Thursday, May 26, 2011

Temporary player limits and game queues placed on European APB worlds during network maintenance

A quick update, we are preparing to perform network maintenance in Europe this evening EU time to deal with network packet loss, and while we prepare for those changes we have enabled Queue-ing on the European servers in order to improve network performance for those that are already in the game and playing it. It will take about one hour right now until the player levels have dropped to the point where the network performance should return to normal.

After the network maintenance is finished late tonight, at that point we will remove the limits again. For the future if we ever have to use queuing and limits again, then we will let Premium players bypass them (that is not the case at the moment unfortunately, but will be in place as of tomorrow).

So apologies for all EU players placed in a queue at the moment while we rapidly work to expand network capacity to handle the massive influx of new players.



  1. i just know people are gonna whine about this.

  2. AAAHHAHAHAHAHA cant stop laughing.. Premium accounts will be front in line.. So guys! buy premium!!!


  3. Thanks for keeping us informed as usual. It's nice that we can get on at all! Most companies would have done "emergency maintenance" and pulled all the servers! :)

  4. Thanks for the info.

    Waiting for the maintenance to finish.

  5. @Bjorn

    G1 credit genertor, WTF............

  6. "After the network maintenance is finished late tonight" and what time is that "late tonight"? just curios....

  7. If I'm not premium but I bought weapons cars etc in this case I can't enter quick?? only Premium Users can? WTF all about?

    You got lots of Users and they all will pay no mater what.. but not this way yo... fuckin test.

    P.S. There is lots of ways to stop upcoming Players for LAG!! for sure!!

    Or for CB or for Old APB players give that Promotion .... but not only Premium users...!

    If in the future comes Queues for Premium only!! I quit.. fuck this for sure..

  8. @DeadDuke

    I would highly recommend NOT trying that out. There is no G1 credit generator. However, there is a nasty piece of malware you get installed on your machine if you try it out, and it steals your G1 account (among other things including other fun things like all your logins to banks etc.)

  9. You guys should atleast make it balance the sides abit. Considering there are 500 more crims online then enf, placing enf in que doesn't make sense.

  10. Lol - even funnier - the link takes you to a fake survey which then tries infecting you with JavaScript exploits. But also earns money for the website holder (nice touch...). If that fails they try to get you to give up personal account info. If that fails, then they go for the big guns and try installing a malware EXE.

    If it's too good to be true - it probably is. In particular on the internet.

    And yes - we have a hack team that spends its days sifting through this type of crud...

  11. Bjorn

    And what about "late tonight" what time is that gonna be?

  12. @Krrris

    Right now this is "dumb" queue - and just places whoever shows up in it. This clearly is NOT our preference at all, but a necessity.

    In the future, because we MIGHT run in to this again - we are looking to enhance the queue to give preference (like the airlines with frequent fliers). In a perfect world it would be premium first, followed by anyone who has bought anything, followed by non-buyers who have many play hours/high rating etc.

    We'll look in to it. Right now - however - the limits are there for our self-preservation and to improve the game experience leading up to the network maintenance.

  13. @Bjorn

    i saw it on blog and just had to say something, i would never use something like that EVER, i totally understand you guys need to make money in some way and that's cool by me. i'm a Premium account user and happy to support your hard work.

    also if people have been doing that BAN there asses.

    Premium account user

  14. this is bullshit. There no G1 generator.. fuck that shit.!!!! Right now there is 0 of G1 generators at the moment.!

    fuck them all who creating G1 generator!!!!

    Please don't use Queues .. it will all brake :(

  15. I love how Bjorn just puts all the whining trolls in there place.

    The games free, if your to cheap and 2nd rate that you cant afford a lame 8.99$ a month (Which is what a beer usually cost) or in other peoples cases a McDonald's... this then becomes your problem.

    Really it amazes me how people who cant afford shit or won't buy shit complain about things. Be thankful the game is F2P as it should of been from Day 1 (Pre G1)

  16. @Krrris

    he said the Queues are only till they fix the problem.

    i don't think you need to worry at all.

  17. Bjorn, does your team plan to add new items to the Armas today or tomorrow / friday ?

    - Regards, Niek

  18. Oh forgot to add, do you have a list of what is going to be added.

    My wallet is filled to the max and hungry to spend some on the market ^^

  19. I don't like ppl who buyed Premium and starting cheat and aimbot etc .. and no one ban him because his Premium!!!!!

    seen it in War Rock lots of times.!

    I'm Old APB Player and if u don't know Old APB was per month pay system! so I payed every month and fuck 8.99$ its nothing comparing other prices was in the old APB!!


    Its all about . . . Never seen games like that.

    Hope they will not use this in the future!

  20. @Yesugei

    there will always be people that cry for free to play games then cry when the company's try to find ways to make money from the games, face it there wii always be F***ing cheap asses.

    Premium account user: DeadDuke , and happy to support the game to keep it running.

  21. its all about be Premium and will enter the game quick!

  22. ah would this be the reason why I cant connect to the servers half of the time, the I have to restart the game and que again?

    ANy chance you can put it in so when you press esc it goes back to the menu?

  23. Bjorn said it vary clearly, they don't care if your premium or not you cheat you get banned.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Every fix and update must be done, so take your time , even if you need to STOP players from entering the game worlds, Because every update and fix is important to the future of a game, and every player should RESPECT IT.

    piece of advice : Be Patient ;)

    & Thank you for making the game alive :)

    best regards from Portugal Viktor :)

  26. @DeadDuke

    and what about ppl who Premium and cheat every day he was cheating and no ban.. (in War Rock) the same will be here..

    fuck them who get Premium for cheat!!! fuck them all!!!

  27. You guys are aware tonight is about to end in about an hour ... We already passed "late night" tonight

  28. @Krrris - we ban people no matter what they have paid. Premium or not makes no difference. I cannot answer what WarRock admins have or have not done in the past, but APB is certainly a game that's very sensitive to cheaters, so we will hold nothing back when it comes to perma-banning people for cheating. Just don't do it. Ever.

  29. @Aiuslocutius

    Right - but traffic doesn't actually slow down significantly until about 02:00 CEST. So we are trying to not restart the game until after that hour.

  30. @Krrris

    i trust Bjorn and G1 to keep their word on this, and hope that all cheater will get banned.

    as for me going premium i like to customize my characters and premium lets me go wild, but there are other ways to support G1 and APB, you can buy guns,cars and gear, i hope people will help support the game so it can be around for a long time.

    time to go back to work, gotta make dat money yall.

  31. I also want to add, like most of players who were playing this game from rtw times, i already spent 10$ to open slot to save one of my characters. I also have friends waiting for osmaw to appear in armas, and what will be surprising for you fans that this game is NOT f2p. If i payed it already and expected to PAY in order play; IT IS NOT FREE TO PLAY.

    I would rather pay $15 per a month instead of dealing with this crappy game and crappy community...

  32. @Bjorn quick question...

    When I logged in the other day I noticed on the "tips" on logging in something about "Get your ACT44 Gold Plated in the armasmarket today".

    Of course this isn't in the market at the moment im guessing that tip was added for future use and is showing up now. Will this gun be added in the future?

  33. @Bjorn:

    If a cheater get banned, can he create a new account and play again, or his computer got black listed ?

  34. Hi again , I posted a ticket on the support site.
    Should i expect a reply today ? or i need to wait till tomorrow ?


  35. @Bjorn Just a quick question:

    Why do we have two EU servers?

    If they were in different locations I could understand, but they are in the same place last I heard.

    Just curious.

  36. then we will let Premium players bypass them

    I'm premium member, can i bypass this?

  37. My mate just got straight in with no queuing at all. I've been in the queue for ages. I am premium. He isn't.

    So yeah...make of that what you will.

  38. I forgive you this once. You pull this stunt again and bye bye benjamins $$$$ Got it Charley?

  39. well, if it's meant to make the game work smoother then i can't really complain... even though i'm 1360 in queue ;)

  40. now i'm 711th in queue... bummer...

  41. I'm 966 (about 15 Minutes). It's not that bad. I can do other things in that time. But what should i do now. Television shows up nothing useful and Girlfriend is sleeping. Oh damn I have to play. LET ME IN!

    Ban some Cheaters ;-D

  42. ok, i cancel whatever i've said. that IS irritating, you know? :P

  43. 639 (10 Minutes left). Is it "Spam" right now when i post every 5 Minutes just because idk what to do else? What about some Cheats to avoid the queue? But please something without malware or trojans.

  44. I#m sick of this game....can't even patch it. It is patching at 100 BYTES/s! can't fix it and there are no solutions on forums etc. already wrote a ticket couple of days reply. This sucks! I was one of the first players in CB of RTW and yea... it was full of bugs...but not that much/heavy bugs like now.

  45. @Bjorn

    Can you please give us an update on the matchmaking? We hardly get opposition in groups of 2 or 4, it doesn't matter. We switch bunch of districts to locate gold TL criminals where we can get dispatchs.

    It's not cool.

  46. @Sebm65
    Copy the game folder from your friend's computer to yours if u have any1 playing this game. I did so, and it works.

  47. @Bjorn ... not Björn?^^

    I would like to see some infos on the blog, that shows the status and load of the servers.

    That would be very nice and helpful.

    Im working as an server admin, so can you tell me the facts of the servers in europe?
    What kind of machines, which colocation and so on.

    It would be interesting too

    Best Regards

    PS.: You and your Team are making a wonderful job

  48. @Bjorn

    I hope that one day will come and we all never see hackers in this game.
    Thanks for making this game and thanks for replay.

    I just want that this game live and live forever without cheat and without hacking system...

    you assholes didn't understand that if some one create G1 Generator then Gamersfirst will close this game! forever. fuckin hacking asses!!

    Never seen game like this in any category this game is awesome. I give all my free time to this game every day.

    P.S. Thanks for bringing this game back.
    I will help as much as I can :) :)

  49. so far today, kicked out for 2.5 hours cause of the character thing getting messed up.

    had 3 bugs in game that the only fix was to log out and re-start.

    and now we have another server restart!!

    Now I did have patience, but am going to be blunt here, am peeved off at waiting all the damned time.

    Buildings not rendering to the point that we can't see corners / bollards / bridge supports.

    BIG LAG SPIKES when there is more than 5 people in close vicinity.

    And please do not get me started on the Hackusations and the actual OBVIOUS hackers themselves.

    Hell, even seeing the Russians typing up makes me smile now....

    As for the queue's for the Free Players... Knew that was gonna happen, good way to enforce people to pay to play, through Gamers First.. so how can we be sure the money GOES TO APB:R ???

    Am seriously considering just giving in and coming back in about 6 months time to see if you are still around and if the game is playable by then ???

  50. Uhh so close to 100K

    Bye bye EVE Online! ^^

  51. I saw there is new stuff in the Armas, but still no cars :(

  52. Okay, so...
    Queues.. just fucking no Bjorn, just no.
    Premium or not, people are going to get pissed about being lower priority than other people, just because they have some extra pocket money from their mothers. Just no. Expect a very large debate about this in the future.
    Secondly, matchmaking.
    Get that shit sorted out.
    I join a game on a newly made level 1 enforcer...
    3 rank 28 Criminals and a level 8 enforcer with me; Elaborate on how the algorythm works for this cheap shit?
    They wont be stopped. They will never be stopped. We will always have them. They generate venue to your game, why get rid of them?
    Lag spikes. Lag spikes. And umm.. more lagspikes? Even for people with 24mb U/L connections.
    Why ten fucking days to keep a sniper? If we earn the levels, and spend the time and the cash to kit our characters up, only for a 10 day, unupgradeable weapon that we have to repurches?

    Sort the fucking /unstuck(/unstick?) feature out. It doesn't put you near a spawn point and you don't get all your shit back.
    Which brings me on to spawns.
    I joined a recent game and I had to travel 1397m/km. By the time I got there, the criminals had the pick up item and were raping my van of which was heading TOWARDS them as they were coming towards me and no, that goes for the majority of people on this game.

  53. Matchmaking system seems unfinished sometimes, though most of the playtime it does a great job.

    Re-purchasable weapons idea makes a lot of sense, since it would be stupid, if you just buy all the weapons you want. Plus some of them feel overpowered compared to others, so there's always some tactical stuff involved. Yet having weapons last forever will break the game mechanics, since you are making a lot of cash already, where would you spend it, eh?

    No lags or spikes or whatsoever. 24mb/s unlimited in both directions. And don't even dare to say that I am special.

    Hackers. Saw some. They still suck at open firefights. Just get on with it, they can't be completely stopped.

    Thanks for the game, guys! :3

  54. The permanent system seems to be a silly idea. Just as "Desu" said, people will have all the stuff, they won't expire, and they won't buy.

    Won't that kill all the basic idea of free2play?

    I mean... The current premium price is really low. The weapons? Not bad. If you work, or even if you get some money from your parents (yes, little whiners in diapers, I'm looking at you), one can easily pay that much.

    And even if one doesn't care about the benefits of premium, one can support the game. That's all. I bougth premium, cause I loved the game back then (with RTW), and it's the same again. Okay, the weapons are a bit unbalanced, and the cars handling is ALL wrong, but they are going to get fixed I'm pretty sure.

    Anyway, I'm happy with the progress that G1 made and I'll stay premium as long as APB:R lasts (hope that will be a few years!)

    Premium haters: go, get a job. Or ask mommy to give you some money. (r just go back and play Black Ops.)

  55. @shiki

    thats cold, i wouldnt wish black ops on my worst enemies. be nicer tell them to go back to hello kitty online.

  56. I don't think most of the whiners realize that your are only doing stuff like this, because it has to be done.

    I'm just glad your letting us players know what you are doing, and why.

    So thanks for that G1. I I like you!
    (I even made your G1 logo in-game and have it on my car hah)

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I wouldent mind prems having priority at all, afterall i did pay the RTW prices to play, that dident bother me.

    So really folks, stop whining about p2p/f2p, a f2p game is never ever 100 percent free, the companys wane earn money for something, we dont live in a charity world that everyone donates there time and money so you can just have a game play.

    Also 10$, really isn't much, here in Norway that equals a little dinner at home, less then a (expensive) pizza.

    But indeed, i would rather like to stay in your "perfect" world, bjorn(Bjørn?), prem goes first, payers go second, that would already leave me second in line ^^.

    Kaku, Obeya.

  59. This is a great F2P game,
    I pay of course because i support this game, always have.
    Paying of course just gives you some different abilities, but I have noticed some of the guns bought with in game money, are better then the armes marketplace guns.. actually the beginner gun is better than the most costly gun in armes if you know how to use it correctly.

    Also looking at the one perma-gun in the game, it said 3999 credits.. isnt that 45$ or some insane shit? or was that a glitch?

  60. I have to confess bjorn, as a paying customer, who pays for several guns, and premium.. I was a little disgusted at queueing for 40 mins last night to play.

    I know you said it would be fixed in the future, but still, I hope you can understand as a cb player, and paying member, was not very amused

  61. @Rek

    of corse some guns are better rthe the onse you can buy in the marketplace.

    One thing that is good about this game is that you can't just buy a gun, that is better then all you could unlock. And you shouldn't.
    It is more like a help, to when you HAVER unlocked the gun you want.
    Thats the way i see it!

    If you could, what would be the point in pledging to any NPC's.

  62. @ bjorn

    yeah we all hate cheaters but how will you handel all the false cheat reports from whiing players ?
    happend to me more then a few times ,and now i cant record all the games due to game crash when i use the ingame recorder , and w8ing on a new grafic card . and for thooes peapol that dosent record there games how will they handel a false cheat accuse ?

    great job on the EU server problem hope we wont have eny problem under the weekend :D

  63. it's a good thing then that I finally got heroes3 to work (remarkable cdrom reapir marker - fixed cyclic redundancy error) and i'm not gonna get frustrated with queues and stuff... >)))))))

  64. i honestly dont give a crap about the queue, but i want my ping back!
    since open beta it went up 140-170 and spikes in the "right" moments to 200-300+.
    originaly i had 70-100, not great either but you won't get frustrated at least...

  65. What have you done with the game, fr*aks?
    Instead, to improve and make more interesting, decided suck money ?
    All, at Donat : layers of paint, graphics, fonts.
    Weapon all in the lease.
    All mutilated, go*ts.
    Why took resurrect its...
    I was waiting for her and waited. But you, Spoiled everything.
    Original was much better.
    Yes was a monthly fee, but no was restrictions and stupid schoolkids.
    I hope, you have enough brains, to remove such idiotic restrictions.
    Apologies for the English, Ladies and Gentlemen...

  66. @RusHunt

    What the fuck did you just try to say?

    Why not just give the russians there own servers and forum.. Let them hack 'n' slash eachother there!

  67. @PacManiacDK
    oh come one, just put some heart to it :)
    he's angry about the game looking as it looks. rather than improving the game they (g1) have decided to milk players from money like you milk cows from... milk? :P
    many things are locked if you're not giving real cash, even things like layers of paint, vinyl and fonts. every weapon is leased for a short time (not true, by the way - only the majority is leased).
    "all mutilated goats"? ok... he got me here, i have no idea what he meant ;)
    and then a few more lines about being disappointed with the game, venting anger and so on.

  68. Thanks G1 for the nonpermanent fix of the problem! i know i`m not speaking often in high terms here, but at this time i must praise your work!
    and you can be sure, when i speak in high terms about you, i mean it serious...

    i`ll really hope, that you will permban hackers more often (today seen an already banned hacker again...)

  69. @bjorn

    whats the lateest on the in game Bug report when will it start to work ?

  70. Situation is getting desperate.Now you can see renown 15-20 guys making 15-2 when your average score is like 10/15-7.They come and bam they are pro or just rerolled toon(my favourite excuse)or maybe they are hackers.

    Noobass is getting his daily 20-0 streak during 6am-9am in the morning.

    Spawn system sucks,Matchmaking 1vs3-4 or 4vs8,cheaters running free,Missions sucks(my favourite one is the waterfront broken VIP missions 8/23 in 4 minutes.

    But yeah priority one is to sell perma weapons for 50-60$

    Every day more ways to get fraustrated than having fun.

    Well i go play some 5vs5 cm dota to chill out and play some (dont get afraind of this new word that doesnt exist in this game)"even" games cheaters free.

  71. Denmeniazi said it all. The game is in beta stage and you're more worried about adding stuff that sells for real money, than looking into the real issues of the game.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. @ Denmeniazi played with RTW CB & OB cant take no more of these hackers the game is dying for me loggin less & less :/

  74. Ohhh something that i forgot to mention.

    In some game i was closed beta tester the progression was this way.

    We beta testers find the bugs and report them.

    The devs of the games tried to find solutions for the most important ones that affect gameplay a lot.

    If they need some time to makes big changes they close the servers for 10days-1 month to fix major problems.

    If you think the above problems i meantion isnt serius and gameruining you are wrong thats the reason a player quits the game.

    But you instead of fixing anything of these you just renamed CB to OB and let 100k people lets say to come in and if you are lucky they get to buy some staff.

  75. Damn i have to play 1vs2 or 1vs3 all the time. Its not that bad when you manage to kill them all but then you need over 30 scounds to defuse or do something else c'mon. everybody is back in that time and kills you. It's really no fun at all. I can't even get a rank down,...

  76. Hey Mr.Bjorn / TechMech I just logged into the game ans 3 seconds after I spawn It tells me that punkbuster kicked me...Im not a hacker or a cheater u might want to check ur logs or something this is not fun -_-

    Im gonna try to loggin again and hope it works..but you guys might want to check that out

  77. nice i switching districts game stuck and now my acc is blocked dont understud wtf pls help me

  78. I wanna play with my freinds and i can't join any district because they are FULL!
    Financial destricts are down or so... I only can join Waterfront or social destrict!

  79. @darknessboy

    Check the forums, I bet theres an easy fix for your problem.

  80. Looks like the quoue is back.

  81. it will always back.................................. :(!!!!

  82. @Bjorn

    punkbuster has always done weird shit like that, it use to kick me from BF2 for no reason. but not all the time once a week or once every 2 weeks, hell just out of nowhere for no reason. it was even my server. but normally you can just log back in and all is fine.

  83. @Bjorn

    Hey i will to ask a question, why is mine account blocked, because i dont understand it, i have on my character 2 month premium, and much more premium weapons... i never used hack on my life, or i dont know what is that, but you can see the reason of it, why is my account blocked?

    My In-game name: JoelBoy

    Thank You and keep up the good work, i love this game!

  84. @Bjorn
    I got blocked today for no reason or dont understud why
    im good player and i been on social district and connecting to financial but after few minutes connection i decide turn of game manually and when try to relogin my acc been blocked , even not play in action today + using only team speak 3 (i think its not hack) pls help me (my acc is

  85. How about throwing the EST server some network upgrade love your servers hit 200-300ping constantly to people literally 1 hop away.

  86. @Joel - you were perma-banned on May 25 for cheating (machine-auto-detected your cheat).

    @Sintax - you were perma-banned May 27 for cheating (machine-auto-detected your cheat).

    We will double-check the logs to make doubly-sure that this was not in error (it usually never is - which makes us sad).

    Unless the logs say otherwise, stop buying stupid hacks and cheats from hack sites, and you won't be banned. It's as simple as that.

    I suggest you charge-back the money you paid for the hack and at least get the hack sellers in trouble for selling you a "defective" product.

    However, you are not welcome to play on our servers or in our games ever again.

    You are both out (along with droves of others over the last 24 hours, who just haven't been brave enough to complain about it yet)....

    Tough shit.

  87. @Bjorn

    Thank You for this information, bit its Interesting, because, i dont have use any of the cheating program, its a simply thing, i hate hackers like hell... i have played with many other MMORPG games, and i never get banned,i really love this game,and I did not want to risk of any rule of conflicting things,otherwise then why spend i more than 50 euro on this game...Please check the log again.

    I Used only Teamspeak 3 (with the ingame plugin).
    OH and i use AVG Anti-Virus 2011
    Thank You!

  88. WooHoo

    ban them cheaters. guys it never pays to cheat, EVER...

  89. @Bjorn - Hi mate, loving the game so far. Just a quick question. Whenever i go inside buildings or detailed built up areas they disappear, sometimes im running around in mid air or getting stuck in invisible walls. Any idea what could be causing this? I have Win7 x64 4 gb ram, 2.8ghz processor amd duel core, nvidia gts450 graphics card. all the fps stats are green apart from my latency which is yellow usually sitting at 180 - 200 ping. cheers any help would be great.

  90. @Bjorn sorry but i dont have cheats on apb only use team speak 3 overlay plugin + what hack need have in social district ?only thing im pay is premium+i reported so manny aimbots to ingame bug reporter pls recheck logs i only switching districts and manualy turn of the proces and get blocked after that :(no cheat used

  91. @Sintax

    We are looking to see if you guys truly could have been caught by mistake for some other reason. However, most of the time that turns out not to be the case. But given both of your public proclamations you were not cheating, we will certainly see shortly after our team finishes its investigation.

  92. @Bjorn

    Okay, thank you, and thanks that you are helpful. :)
    We can´t prove that we cheating or not, but i would like to help for this game, i was in the old APB Closed Beta too... and i have waiting for this game a whole time. This is the only Online game, where i Paid into.

    Thanks, i hope that come true the truth.

    (Sorry for my english)

  93. @Bjorn thank you for investgation :)i dont use hax+today i even not kill annybody (i have been in action district onlz few minutes for show my character to friend then i go socials and asking people for coolin jacket 3 + checking market place and do some social stuff like a /fart /danceairguitar and after that i switch to financial 25 but game stuck i kill the proces and restart game try to login but got blocked :(

  94. Hi. I've posted this almost everywhere and yet i didn't get any reply at all. anyways I have a problem in-game where i can't hear music at all. The main menu music works fine but.. when i get in game and spawn i can't hear music
    on foot or in car

    All i hear when i spawn is an Ad about clothes and stuff.
    at first i tried to repair the client but it didn't fix anything then i tried reinstalling and it didn't work at all. Then i tried removing my own music tracks and re adding them but that didn't work ether . So i need some help.

    Thanks in advance

  95. @Bjorn

    As i didn't get a reply to my previous message, i believe you have missed it.

    Something is wrong with matchmaking. Matchmaking balance is way better then ever right now but if there aren't high TLs opposition in that district, we never get opposition.

    Example: 1 gold 4, 1 silver 6, 1 silver 9 in our group and we dont get dispatch for 5-10 missions. Its the same when we have 2 or 3 golds in group.Today we have switched 4 districts in a row to get opposition. Its so annoying, boring and time wasting.

    My idea is new matchmaking algorithm is trying to be too perfect for the best balance and basicly it can't find opposition.

  96. 100th comment! Yay!

    Anyhow, I really wish I could get my comp. upgraded faster so I could play this awesome game at a decent speed (as in, NOT 0.000001 frames per second).

  97. @Genco - actually - we did see that.

    The issue is simply this; there are only 100 players in a district, so anything over TL29 (G9) is only something that happens 2% of the time or so - which means that on average you would not have opposition in a single district (they might hang out in a different district - for example - if you counted the districts in Europe today, there were at one point 150 nearly maxed out districts running across both worlds (!)).

    Now - what's the solution? - pretty straight forward - district segmentation - or more accurately "district recommendation." Before we implement hard limits between districts, the next thing we are exploring is to put you in a district where the average rating most closely matches yours. This means it might have quite a few rated players outside your range "limits" - but the district on average would be "skewing" toward your ranking.

    The idea is that you should not have to search through a list of 150 (or 70+ for one world) of districts to find proper opposition.

    Instead we will send you toward a district where you will find the most appropriate opposition.

    Once we have a better idea what the development timeframe will be I will share it on the blog :)

    Again, this is the type of refinement we are working on during the Beta.

  98. "district recommendation" is GREAT for new players, while the advanced player can make their choice of district.

    hard limits would make the game unplayable during off peak times.

    atm im stuck at tl29 but get matches as long the district is balanced, but its not strange for the other faction pop in the district to drop. ie 50crim 30enf

  99. @Bjorn

    Thank you for the reply. I have told my buddies that was the issue, i am right again.

  100. @ manspam100 from what I gather there is no audio problem if you can hear the ads! Simple hit the "P" button for player and hit the play icon (a triangle). Hope that helps!

  101. Any plans to fix the persistent performance issues some people are having? Some people can still barely play the game.

  102. @Bjorn

    Ey dude..
    I got two minor problems for you. And would like to know if your doing anything about them. Or if they are even on your BIG BLACK CO**, ehh, list of "small little buggers" ;)

    Sometimes, when in a car with a teammate. You hit K to sign up for missions. Then when you get one, you get thrown out of the car.??
    Now you stand on the ground going "WTF?", seeing you teammate drawing off into the sunset...or, perhaps just towards the mission goal..

    Usually it doesn't take more then 2 minutes to join a district, but sometimes, we get locked in Loading screen..

    And then there are this other smaller thing:
    Please make it possible to remove expired weapons from ones inventory. I got a whole list of expired weapons that i know I'll never buy again.

  103. "district recommendation" us i understand what it will be it "Sucks".

    The problem is not high threat players that maybe play solo and make a winning streak of 10-15 by luck and vs noob enemies and gain gold threat.

    The problem is Clans/Partys.Its a game that puts 4 random players vs a party of a clan maybe of 4 that uses teamspeak programs have better possition to map and etc.

    You should not make district for high threat players combiting each other.It will be still the same 4 random golds vs a clan/party you know the results right??

    This is the only game that forces me to play with partys/clans without asking me if i want and it totatlly sucks.

    The idea???Instead of making high threat player districts make districts that partys only plays there.

    This will make the whole game better.You will be able to categorise people playing random without friends/clans so they dont get to play vs organise players so they will play even matches.

    As of the partys they will play more competive matches as they want it since they group up!!!!

    Is this idea possible????If yes its way better than yours.

  104. Bjorn, looking through the files of APB made me overthink something, why do some .upk files use different compression than other .upk files in other folders, different decompressions makes the client switch between them and creates bad preformance, and also please dont use iphone retina compression for the HUD Overlay... its just dumb, and realtek audio is still bugged on APB

    Also the packets from and to the client is modifiable wich makes them easy to exploit

    and remember Bjorn, this is Beta so performance
    goes before quality, first get the engine going good with more systems, since i can play crysis 2 on High but APB gives me freezes and BSOD, Thank you in advance

  105. Hello Bjorn,

    Just to back up the two cheaters story here. My friend also got banned from APB. We both didn't knew why until I found the solution. TS3 installs a plugin called 'overlay'. This plugin shows the people who you are talking with ingame. It is really innocent but still, when someone activates this plugin, it'll tell you to do so with own responsibility. If you could look into my buddy ViNROJ, that'd be great.


  106. the overlay uses an dx9 hook and injects itself into the executable, modifying files is bannable, and should be, also you took your own responsibility since it says clearly that using the dx overlay from TS3 is bannable when you install it
    the very first popus says clearly
    "some games use automatic anticheat mechanism and this overlay may be considered a cheat and your user account can be banned etc, use at your own risk"

  107. @Edwin

    Hey, i have the same problem, i installed this plugin too, and now my account is blocked... :S

  108. For gods sake fix the MM alredy, im playing 3vs1 matches all the time, and most of them vs people with the same or better weapons than me, just because the game makes me do a lot of single missions and my thread stays at gold.

  109. @Unified

    The only fix for the realtek thing is stop using punkbuster, of course they should do that, since PB doesnt want to fix the bug, since they says its not their fault (when indeed it is).

  110. Why is the Finacial destrict buggy????
    I can join the water destrict with my group but not the finacial destrict and my group disconnected!
    What have you done G1?

  111. @Bjorn guys i have only teamspeak (and steam maybe) online but not using cheating tools and you ban me for that its not good i dont need cheating some time wins some time loose its part of game and punkbuster make a mistake in detection its happens (i knowing this happend to me in codmw2 and after reinstal windows pb stop accuse me for hacking tool) but make a laughing topic on forum its inappropriate behavior of proffesional Game Masters or even Game Producer that is little bit sad and im shure im not knowingly using hack tool and "I swear I would never knowingly use cheats" (i go with this on public becouse im not cheater and i got a shame and laugh but i depending on you and your team and belive you can help me + if i will be a cheater i dont go to the public and dont use my email, nick name (+steam name)

  112. @unified You update your Realtek Audio codecs recently? They put out a new update on the realtek site on the 11th. Using realtek hd audio drivers on my gigabyte board and I haven't had any problems with audio to speak of.

    Oh...and anybody know if there's an .ini options file or something I can take a look at and/or edit for graphics settings? I don't hardly notice a change in my graphics guality at all between minimum and max settings and I think the game might be compressing textures for me when it probably doesn't need to. I also can't get Antialiasing to work at all. Hitting apply just resets it back to default and I wanna see if maybe it is disabled or set at like max AA=0 or something to that effect. Clanmate reinstalled a couple days back and mentioned getting a choice between 32bit or 64 bit install, which I don't remember getting that choice when I installed about a month ago or so. I'm thinking maybe my graphics in the game aren't performming where they should be.

  113. @Bjon/Techmech ,Think i may have found a group of Cheaters here..

    worth having a look at imo.

  114. I don't know if you fixed the matchmaking or not but I keep having those 1 vs 3 mission... and of course I can't call backup...

  115. @ReggieKray

    You are calling everybody better then you cheater all the time. You are more annoying then real cheaters.

  116. @Bjorn

    did you guys notice that switching districts (in my case: waterfront -> social -> back to waterfront) makes some problems with memory? i mean, memory usage just keeps increasing. like resources used in other districts aren't flushed from memory when they're not needed anymore. normally it's about 2,2GB of memory usage, after switching it can go to 2,8GB (resulting in lots of stutter, higher pings, smaller screen hang ups).

  117. something wrong with servers? can't login

  118. i believe they have crashed or are being updated. i got disconnected a few minutes ago.

  119. the whole G1 login server is down. AGAIN!!!

  120. xD I thought it was a unlucky thing only happend to me, because i just died when i got the DC.

    If G1 is working on something: good luck ^^
    If the server just crashed without any reason: Aww :(

    Cya in San Paro soon.

  121. D: info on when its up again?
    i cant live without my daily 20hours of apb

  122. It seems only the EU servers are screwed up right now. s/o informed me that Colby works ok.

  123. they got problem only with EU server .. first was queues .. now this..

  124. Bah Europe servers down here ;(

  125. 8:15pm BST and the EU server is DOWN or DEAD !!

    Way to fix the problems G1... Excellent stuff!

    Now, seeing as you have a wee box saying Contacting World Servers, any chance of making it say if the servers are up or down ??

    Or even a note SOMEWHERE that the damned servers are broke AGAIN !!

    Am aware that things break, and am aware you need time to fix them, but a wee bit of info means we don't need to wait for the game to fail to load up to find out its broke again !!

  126. @wayne tbh i rather them be fixing the issue then blogging.

  127. @Phosgene

    agreed .

    any explanation will be good!!!!

  128. Why there's always so much hate? You should be grateful for the game itself already. Oh, what? Servers down? Maybe they are fixing or updating them? Oh, you didn't think about that? Well, you thought they've gone offline because of thousands of players? Yea, right, you hate G1 because they couldn't make servers handle that much? Then why don't you stop playing the game and make servers run properly with adequate amount of gamers. No? You love that game? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WAIT. STOP YELLING FOR CHRIST SAKE.

    tl;dr You're a bunch of assholes.

  129. @desu lool they servers have been understress due to player activity, and i have yet to see someone yell or QQ more then you just did so yea good going

  130. I was a closed beta tester, and to be honest.. THERE WERE NOOO PROBLEMS, okay maybe 1 little issue was player disconnecting 2 DAYS BEFORE open BETA. But now after OB, Apb is not cool.
    - Major Lagg.
    - Crowded Districts.
    - Queues login.
    - Huge ammount of players "crashing" with their cars into everything.
    - 37 Financial district-->(no wonder why it laggs)
    - Unbalanced faction. TOO many criminals, If i am going to compare it, then it would be on scale +- 10:3

    Gamersfirst, Goodjob man. I think you screwed the second phase of the game:D

  131. @phosgene the queue system was put in place to fix the flow of data traffic it not a full time thing while they fix the data issues they been running on 10% of there systems since OB came out

  132. they can say something about this ... we are waiting and waiting please tell something.. ...........

    o and @Desu_Is_A_Lie


  133. So mind telling us if the problem is gonna be fixed today? or do we just have to wait untill tomorrow?

  134. When is the maintance finished? ):

  135. This comment has been removed by the author.

  136. if there is no info and no answers .. this will not be fixed today I Think.

    so till tomorrow

  137. i dont tink thay know the servers are down.
    so it prob wont be fixed untail monday.
    but in the main time watch my video :D

  138. They know that servers are down.(source= Frontpage APb's facebook)


    they are aware. stop terrifying people


    Comment on my video and subscribe for more later :D

    Lets hope eu is back online soon to :D

  141. @Kevin
    would you please go suck cawk somewhere else

  142. @killerkidyo
    I know your mom is terrible, but you dont have to turn gay right away ;)

  143. @kevin

    ill farm the shit out of you ingame

  144. ooh just stfu already ! screw i NEED THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!

  145. @killerkidyo
    you watched it so its intresting eneugh ;)
    and my mom have noting to do with this shiit

  146. Omg, that is low man. Insulting other peoples mother on the internet.. wait on a blogggg?!
    That is just pathetic man.

  147. aah crap cant the time just go like =============================================================================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> aaaah im getting insane over here!!!!!!!!!!

  148. @kevin
    ye i "semi" watched your vid, youre beyound shit


  149. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I CUT MY SELF FOR NOTHING... I THOUGHT G1 WENT BANKRUPT.. ooh gees . need to fix my arm bleeding all over.

  150. This comment has been removed by the author.

  151. @Bjorn

    Please tell me, What is with yours matchmaking system?
    7 vs 4 ? It's not good, because they have much camps and many peoples on camp...

    Please comment this replay, It's important for me and players.

  152. @PacManiacDK

    to delete weapons in locker hit the little red trashcan. Done..

  153. @ Bjorn there are two player I would like you to look into ... ygremy and nhjfg they are offering gold for discounted price or so they say in Social District #1 I hate seeing crap like this in game.. please nip this in the butt immediately!!!!

    They list websites just hit me up if you want them.

  154. @Bjorn

    there is definitely something wrong with the memory usage, i login to game go to social then waterfront or financial at that point APB is using around 1.9GB (in windows task manager), but as the game runs it just keeps going higher and higher, after a few hours in game the task manager still said around 1.9GB but my memory monitor was showing more then 4GB being used, and the longer i play the higher it will go, and when i finally close APB all the memory is release back to the system.

  155. @Jimmy Westerburg, yes i did today, on my gigabyte board, but to no avail, now i got sound dropouts and stuff also, there is a whole thread about this on the forum... and the ini file is in the game folder/apbgame/config and the name is APBCompat.ini, there is compat1-2-3-4
    1 minimal settings
    2 low
    3 medium
    4 High

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Apb worked fine yesterday, but now when i start apb the launher show's a error, and i can't start apb through the apb.exe

  158. Its sad no update since:

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

  159. EU servers are down again????!!!!!

  160. a come on yo again queue 2200 ppl waiting for connect :(

  161. Fair enough, just wish you happend to fix the problem with the soundcard courseing the game to freeze your whole computer...

  162. @Bjorn

    Yo my Nigga,
    Can you explain this my nigga..
    "Estimated time to enter: 26 Min"
    Yo bro, man this shit ain't cool man,
    Playin'since Closed Beta and now, crowded servers.
    Yo nigga you need to fix this man.
    It is all about Peace, Love and Respect, bro!
    Yo man This is really annoying me man.
    I always support you G1, WHen i get errors I send them to you, Man is this how you repay us?
    Yo man I hope you fix this man. I think APb is really cool nigga. But they gotta make more room for these people, brother. So man I hope you fix this, I freally hope it man.
    Mann I am so angry now man, this shit wants me to kill my self, brother. Waiting endless till i can login man. It is not cool bro. And Yet not logged in:(. I shows now 39Min. Yo master??
    SUP MANN this is not cool man. It was 23min, then it went to 26min and now 39MIn???? Bro man sup man this is not cool man. Oh amen, it shows 29 minutes now.. OH no mann now it shows 40 minutes.. "Position of Queue: 2403, Size of Queue: 2739" Yo nigga what is this shit, I pay for my weapons in game and now this brother. This is not cool man. I want to play but you gotta seriously do something brother..
    Mann I am waiting and waiting.. I cant play APB ... I dont have any liquid acoholic drinks at home .. DAMN this makes me killlll my self man.
    Please fuck this brother. Yo nigga i really waiting to play mannn. Ohh mann this is ridiculous.. Now it says 50 min.. What is this brother.. This "estimated Time" Is scamming me and ripping me off man.. THis is not cool man.
    It is time to CHANCE....
    Yes we can G1.. Yes we can..
    Comeon man... I really want to test the game brother.
    SO please man fix this thing man. THis ain't cool my nigga.. So please man pleaseeeeee dude man. Neume I know you know.. You are my brother man.. Come and do this thing so we all can play brother. This thing is making me mad man. I feel scammed it says now that the estimated time is 19 min.. I wait 19 Min and it says 12 min more. What is this non-sense man.. come on manive also been waiting here since that closed beta sign up page went on, and you guys do a bunch of contest giveaways for fucking little ass kids and people who havnt been waiting as long as the people who are on your site. What is your problem brother.. What is the deal with EU MAN so crowded brother, Are you gonna skip that Gamersfirst? Just let this go on for the rest of this game history????Oh wait you guys let only Premium guys in. THats why i hate capitalistic bastards brother. Thousands of people are in there. Most of them are kids yalll... Man this is not funn I am waiting soo long..Haha.. Just waiting till this game fails.. This is fun man.. I waiting 5min and the estimated time went 1min down.. From 19 miN TO 18 min.. Please fix this brother.. This ain't cool what this is man. I really want to test the game man..Come on man.. you need to fix thiss.. I am getting crazyyyyyyyyy you need to fix this niggassssss.

  163. And im stilll waiting man... what is this shit man this is not cool.. been waiting for over an hour to get in.. Kick people who are afk in social zone man.. this is not cool. they are getting in at 4 am and they go afk what is that nonsense mann. please fix this comeon mannnnnn. And what now yay another 5 minutes gone and it still says 17 minutes. What is this scammed thing.. I dont believe it annymore.. Oh man now it says 25 minute sssssssssssssss what is this mannnnn I dont like this so man.. I am really getting crazy man comeon man.. What is this shit 25 minutes.. it showed that 30 minutes agoo.. Make more room man.. You should know this Gamersfirst when you bought the game you SHOULD make enough room for everybody.. Now we are stuck i this crap brother.. What now this is not cool man.. I dont like anything of this,, Peace Yawww..3000 player wanna join man what is this shit.. yall man this is not coowl man.. I dont like it.. I really want to test it.. fix this shit nigga... I paid you money and this is how yyou repay me comeon man.. Fix this and I pay more. ome ona man,... I am still waiting.. CHEERS.. it shows now 19 minutes.. wow man i wait 2 minutes and 6 are gone.. what for crappy system is this man.. What the hell mann.. niggga this ain't cool man. This is so screwed.. DAMN man and it went back to 24 minutes.. What The heck man.. I waiting so long and this is what i get.. The premium bastards are getting in easier man. Gamersfirst you capitalistic guys.. You wanna make money so thats why other people have to wait.. Everybody dont buy premium.. you making them rich.. I dont think they gonna fix this problem, if they acutally WOULD fix it then they have announced it brother.. SO man sup with the situation man Still waiting adN I dont like this man... Ohh look it shows 15 minutes.. Ive been waiting for oveer 2 hours and 15 mintes HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA,, very funny G1.. But NO,.. This is unacceptable!!!. We waiting too long for this man Mann this is not cool fix this problem brother. AH MAN now it shows 20 minutes again.. what is this man...
    Fix this and it will be cool nigga... Comeon man... I really want to join the game man.. sup man sup sup suppp.. i cannot wait till I am in man. OMGGG O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O It shows 7 minutes brother.. And my PC laggs like hell man.. what is thiss man.. I think I dont Like this man.. What man.. I REALLY want to get in.. man .. Fix this problem man.. IT ain't cool man... OH NOOO it shows 27 minutes again.. MAN what is this crappy COUNT DOWN system....
    Fix this man... this ain;t coool... FOR ALL I AM MAD NOW.. I dont like this, ah look it shows 12 minutes again.. hihihii. I like what I am seeing but, STILL it scammed me alot with the time man.. I gotta go to work now man.. ah fuck that i will search other work.. Mannn i want to get in APB man... Come on go go go go.. I want to get in and Play with my girlfriend man.. She is waiting at me in social district man.. Come on.. this is no cooool... COMEONNNNNNNNNNNNN go go go go.. AHHHHHHHHHH I FINNALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GET INNN, HHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
    Me is happy brother.. THank you Gamersfirst.
    But you need to fix this brother.. THIS Ain;t cool nigga,
    Peace Y'alllllllllllllllllllllll,

    Okay Now serious..
    THis is just Bullshit. I have been waiting for over a hour. And the "Estimated TIME TO Enter"is Definately NOT working.
    So Look what Open Beta did.. It made the Closed beta player not be able to play.. (i am one of it)

  164. Sunday 10:26 AM CST

    Joker Seems to be down.

  165. did the east coast world server crash ?

  166. The Dastards, and I was just getting home from work too...

  167. queue has rise to 2622+ we can't play apb


  169. not only the queue is bigger and bigger each day but once you're 1st in line, you can't connect to the district server ;)
    what's up with that?

  170. if you know what i wrote youll get free cisco:P

  171. i dont have a cisco lol.. You got scammed.. just like how the "estimated TIme to enter"scammed you ;D

  172. @phosgene Arrghghhhggle.....Now I'm gonna have to get all Law Abiding Citizen on you. I wouldn't answer my phone ;)

    And Hah! I suffer not from this 'qeue' because I'm on the US server, and we don't get that kinda horseshit. Ya know, my server's down...but at least I'm not waiting in line. Suck it Blue!

  173. ur server is down.. Atleast we can play haha :D.. suck it Punk :P

  174. Well yeah, if by play you mean sit around for a couple of hours watching the qeue not move. By then our servers will be back up, and I'll be in, have played a few matches and logged out to go get food. Gonna Watch Buckaroo Banzai in the meantime. Booya

  175. I am already in :P. Ive been waiting for 1 hour,but i am in now :D

  176. Yeah're dog's a bitch. And by a bitch I mean your mom Oooooooohhhhh. Alright I'm done now. Just had to get that outta my system real fast since I can't shoot people. I mean...not legally...well....without a lot of paperwork...screw it, I was watching a movie. Whatever happened to that?

  177. There must be some way to make the queing more effective. 3000 in queue right now. 1 hour waiting. It's ok the game's in beta and all that, but forcing players to buy premiums already? If it was a final release, I'd understand this way of making money. And you call yourselves GAMERSFIRST? Hell no. Moneys first, then the gamers...

  178. You all sound like a bunch of 8 year olds. Grow some balls and do something else. You have no right to judge an entire company, you don't know if they are working hard or little, you're just making blatant subjective accusations about something just because you can't play a game. The majority of you are a bunch of de-motivating little shits and aren't helping anyone, the company knows the problem now stop pissing on them.

  179. @Bjorn

    Fix the damn Macro Cheaters, I,m sick of coming up against people with semi auto weapons that fire almost as fast as full auto weapons.

    And yes all you macro users, that is cheating, if you can't fire it that speed with your finger, then it's cheating, and damn people stop looking for ways to cheat.

  180. Hey APB isnt working in my bording school :(.
    It was working fine last weekend at home but
    When i logged in my bording school i got account login failed connection to the server could not be established.
    Is this just shitty internet or is the game blocked and do you have any solutions? thanks great work by the wayHey APB isnt working in my bording school :(.
    It was working fine last weekend at home but
    When i logged in my bording school i got account login failed connection to the server could not be established.
    Is this just shitty internet or is the game blocked and do you have any solutions? thanks great work by the way

  181. I guess they dont work on weekend so they dont fix packet loss so we have queues.

    Seriusly now g1 start listening to freaking gamers.

    You press K with all good mood and happines to only see that 90% of times you have to do the object(criminal here) while enfocers guard.

    And the shitiest thing of all since your update to matchmaking players guarding places when mission start are next to target 50-100 meters away at keast.So 5 minutes since criminal here to go spray a wall that there is someone guarding it from 10 first seconds.And ofcourse there is a one way roof for the first deffender to climp and camp till mission end.

    Why????Because there is a spraying board up there but your object is next to that roof.

    Every day more ways to ruin my fun.So many bugs to this game but we have permanent joker carbines now great work and keep up doing it.

  182. have to get this off my chest!

    its so easy playing enforcer, i had to make one just to try it out, my friends where speaking of it all the time and man, its fucking easy lol, closer spawn, easy object, more time, less retarded mission objectives, please have a look at it i enjoy playing both sides but it should be the same for both sides, the spawning and "free objectives" enfs have, not needing to break in to cars and stuff like that most of the time... same with items on the ground...

    and i need to rage on the crim TL shit, its just as it was before the "free TL" just that more are silver then bronze, still win 13 out of 14 missions and the last lost match bang drop one.... then keep winning for ever, never going up, where is the "points" for what you make during a mission 23kills 3death 7 objectives taken should fucking push you up 3 tl or somthing. yah iam mad brah.. ^^

  183. @Bjorn
    Hey, the in game bug reporter isn't working and it told me to contact support, so I'm just going to leave this one here although I've found about three others.
    Every time I join social district after having been in another district I have 1400+ ms. I have to relog multiple times to fix the problem and sometimes a fresh restart or relog doesn't work. I could start the game fresh up and join the social district and sometimes run into this problem. Regardless, it always does it if I join the social district after having been in any other district. Another annoying bug I want to mention is that I have a friend added on my criminal and enforcer and he also has a criminal and enforcer. I add him to my list every day on both his characters because it never lets me know when he logs in. Even if he is online it does not show him as online. If I remove him from my friend list and add him to the list when I know he is online it shows him as online. If he logs out, the friends list will never show him as online again unless I remove and add him when he is online.

  184. Just going to add a little more information. This is on the Colby West server. My ISP is Mediacom and I'm playing from the south east. I usually have a ms fluctuating between 96ms and 300ms. "Paying" for a 12mb/s cable connection (only getting about half of that though). Not sure if that information helps but... there it is anyways. Before the patch after 1.5.0 I always had about 130ms steady (it was always in the green). Now the ms tends to hang out at 200ms or more, which is kind of annoying. Today it was even pushing 277-312 steady in action districts. I know I'm not playing on the best server, but something went out the window in one of the patches that caused increased latency.

  185. Tats man you took the words right out of my mouth 100% what you say is soo dam true... Bjorn/Tech this has to be fixed something has to be done about his there so much of inbalance its untrue
    thx peace out !

  186. i agree with Tats to, the Enforcers side of the missions are way to easy.


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