play mario kart.

  31. I use different emails for accounts :( It means i am not an old RTW player :-/ Can you make a page like that page for restoring characters? I can confirm my old account.

  32. @Michael

    My RTW-era clan, whom I've played with for more than a year, picked the West server. So that's the one I chose.

    Regardless, I still should not be seeing more than 150-ish ping on a bad day.

  33. Interesting that you mention you are considering a Brazillian game server in these comments. You previously mentioned you would consider an Australian server. Is that still on the cards?

  34. Hey G1 great job bringing this amazingly unique game back to life. Keep up the good work and ignore these idiot trolls who don't understand the meaning or purpose of a beta - or the ridicules amount of work that goes into making a game even of the simplest nature.

    One thing I'd like to see get fixed is something with the aiming, it seems projectiles are getting launched from the middle, or maybe elbow height of my character. Taking a way a big from the feel of strategy involved, or the satisfaction of grabbing good cover while still being able to shoot at the enemy. At the moment shooting around a corner requires more than just the barrel of the gun to be cleared, and the same can be said for shooting over the hood of a car. I've actually blown myself up a couple times cuz I was shooting at the car I was hiding behind cuz of this issue.

    Anyways I'm sure it's at the bottom of your guys list of things to do but I person think it'd be a major plus to gameplay. Enjoy and thanks again for this Awsome F2P game!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. while a lot of this content is awesome, I would like you to do something about the fact that the hitbox doesn't always follow you char right..

    I have been killed around corners MANY times now, and are getting very tired of it.

    On my screen I am clearly behind an object or a wall, and still I get shot. This is baaad!

    Focus on some of all the small bugs out there. Fixing a lot of the small irritating bugs, will make the game more playable longterm, and players will not get irritated about the small bugs that cost wins.

    And FIX the god damn in-game report function.
    I am SO tired of people, not part of the mission, ram-locking me and my teammates cars and ghosting players. I wrote Vali about this, but didn't get any response.

    Altogether. This has the potential to be a great game, and I think you are doing a great job.

  37. don't hurry with your work, make the game perfect =)

  38. Looks awesome, nice job! Absolutely can't wait for the TMC to open up. Maybe that and a working in game bug reporter.

  39. I also think you are misusing the term "hyper-communicate" As communicating usually means talking to people. There are many questions with very few answers, and the answers aren't addressing many serious issues, what this is, is hyper-informing. Imo.

  40. @Bjorn / TechMech

    Quick and easy question i have.I dont see any mission changes.I am not talking about change whole missiolns or balance them i just want you to fix the little things.

    Some VIP missions start with 4 or 8 minutes instead of 15 which is impossible.

    Some pvp final stages have only 5 minutes to make like 15/20 kills each other.You could make that 10 so the match finish we the kills instead of time running out.

    Also it could be nice to balance the times between the factions a little bit.Most of criminal matches start with 5 minutes but i see a lot of enfocers missions with 7 minutes and sometimes to even pickup a small item.

    Thats some of the missions that need some time fixing maybe there are more dont remember.

  41. @Bjorn / TechMech

    while ur at it please fix the matchmaking the previus patch fucked up.... i been at it 2-4 hours yesterday adn 2 day even be4 that.. be4 i quit playing at all and started playing hon...

    and some times even the district get not a single dispatch..

    how i know well cuz no system message saying that any one got shit and ppl whining in district...

  42. how i get standing now u ask?

    well its easy i press K tab to windows read manga and news like half and hour or hour tab back 2 game it says lost and got a few standings or just lost cuz i got no opponents.. better than just doing nothing for 4 hours

  43. Time Trials? Kind of really want to unlock the parts to my existing cars, and not have to buy them off Armas (by the way please tell me we can unlock to Armas parts, and not have it where the only way is to buy them).

    Also new distict?

    And Chaos Servers?

  44. @Chad ok ill say this once i see way to many neo nazi's on colby and yes their using the Swastika in the neo way 35 degree angle i wont play with them if i am auto teamed up with them and they are not banned i still see them ALOT same char. same outfits same same . so yes its racism

    @BJORN and the names of the char. are getting out of hand do u guys even care about that i see KIDS with horrid names have u yet to put a system in that would make it harder for CHILDREN to play this ADULT game or do u not care it makes me not, want to talk at all to anyone in this game @ least in one game i know im talking with ADULTS because if this company does not believe that u are not an adult they make u send in your information to the company or they will ip ban and mac ban u u seriously need to put something more than our birthdays in for verification

  45. @teqrose151

    I just had to LOL at you there "like in a dum way"!
    "so yes its racism"...
    Do you even know what you are talking about??

    It is not racism , it is Nazisem!
    It is 2 very different things!
    And even there, you can't be sure.
    The Swastika have been used by many religions.
    So wearing a christian cross should also be bannable.
    Infact, ALL religus symbols or symbols that might look religus should be bannable.. Is that what you want?

    suck it up and play the game for fun, OR QUIT!

  46. @Bjorn / TechMech - I find the new "pricing" extremely frustrating, and absolutely ridiculous, and here's why.
    I'm a premium user, sure i get 30% extra cash/standing, but why the hell should i have to buy everything that i could access before you guys took over the game.
    Following along the lines of your RoadMap, you aim to make (most) bodykits for cars only available on the Armas Marketplace, which i find truly disgusting. I've put alot of hours into the game already and i see the Armas Marketplace as a way to unlock items more quickly without having to do the grinding, however you have changed the game a little and are providing people who will fritter their money away (expensive items should i note), to gain an advantage on people.
    Along with other items not available in game (The golden act 44 with HUNTING SIGHT 3 and other weapons which make payers have an uneven advantage), why should i have to pay for every single cosmetic change i want, I'm already paying for a subscription! Again, another item not available through levelling but provides the user with a major advantage, i've used the ACT44 at a friend's house and it is absolutely rediculous..
    The permanent weapon prices are a joke as it is, but giving these people who spend no end of money on items in the marketplace shouldn't really have that much of an advantage over users who cannot afford/won't waste their money on these items.

    This probably will just seem like a rant to you, and i probably won't even get a response, but can't you see that G1 are becoming extremely greedy very quickly; i accept the fact that you have bought the game and done alot of changes which all require some money back, but the amount of items in the game you are capitalizing on is a bit of a joke!
    I also see another problem which users address time and time again but there is never a response; the fact that you prioritize Armas Marketplace over key bugs that make the game unplayable. Being Gold TL5 (most of our clan), we never get missions anymore and as you have probably noticed the amount of higher TL players logging in and playing for a large amount of time has certainly decreased this week, due to getting NO matches against enemies. Sure, you have the District recommendation system coming soon, but as others have pointed out the reason why large companies say "soon" when marking large changes is to ensure that they actually work - while the new TL system is much better than before, the matchmaking and DRS should've been done at the same time, as it's caused what seems to be alot of players frustratingly not playing.

    It may seem like just a rant, and i probably won't get a response, but if the game development keeps pointing in this negative direction i won't be around much longer (and neither will my clan mates); which is unfortunate as we have already put a lot of time & money into it.

  47. @Bjorn - so no patch today.. 5days that i have not been able to play this game. 5 days of premium that are wasted.. 5 days of Real Money guns gone? Might only have to wait another week wooo..

  48. @Matthew got my vote

    i sugges that u guys give us back the time on premium and weapons for after last patch to u guys fix it cuz togheter since patch i goten around like 50 or less dispatches...

  49. and in a day i get to like lvl8 or 10 on a contact..

    but nooo

    this patst week since the patch came i have goten like 6 lvls on 1 contact witch i could do like 3 contacts in that amount of time.. this isnt open beta testing this is closed beta testing shit u guys are pooring out...

    every patch u guys patch a new or few problems comes along.. do u guys do it on purpose to get ppl whining or.. seems like that to me and others.. u guys do it for the atteion or what?

  50. The road map is brilliant, provided that it's kept up to date!

  51. @Bjorn / TechMech - First of all, thx you for the big work of your team.
    But, i really find stupid and useless to not make "permanent weapon" ingame. So do you think change this data ?
    About matchmaking, sometimes when we're 4 highlvl in a group, there are not mission during 30min-1hour... what about that ?
    "Last stupid question", do you think increase APB by create/rent flat ingame as it was said in "the old apb" or any stuff ?


  52. Thanks for giving us a roadmap, this gives everyone a clear picture of the direction you are heading and the changes you are making to make the game better. The game is fantastic and the effort you folks put into making it better and resolving issue is noticed just not always said. Keep up the good work :)

  53. @Matthew

    I have to totally agree with you mate.The golden act 44 make me wonder what will this company do to the future with other weapons???

    As long as they sell weapons with modification that all users can have im ok.I dont even care if they sell 3 slotted lvl 3 modification weapons.But when they start selling weapons like that act 44 with modification that normal users cant take is crealry showing the way they are going to head to the future.Maybe they will create moddifications like hunting sigh lvl 5 only for armas and lvl 3 is the only one user can buy ingame.

    Same goes to car parts i dont care if i have to grind for them but if they are unavaible ingame and only on marketplace dunno what will do since cleary they dont care about me a free user that doesnt pay them.

  54. the thing that bothers me is that i pay for premium, and stilli hve to pay to get items. so insead paying 15bucks per monts, it seems ill ave to pay 10 for premium and 20 to get some stuff. so really great f2p imoprovement>_>

    On the other sid, repeated question:

    Any hope for extra costume slots?

  55. Fix matchmaking now not June 30, no opponents = no fun = dont need to play = dont need to spend money

  56. I agree with @Matthew and @Denmeniazi about the act 44...

    Withdraw that shit!
    do NOT make the same mistake like all the other Free2play companies do.

    Do NOT make the people how can't afford buying expensive weapons suffer.

    Do NOT give spoiled children with a rich father, the satisfaction of being able to buy unfair weapons and pawn good players.

    I know the act 44 ain't that overpowered.
    But what about the next weapon, and the one after that...

    Why the hell do you think I don't play Battlefield Heroes or battlefield free4play anymore?
    Because of weapons like that and people with to much bloody money!!!

    If your company, G1, is truly about the gamers, then quit that shit. WITHDRAW the act 44 and all other weapons like that and call it a stupid mistake.

  57. well cant rly play this game would be awsome if u could post some on facebook if u gona fix this update cuz i cant play this game to u guys fix it if u gona do so i wasted cash on premium for no reason..

    thanks g1 u remind me of how good rtw rly was.. i miss them..

  58. this sounds like a good idea, giving the consumer a chance to see whats going on behind closed doors.

    I allso am hoping that the expensive guns on the armas are all-so just in for the beta to test them, cos it really does have an effect on people who cannot aford $40/50/60 for a single gun, i saw my first NVR scout last nite, i really want that gun, but i cant aford it. Yes i bought the golden ACT44, but that was as i was unlocking the non modded on from a contact. Maybe a system could be implemented so tht you can only buy what youve unlocked, say, youve unlocked a few lvl 2 mods and a weapon you like with out any open slots, then and only then you could buy a weapong from armas wihth 2 open slots or something? very vague i know sorry, but if you get the idea i think it could work imo. i wont mind if some one shouts at me for being so wrong, i could be, but hey its just an idea.

    another thing...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! can there be some sort of Icon on a car that youve just unlocked the car parts for, I hated this in the firest game and i hate it now, its so annoying to get "new car parts unlcoked" YAYAY...FOR WHAT SPLODGING CAR?! either something like i said, a little icon on the cars, unbought and in the garage, OR something on that pop up that says "new car parts for the: nulander, t-25, packer, sentinel. or maybe something like, "new car parts for cars worth 15k up/3-k up/ 40/50k up"???

    either way i like how the games playing now, still alot of steam rolling to get eveything flattend out but. you can do it =D

  59. Honestly, I do see a lot of changes in this game for the greater good. But I do have to admit.. I also see you guys busting a bitch(u-turn), and heading down the same road RTW did. Though I know you guys are doing your best to avoid that. I'm thinking maybe this game shouldn't have been necro'd and left dead. BUT.. I still can't get enough of it. Just my input.

  60. so now G1 start ignoring players opinion...Matchmaking is broke how manye player do you need to tell you the samething....and i find this offensive that BJORN didnt said anything about Matchmaking

  61. I have been asking this tons of times now, here and on forums etc, still waiting for an official answer, but here goes again.

    Will the issue with buildings taking forever to load be fixed for us who use Dual Core CPUs? If it is infact a dual core issue, but so far everyone who report having this issue are on a dual core. It makes no sense to have this issue when the game itself run pretty fine, it looks like bad optimization for dual core.

    What strike me as odd though is that in the morning it works better, with buildings pop instantly or alot faster, but in the evening it's slower, so it looks like it's a network issue with population load aswell?

    I love the game and all, but mostly playing with a optimistic mindset that this will be fixed soon.

  62. It's fucking ridiculous how you can ban someone with a swastika.
    Generations before I, it was used as a symbol of peace, and unity, and to this day, stick is used as one.
    My family has one on their wall as a symbol of peace and I am extremely fucking offended by this!

  63. "nor on "Valve-time" " ROFL!

    Good job guys, can't wait for next updates

  64. matchmaking is valve and wow time.
    and a little bit of g1 own signature patching fail.

  65. After reading this blog for months and reading user comments on this. I can honestly say im so glad I dont know any of you in real life. Some of you who comment on this blog are complete, and utter idiots. You dont read whats actually posted, youd just rather rant like a fucking moron. Id bet that a lot of the same people who are bitching about the SAME SHIT we bitched about in closed beta, are the same people who cried and whined for weeks about please let me into the beta, we know its a beta and know there will be issues, PLEASE LET US IN. Talk about a bunch of whiners. STFU please. You wanted in to a game that is still a work in progress to fix everything that was fucked up before G1 got their hands on it.

    For fucks sake people, grow up, show some reading comprehension. Actually ingest what Bjorn and others say to you rather then bitch cause your computer sucks. Yes, those of you with dual cores, it isnt an issue with the game. Its an issue with your shitty PC. Upgrade, stop bitching for them to lower specs to fit your ancient PC. You people act like they owe you something. They brought back a great game and are in the process of making it even better. You dont seem to get that. You bitch about issues that are still being tweaked. Youre a fucking idiot if you keep up with that.

    Those of you who bitch about hackers. Get it thru your thick heads that other games like COD, and Battlefield and CS arent like this game. Cause you can snooze your way thru that, doesnt mean you can come in here and kill people left and right. It doesnt happen. There is a HUGE learning curve here. Ive played this game since RTW beta, and previously the hacking issue was huge. Now its almost non existant. Are they there, sure. But if you honestly believe there is a hacker in every group, or even every 20 groups, uninstall, you are terrible at this game. Thats what it boils down to, your skill level doesnt match your huge ego and you will continue to cry hacker by everyone who owns you, cause face it, you aint Pro kid.

    Im TL 27 on both my Criminal and Enforcer, I say this cause opposition is scarce. Matchmaking as far as im concerned is working as intended. The problem is there are so many horrible players in this game, that there needs to be a lot of people doing nothing at the same time if high level golds are in groups of 3 or more in order for us to get opposition. Get better, stop bitching about hacking thats an excuse to cover how absolutely and utterly fucking terrible you are. Im better than average, and im almost maxed threat. I rarely see golds on any server im on. Even some of the CB people who I thought were good, were either bought skill and stopped or werent as good as I thought they were to begin with. Ill say it again, you arent as Pro as you thought you were.

  66. @Bjorn

    Any chance of a reply on the concept of buying permanent premium status, for those of us who want to support the game but truly hate the idea of subscribing to something?

  67. fix match making plz, everyone is complaining about it, shouldn't this be on top of your todo list? atm it's hard to even test a game when it's pvp is broken

  68. @blueMONDAY

    why yes there are peace symbols with that shape in them, the swastika on a white circle with a red field is the Nazi flag of hate and we all know that.

    i hope what is on the wall in your house is the one of the peace signs, as they look very different.

  69. @Bjorn

    Thanks for all this awesome info. Quick question on the 'District Recommendation System'

    How will this work for groups? If you use 'Join as group' at the district select screen, will this new system take in to consideration the entire groups threat rating, or just the leaders?

  70. i don't see anything wrong with the matchmaking system. for me and my teammate, 8/10 and 9/10 times we get put in matches with players that are the same TL as us or a little higher or a little lower, the real problem is that the District Recommendation System has not been implemented yet.

    for the high TL players, i would say your problem is there are not enough of you in a district for the system to give you the rite opposition. i hope for you the matches get better after they implement District Recommendation System.

  71. Website is slow as balls COME ON patch!

  72. 'I agree with @Matthew and @Denmeniazi about the act 44...

    Withdraw that shit!
    do NOT make the same mistake like all the other Free2play companies do.

    Do NOT make the people how can't afford buying expensive weapons suffer.

    Do NOT give spoiled children with a rich father, the satisfaction of being able to buy unfair weapons and pawn good players.

    I know the act 44 ain't that overpowered.
    But what about the next weapon, and the one after that...'

    Dont forget. those who work bloody hard. support a family. and cant afford to.. oh wait. I do that. but I still managed to buy several armas guns. sorry but lazyness IRL shouldnt be rewarded in a timesink game. it will not help your life.

  73. @chad bout the swastica remark way way up towards the topish.Actually you are only half right. The swastica itself isn't racist. If I remember correctly it meant something like 'good-luck'. Now a swastica by itself is harmless. Now, a black swastica in a white circle over red? That is offensive because at that point it's not 'good-luck', but the colors and look are meant to copy the colors and scheme of the Nazi party.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that you really gotta look at the context and how it's displayed. If all swastica are banned, then it's being racist and intolerant of religion, as the swastica is an ancient Hindu symbol. It's really only the Nazi swasticas they can get rid of which, unfortunatly, is still just about all of them in the game.

  74. @Bjorn/TechMech

    Well hello sir,

    I am suprised that you are coming with new elements, but dont you think you should fix all problems BEFORE making new stuff?
    Like just now I cannot play in Finnancial District (and yesterday i Could)
    I get this error in crash:
    "Bad name index 38656/174, Package ..\APBGame\Content\Release\Maps\FinancialDistrict\FinancialDistrict_TILE_001_000_BLOCK_000_750ROADS.APB, Offset 840441


    18:53:33 - Log: Log file closed, 07/06/11 20:53:33"

    And sending to your support team doesn't helps either cause the loading bar wont move.
    Please be aware of this issue.

  75. Just still hoping legal fees will be removed or fixed. 4 minutes to catch people going in 6 different directions is way too difficult for enforcers.

  76. @Bjorn ... Nice one mate! Finally some ideas on what is going on.

    Havn't done the update yet, so will have that arguement soon, my main issue is the graphics.

    Previously I seen that there is an option for a lower spec graphics to allow folks with "entry level" graphics to be able to render buildings quicker. Any ideas when this will be implimented or even better a way to switch to this in the options!! I will happily sacrifice Cuteness for more stable gameplay.

    Fixing the latency issue will be a good boost, as in an experiment, I found that I can play just as well on the US West server as I can on the EU server and I bide in the UK ??? What Gives!

    Keep up on the info coming out, it helps folks a lot! And yes, you have earned that choccy biscuit again!

    Hugz fae me as usual!

  77. @ IceJudge i can't see the fine tuning of missions happening anytime soon, until bigger issues are fixed... =\ but yes, i agree.

  78. Just saw the new Dev Road map and I read about the Veteran APB players getting the flag to I.D. them as Veteran APB players. I was wondering if the idea would include RTW's CLOSED Beta testers as well. I never got a chance to play the game cause I wasn't fond of the reoccurring fees. I'm sure I speak for me and the few who have the same issue as me in asking if we could have the privilege to be recognized for being so dedicated to this great, diamond-in-the-rough game. Hope E3 treats you guys well!

  79. You want to be recognised for... playing the free part of RTW's version.. and now playing the free game now?


    you havent at any point contributed. you do not deserve anything.

  80. @dev team:
    Great job with the lag issue, finally the game is playable.

    Also it seems there are a bit less cheaters. However I ll hold my horses a bit on that matter cause both cheaters and bans come in waves in this game. If however, you achieve to STEADILY maintain a low population of cheaters, that will be a big damn success and you ll never hear any more whine from me about that (Now, ain't that a good incentive? XD )!!

    As for the rest issues like spawning, matchmaking and missions, I 'll hold my trollses till the end of this month.

  81. @Jimmy Westerburg & chad
    The symbol you call swastika is an ancient greek symbol. The clockwise one id called Tetragammon (nothing to do at all with Tetragrammaton) and the counterclockwise is called Tetraskelion. I dont remember which came first (i 'm inclined to believe tetraskelion came first), but it's included in ritualistic designs of the ancient Cretan civilization (which dates about 3000BC), so with 5000 years of history of that symbol, who gives a shit about nazis and their cheapass history?

  82. Exactly, there are two completely different version of the symbol, with different meanings. But you're right, the only context in which it is important, is when it's given the color scheme or use pattern of the Nazi's and neonazi's. I of course, use these distinctions and the context I see them before making any determination. A guy in khaki's with a swastica armband=report and ban. If it's just a swastica? Or with tribal images? Or is not put on some form of nazi color scheme, I'm fairly lenient and respectful, unless of course the image belongs to some ignorant fuck with a name like 'Ilovehitler' or 'jewpizza' (I've seen both) In that case, I'm more likely to report them for their name than the swastica. In certian contexts, it's offensive and has no place in the game.

    Heh, and I totally misread the first part of that, I had two paragraphs about how you were an idiot and should check wikipedia before I realizsed you hadn't typed Tetragrammaton twice. You almost caught me being ignorant. Good job.

  83. Heh and a sidenote. Funny how the religion supposed to have used it first were called Cretans, and the Nazi's are all Cretins

  84. @Bjorn awesome roadmap , but wheres the long long awaited info on the car parts unlocks? is it that hard to add the "unlocked at level x at contact x" info in the garage?

    P.S.: very good you perma ban that nazi shit, ill report everyone i see with such symbols or anything related to this -- cheers -- keep up working hard to make the game better

  85. What did I say about the cheaters? Too bad i got my hopes up. I take it all back. Obeya is CRAWLING with cheaters. But i suppose you re never playing on obeya on nighttime to see the shitstorm. 3 out of 3 1v1 matches all vs aimbotters, wallhackers and all these within 25 criminals. That's 3 out of 25 and god knows how many more. Whatever you do with the matchmaking and the districts and the threat, has absolutelly no meaning if you re gonna let those scumbags fuck up all your work.

    @Jimmy Westerburg In ancient greece there was no religion. Not at least the way it was in babylon, egypt, persia, or how it is today with bhuddism, or hinduism, or christianism, or islam, or judaism... The closest thing to the ancient greek religion is wiccan in philosophy and hinduism in art. So the tetraskelion wasn't exactly a religious symbol, rather than a geometrically designed symbol of the nature's cycle of seasons. In other words it was a mix between cosmotheory, art and science. And bty the way, most nazis were ignorant dumbasses... nowdays nazis are realy cretins. So really, it would make me feel good to have them banned as I feel offended to the use of tetraskelion as a dumbass geopolitical group's symbol.

  86. @Jimmy Westerburg
    by the way both words "tetragammon" and "tetragrammaton" are ancient greek.
    the first means "the symbol with 4 Gamma" (meaning the greek letter Gamma) and refers to "Gi (earth), Genesis (birth), Geography, Geometry". As for tetragrammaton it means the 4-letter symbol which is exactly what it is (but in aramaic alphabet), aside from the "cleric order" in "Equilibrium" movie!!!

    However, before you begin to get offended by people playing it neo-nazis just think they probably are selfstroking kids who think that being neonazi means they re in something big bad and powerful unlike their dicks. More to that, ask yourselves this: Were really the nazis the worst scumbags in history, or just the latest? I have stories of the roman empire or the vyzantine empire or the ottoman empire, stalin's commies, cortez's spanish, the brutalities of the brittish vs africans, hindus, chinese, etc or even the crusaders (see slaughter of 'antiochia') that will make nazis look like nuns of mercy. Actually the first ones to use concentration camps and perform genocide were the vyzantine emperors Theodosius (slew 150000 old religion greeks in concentration camps of 'bethes-din' or 'scythopolis') and his heir Constantius (not constantine) who hired Alaric to slay 15.000.000 old religion greeks (250% the size of the jewish holocaust).

    okay enuff with history lessons and offtopic, the point is this:

    Although it would feel good to ban the neo-nazi dickheads, why wouldn't we feel the same banning those who bear roman, vyzantine, ottoman, communist, medieval spanish, resainance brittish, or even christian symbols?

    I ain't gonna answer, and neither should you. I's just a rhetorical question meant to serv as food for thought.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. MoAr Whine!!!
    Just crashed with an "out of memory" CTD after playing for 2 hours. I saw the memory indicator in /fps command jump from 1550Mb to 1700Mb and then to 1920Mb where it stuck! That's new!

    Before the patch, that CTD would happen in 3 hours.
    Before build 90, it would happen every 4 hours.
    Before v 1.5.0 it would happen every 10 hours.

    Does every fucking patch make the game less and less 32-bit friendly?
    Now I have to relog every two goddamn hours!!

    Add another major problem to the list. You fixed the lag, you fucked up the "out of memory" CTD. WTF?

  89. @Rm4g3dD0v

    There you are :) !. So a few observations - yes - the game does NOT like 32 bit systems. We will investigate in case build 93 actually has worse memory profile than earlier versions (so far we have not seen it). If you have a 32-bit system - then at minimum install 4GB of RAM and then use the Win 7 /3GB switch (which we usually refer to here since AutoCad is a program with the same type of issues:

    2GB of RAM simply doesn't work.

    Second - yes - we DO have teams playing on Obeya at this hour. We have offices in US, UK and India so there is usually staff on all servers 24/7.

    Also - I am impressed you have decent connectivity from Greece, since right now the peering from Greece traverses through Amsterdam. We are opening up peering with TiNet shortly, which should cut "southern EU" ping times by quite a bit.

    Finally - the district segmentation should do quite a bit to streamline the players you meet, and we are also working on additional protections to include in the game. The trick is - those tend to make the game more unstable, but clearly we will be enabling them as soon as it's practical.

  90. ------ Memory CTD -------

    I tried the /3GB switch and I get a GPF in the first 2 minutes. Not to mention that it makes my windoze less stable than a 10-year old installation of WinME!!!
    I am on WinXP SP2 with 3.2GB of ram (physically 4GB).
    The 32-bit-dislike begun when you introduced the "new-improved-graphics-for-low-end-systems" some time before 1.5.0

    ------ LAG Issue -------

    Right now I am getting about 120ms latency (sometimes it drops to 70ms, sometimes rises to 160ms) but compared to the 250+ shitstorm of the previous week, it's playable... Though, it still needs work; most people in europe play at 20ms-40ms.

    ------ Cheaters -------

    Why don't you follow the Global Agenda solution model for the cheaters? It's a month or two of hard work to patch up the game in a timeframe of less than 2 hours each time a new cheat comes out, but the cheating sites will not withstand such lengthy hammering and they'll remove their support to APB cheats. HIrez made it in 3 weeks.
    One more thing. I ve seen a few users that utilise the "speedhack" exploit of the unreal engine (the one with the on-the-fly overclocking). What is to be done about this?

  91. @Rm4g3dD0v

    32-bit memory: the issue is that while it will theoretically run on Win XP 32 for several hours, it is not recommended (for a lot of reasons, not least that XP turns 10 years old in October). But we will return to optimize for 32-bit some more after the current batch of items has been worked out.

    Lag: the fact you are getting 160ms from Greece - that's pretty darn good actually. Once we peer with TiNet (as I said above), you should see better times. But it IS a server driven game so your distance to Germany matters. If the game grows we will also consider a southern EU server as well.

    Cheaters: we are moving to several new solutions, including the 'name and shame' solution, but also technical ones as well. Stay tuned (and no - I am not dodging this question at all, just choosing to be circumspect).

  92. 32-bit memory: okay, io 'll wait, however this patch has made the game almost unplayable. At least give out a temporary solution to increase the time before CTD to at least 4 hours...

    Lag: Wow, if I get less than 50ms you ll get a shitload of hackusaton reports vs me!!! Actually my provider (On Telecoms) peers directly to germany so perhaps that's why I got such latency...

    Cheaters: any coments on the speedhack exploit I mentioned?

  93. @Bjorn

    Can you please comment on the horrific latency for East coast players on NA-West?

  94. @Bjorn / TechMech

    You guys should make a EXP bar to see what how mutch EXP you gain on your threat when winning a mission and to see how mutch EXP you lose when you lose a mission.

    Thanks for reading ;)

  95. I can't download the patch... error every time... has anyone this problem ?

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. @DesGaiZu

    You should just not commend to them, just ignore it its just funny how people act when thay cant win ;)

  98. @Bjorn

    So do you think its ok for Rm4g3dD0v to put up lists in your blog (look at the bottom of Player Explosion during Beta post) calling people aimbotters/wallhacks just because he has had a sulk when he loses?

    me and my clan now get spammed by kids calling us cheats every time we win a match, its a joke I also got threatened with violence on the district chat which is beyond a joke.

    Like I said before you can check my account hell you can come round to me house and il sit on your lap while I play :3 but please remove the rambling posts of Rm4g3dD0v.

    oh and just so you can see he's not the only one.

    edit:sorry had to retype it.

  99. does anyone has error problem with download latest patch?

  100. Any comment at all on the mounting issues to do with client-side stuttering / FPS drops? The roadmap mentions some mysterious 'hardware compatability' issues'

    (This is not just generally low performance, as per your response on 32bit systems, but constant 1-5 second pauses in the game and stuttering framerates)

    There was a 14 page thread on the Closed Beta Forums:

    There's a 6-page and growing thread on the new forum:

    And to give some idea of the hell we're going through trying to fix it, I've collected all 'solutions' here (and, despite a moment of hope, nothing still works for me or many others):

    I'm not complaining - I'm still playing as, working through bugs is part of being a beta participant, right?

    But after bug reports and forum threads, we still have -no- idea if this is even recognised as an issue to be solved.

    Something, anything from anyone involved beyond enigmatic 'hardware compatability' issues would be welcome.

    The ONLY direct response we've had on the issue in on the early pages of that closed beta 14 page thread mention Realtek compatability issues. This is nothing to do with that problem...

  101. @desgaizu
    Nice trolling attempt.
    Your time is coming too and you know it. That's why you whine that much.

    But whining wont pervent your ban or your ownage in case you stop cheating to avoid ban. Instead go get some skill.

    I am ranking on Top100 in BF2 (usually near 85-80), i've been playing CS for 7 years now (since 1.3) and i 'm into onine action/fps games since you were in liquid form. Concerning APB I ve been playing APB since early RTW beta (heavy hitter) and I got a criminal @ TL7Gold.

    So shut your yapper, you re not blabbering at a yesterday's noob.

  102. @ teqrose like i said before if there using it in an offense full way than yes ban them. I do not support racism whats so ever i was trying say that just because some one is throwing up a swatiskas doesnt mean they hate every one of a diffrent race, by that meaning the are suggesting that there race is superior than yes that is very racist. If i were to say germans like beer thats not racist or showing my race is superior.

  103. @Rm4g3dD0v

    "Nice trolling attempt.
    Your time is coming too and you know it. That's why you whine that much."

    Are you serious? have you seen how much shit you most on this blog.

    "But whining wont pervent your ban or your ownage in case you stop cheating to avoid ban. Instead go get some skill. "

    Not going to get banned as I don't cheat and still going to be around owning YOU.

    also look at the screen I posted do you see any aimboting/wall hacking all you can see is the idiot running towards the door on the radar just like his entire team did then had the cheek to say i'm cheating, id be happy to fraps some videos for you, you might learn something :3

    also the fact you play all them games for so long just makes it worse that your crying about losing fair and square.

  104. You guys are being bloody ridiculous with your armas prices. I was expecting 500 points max for car parts and I was willing to pay that even.

    But bloody 2000 points(Ye i know its one less but i dont fall for that trick) for a couple of parts for 1 car on one character? You got to be kidding....

    Seriously G1 I love that you brought this game back to life, but STOP with the ridiculous prices....... ITS NOT WORTH IT

  105. @Bjorn

    Thos Car Parts Are the worst 3 Changes for 1.6k G1 Credits thats 15 EUROS are you crazy? i bought them and i tought i was able to do everyting. like every single part when i buy that but i get 3 tings shiit
    make this better if not i'm out of the game this is ridiculous

  106. I love this game, cannot wait for this new upgrades!! thanks for your work APB dev Team!! :D

  107. The car parts are to expensive for 3 parts thats crazy the parts you can buy isnt really special.

    I hope that the price will go down because nobody will buy them with that ridiculous prices.

    And why you dont set it for unlock with the race district or something?

    This game is fun please dont ruin it by ridiculous prices.

  108. @DesGaiZu
    That's your tactics? Camping? Lol that's noob tactics.

    Anyways, I was looking at old screens and picked one of you and remembered who you exactly are.
    We were in Waterfront at the piers west of the ferry, and you were camped on a tall building, repeatedly gunning down my whole team from 60meters with 6-shot bursts from OCA. I still remember it was one burst per person. I remember spending two hours with my team trying to reproduce this, and the best we achieved was 8-shot burst kill from 40meters.
    I'm sorry, but that's called aimbot. Now I 'll search all my videos (it's gonna take me a day or two) and find the one (if there is one) and forward it to the dev team. Just cause you pissed me off.
    that's all and from now on welcome to my virual shitlist.

  109. i fully agree with Exorqutor .. prices are way to high for some stuff .. 1999 G1 credits???? WTF .. nothing should be more expensive then premium .. and we finally want the infos how to unlock car parts come on G1 !!! we are begging for this since the game came out in RTW times

  110. 50 $ for a lifetime gun? you cant be serious .. 25 $ for some car parts? .. seriously thats bullshit .. who is making that ridicilous prices? i wouldnt pay more then 5 $ for car parts and not more then 20 $ for lifetime gun ... and you call yourself ->GAMERS<-first ? seems more like ->MONEY<- first .. i can understand you gotta get money because you paid for this game .. but seriously that is the wrong way to get it .. especially because it is BETA .. still

  111. @bjorn
    The RTW APB had a program called APBuddy which was there to optimize the graphics. Will it work now if I try it, or will it screw up everything?

  112. Concerning ARMAS prices, they really are ridiculous for all items except the fonts and the premium. Personally, I just don't buy. Not even if I had D.Rockefeller's money.

  113. @DesGaiZu
    That picture proved nothing on your end. Aimbots/Recoil hacks would allow you to take an in-game shot that basically emulates being a regular 'good' player. Just like I could still call you out as a radar hacker because it shows an enemy from outside both yours and your teammates range.
    A better way to show that you don't hack is by recording a video of that entire mission. Although then you could end up being bad and blame it on the frame rate or your teammates sucking.

  114. So I can't log in with my main character because it was corrupted by the body customization studio and now it doesn't load at the character select screen. I put in a support ticket but they just closed it and saying they didn't have a solution.

    What the heck am I supposed to do? Just keep opening new G1 accounts every time I fill one up with broken characters that support can't fix?

  115. @Rm4g3dD0v

    I was defending 3 doorways from a capture point hardly camping but what ever :) the more you call me a noob the more a fool you look about raging about a loss to me.

    and oh wow sorry to disappoint you but I don't use the oca think iv used it about twice did horrible with it and hated it im sure a dev could look into that, so no your not going to find any videos of me killing you off a roof with it but id love to see some video of me :)

    you keep saying you have proof and you already said you reported me but now your saying your GOING to report me, well go for it your wasting peoples time but if it makes you feel better :)

    @alpha centauri

    sorry Im not up on aimbots as yourself the only time iv seen one is when someone posted a link to a stream of some idiot using one on apb while streaming :s there were boxes all over the place so I thought a screen shot would be enough.

    I will do some fraps for fun, but still I bet Rm4g3dD0v would think up some crazy story look at all his posts on the blog hes quite clearly not all there, but he is quite fun :)

  116. Hey Bjorn :)
    I see you like to write big texts, I like big texts as well. It means many things are going on our minds and we actually got patience to write them on an organized letter. I got a hand full of a ideas for APB that actually fit in, but those are just mere ideas. My only worry is if the APB Developers actually read the suggestion thread, specially the large topics.
    May you have a look at this topic please and if you feel like sharing your opinion, please do so. I'll be lurking on this blog.

    Topic Link:

    Kind Regards

  117. Why is my game still running choppy? is the games coding that horrible? I just bought 4 more gb of RAM and STILL it runs fucking choppy, i want the smoothness of RTW APB that i once had, even with 4 more gb of RAM it's not the same.

    I'm running on 8gb of physical RAM which all run with 800 Mhz, quadcore 64 bit windows 7 with ATI Radeon 5700 graphics card.

    My processor was custom made and is ranked 7.1 by windows 7. What could POSSIBLY be the freaking problem?

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. @Bjorn

    please do something about the semiautomatic weapons, i sick of having to deal with people that can shoot multiple bullets aka burst fire.

    and its not from lag, some of the players not all shoot like that none stop.

    quick question, are any of the LTL weapons full auto? if so what ones.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. I second the matchmaking patch that just went through. It messed things up. 4 Silver being put against 3 level 3 gold and a level 5 silver? really? And please seperate people who have bought Armas guns, its really unfair to people who dont want to buy anything with real money. Its also sad the amount of time some people play this game.

  122. @Bjorn / TechMech - First of all, thx you for the big work of your team.
    But, i really find stupid and useless to not make "permanent weapon" ingame. So do you think change this data ?
    About matchmaking, sometimes when we're 4 highlvl in a group, there are not mission during 30min-1hour... what about that ?
    "Last stupid question", do you think increase APB by create/rent flat ingame as it was said in "the old apb" or any stuff ?


  123. fuck you g1 for making me lose to huge noobs all the time, fix your fucking game

  124. Answer my question? please and thank you

  125. @lildrecruz: i runned a few stats on my system and my problem is nearly the same.

    Quad CPU running at fps spikes at 70%, Graphic Card GPU at 40%.
    I have 8GB of RAM (1333mhz clocked), but i have one weakness: Graphic Card Mem is only 512 MB and it`s heavy loaded.

    i buyed an new graphic card with 3x better benchmarks and 1gb ram, i tell you if that was the problem...

  126. Lmfao reading these posts cracks me up. Where has gaming gone? I see people crying about OMG GUYS SLOW DOWN THE BULLETS THEIR TOO FAST, or HELP MY GAME RUNS BAD BUT MY COMPUTERS GUD. Sounds like a bunch of wow kiddies to me.

  127. Antonio, stfu.

    I'm one of the people that have been having horrible FPS stuttering since open beta, people like you are overshadowing the problem with the game. Seriously, a developers response or acknowledgement of this issue needs to happen...

    or I'm giving up, my 150 hour character. I'm posting here because the developers ignore the countless threads posted about the stuttering, It's obvious that it's a windows 7 64bit issue. It's been traced down for you and exactly to what patch caused this (the one right before open beta).

    I'm beyond frustrated, Im giving this game a week. It's already been a month that we've been waiting for a simple fucking nod for us with the issue and nothing. Oh yeah for the millionth time, my specs are as follows

    Q6600 2.4ghz Quad core, 4GB DDR2, 512MB Nvidia 8800GTS. Ran the game like butter at 50fps pre-open beta. Now? 50fps steady with FPS spikes lasting well over 1000ms preventing me from driving, shooting, PLAYING. FIX IT, you have no idea how many people are having this issue... you're going to lose a LOT of people soon and it seems like you have no fucking idea.

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. @Antonio

    i didn't ask them to slow down anything, so clearly you didn't read it, but we see you'll open your troll mouth.

    I'm asking them to look in to why some people can burst fire semi-auto weapons. more than likely the people that can burst fire are using a macro to help them increase the fire rate beyond what they can get by just clicking the mouse button.

    but maybe your one of them and suck without that little trick.

  130. nice trolling attempt antonio but even at trolling you suck ass...

  131. @DeadDuke

    The only fully auto ltl weapon that I know of is the CCG.

    As for the burst firing... I know that the Joker pretty much fires as fast as you hit the button, and some people are actually just that fast. However certain mice come with software that allow you to program macros like that, and I don't know that there is anything that can be done about it.

  132. How long will the maintenance be??

  133. @Dark

    LOL. I'm sure giving up your character will generate some development. Beta *cough*


    Try clicking the "shoot" button faster.


    Bow ties are cool.

  134. @DesGaiZu

    We fighted with u before the patch came out..
    11-6-2011 [2:00] dutch time.

    [Other person i dont no]


    AcherIcon [Me]

    And no you're not a hacker.

    Example for: [NP]Nothing Personal & [MD]MadDogs.

    Some people of them do hack without a doubt.
    [Not all of them]

  135. Antonio you're missing the point, lots of players are affected by the stutter.

    Me giving up a character isn't meant to help development, it's just the beginning of more players frustrated like myself abandoning the game all together once again killing the game.

  136. Thanks Bjorn for the update. I hope you really haven't forgotten about Chaos district, even if it isn't fully 100% FFA , but more factional based. Unless the upcoming Turf Wars is just that.

    Also, I do hope you reconsider adding a Pure Skill ruleset. There are enough players out there that would merit having it.

    Character Upgrades - When can we see more to fill in that empty 4th slot we currently have?

    Even something simple like "Quick Escape - when hanging out the window you can press F to quickly jump out the window, reducing the time it takes to exit a vehicle.

    I think RTW had plans to make it faster to get out of the vehicles, something like that would help and add more to the current lacking character modifiers.

    Other then that keep up the great work!

  137. Can u all tell me WHY do u want MORE CONTENT.

    When the entire game needs:
    -Optimatization: Crashes, Freezes, FPS Lagg, Latency Lagg..

    Since i updaten my videocard it didnt work smoother at all -,- Nvidia 460 GTX.. the last update was: 1-6-2011, The login screen of your character is like? Blue, Green Purple at the same time when u click on login.
    And the NPCs that are walking around town are sometimes: Blue & Green. Since this update i play the game 1240x1024 MAX. and before the update i played: 1920x1080 MAX.

    And if its not enough: when i face the enemy my FPS lagg goes to 20 for 1/5 seconds and same for my latency goes to 200/300


    -Anti Cheat system:

    At your post your talking about *Valve-Time*
    Well Valve got a really good ANTI-CHEAT system.
    Should work better then annoying punkbuster.
    (SO BEFORE U JOIN VALVE ANTI CHEAT Looks for hacks NOT IN-GAME or maybe for 30 minutes looking for other players in-game:

    Loading screen text:

    [Switching District --> Entering District --> Disconnect --> Looking for Cheats --> Searching... Your Cheat Free --> Entering District: Fancial --> Loading District: Fancial)

    Should be awesome xD

  138. @lammashta

    thanks for LTL info. :)

  139. So if you see me in the following days cursing you its not my fault its yours Money first.

    The missions is getting unplayble day after day.The followings happend today with my group total 3 criminals.

    We press k for mission to start.Mission starts after 30 sec waitting without any enemies.Bang enemies dispatched for us the next 2 second.We do all stages and wuala last stage is keeping an object.We take it and after 2 minutes lost it enemies take it put it on enfocer tank car with 4 seats and start running.Ofcourse the slow they got was minimum you think its ok running with 70% of vehicles speed with object item inside???You should make it 20% of car speed when object inside.After that we hunt em till we reach them 1:45 was remaining we lost again.Thats all after we lost we got respawn 400 meters behind the enemies vehicle that was going forward till we find a car and start chassing they were 700 meters away.

    Mission number 2:Same thing again enemies from first 2 seconds dispatched vs us.We had to do 5 stages 40 second objects and before the final mission we had to blow a car in a ridicoulus place.We finally did it and blew it up in the last seconds and then we died.Final mission now 4 suitcases drop next to the bombed car we blew up they quicly put them on the vehicle and start going to their drop off.We ofcourse as always spawned 200 meters behind them in an empty road without any button to press F and spawn you a vehicle.Ofcourse till we got to their place they had win the mission.

    After that i pressed k to start a mission and my mates too.After 10-20 second that didnt put us on mission i press K again so we dont start a mission but instead wait if we were lucky we had to be deffenders in one.I did that again and again for 5 minutes then we decided to start a mission ourselfes.We wait for 30 sec mission started and enemies in the first second dispatched.The missions was like the previous ones we did all stages just to loose at the last stage of the mission because of a problem of G1.Forgot M1(Money 1)

    Conclusion is this.

    1)I dont see to your road map anything about missions that is the worst problem of the game right now after matchmaking.

    2)This is 100% sure because i see it every day in 80% of my missions.Criminals always spawn after death when mission changes step behind the enfocers 200 meters.When you kill an enfocer and new stage of a mission starts and you go that way you see the enfocers spawned in front of your way.THats means that criminals get spawned behind of enfocers but enfocers spawn 200 meters in front of you.And i say im 100% sure this happens in 80% of missions.

    3)Criminals have to do the objects more often than enfocers in an unbalnce game that the deffenders camping a spot have advantage on missions.

    4)Fix vehicle speed when having object inside.All the cars with object should move slower from a guy running on foot.

    5)And 1 suggestion for last.Graffity on spots in financial/waterfront doesnt give you anything at all instead it messes up with missions.When a team take the mission object to such a place that there is only 1 way to go there they win.You cant climb a ladder when 4 enemies are above you and your team cant hit them because they are too high to be spotted from anywhere.There are several spots like that makes the missions impossible to win because everywhere else there are at least 2 ways to go in.Here is whoever gets the 1 way spots win.Suggestion is Remove ladders that leads to such places or add barrels so people cant climp,Add barrels to every 1 way location that will block the way.The right and balance thing is to exist place that you can go from at least 2 ways!!!

  140. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  141. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  142. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  143. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  144. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  145. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  146. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  147. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

  148. would someone in g1 please permaban Noobzor, he clearly does not want the good for apb, and for spamming this blog with his useless shit.
    ye i myself whine over apbs stages, but i still keep on playing and love the game

  149. What the hell are you people talking about, messed up matchmaking. It's turning out even better for me than it was when OB first started. The only issue I had before with amtchmaking was a lot of unopposed missions and 1v2 or 1v3 matches, and even then, what usually cost me the matches was playing it too safe or getting stuck in a gauntlet situation where I had to run down a hallway with a couple of ntecs and a shaw firing at me with nowhere to run to.

    With the new changes, it's gotten even better. I don't get mroe than 2 or 3 unopposed missions a day, and most of the dispatches I get end up being huge matches (talking 4v4+, had a few that were like 6v3 and 6v4), and they've always come down really close in the end, with one team beating the other through kills or objective at just the last second. that and this last 36 hours or so, even my latency spikes have cleared up. I get the occasional spike once in a while, but even those don't go above 145ms any more. Last cuple of patches have fixed or very nearly fixed any issue I've had playing the game (Though I still can't get AA to work at all, and I'm bummed about the track identification not working, maybe put in a new player if we don't have last FM, one that allows shoutcast streams? I don't even care if it doesn't broadcast to other players, just having some way to let people easily listen to music together would be awesome. I mention shoutcast cuz I heard other people ask me about it, and I am trying to get an in-game radio station up and runnig (look for it soonish)

  150. @ Cheater

    Sure thing please let me know, these fps issues for high end computers such as mine are very frustrating, especially since i played old RTW APB and it ran so smooth.

  151. Usually you hear me ranting about shit...
    However this time I'll not. The matchmaking is actually ok. It stops being okay when servers are shitloaded with cheaters.

    What seriously needs fixing, is the goddamn spawn system which is HALF-FINISHED.

  152. @Bjorn,

    Why dont you guys fix the issues:

    - Cop Rank not leveling when arrest people who are witnessed

    - Sirens not working after switching cars in the inventory

  153. @Pirlet

    I think it's intentional that you don't level up roles while witnessing people. Otherwise you could just witness a crim buddy and arrest him over and over to boost your cop rank, or keep killing him with a gun you wanted to level.

  154. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

    You all who like new system are fucking sado-masso fetish gays who like being ganked by higher levels and lose everytime. Im feel sorry for you perverts.

  155. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

    You all who like new system are fucking sado-masso fetish gays who like being ganked by higher levels and lose everytime. Im feel sorry for you perverts.

  156. I just wanted to say how YOU TOTALY FUCKED UP opponent matching system, seriously after Patch 93 this game is not worth to play by newbies because all we got is gold ranks and high rating enemies, they shot us like hunters to duck or deers and this is not nice.
    Before patch 93 matches were equal and was fun, now its hunting tournament where I feel like victim or unarmed animal, thats really demotivating and sad...
    Im not going to play this unfriendly for newbies game untill you fix this system.

    You all who like new system are fucking sado-masso fetish gays who like being ganked by higher levels and lose everytime. Im feel sorry for you perverts.

  157. How about fix the damn crashing of the game?? I have never had any issues with a PC game that will Lock up my PC and I have to reboot but this game, and I play all types of games.. I have a $4,000 comp and it has no issues with any games but this one..

    The game freezes my comp like every 10-60 minutes.. it locks up going back to the lobby and changing characters...

    there are invisible people running around with just guns and glasses, random people glowing like they are a damn bug zapper..

    Cars drive like crap.. like the wheels are not even registering grip to the road and they have a stick running through the center of the roof going into the ground from the top.

    Hackers.. loads of them..

    The game has a cool concept but it's just no playable.. And for people that aren't having these issues it's the minority..

    just look at the bug forums.. all the Crashing, sound, hacker, graphics issues people are having.. maybe fix that crap before you open up a micro transaction store and rob people.

  158. The one recognized problem you did mention, the invisible people, has never happened to anyone I know, but is noted on the forums. So out of all that, you have one legitimate complaint. Hey hey, better than nothing, right?

    If my first-gen Core i7 and GTX 470 can run this game your "four thousand dollar computer" can do it. The way the game plays also has nothing to do with your super elite computer, it has to do with you obviously being mad because bad.

    Plenty of people are running the game just fine and don't mind spending money in the cash shop. But please, by all means, continue to complain about the game and tell us about how gimped your amazing computer is. It'll do so much for you.

  159. @ Interim... Uhm I said nothing about my computer not being able to Run the game.. my computer runs the game just fine... (Except) for the Crashing and freezing that only APB causes.. and would you like me to link you to all the Bug Topics on Crashing and freezing of the game?

    Because obviously you do not read them..

    and btw here are my comp specs..

    Computer Specs
    Processor: Intel Core i7 975 @3.33GHz Overclocked 10% Quad Core
    Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D
    Memory: 12GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 2x 1TB Drives
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon™ HD 5970
    Monitor: Acer 23" LCD
    Keyboard: G15
    Mouse: Razor Naga
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    Cooling: Liquid

    And most of the people like yourself that say the game runs fine on YOUR comp.. well that is good for YOU.. that does not mean that OTHER PEOPLE don't have issues with the Game..

    You elitist asses think just because you are not having the issue that others don't either.. Wake up moron. The game needs more optimization, for more configs because obviously they haven't done it yet..
    And I love how you said I'm bad at the game... that just proves that you are an epeen elitist with no brain.. This post has nothing to do about my skill or anyone else. it's about APB not being compatible with some configurations.

    So get off your high horse and wake up, because you're not the only person in this world.

  160. About the swastika...
    I am german, and § 86 StGB says: any spreading of swastika in any form (mirrored, coloured) is forbidden.
    I think G1 not only risks getting their game banned here, but also having a huge lawsuit filed against them, if they don't ban all swastikas.
    Maybe a lawyer should check into that, I am no professional in those things.

  161. Ban the whole Germany from the game if they dont like it in way other than the one hitler used.

    As it seems, Nazi or not, german fasism doesnt die. Forbidding me to use an ancient symbol (with at least 5000 years of history) of my people just because 70 puny years ago an austrian-jewish cretin used it to lead some retards into a fucking world war, is just plain fucking fascism.

    So if your countlry doesnt like it the hell with them.

    Goddamnit some people are just poking my inner troll with a fucking concrete vibrator.

  162. @Bjorn
    Yo Bjorn! Look at Noobzor and feel happy I ain't trolling worse than this! >XD

  163. @gegezerg

    Funnily enough you used what I said as an opportunity to post your specs, then imply I'm an elitist ass, which is proof enough of your own egotism in regards to computer parts you merely bought from a store. Four thousand dollars for that? And what's so elitist about my having a middling system and openly commenting on that fact? My first-gen 920 is well behind the head of the curve now. It's what, two years old?

    The major GPF crashes have been all but eliminated, there are no crippling frame rate problems (aside from some apparently bugged particle effect generators) and I cannot for the life of me think of someone I know, or anyone that my friends know, that experiences constant, chronic freezing issues. I know hundreds of people, so that's a pretty good sample to suggest that the problems you're having aren't as rampant as you feel they are. A few threads with the same people constantly posting in them does not a widespread problem make. It doesn't make their complaints any less valid, but when you attack the mechanics of the game in the same breath it starts to look like maybe this game isn't for you at all, despite what potential you might have thought it had if it had gone the way you expected.

    The game gets better with each patch. Maybe that's not enough for you, though. If it's not, there's the door, I guess. But if you've got it in you, why not stick around and see what happens? There are worse things you could do. System compatibility is something that varies from program to program, system to system and is hard for design teams to replicate. You would do well by posting your specs in an appropriate forum for such discussions and requesting technical assistance. If that already failed, then try again with support.

  164. its not just the fact that the symbol is forbidden, if you use that symbol you do it because of the "hitler story" which nobody wants to see/hear anymore (besides gay nazi fucks) .. that fucktard died about 50 years ago and so it should stay like that, why do you guys still fuck around with that shithead and his symbols, we dont live in 19th century anymore .. wake up and let that crap rest forever.. besides that everyone who plays APB accepted the terms and conditions and they said stuff like "you agree to not make any copys of copyright protected stuff in any forms" and stuff like that (cant remember all words of it) so if you dont like to not use the symbols and getting banned .. dont cry .. peace

  165. Gegezerg,

    I know my next comments might sound a bit annoying if you're not a total pc noob, but I'm going to try to help you anyways:

    1) Do you have Win7 Service Pack 1 installed?
    2) IF you have any anti-virus or firewall, have you tried to disable them?
    3) Did you update Punkbuster manually?
    4) Have you got the latest Video drivers?
    5) Have you got the latest AUDIO drivers (yes this might cause crashes aswell!!)
    6) Have you got the latest DIRECTX?
    7) Do you have all updates installed from windows Update?
    8) Did you try a reïnstall of the game?
    9) Did you check you processes while you are running the game, perhaps there's 1 that eats a lot of CPU or memory.

  166. @Rm4g3dD0v It's not about anybody liking it or not. G1 risks losing millions of $ if a lawsuit is filed here because that.
    So they ban it, end of story.
    Get over it or get banned.

  167. Ofc I ain't gonna use a tetragamadion or a tetraskelion on a decal, but only out of my personal artistic sense, and not because some cretin used it to lead some retards into war, that "we dont want to remember" (cowardice).

    But here arises the matter of the freedom of expression. So if G1 bans it, I am going to use it. If they ban me for this, It's gonna go the legal way up to the european court for deptravation of freedom of expression through falsification of history. Both are crimes of an international level.

    Now, if germans dont want to remember, they should keep away from this game. Boo hoo! The world kicked their fascist ass twice, we will do a third time if needed, even if it ain't in military conflict.

    It's not about the symbols here man. It's about history. Unless you re egyptian or Greek you prolly have something less than 1000 years of history so you really have no sense of awe when your history dates back to at least 6000BC.
    And by the way, my people suffered a lot of shit while in nazi occupation, and still the germans havent paid a single euro for compensation. But now in the name on supposedly "anti nazism" we re suffering somwething worse. the falsfication of our history, just cause some coward fucks dont want to remember. That's just insulting in the worst way. So instead of practicing a bit of humility and decency, not only you falsifty history out of cowardice, but you ignore what my people remember from the nazi occupation while trampling on everything else in order to escape your responsibilities to history. Heh, nazi or antinazi, fascism stays the same. That's what we fought, that's what we'll once more fight.

  168. @Rm4g3dD0v dude whatever man, its a rule of the game to not use this symbol history or not, and its not only germans not allowing this symbols theres alot other countries not allowing it ... i dont care much about the past , i live in the present and i care about what happens now .. as i just said .. let that crap rest and go for something else ... btw this is not the right place to discuss history ... cheers

  169. Wow just faced an 100% cheater group.
    They all belong in clan "D12". The names are:

    x22cleaner (doesnt x22 sound familiar?)

    dont start moaning again about naming and shaming.

    you dont care about the past but you care about the swastika that belongs to the past. You contradict yourself.
    Apparently you dont have any sense of pride in history, prolly cause you left your barbarian cave 2 weeks ago...

    @bjorn nice job with the cheaters... now they re mocking you devs by naming their characters aftter cheat sites!!

  170. @Rm4g3dD0v Good luck having a lawsuit filed at the ECJ because you have been banned from a online game...
    In fact, APB:R is property of G1, they simply can remove you, if they don't want you in it. No reason required.

  171. You re not listening are you? Maybe you re just trolling.
    Nevermind; from the moment I have paid for this game, they cant ban me for no reason cause my content doesn't break the rules described in the agreement. Period.
    If they do, we 'll see. Your oppinon? I dont give a rat's ass about it.

  172. No update today .. this makes me very sad.

  173. @Rm4g3dD0v I havent seen a single person talking so muc shit like that... YOU kicked our (germans) asses twice? Pah! And a third time? I didnt have to do anything with the first two times, but I will do everything I can to prevent a third from ever happening, no need to kick us again...

    And for your personal freedom... If you require to wear symbols with very negative meanings to achieve satisfaction, what does that say about you?

    Oh and after checking your background: Greece... So we didnt pay any compensation? Have you heard of recent payments from GERMANY to GREECE? If it wasnt for us, the only thing you'd have to eat would be the shit you're talking all day long.

    Sry, I dont like to mix games with politics, but this tool is driving me nuts!!

  174. GO fix the times of VIP missions from 4-5-8 to 15 to all of them.

    Im not some expert but since you were able to increase vip lives you could fix the bug you created with the time also.

    Seriously how much time it will get you to ajust the time from 4-5-6-8 to 15 minutes????

  175. Hardware bans date????

    Stop beeing liers at g1 and techmech.

    You were talking about hardware bans at the start of OB.Guess what 1 month have passed and nothing!!!!

    How will you put up wall of shame since 1 player makes new account with same name with different Capitals?

    YOu will post what???


    You ban him again and again will you tell us the date of when the hardware bans will start???Or shall we let the game to noobass and his people?

  176. @mdogg
    read my post again. and stop reading history in paparazzi newspapers.
    Also try opening a history book once in a while if the soup within your barbarian scull knows how to read.

  177. plz do something whit the lag it is soo fucking annoying. In Arma 2 whit 64 players and over 3000 bots we havent got these amaount of lags like here. If the servers cannot handle this amount of players than remove 75% of the civils from the map. I know than it wil be a ghost town but atleast the game isn't start to lag. My other problem is the pvp iam talked abaut it before.

  178. @Rm4g3dD0v Incredibly Wrong. If you are actually old enough, maybe you have visited a nightclub , payed and got kicked out without any refunding. Same laws apply here. APB:R is intellectual(code) and actual(servers) property of G1. You don't need to break a special rule.
    I suggest they ban your account just for the lulz so you see how you can do nothing about it ;)

    Over and Out , no need to feed nazi trolls

  179. @the anonymous troll above, "just for the lulz"

    Wow, you really are so certain that G1 will be so unreasonable as to comply to the suggestion of an anonymous troll that hasn't contributed a thing to this game (more to that a ruffian that calls a proud Greek a nazi) just to satisfy his "lulz".

    Now that I come to think of it, maybe you re just trolling anonymously so that they can't prevent your from doing so in this blog.

    Now I don't know what kind of cave you ve been living in, but even in the wretched condition my country is (thanks to nazi occupation, bank cartels, crooked politicians and large multinational megacorps that accompliced to treason/espionage), still there are laws. So if a nightclub throws you out, it is a civil offence (denial of service), and if it is done without refund, it's a criminal offence(robbery). Same goes with most european countries.

    However, the supposed issue with G1 that you artfully trolled into, would not be an issue of denial of service and robbery but a the depravation of a fundamental human right.
    I don't really feed hopes that you are civilised enough to know about the declaration of human rights and specifically the fundamental right of the freedom of expression, but maybe you should take a look a bit further than what would be the doorstep at the front oppening of the neolithic cave you dwell in.

    In this blog, by being called "a nazi troll" I would really never have felt more offended if the supposed offender was not so stupid to attempt to offend me by being anonymous and an obvious troll. That's the "lulz" here.

  180. @Rm4g3dD0v: Dude, I see your endless comments week after week on this blog, and I just had to comment this time.

    You are an odd sort of troll. You make inflammatory comments, but you do so with intelligence. I must confess - you intrigue me =)

    The problem I do have with your posts is this: You get caught up on tiny details that, in the grand sceme of things, don't actually matter.

    Take for example this recent debacle regarding the swastika - the problem with your argument is that you are taking it entirely out of context.

    A Swastika, and a *NAZI* Swastika, are two entirely different things.

    One is an ancient symbol that has been around since pre-history and has turned up in almost every culture on the planet, representing the four elements / the four guardians of the earth / the four etc. It has four arms, which can face either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is purely a symbol on it's own, with no associated background image or colour scheme.

    The *NAZI* Swastika on the other hand, is a specific representation of the normal swastika mentioned above. The *NAZI* Swastika is specifically the clockwise (and only the clockwise) facing variant, encompassed in a white circle, on a red background.

    Additionally, the old Swastika typically (although not always) is orientated such as to form a "square" shape. The *NAZI* Swastika, in contrast, is always orientated in a "diamond" shape, designed to emphasise the "S" shape, which Hitler saw as representing Socialism (IE it literally represented "Hitlers God", for lack of a better interpretation).

    I'm fairly sure G1 aren't just going to go banning anyone just for having a normal, run of the mill Swastika, that's obviously done in the context of ancient religious belief.

    Equally though, those with the clockwise-facing, diamond shaped Swastika in a white circle on a white background, with slogans like "death2niggers" / "white is right" etc and a name like "iLOVEhitler" - those people are essentially oxygen thief's that should be immediately castrated to prevent their obviously flawed genetics from contaminating the human gene pool any further (I mean think about it - if they really do support fascism then they can hardly complain about the Eugenics program being brought back can they? ;) )

    Anyway, point is you are lumping two *ALMOST* unrelated things together (AKA: "overgeneralising"). One is the ancient symbol which no one really has an issue with, the other is that same ancient symbol being bastardised into a symbol of evil, hatred and intolerance. It's the latter that is offensive, while the former is fine in most people's book.

    Quite frankly, I'm surprised that you're not *MORE* offended by the Nazi's bastardisation of this ancient symbol of goodness and purity. Judging by your passion for it, I would have thought you of all people would be front of the queue to rofl-stomp both the Neo-Nazi morons, and the simple idiots who just don't understand the full horror that the *NAZI* Swastika truly represents.

    On the subject of freedom of expression - I could go on for ages about this, but long story short:

    Sure, we should be free to use the old Swastika in the context of an ancient symbol of God (etc).

    We should *NOT* allow it's use in the Nazi context. For a start it's actually illegal in a number of countries (not least of which - Germany, where the EU servers are hosted), and secondly it is utterly offensive to the memory of all those who died under boots of the Nazi war machine.

    Anyway this wall-o-text is big enough. On a final note - you're too smart and reasonable to be a troll. I think you're just using that as an excuse to vent a bit more than you usually do ^_^

  181. I raged because of this post:
    c3f43c5c-9492-11e0-b095-000bcdcb8a73 said...
    About the swastika...
    I am german, and § 86 StGB says: any spreading of swastika in any form (mirrored, coloured) is forbidden.

    This post clearly puts the ancient symbols in the same bag with the nazi symbol, just cause some germans are suck pussies that will fuck the whole worlds history just to "not remember" their shady past.
    So as I said earlier, they 'd rather trample on history and basic human rights JUST AS THE NAZIS DID rather than accept the responsibilities of their history, move forward and put the dark shit behind, by showing a better inner self.
    So that's why I say that nazi or not, german fascism stays the same.

    BTW, I AM venting off, not to engage in a flame dispute (trolling) but because it is fair. It would be irresponsible and unfair to ventoff all things to a person that's not responsible for the others' bullshit.

  182. Where's the LAG problems on this roadmap? I haven't seen anything related to the North American networking issues which are substantial with people dying by their own thrown grenades and being teleported off rooftops when they aren't moving.

  183. 1st I am not anonymous...

    2nd Contact a lawyer, before making false statements.
    If you ever got out of your cave, you will have noticed you have several rights on your own property.
    Like I have already stated a nightclub can throw you out, G1 can do it, because it is THEIR property wich you are on.
    Your freedom of expression is not taken away, you have the right to express it somewhere else.
    Do you really think you being banned from a online game is a deprivation of human right ?
    And do greeks call the police everytime they been kicked out a club ? Is there one actual case wich went to court ?

    In addition, there have been actual lawsuits because of crossed-out swastikas on buttons,wich punks wear...

    So you rage because, I gave hints on the german law, wich was surely not made by me.

  184. It is als interesting that you know what the makers of law intended. Remember germany was occupied at that time and you were not born.

    Maybe translate the wikipedia article on that law to understand why it is, how it is, rather then defaming a whole country for laws that you don't understand, because thats actually racist.

  185. @bjorn
    @G1 Admins

    read the follow thread !
    we have a big problem with the TL-System ingame !
    only fall, no rise !

  186. I agree with zcala, i've only been dropping since Gold 2 now i'm Silver 7, and that's happening to a bunch of ppl.

  187. Where is the long term road map at? per the current road map is was suppose to be available a week ago.

  188. No update today .. this makes me sad.

  189. Bjørn, are you going to make another update soon?

  190. This blog hasn't seen a whole lot of TechMech in a while.
    *skip, skip, skip* look, a tumbleweed!

  191. Has anything happened and we dont see any post here or any news?

  192. There are two things I was hoping to see:

    1/ Fix the import option that curently does not ID new tracks.

    2/ Somewhere along the road a system to view characters outside of the game (like the armory of wow or the same stuff on Aion). Let me see the creativity of others :)

    Otherwise, I love what you're doing with the game !

  193. So soon after claiming not to, you've already entered 'Valve-time'? For shame!

  194. why no more comments? or new blog posts? =(


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