Thursday, May 26, 2011

Temporary player limits and game queues placed on European APB worlds during network maintenance

A quick update, we are preparing to perform network maintenance in Europe this evening EU time to deal with network packet loss, and while we prepare for those changes we have enabled Queue-ing on the European servers in order to improve network performance for those that are already in the game and playing it. It will take about one hour right now until the player levels have dropped to the point where the network performance should return to normal.

After the network maintenance is finished late tonight, at that point we will remove the limits again. For the future if we ever have to use queuing and limits again, then we will let Premium players bypass them (that is not the case at the moment unfortunately, but will be in place as of tomorrow).

So apologies for all EU players placed in a queue at the moment while we rapidly work to expand network capacity to handle the massive influx of new players.


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