Monday, May 23, 2011

Threat Level update, and matchmaking update
at 2:30pm PST / 5:30pm EST / 22:30 GMT / 23:30 CEST

In Saturday's post we noted that the visual threat levels were off given the current curve. We also discovered another critical issue with low-level matchmaking that will be fixed with this current patch as well (fewer wild 1 v 4 matches).

One of the temporary side effects of the change though is that new players will appear to be Silver 2 during their first match before moving around properly. In fact, what SHOULD happen is that for the first few matches the player has "NO" rating, until we have some idea of what direction he/she is moving.

We probably are likely to perform yet another update later this week as we continue tweaking the system.

Today we are patching the game at 2:30pm PST / 5:30pm EST / 22:30 GMT and 23:30 CEST, and this would take about 1 hour.

----- (update) -----
The servers went live again 4:15pm PST after a slight security patch delay. Enjoy the game!


  1. good, i hope the matches will be more balanced now, yesterday wasnt that bad but today was all matches against very skilled players and i just started. also from what i saw the problem for me wasnt 1vs4 (outnumbered) - just 3 players rank bronze 1 vs 3 players silver whatever etc etc. we gonna see.

  2. Is there Going to be a ban hammer soon?
    because sins open beta i see peaple aimbotting allot. * and no thay are not just better, *
    when i died i sa him aiming @ the wall and after that my teammate was saying on teamspeak wow he hacks, and he was standing right on the spot where he was aiming on.
    and it happend more then 1s on differend players


  3. just got home from school bout to download it =]

  4. Has everyone been getting their Beta Keys for OB? I haven't gotten anything yet. For those in OB how's the game playing so far? I'm hearing hackers is actually still a problem.

  5. The ban hammer should fall tomorrow. Along wit the opening of Open BETA.


    I assume you have a "to do list" somewhere lying around or on the dev temas computer screens as post-it's.

    My question is, can we have a look at what your goals and ideas are. Just to know what to expect?

    -PacManiacDK out

  6. Havent seen the SLIGHTEST improvement to matchmaking system... it makes me wanna slit my wrist open.. Me and my friend are threat level 1 and 2, and have been since we started about 3 days ago, with a playtime of 30+ hours... wanna know why? because we ONLY get paired up against people with threat 5++, about 100 rating over us, 3 char modifications and slotted weapons..
    I am gonna go hide in a corner and cry until some improvement is confirmed...

  7. Hi @nightgamer87

    Please don't slit your wrists. Wait until the current update, and we should have some improved matches right after the update.

  8. you guys are still missing the point. It's not just the handicapped matchmaking thats the problem. It's the fact that it takes too long to move up in threat level. until you address that aspect of the issue, the game is going to remain very unbalanced and unfair. You got noob players bronze rank 1 going up against silver rank 3 or 4 with 2 or 3 slotted weapons. and because you still got noobs going up against elites, it makes it very hard to rank up. this update your doing today, will do nothing to help that. get your asses back to the drawing board and slap yourselfs for not addressing this issue before you went OB.

  9. When are you gonna fix the realtek bugs, and the editor freezes?

  10. @Bjorn, will this solve the issue of players getting stuck on Bronze 1?

  11. Come on people, they're doing the best they can. This game is massive for a small team, so please, be patient.

    TBH, IF you want to learn and you're on the right mood, you will learn much more from matches against progamers. They have good tactics and might show you good places etc. Everyone has been a newb sometime. You'll still get rewards and hey, you might aswell win - that's much more fun than anything. (I know it's still frustrating)

  12. Hi

    Are you gonna do something about the cheaters ?
    There is more of them every day...
    I know people who left because of them... I hope there is or will be a program anti-cheat (punkbuster?).

    Also, when will you add new stuff in the Armas MarketPlace ?
    And the permanent weapons, are you still gonna add them this Thursday ?


  13. Is this update going to fix the problem connecting to the World Server?


  15. Long version:
    i would like to ask all the stuff "Blogger" (the guy above me) asked!

    so instead of typing them again i just ask you to read Bloggers post again, thanks

    short version:
    more Armas weapons (PERMANENT ONES) yes!


  16. Perma weps who (huge fan of perm stuff thats els temp)

  17. It doesn't make any sense! Bug?
    - Minutes after playing the game the loading screen (the art) just appears and don't let me exit and don't say if it's loading or what.

  18. Connection to the login server could not be established. (Error code 8)....?
    What do I do?

  19. Same here with the connection.

  20. It may just be me, but I'm getting heavy lag while driving.

  21. You can't connect because they're updating it. Did you even read?

  22. If you don't want banned cheaters, you will lost your game again.

  23. please optimalizing game for not lag please :>

  24. @Gerry
    There are no keys. Create an account on G1 website, download the client, login and play.
    As to aimbotters... hmm... Some seem to be just that - cheaters. Some (the majority of the accused) are just way too advanced and experienced for the newbies but the problem in here is actually a quite corrupt matchmaking system. 4 noobs against 2 "golden" guys don't stand a chance... and they are still calling for backup ;)
    So, theoretically, cheaters aren't a real problem. Matchmaking is.

  25. For those of us that haven't received a Beta Key yet...What should we search for? Gamersfirst or Beta Key? I get a crap load of emails and it's hard to sift throught them all.

  26. Gerry. Don't look for a beta key. Just try logging into the game. It has worked for all my friends wanting to play. They did not get a key, they just logged in. You would know this by reading the lastest 2-3 blog topics.

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  28. Jolledag, there is a patch right now. The servers are not up. Just wait.

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  37. Why you don't want linked your match-making system with "Rating (R)"?

    The system will select players from a range of rating levels.
    For example:
    R40-R60 etc.

  38. spelled my name correctly, see guys he's learning how to spell :D. He just needs to learn when to be quiet now.

  39. got in for a few hours yesterday, just getting off work so I haven't tried it out with the new patch. But I really have no idea what you guys are talking about. i went up against a lot of people with higher skill ratings sure, and I got concerned, but most of the people I went up against, really weren't that much better than me. I had an easier first day in the game then I did when rtw put it out. Most of the games came down to the wire, never had a game where I was hopelessly outnumbered and the whole matchmaking system worked really well, for me at least. And that was before today's patch. And as far as lag issues, I did have some high latency at first in financial, but that actually turned out to be an issue on my end, a reboot of my modem and router got me back down to a latency of 70ms (Not counting the social district, that one I think there are still some bugs to work out, averaged latency there was 300-400, with spikes in the 1400's in certain areas)

    Overall though, the game ran beautifully. I had no insane lag spikes after rebooting the modem, the few matches I played were fairly even, and getting my old character back from the RTW servers was wonderful (Though I miss my pimped out vegas) The only problems I have had were either easily solved, or little things like the price for a premium account (The 10 bucks it's at right now is fine, but that's just listed as a special right now, with the final price looking like 15 bucks, even RTW only charged 10 bucks a month, and with the game being free to play, the bonuses you do get for premium really aren't worth the extra 5 bucks a month ATM over what RTW charged.). Oh and leased weapons. Still don't quite understand it. Do you get permanent weapons? Or do you only get a weapon that lasts more than 10 days if you pay cash money? If not, that's a very serious drawback. Free to play people get really screwed on that, because they gotta spend money every couple of days for new weapons, and thay're already earning less reward money on account of not being paid players.

    That's all I've got for now, though I'll probably post more if/when I find any other issues.

    And there's no beta keys being sent out for open beta. Make your account, download the game and log in. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, we could keep a lot of stupid people out of the game by not holding their hand through every tiny step that would seem like common sense to a person with at least an Iq that's considered average in america (Yeah, that's pretty low, average american IQ is actually below the mental retardation line in just about every other country. How bad is it when a guy with down syndrome in Japan or france is smarter than the average American? WE should be ashamed of ourselves, honestly.)

  40. /agree with Jimmy, ok im done posting here, i had my fun with trolling novaime, lunch time :D

  41. Jimmy, haha, yeah, I agree to all of that. The same people looking for beta keys for an open beta are the same ones going to complain about lag when it is their issue and complain about hackers when they just suck.

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  44. I've been in closed beta since day 2 and I had the original game. I still use the default STAR and i do pretty well with it. Stop complaining people. Every game takes some getting used to when you first open the package.

  45. Marc, who let you into this conversation, theres an tiny red box with an X in it at the top right hand corner of your screen, click it please.

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  47. Marc, did you notice that I was being civil with someone trying to insult me in broken English? Telling him I'm glad he is attempting to learn English but making an ass of himself (for insulting people) is not insulting him. Just bringing to his attention the effects of his actions. Anyways, turn this into a debate for us.

  48. LOL, biggotry against homosexuals' now?!?!?! that just wont do at all, Bjorn ban hammer this mofo, he insults my preferences.

  49. This game is awesome, i cant belive i've never tried it out b4! Once the game gets released in its full version i will probably spend real cash for it ingame! not because i need too but to support Gamersfirst! Awesome game and thanks for relasing it, i was totally missing out on something here!

    //Raveen @ Patriot

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  53. 2 days before APB : opeb beta, played 5 hours Non-stop and no crashes.

    The Open beta release date.. I play 15 minutes and game crashes twice.
    This Open beta was a bad Idea. Servers are laggy as hell, and players are complaining about it.

    I Still think G1 should wait with open beta for a week or 2 to fix this major issue.

    Or just let waves in 25000 gamers each week.

  54. Correction: hour and 12 minutes, it started at 2:30

  55. When servers will be up again?

  56. so anyone back on yet its been an hour but im guessing they're just double checking and rebooting the servers atm

  57. Will we ever get a patch for the problem that lots of people are having with the game constantly freezing up for a few seconds? It's not my computer. On every graphic setting, I get great FPS, but every 5 minutes, the freezes up for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. It's really annoying and gamebreaking.

  58. @phosgene
    Check with your internet provider.
    I've played all day today (round 6 hours). And had latency < 100 ms, no crashes, no kicks.

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  60. Meh can't edit..
    No freezes whatsoever on my side.
    Check your background programs running/turn off antivirus program.

  61. hey phosgene remember that massive amounts of people were all probably trying to connect at the same time so all they will prob do is upgrade the servers or open up more servers, to lessen the servers stress, server overloaded with ppl would explain both your problems

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. @ Adam so me and other hundreds of players should actually check their INTERNET PROVIDER?
    Dude I got AMD Athlon II x4 3.0GhZ, Geforce 9600GT and 3GB RAM and the game dosnt crash because it has less memory but because some other reasons, Everytime i click "send" to help the developers.

    I got 25MB Internet and all games are running fine at my PC like Bad Company 2.
    Its just funny, IF YOU make 26 FINANCIAL DISTRICTS and that is ONLY financial Lets see what happends if you add water front 26 districts too = 52 DISTRICTS and some socials will make it 65.
    OFCOURSE the server will lagg. 65 District and lets say.. 45 of em are pretty crowded.
    I am still wondering that I could drive well and just had a delay of 1-2 seconds.

    They want too much. Making the impossible possible will make it only more impossible, UNLESS you do it correctly.

  64. @Dee
    if its not your graphics it could still be ur comp, ur processor might not be able to handle it

  65. @ Gerry
    huh ? hoh ? and wow ?
    i mnot gay sorry a litle french pink its all;)))))))))))))))))))))))((

  66. Sounds like the shop is going to be a lot like the one in Battlefield Heroes. If that's the case, then soon only frequent paying players will be playing the game. And that's sad, because the game has potential. When it comes to shopping, you should look more at LoL shop and less at BH's. If the game is good and fair for everyone, people will want to spend money in it, even if it's not that frequently.

  67. "Novaime, here is a quick English class. Go here:

    It will teach you how to type properly."

    I took the liberty of fixing your post.

  68. @Adam I've kill every process that I can. I only have the things that keep the computer running. I can't seem to kill Norton. Someone said that it solved their problem when they kill Norton, but I can't do it. It seems I'm not allowed.

  69. AMD Athlon II x4 3.0GhZ : not bad ...
    Geforce 9600GT : very bad ati hd 5870 ...
    3GB RAM : not cool and very bad .. Me 8 .
    And with configuration you cant run the gae at maximum resolution ...sorry change your PC .. For me no lag no crash no kik ...thanks intel core i7

  70. @Phosgene G1 did mention something along the lines of your ISP's routing being wrong. It was in the last blog post or two.

  71. how will we know when the servers are up? Will they announce it?

  72. @william I have a 2.6Ghz Dual Core processor. I know it's not idea, but I can play most other new games with ease. Also, I'm not the only one with the problem. There's a thread on the forums with people who have complete gaming rigs getting the same problem that I'm getting.

    The game runs flawlessly for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, I start getting the constant hiccups and freezes. I am looking into getting a better processor though.

  73. no, the server is still down.

  74. the only graphic issue i have is the screen sometimes flickering black

  75. and i just started playing it today to!

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  77. @novaime:

    Yes, that is my journal. What of it? I wasn't even addressing you.

  78. @Dee
    There is a CHANCE that it MIGHT be your processor.
    At old APB's I lagged alot and I had:
    AMD's Athlon1 Dualcore 2.4 GHZ.
    After upgrading to:
    AMD's Athlon 2 QUadcore 3.0 GhZ, I did not lagg annymore. Try buyin a cheap quad core.. it helps alot =)

  79. @Dee It could be ur processor overheating, try playing APB for 30-45 mins and check the temperature. If its too high, I recommend applying new cooling paste or buying a processor cooler.

    Also, make sure there is no dust blocking the fan on ur heatsink. Just open ur pc up and clean it.

    It has a huge effect to clean it once every 6 months because computers suck in alot of dust.

  80. Please, I think im saying this on behalf of every honest player here, please randomize opcodes and release a new .exe with every update (and do so frequently) so we can get rid of the hackers, at least until you get a better Anti-cheat system... punkbuster sucks big time

  81. Naw, Phosgene's computer itself is alright. Light on the Ram, which could be causing the issues, since on my pc, APB eats up a little over 2 gigs of ram, which if you've only got 3 gigs, you've only got 1 gig of room to play with other programs (Like the Os, which is resource heavy at times) His proc is fine, I've got a 3.2ghz athlon II quad core. video card should be tolerable, but is a bit outdated itself. Try getting gamebooster to shut down unnecessary processes and freeing up some ram for you, and maybe find something like overdrive on ATI cards to tweak your video card a little. Allso get like IObit Advanced system care or cccleaner to get rid of some unwanted programs and to scrub out your Registry, run a defrag and fast optimize the hdd, use a rambooster to scrub out any left over stuff in your memory. then throw a virus scan and spyware clean in there, and see if that helps.

    Try all that, see if it helps your game run a bit better. It should at least help your game a little. The problem is most likely on your end, and not internet, as there are just as many people not having your issues as there are that do have your issues, and I for one don't experience the lag spikes in the slightest, even at max settings. Go through every possible solution on your computer before you start crying wolf, then come back if you still have a problem.

  82. will this fix me being stuck at bronze? D:

  83. Intel Duo Core E6750 @ 2.66Ghz
    4G Ram
    Win 7 64Bit
    512MB GeForce GTS250

    Runs great with all settings cranked... but freezes and crashes sometimes ( client side ).

  84. also, i will try to report some positions in financial for you to look thru since i have major memory leaks on both my computers, also my friend experience it too... you should have a closer look into it, it starts after about half an hour if you drive Right from tutorial spawn

  85. Cool, everyone. Thanks. I think a 3.0 Quad Core would be good for me. I'll look into one of those.

    Also, Marciano, thanks. I'll have to look into those cooling methods you told me. From what I could play, I loved the game. I've always wanted a "cops vs robbers" MMO. :-)

  86. also try to have a good HDD too, no less than 7200 RPM really...

  87. GUYS no probs for me :

    graphic card : ati radeon 5870 1g
    memory video : 8 gb dual chanel )
    mother bord assus extreme
    ans intel core 7 lynfield ;
    and dont search more chage your PC and live a dream

    ((realy real ))

  88. will this fix me being stuck at the first bronze bullet? :P

  89. @ Jimmy Westerburg

    Thanks for the info man.
    The only commend that was very usefull for me 2day:)
    A thing I will do forsure is dling gamebooster.
    And i did the 3GB switch so no out of mem crashes.
    It laggs since Open Beta but before it never lagged really.
    But thanks for your commend though.

  90. Listen jackass. If you don't want to play APB, don't play it and stop harassing people here. Go play Battlefield 214-whatever with your last-gen, old ass graphics and leave us alone. In if you want to get sucked off so bad, stop basement trolling and go get a freaking girlfriend. Except you probably can't because you ACT like a giant dick to compensate for... Never mind, I'm too polite to finish that thought.

  91. My APB Updater gives me an error every file it updates.

  92. So is OB out I keep getting error code 11001

  93. The updater always gives me an error it won't let it finish

    Error 11001 - Account connection failed.

    tech: how do you unlock equipment slot 4 and 5? used to come from getting factions to 26

  95. The matchmaking system is pure mint now. Now instead of being put against 2 bronze tl 1's as a silver 2, I'm actually gold 3 and being paired with an equal of mine AGAINST equals, resulting in very challenging yet somewhat balanced missions.

    Nice job Bjorn and team.

  96. I have to commend Bjorn and the team on the hard work with this game. Although I dont think this game is for me. When you lose against beginners with stock Star 556 and no mods, over and over again, and I cant even do the same. You know its time to call it quits. It was fun while it lasted.

  97. Rm4g3dD0v here,
    theres some problem and cant post with my google account
    Matchmaking seems to be better than EVER before.
    Still I am getting dispatched (I'm TL7-10silver) vs 2 or 3 x TL1bronze.
    Most of the times those are newbies to the game so it it's at worst case a victory very close to defeat, however I never get my TL up.
    But if one of them is a skilled player (eg a returning player from RTW APB, or an alt character of a Silver or Gold TL player), most of the times, I lose. In such cases i see my TL going down the drain (I was TL3Gold and dropped to TL8silver when OB started).

    So BJORN, wouldn't it be fair to say that a new alt character should get two thirds of the TL of the last character played by this account?

    Also concerning cheaters I must say there SEEMS to be a drop in their numbers.
    However theres something funny here: Although I see some of the old cheaters are still here they are mostly russians (those whos names are in CAPS and mean nothing if read in latin and something if read in cyrillic).
    But the new ones I see (TL1br) are usually new members of the old well known cheater clans (like Knights, synthetic extasy, contract killers, zombie marathon, etc), and some yet unclanned.
    So I'm led to believe that you didnt keep your promise and that like RTW you re hiding the real numbers from us, just as RTW did (they had 60% of their playerbase as an ex-RTW-developer revealed on his blog).

    Two points plus for matchmaking, one point minus for cheaters. Still you have one point plus. DON'T SCREW IT UP!

  98. Some points that you need to take care.
    In the foruns mods need to start moderating the posts since everyone is posting their problems in the wrong place, people dont search before they open a thread and then people dont receive the answer for their problem.
    Now in game:
    I keep being kick out, some times it says "out of memory" other times it doesnt show anything, alot of lag and i mean alot, i have u50Mb/d50Mb fiber optic and when im in game theres alot of spikes, i still didnt manage to end a single mission.

  99. @G1

    please fix the error 60004 i am having. please fix the support team too. thanks...

  100. @kimikelku -
    APB is currently taking at least 1.9gig of your ram in order to run. If you have 2.5 -3.0 gig only on a 32bit system, you will fight with your OS for ram, causing you to crash often with the Out Of Memory error.

    With Win 7 (32-bit) and 4 gig of ram, I found that telling Win 7 to use more than the default allocated 50% of the memory gave me a crash free gaming experience. (bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3076)

    As seen in this post:, you can assign the portion of the ram that is dedicated for user programs (queue Tron Vibe here) to make sure you have enough memory.

  101. @bjorn

    I know, it's all been said before, but where's the ban hammer? You told us there would be a post about anti-hacks prior to open beta. Plus, there was all that talk about flipping on the switch when open beta came out.

    So far, I haven't seen either. What I have seen is the population getting bolder. I am seeing more hacks than ever. This coupled with your silence, well, means to me that everything is not working well.

    Just to be clear, I am not crying "omg hacks!" I still win the majority of my matches. Especially since open beta. (I got my wingman back) What I am concerned for though, is the in-game population. The majority of players from the original RTW aren't going to give you a chance if they even think they went against a hacker.

    Not to mention hackers can completely eliminate the casual or less skilled player base. Mainly because, well, it sucks to constantly lose. People won't keep logging in if that's all that happens.

    If your "transparent" policy extends to everything but hacking, the population will be left assuming it isn't going well and you are trying to hide it. If people assume it's not going well and are left to their own theories, they'll think everyone hacks. You can see it all day long in district chat. I am worried the momentum will die down and I will have to watch APB turn into a ghost town yet again because of hacking.

  102. @Bruttle

    Actually - we are not silent about it at all. The only reason we try avoid talking about details is that its a constant tug-of-war between us and the cheat makers (who really should be getting a life).

    But we are certainly considering an automatic feed of everyone who gets banned so people can see who they were (we are looking in to this) - and possibly flagging all friends of those who get banned as suspicious. Friends don't let friends cheat in APB.

    All hacks eventually DO get caught, it's just a matter of time. During that time of course it's rather annoying for everyone else in the game.

  103. The lag is amazing. So many districts, I guess the server just ain't have enough power or not enough bandwith. It's lagging (had 50 ms few days ago, now I have 100ms + lag spikes). Will you fix this?

  104. I can not play my game, failed to download destructableglass.upk

  105. Well, first day report, haven't logged in yet today due to Power outages here in town (WE just got graped by a huge storm), so I'll give my thoughts on Monday's play.

    Social district - still have a really high latency in there (It's always been high though, it was even high in RTW days, a really small map with a hundred people in it and all the kiosks and whatnot packed so close together, it's rpetty much expected)

    Action Districts - Only really hung out in financial, so I can only speak for that. Had a couple of spikes around 130ms for my latency, but for the most part, it sat at around 50-75 pretty much the whole night.

    Driving - Took a bit to get used to whenever I was in a car I hadn't driven since RTW, but five or so minutes of joyriding in the vehicle gives a good idea of the handling. All in all, I like it a lot better than the original handlings for the vehicles.

    FPS and graphics - Beautiful for me. I can run on max settings and I'm still getting 60fps (40 in big streetside firefights). I do have clanmates that are having issues though (One plays on a laptop, and while he gets a decent framerate driving or wandering about, as soon as he starts shooting, his framerate tanks to about 6fps. Neither one of us experience much of a framerate difference whether the graphics are set on Maximum or minimum (Perhaps tweak a few more settings on the low side on your end, let it kill a bit more of the special effects or tone them down, stuff like muzzle flashes and fires/smoke?) Overall though, for me at least, the game performs beautifully

    Matchmaking - Perhaps one of the best matchmaking systems I've encountered yet. I only had time for 10 fights, but those 10 fights were so evenly matched it was rediculous. 4 wins, 2 losses, 4 ties. I'd call that a win in my book. And even the losses came down to the wire (Both losses were in a 1v1 And I missed advancing to the next stage by less than a second both times)

    Hacking/cheating - I haven't encountered a single person that even looked remotely like they were hacking (If they were, they were gawd awful at cheating)

    Overall. the game performed beautifully yesterday, better than RTW had been doing. No crashes, only a couple of lag spikes, no framerate lag for me in the slightest. It was a dream. You guys are doing what RTW never could.

    I'ma give each of you devs a gold star, or a cookie. Your choice.

  106. @Bjorn

    Hi, just after the patch yesterday, I had a drop in fps using the same settings and drivers.
    Before the patch had fixed 62 fps, but now down to 35-40 fps.
    Could you explain what has changed in this patch to accomplish this?
    Thank you, and I apologize for my bad English

  107. @Bjorn/TechMech

    After the last patches and us Valli states here you did some network updates

    As you can see on the post of the people you only made the situation worse with increasing the lag.

    If you read general discussion at close beta forum you see post increasing about lag more and more.

    Any official statement about this????Any fix coming?????

    Every day more people start playing and we get more lag us i see it.Eu server are impossible to play at some hours.

    PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!

  108. I'm wondering how concerned G1 is with the performance of the servers atm. The amount of people playing at once has gotten mass server disconnects and I've never seen any lag until today in social.

  109. could u pls finally answer my question?If its open beta already(i see it is) could u pls enable Xfire so ppl can screenshot,record and broadcasting stuff?thanks.

  110. @Bjorn

    "But we are certainly considering an automatic feed of everyone who gets banned so people can see who they were (we are looking in to this) - and possibly flagging all friends of those who get banned as suspicious."

    it's safe to say, a lot of player would love to see you do that.

    Keep up the great work guys. :)

  111. @Denmeniazi

    The issue is that the network performance is actually VERY GOOD for a lot of people. The problem is that the connection from SOME ISPs to Frankfurt is NOT optimized.

    We are adding new bandwidth providers with more connections to other routes in the next two weeks, so in the meantime the best we can do is to work with the current providers we have to fix and optimize certain routes. That's what the post is all about.

  112. @DeadDuke

    Oh - we hate cheaters with a passion. After the next batch of fixes and updates is launched, we expect to further focus on how to add community policing, community shaming, clan punishment and similar methods to augment the technical methods. The two sets will work hand-in-hand, and as the tech improves, the more brutal we hope the environment will be for those who use hacks.


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