Sunday, May 8, 2011

Releases 79 and 80, plus US-East server move before going Open Beta

Hi guys

The blog went a little quiet last week as we were dealing with a lot of post monetization items and preparing to get ready for the big May 18 date. In the meantime the moderation team on the forums have been cranking out a lot of answers, so go check out the forums in particular if you are already in the Closed Beta.

This week we are going to release Patch 80 on Tuesday night US time, and we are also going to perform the "formal" move to the "real" US-East location, in Washington DC later in the week (probably on Thursday this week) - which should really improve latencies for everyone east of the (imaginary) Dallas / Oklahoma City / Wichita / Omaha / Sioux Falls / Fargo line across the US.

Or - put a different way - if you live in Dallas - you should have approximately the same latency to either side - but since local cable conditions vary wildly (for example - Comcast LOVES peering in Washington DC and if that's your provider certainly go that direction), it's entirely possible that you will in fact be much better to one location specifically (so test it out once it is live).

Patch 80 fixes a lot of little things that will make for a better game now that they are patched (see below) and improves a few stats for some Armas marketplace weapons, while the team continues working on the BIG patch items that are upcoming in the next release. After the "80" patch is out, the team is really focused on working on the formal OB patch, and we should know this week if all the features we are aiming to add can make it in to the final OB version.

And - I realized that I had not posted the Patch 79 notes on the blog from last Thursday night (though Vali and Nueme handled that on the blog), so I have added them here as well. We were unfortunately forced to perform a music wipe in that patch to fix long running music bugs that were unable to be addressed any other way. Going forward that should not have to happen again.

Looking forward to the Open Beta excitement that's just around the corner!

/TechMech Release Notes (scheduled May 10, 2011)
Made an initial fix for black and dark clothing showing random colour patches on it due to DXT compression. We’ve still got a few fixes to make here but this will remove the blotches of green/purple.
Fixed characters sometimes not being lit in the Wardrobe and appearing as a black silhouette.
More spawning bug fixes.
Renamed female Cowboy hat to Cowgirl hat.
Made clothing items that are not available through progression non-tradable.
Fixed an exploit: Tutorial missions are now only offered to solo players.
Increased Prestige multipliers for Enforcers (as even with witnessing they're getting a much lower cash turnaround than criminals).
Increased the VIP lives on VIP missions by a factor of 1.5.

Named the weapon presets for the ALIG 762 and the Colby PMG 28.
Adjusted Effective ranges for several weapons (Joker down slightly, Obeya up slightly, Star LCR up).
Adjusted damage falloff percentage for the N-HVR's, the DMR and the STAR 'LCR'.
Improved accuracy on Obeya CR762.
Reduced Recoil and FoV on the Scoped NTEC-5.  Also increased accuracy loss when moving in marksmanship.
Increasing damage of Armas shotgun.  Now slightly less damaging than the JG rather than only half damage as previously.
o Tradeoffs:
JG - Extreme damage, medium spread (good at close range, bad at medium range)

CSG-20 - High damage, low spread (worse at close range, decent at medium range)

Known Issues
o Much of the new and edited in game text has still to be translated and entered into the game. Playing APB in languages other than English may result in English text being shown anyway in some places. Release Notes (released May 5, 2011)
Moved broadcast messages to upper centre of screen rather than centre to avoid blocking line of sight.
Fixed the one-slot van not having it's one slot
Killing a prestige 5 enforcer as an enforcer drops you to prestige zero.
Fixed a bug in the spawning algorithm.

Songs and Themes
Corrected inconsistencies and bugs across several musical instruments (note sequences off, patterns of sounds out of order) making them easier to use correctly.
Unfortunately this requires a wipe of all character-created songs and themes, since existing songs break using the corrected instruments.

Known Issues
o Much of the new and edited in game text has still to be translated and entered into the game. Playing APB in languages other than English may result in English text being shown anyway in some places.


  1. Sounds good!


  2. • Increased the VIP lives on VIP missions by a factor of 1.5. <- good joke!
    the factor was PERFECT! you only have to change the factor based on groupsize:
    3/3 on 1vs1
    6/3 on 2vs2
    9/3 on 3vs3
    12/3 on 4vs4
    TIMES on VIP Missions have to be adjust - sometimes they are much to low! (5 minutes on 3 lives)

    sometimes i think at watching the patchnotes, that you dont play your own game. please dont care about the whiners, test it yourself....

    and i really hope that spawn system is not anymore like an deathmatch...

  3. Why increase the obeyas accuracy? the gun is already 100% accurate and it only takes 3-5 shots to kill somebody.

    Please tell me this will be fixed before OB as NO DEV has responded about it in the CB Forums!!!

  5. @Cheater (nice name btw)

    We DO play our own game. Quite a lot (that's an understatement). In fact I think Qwentle (our lead designer) might actually LIVE in the game.

    But - the idea of changing VIP life based on group size is not a bad one. However, that's more than what we were able to squeeze in to the current patch.

  6. @mccartercar
    Nitro actually works, but the Sound Effects are currently broken. However - QA is looking in to the issue, and it will be fixed at some point in the future (its on a long list of issues, but not the top priority one at the moment)

  7. Yays, can't wait for the servers to get over here!!

  8. Made clothing items that are not available through progression non-tradable. <-- please make them tradeable within account?

  9. Im glad you responded, but I have to say in its current state it is totally useless so if it will remain the same and only sound and visuals added to it then it should just be removed.
    I WANT TO DO WHEELIES IN THE VEGAS WHEN I HIT NITRO 2 not feel like I wasted 20K.

  10. And BTW You guys are doing an awesome JOB and I Applaud your valiant efforts at bringing us the best APB experience possible.

  11. @mccartercar

    Your desire to do Wheelies in a Vegas have been duly noted. I will ask the design guys to take a look at it :)

  12. urm well... and where's the fix for the LTL Weapons ? That's one of the most annoying things in the whole game - the LTLs are just not worth using. Even if you can ambush your enemy, a decent player is just able to turn around and kill you. The CCG for example needs a far smaller time to stun or shouldn't spray like it does when moving while fireing (like an smg would do).... then we would at least get a chance by moving...

    but the rest: good job.

  13. What about the lag problems and bringing back the car chases? And don't say that there are car chases, no sane person tries to get in a car and run as a VIP or item holder.

  14. @bjorn
    Since patch 1.5 was released I've been having an issue with the music player, changing song causes the client to crash. I've posted twice & submitted a ticket and still no word. Several of my clan mates also have this issue. Could you please confirm if this is something on APB/G1s end or our end?

    Oh & if i may suggest; would it be possible to increase the crosshair's ability to detect a witness? I usually skim by and can seldomly see how much dirty money a crim has in that split second, and before I can check again usually the witness option is gone.

  15. Björn, snälla.. Kan ni nerfa STARen något.
    Det går fan inte att möta den, lirar just nu. Killen har enbart STAR556 och han leder med 13-6 i stats och han är fan inge bra.

  16. @bjorn: the name is because i own an cheat- and gaming portal, but dont worry, i dont offer APB or other multiplayer cheats :)

    thanks for the feedback, good to see, that someone at g1 is listening to us.

  17. @Markus, I totally agree, like 75% of all players are using the f***ing star, it is OP :/

  18. Nothing at all at the Routing problem?
    It has been about a week since most people got this issue, and Revo is the only one that had commented on this (as far as I know).
    I know (well.. guess and hope) that you're working on it, but some more information about this would be great. It's starting to get people frustrated..

  19. Starting to get people frustrated my shiny metal butt, I bought 3 months of premium and I feel cheated out of my money. Not planning to buy any more G1 points until this is fixed, and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same.

  20. So yea, when are you gonna stop routing europeans through US and then back to the EU servers? I have better latency on US servers atm and I live next to the EU servers....

  21. @Bjorn

    Afew of us are using the command line


    which totally fixes the blacks been weird colours and in my case get better performance at the cost of a bit more ram usage (which I don't mind)

    will we still be able to use this?

    and just one more question, have you acknowledged the massive lag spikes (over 1000ms) that the EU servers get every 30mins of so? everyone on the server gets them at the same time and it can really ruin a gun fight or get away.

    thank you for your time and for bringing apb back xXx

  22. This whole comcast being better in the east has got me wondering.. Do you plan on having any option available to transfer servers? It just seems disappointing that I'd have to completely start a new character just because your game doesn't "support" my isp. I'm basically already done with bloodrose contacts and now that I see this, it's not what I wanted to hear. Is the east server g1's fix to having bad latency with comcast? If it is, how is that in anyway a fix?

  23. >> Increased Prestige multipliers for Enforcers

    What does this effectively mean? Any effect on mission rewards (standing/money), or is this multiplier purely for turning in the stash?

  24. Anything about realtek?..

    I need to be lucky to get more than 2 minutes of gameplay before i get a hard crash and one beat sound and need to reboot and re-setup bios..

    I know its not a requirement issue because
    i have a 2,4 Quad core (Q6600) and 6 gig of ram and a ATI 4850 .. Plus a bit over 100 gigs of free space on my main disk..

    And it works if i dissable the sound :/

    So it worries me a bit that its not even listed under known issues?

  25. Bjorn,

    you mentioned comcast and people from dallas getting better ping in DC. what about the real comcast issue where west coast players even in california are getting 200+ ping to the west server?

  26. The Lives for VIP missions were fine the way they were. It was already hard enough to take out the VIP when he constantly runs and roof camps (seriously, add waypoints the VIP needs to hit to solve that which is actually a big problem)... but now he has extra lives to do it? Thats a horrible idea.

    Stop the VIP from camping (again with timed waypoints), and remove the speed restriction on vehicles. That way the attacking team will know where the VIP HAS to go... and running or camping will not be an option for the VIP. All the VIP missions problems would be solved.

  27. @stakex

    rofl you do drugs???

    some days ago i had a 5 vip lives vs 23 takeouts in a 3v3

  28. I still think the best solution for VIP missions is to give both sides VIPs. Right now it's just frustrating for both sides... One side has to run the entire time while the other side has to chase the entire time. It also makes the VIP side look like cowards, because it's just not logical to stand and fight people as the VIP.

    But give both sides a VIP and equal VIP lives, and now you've got an interesting game.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Any word on when customs restoration of pre-wipe G1 CBT characters will be enabled? Been waiting on this for a VERY long time, and there's been barely any hint of it. =(

  31. Can we get a little more info on the damage falloff change for HVR's, DMR, and the STAR? It's kind of a generic description and I'd like to know if the weapons are being changed positively or negatively. Thanks!

  32. Wonder when you will fix the fps & latency instead of shitproblems that can be done after these 2 major things!!!

  33. G1 ADD MELEE / PUNCHING / FIGHTING abilities ^_^

  34. I am becoming concerned about the benefits of premium membership. I really don't mind paying for the game I am playing but if I am paying a monthly amount, I would like it to be a full game.

    I have read and heard about a few things that are going to be additional costs. things like designer unlocks and car parts. My main worry is that the premium account really doesn't do much.

    I understand custom vehicles, weapons and such being an additional cost. However, I believe Premium account should include the ability to unlock designer and vehicle options. I would also really love to see premium take away this 10 day expiration on weapons and vehicles.

    Like I said, I really don't mind paying for what I play. I just really don't like paying for a premium account only to find the "real" cost of playing is much higher.

  35. Hey TechMech, good to have you back, I was starting to worry!
    Just a quick question, since the patch on Wednesday last week (or was it Tuesday?) I have been crashing about every 10-30 minutes, I have been submitting about 5 bug reports a day when I crash but I haven't seen anything on the forums or here that indicate you guys are aware of a problem.
    I had no problems, never crashed like at all before the patch and now it's constant, please help a huge fan out!

  36. Is the CSG going to go into the store with this update? Would really like to try it out.

  37. I am glad to see the Obeya is going to be more accurate again, I don't know what people are saying about 100% accurate it was terrible since the last patch before these (I should know, I love the Obeya and switched to the STAR when I saw the bad accuracy on it in Marksmanship). Also, may I ask, when is the Joker issue going to be fixed? I can put 8 rounds into someone with the STAR R&D1 with Hunting Sights and they have no Kevlar and they can 2 shot me with the Joker carbine when I have kevlar 1 on. I know its not an issue of hackers since it happens with every person I face that uses a Joker (though I will admit I have played people that get like 25 and 1 using the Joker with threat 15 which is a threat level that is lol not possible without hacks or being an MLG team of players). Look into why it kills in two hits when it isnt much better then a STAR in terms of damage.

  38. FIX THE GLITCHES!! The game still gerks every minute or so and the latency STILL rises above 1 second! Fix these major issues! Music and clothes are not as important as having a smooth game.

  39. Hey Bjorn,

    I was wondering if the D3DInternalDriverError problem for people running Nvidia Geforce 9600 and 9800s has been fixed.

    It sadly makes the game unplayable with crashing every 10-20 minutes.

    Nice work on the game, I really have enjoyed it a lot. If only it was possible to play it for longer to not be reporting the same bug over and over again.

  40. @ Logann

    I'm not sure which Joker you are using, but I have never 2 shot someone with it. 4-6 for me depending on the range. I think Headshots do factor in though, could be wrong.

    On another note has anyone else anyone else seen those semi-invisable people runing around? The charecter models will be see-through, but weapons and certain accessories are still visable.(ie. hats, belts, shoes, ect)

    Is this just a graphical bug on my side, or are they using the charecter modeler in an unexpected way?

  41. "Adjusted damage falloff percentage for the N-HVR's"
    I'll stop playing as a sniper.
    2 shots to kill now 3 or WAT?

  42. Hoping that the game will quit crashing. Either the game needs to be less intensive on lower end gpus or the stated minimum requirements need to be changed to reflect reality.

  43. i cant play the game on any of my pc with gtx card serie 400 -500 i got lagspake (freez) on both of my pc and its seem alot of people got it

    we got lagspike freez , our fps go from 60 to 20 in a sec and go back up again,
    doing both in social and action district, bleh sad the problem affect only 1 of my 10 game i got on my pc..

  44. @Genjimaru

    Yeah, thats what the damage should be since that is what it takes for me to kill someone with the Joker when I do use it. The Joker and the STAR are relatively the same damage (slightly different fall off I think, but we are talking in fights in the range that the STAR shouldn't be effected by fall off). I just do not get how they do it without hacking in some way or fashion unless like you said Head shots have been added.

    Can you elaborate more on the above musing and let us know if location specific damages have been introduced or even head shot specific damage increases? As far as I was aware it was a single hit box around your character but it would be cool to know if there is something like that going on (and it would explain the two shot thing then)

  45. Just wanted to throw this out there;

    It's really refreshing to see someone who actually responds to comments on their game's blog with something more than mildly patronizing response.

    I'm absolutely dieing for the 18th--seeing as how I didn't manage to get into the Closed Beta.

    Absolutely can't wait to take a look at all your hard work!

  46. the only real thing you get for Premium accounts is more customization of characters and cars, this is not enough for Premium accounts, why should i have to pay for extra character slots and maybe even clothing shots.

    yes the small extra unlocks are nice to, but its not enough if you expect people to pay for no real benefit.

  47. The big May 18th day will be the day I end up quitting APB for a while. I love how minimal things are being worked on that affect the minority and things like driving down the road toward a mission, hitting a massive lag spike and then crashing into something or someone. Then for the next few seconds dealing with your vehicle having a mind of its own and then finally able to get back onto heading to the mission. Then you have the lag spikes that though sniping isn't too bad right now, makes it far more difficult.


    Hacking issue is self explanatory and when you open the flood gates on more latency issues and more hackers. Your doing a good job thus far but work on the core vs the accessories already. What good is all this nonsense when the game becomes lagged up and spiked up beyond playability.

    I really hope this doesn't happen, but you (G1) is starting to screw up and if you continue to do it, your going to start losing people that are loyal and paying.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Premium Member CL2K10

  48. I didn't see anything about client stability in the patch notes but, i sure hope that is something that is being worked on behind the scenes without having to be put in the patch notes.

    Crashing every 30-60 minutes is ridiculous. I think i can speak for everyone experiencing the "out of memory!" crash when i say that nobody wants to spend 1/4 of their play-time logging back in to a game, this is a game breaking issue for some. Not including the incredible frustration involved with crashing during the middle of a fight or mission or driving a getaway car (just crashing in general is annoying enough).

  49. use the /3gb switch on 32-bit machines. i had NO out of memory crash for a week or so. just google it and you'll be impressed ;)

  50. @ genjimaru

    I had the same issue. half the toons in game would either be glowing or partially invisible. Take your system off sli. It really sucks but It solved the issue for me. Apparantly, apb doesn't support sli.

  51. i agree with you Chris, Lag Spikes, 32bit crash problem and hackers should be the top of the list.
    if honest players see them in open beta it will not be good.

  52. @CL2K10

    Lag spikes ARE a major concern. One of them is a PunkBuster spike that STILL strikes our servers roughly once every 20 minutes (and it's a biggie). We are working on a fix with PB that would at least cut that by 75% short term so at most every hour and twenty minutes - not great - but much better than it's now) - and then long term eliminating the spike completely. Will update with the next build.

  53. Wow, LOL. So basically if I want to play on a California server from California that's a no-go. I have to connect to Washington DC instead.

    Bjorn, I'm willing to bet the G1 network has either a peering issue with certain IPs. When I connect to the game on NA-West, tracerouting the IP I connected to shows it resolving some in Europe. Why? If this is Comcast's fault just tell us, ffs. But if it's G1's why aren't they looking at their network and static IPs to see if there's any issue that could screw up routing? :(

  54. And sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention, with a 50mbps Comcast connection it takes me 200ms to communicate with the server ( which is supposedly in Irvine. I am in Chico, about 420 miles to the North of Irvine. How can that possibly take 200ms? No other game I have ever played has been routed like this.

  55. @Interim

    Actually - that's not at all what I am saying. You should at some point be able to route directly to the local California server, but the issue with Comcast is actually something on their end. THEY basically have a very optimized route through Ashburn, VA, which over-populates that route (from our point of view).

    As we bring up more peering providers here in LA and then hopefully your traffic will traverse one of those new providers instead, and you would reach the datacenter in fewer hops through a "real" shorter route (not just a BGP4 shorter route, which in the case of Comcast is crazy long due to own their internal routing structure).

  56. @TheShadow

    And - yes 32-bit systems are problematic for memory reasons - which is why we added the DXT compression (run-time), which DOES improve things for 32-bit systems, but unfortunately made things go green on some surfaces.

    If you have 3GB or 4GB of RAM you can try experimenting with various 3gb switch options (which btw in Win 7 are NOT called the /3gb switch but instead uses other paramters such as "IncreaseUserVA" in BCDEdit - since the method to enable it is quite different: see this from Autodesk ) - BUT - we DO NOT have any indications that this will work or even improve things. However - it MIGHT. Just depends on a lot of different factors on your local system, so certainly feel free to experiment and report any setting changes that seem to be helpful for your particular rig. We always like that type of collaborative trouble-shooting.

  57. good stuff, i would love to see a different method of being able to level instead of the same missions over and over, maybe there should be wars like 10v10 and 15v15 and its the first team to get 100 kills wins ect

  58. @ Bjorn

    Sorry for that comment, I just thought if I said something like that you'd be more inclined to answer. As far as I can tell, what you've just said up there, right now, is the only answer we've ever gotten that acknowledges the issue at hand. So really, thanks for even just that much, because now someone at G1 at least has responded to our plight.

    The CSR I spoke to on the phone told me to use a proxy, but since APBR uses UDP at some points, I cannot. There is no currently-free proxy I can find that will get me off of Comcast's networks before I am shunted all the way to Europe and back. If it's indeed Comcast's problem, has anyone at G1 asked Comcast if they can fix their routing issues by assigning G1 traffic a specific route? I know this is possible.

  59. I am wondering if the devs are planning on fixing the strong dependency on camping and roof camp???

    Or I am actually wondering if they see the camping in this game as a problem at all????

    Because if they dont, I better bail, I dont want to be part of this... I dunno who told them that camping was right...

    By the way, if you camp a point, all you have to do is peek with the third person dynamic, and then when someone walks down the hallway, you pwned it... One way fight, not cool....

  60. bjorn,
    there is also a several page thread on the closed beta general discussion forums regarding this issue, it would be nice if you could respond there as many posters are hoping for a dev response on the issue.

    if this is actually all comcasts problem let us know what we need to tell them. as we pay a lot of money to have their service, we can complain as paying customers on the issue and push them towards a fix.

  61. Game still runs like shit and servers lag out every 20 mins (even though this was fixed in the last 6 patches) or so not to mention the other various game crippling bugs that G1 is seemingly ignoring. Yeah time for full steam ahead to open beta.

    This game is sure gonna last long.

  62. some1 can help me solve this problem?

  63. I agree with chris/CL2K10. Pardon the length, but...
    I'm a bit baffled as to the insanity of pushing for open beta and adding small, inconsequential things to the game, when you're still dealing with aimbots/cheaters, and "lag mountains" that date all the way back to RTW. While it might be PunkBuster related, I still don't quite get how a number of other FPS games have run PunkBuster for years without these sorts of problems. Yes, I recognize that APB is different from a simple FPS which loads up a single map; but the reality is that instanced Districts are not so different from loading a single map that people join/disconnect from, so this implementation of PunkBuster shouldn't be that fundamentally different.

    Not only is PB proven to work elsewhere, but other games successfully using PB also have the wonderful functionality of kicking/banning cheaters immediately right when they're trying to get away with their hacks. Taking your time in removing them simply irritates legit players.

    So with those two major but mostly unsolved issues, you've got open beta slated in less than ten days. I personally would not want to make APB publically available for "preview" without taking care of at least these major issues first. Because, honestly... you might say "it's still a beta" but open beta really means "we're close to launching! Everybody come check the game out, this is almost what it'll be like when it's released, hype hype hype and get your wallets ready!" Most open betas these days are used as teasers, with only minor bugfixes left that won't leave people with a bad impression. It feels like you guys are hoping that more people will continue to buy Premium/Armas and whatnot while suffering through the lag mountains and cheaters, with no solution in sight.

  64. @Clawdette

    Ouch - no solution in sight? :)

    Actually the most frustrating of the lag spikes is being worked on right now - and while we certainly have many more things to work through during Beta (especially for those poor users that have unfortunate hardware combinations), the foundations of the game are there. The critical items which are NOT there yet include skill ratings and district segmentation, and then purposeful end-game PvP. Those are however reasonably close, and close enough that we are starting to feel pretty ok with opening up the servers to more players, since to most users the game is shaping up to be a really enjoyable experience (presuming of course the lag spikes are killed before going out there).

    Will there be new features added as we go along - well of course. But by the time we go open beta we will have the core foundations in place (including the East Coast datacenter).

    As with everything, these things COULD of course change.

    Also, while Punkbuster has been out there for a long time, it's extremely custom implemented for each game, so the issues it runs in to are also "custom" for each game. In our case the issue has been PB lag spikes. That's our bad luck and combination of tech.

    But yes, we clearly are aiming to put out a good product, and by May 18, at least at the moment it is looking like it will be an Open Beta candidate.

  65. @benoit

    just restart the game should fix it.

  66. @all

    we had lag mountains in the beginning of v1.4, they smoothed them out, just give them a chance to do there job, they will fix it.

  67. @DeadDuke - yep - certainly it is our goal to make this mo-fo all around great. Still a bit to go, but clearly getting there :) !

    And - we are also tired of people screaming LET ME IN, LET ME IN :)

  68. Glad the east server is moving, sioux falls rep!

  69. Why can't you follow the example of HIrez in solving the cheater problem?

    Are you so proud, or are you so stubborn?

  70. @Bjorn

    Is IncreaseUserVA safe to try?

    I play APB on a school laptop with a 64bit processor, that happens to run 32bit Win7 with 4 gigs of RAM. I plan to try Ready Boost when I get the chance, but would like to know if setting Windows to use 3 gigs would be safe enough to try beforehand. I don't want to risk damaging this computer, as I have to return it in a couple of years, so if it's not safe I'll try my luck with Ready Boost.

    Could you help a tech-noob out?

  71. When's the display point in social going to be fix. Spent 100k apb$ on them to find that's one of the things that don't work.

  72. Sorry ment the big white display point screens in social district

  73. hm. Open beta but they have cash shop, no character purges and open to the public... sounds like retail to me, or live...

  74. @DeadDuke

    naa man its been like that from the begining of the beta for me.i got 3 pc with gtx serie 400 and 2 other serie 500. all of them are quad core over 6gb ram 1600mhz win 7 64bit and we al lgot that lagspike and blackscreen, well i try an older version and the blackscreen seem to be fix but the lagspike is worst. i have to deal with a complet screen freez every 2-5 min for 1 sec. my fps go down 60 to 20 in 1 sec. its very annoying

    3 pc 3 gamer brother lol
    i should have taken ATI damit

  75. @Bjorn/TechMech

    Seems like CAPS LOCK is the way to reach you so I'll try that:
    WHAT ABOUT THE ABNORMALLY HIGH PING FOR MANY OF US EUROPEANS? (Ping used to be around 60, now its about 200) This should be a high priority case, yet we have gotten no official confirmation that you guys are working on it.

  76. "Increased Prestige multipliers for Enforcers (as even with witnessing they're getting a much lower cash turnaround than criminals)."

    doesen't this mean forcer's will get more money and standing from missions?

  77. I lulzed that clawdettes main point seemed to be about cheaters and bjorns response had nothing to do with cheaters.

  78. Any chance of balencing the star plz either by lowering rate of fire and/or the damage it does since its op compared to the other weps. I use it a bit and it makes me laugh at how easy it is to use.

  79. also the ltl weps NEED to have a good buffing to be compared to the lethat counterparts e.g. ccg=star or n-tec, nl9=HVR?or a JG etc so the are actually usable. Yea crims will QQ coz they cant use them and they will ALWAYS scram that they are op when being a crim has a benifit of making money and atm there are a fews missions that are WAY TOO infavour of the crims like their runnaway mission wit takeouts and the one with the escape timer which seems bugged as every time im in one and we get 15/15 takeouts we still loose sorry but that seems weird. Ill try and post a vid up on the forums some time and put a link on here so you can see.

  80. @Duncan:
    Crims may have had it easier making more money. However, the game allows enforcers to team up in groups of four and gank even a single TL1 player, rape him, steal his cash, and add it to their pool with greater multipliers now. Ezzymoney the fraggot way (as forcers usually do).
    How about a nice cup of STFU now?

    As for LtL it's an unfair edge, cause Crims will have to spend an upgrade slot to resist LTL while forcers don't. Evenh if Energizer is taken off the picture, it still is unfair. Maybe this doesnt strike you as unfair, but you'll be surprised how many people will find it so. On old forums (RTW), there was a suggestion for incendiary weapons or melee weapons as Crim counterparts for LtL. I'm surprised (not rly) how artfully you dodged to remember this in your moaning above.

  81. However Duncan, on account of STAR, I have to agree with you.

    Starter STAR should expire as soon as the owner reaches either 15.000$ or TL3 with at least 10.000$ or R25, whichever comes first. This way the player will be made to try other weapons.

  82. Maybe fix all the balance problems, broken missions, imbalance the new crap TTK brought with it and all the bugs before you start selling pay 2 win items and pimping them ey?

  83. @Bjorn

    Prewipe Beta characters and art to be restored when?

  84. @ Bjorn

    Good work :D and keep going

    One Question:

    There are some Missions with unfair parts like spray 3 walls you have 5 mins but 12 lifes watch out. So the Enemy (Most of the Time Enf) only have to camp and wait but with lifes its even worser for the fraction to rush and win this mission :(

    In my oppion both Teams should have lifes or none of them.

    Some mission are Buggy too! Ive got an mission to protect 1 Spraylogo and the time runs out so i win but the game said no Sir its i Tide -_- so i lost 1 rang :(

    Other Missions the enemy needs to drop the item after this the mission says hold that item but it spawns 10 meter away from the enemy the take it and run to an building to camp on the roof -_- its no fun to get enemy down there -_-

    Are you going to fix this?

    Sorry for my Bad english^^

    Greetings from Germany

  85. Bjorn

    please forgive me Give me a chance to fix my mistake

  86. @benoit

    well a restart of game normally gets the black silhouette fixed, sorry that didn,t work for you.

  87. ok for all those with win7 (i also use win7 32-bit) with 4 gb of ram => If you get Out of Memory errors the IncreaseUserVA option HELPS! (I called it 3gb switch last time, but that's for XP, but it basicly does the same for vista and 7). I got OOM-Errors every 30 minutes and after using this i got not a single one! With the normal setup the game crashes below 2000 mb of ram usage, but with it i have already gone past the 2100... (quite high usage, but my pc is able to take it)
    So use it if you have problems. (try this: )

  88. hi hawtbjorn

    how long will the maintenance be :D?

    youre hawt

  89. Is the game on maintenance now?

  90. Stupid patchnote...

    TOO much cheaters, f***ing shit!!!
    GIVE US NORMAL AntiCHEAT!!! PB ****!!!

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. The last three days, I ve seen a dramatic increase (like 800%) of "Super-Skilled-Mo-Fo-Kick-Ass-and-Dance" players especially on forcer side, reaching TLs of 12+ (Server Obeya).

    For some reason while last week I could maintain my TL to 8-10, the last 3 days, can't get it farther than 6-7. It's very frustrating, especially when you know your skill hasnt changed downwards.

    I see players with TL3 with no mods and with Starter STAR, doing scores like 12-3 average, while crims of TL 8-12 barely get a kill on them. What's wrong here?

  93. I've got to edit here and go -- How are there cheaters? All I've ever encountered were very skilled and very kind, considerate players. I've met only ONE person I considered to truly be hacking. Just one. Thats it.

    Even if its patch notes, it'll be a while before I put ANY money in(lack of a job and all) but for now, seeing it... I just wanna say: Thanks man. I love this game. Keep up the good work!

  94. Oh, and please, don't start moaning "cheats", "hacks" and such stuff. Believe me, I 'd love to scream it more than you, whoever you are!!

    However, I 'm trying to be civil so that I might get an answer from Bjorn or any other dev... So please guys, try not to fcuk it up, ok?

  95. I just bought Premium and now I can't play :(
    I think premium members should get a free day of premium if the servers are down for several hours.

  96. I love this game, but I just can't stand cheaters!

  97. @any

    did you say kind? LMAO

    and for the cheater/hackers yes there are some in game you can't tell? if someone is using a gun you know jumps all over the place when you shoot it, but yet theirs has magic bullets with no spread, hello cheater. and yes i have seen this a few times.

    sorry but i'm at work rite now and don't remember the names of the guns that well.

  98. A Bjorn ,
    I tried the method you suggested for the continuing crash on 32-bit (Autodesk 3 hours of play I have had zero crashes.
    Before I had a crash every 10 minutes (seven 32-bit Windows).
    Now we hope to solve the problem lag and hackers.
    Thanks and good job from Italy

  99. @DeadDuke

    Yeah. Thats the cheater. Thats the only one I was talking about -- and yes, kind. Some who said "GG" or other stuff. I actually made friends and a good laugh at my failures. THATS cool, to me.

    I only encountered it once and reported him already.

  100. Hey Bjorn, I just wanted to say, on behalf of everyone who even glances at this blog, thank you for your hard work in rolling these out.
    We appreciate it.

  101. I've seen the question raised but not answered.

    Transfer of characters to a different server - Will it be allowed?

    If not during the one of the beta phases what about on the live release? I'm thinking specifically for migrated characters assuming they are the only characters that will survive the beta wipe.

  102. Yes, keep up the good work, this game is awesome! =D

  103. Shealtiel: yes u can transfer character ! I transfered mine.

    P.S. servers offline ?

  104. But you can take back only character and cloths :( nothing more. no upgrades no cars, no weapons etc :( thats not good.

  105. What's going on with the MS on the EU servers?!
    I live in Germany next to the EU Servers.
    2 weeks ago i had ~30-60MS and then boom a Big Lagspike for over 3 Minutes. I have now ~160-200MS since 2 weeks

  106. Is the game crashing and has shitty graphics because I have 32-bits Os? Do I need 64-bit to play without crashes and good graphic?

  107. Please fix the optimalization on 2 cores processors,
    players from my clan with 2 cores processors always
    have from 15 to 40 fps in game!
    I've got Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz E6750 and I've got fps
    from 7 (! Yes, five) to 40 (in closed rooms)
    but often I have ~ 25 fps. :(
    Please fix the optimalization, because I can't play normal :(
    Video card: Gainward GTS250 1GB
    Ram: 4 GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x67

  108. @RoddyReen

    the funky texture are from the DXT compression,as for the crashing i think its a 32bit out of memory problem but i'm not sure of that.

  109. @Björn: As the open beta comes closer and you keep working through the bugs/glitches and performance problems, is it safe to assume that the fix for us poor buggers that suffer from the non-loading buildings problems is close or should i wait a while and just go play Brink until its fixed?
    As it stands the game is unplayable for me, so until it is fixed im gonna steer clear of it (since i just get frustrated when i do try to play it)

  110. Just got an VIP mission with:
    - 8 VIP Lifes
    - 23 Lifes für attackers
    - 5 Minutes Timelimit!
    - we got 3 guys in team, vip got 5 guys in team

    as i said its an good joke, you hopefully see, that this patch is garbage?

    the vip lifes didnt had to be touched, simply that 5 minute mission and the relevancy of groups

  111. There are a couple of issues - in particular - we have discovered an issue with one of our ISPs - where it internally re-routes ALL traffic to the East Coast of the US, before routing back to West US or Europe. We are working with them to sort this issue out.

  112. thank you for totally fucking up the spawen system and restored the old good "spawn 300m from the target" while the spawnpoint is fixed for the duration of the objective.

  113. I don't understand what happened... every patch stupid things get fixed.

    I STILL crash every time I try to district switch. My latency goes up to over 1000ms every few minutes and it's just ridiculous.

    How can I enjoy this game when I can't even drive a car in a mission or shoot my gun properly.

    And the missions??? What is going on with these ridiculous missions?

    Oh and one more thing... what is with all the people who just can't die? If I'm shooting you with a JG and you're right beside me... you should be dead with 2 shots (especially if you have no upgrades)... but today I log on and 4 shots with the JG at point blank range won't even do it. ?!?!

  114. It cracks me up how everyone is treating this game like its a retail game. Open or closed its still beta. And just because they fix one issue, be it something like a cowgirl hat or working on lag, doesnt mean that they are not working on other things in the background without even telling us. Todays "fix what I think is wrong now and nothing else" gamer mentality is really amusing. You people need to relax or they will stop listening to the player base because they will view you as a bunch of QQ children. Be contructive instead spouting off at the mouth. And most of all have faith. We wouldnt have this game to play if it wasnt for G1 give them a chance.

    More on point.

    Im not sure the Obeya needs anymore adjusting. Its already a beast.

    Thanks for the patchnotes and keep on keepin on. This game is so much fun. So glad to be back.

  115. Oh and remove VIP car slowdown. We all miss car chases.

  116. @Rated_R

    Dude... apparently the ONLY way to be heard is to act like a QQ child. I'm not crying at all, I would just like to be able to play the game. I don't care about the clothes... I just want to be able to drive and shoot without freezing consistently. I do enjoy the game... when it works.

    Open beta is in 7 days and people are complaining more and more because the game just isn't being fixed to what it should be. I get that it's still in closed beta but come on.

  117. @keiraskye

    Before this game I played Age of Conan. The devs of that game do not listen to their forum because it is full of QQ and trolls. So much that the valid complaints and suggestions get buried.

    Now I'm not saying there is nothing wrong with APBR. I'm not saying that you are not having issues. I'm not saying that I do not have issues. But the "fix it yesterday" mentality is killing games in general. You may not care about the clothes but some one does. And just because they had one dev fixing the clothes bug doesnt mean they dont have 25 addressing the lag issue. Some issues are a quick 5 min fix. Others can take a hell of a lot longer. A bug fix is a bug fix I welcome them all. As should we all. I hope your problem gets resolved. Everyone elses to.

  118. @Rated_R

    I hope so too and I do agree with you that a lot of people are just QQ children. I just want to be able to play and am hoping that by Open Beta I can. I know it's not a 5 minute fix but this game has been in Beta for a while now and I was hoping for even a slight change in my game play.

    I'm sure they do have a ton of developers working to fix the lag, I just can't help being frustrated when I see that they have fixed a clothing item before they fixed the lag issue or anything detrimental to game play.

  119. @keiraskye

    I might be stating the obvious here;
    We have people in the network team working on the routing/lag issues.
    We have people in the PunkBuster team working on the PunkBuster lag spikes.
    We have people in the Design team working on weapons and balance.
    We have software developers working on the crash/device driver issues.
    We have artists working on cowboy hats (among other things).

    I hope it's clear that we are pushing out a ton of changes in parallel, and whatever people are finished working on goes out in the next patch. No matter what they are.

    We do NOT have only 1 employee (Bob?) who can work on only one task at a time.

    However, some of the most important issues are unfortunately also the most time consuming to fix, and therefore are most likely to show up as fixes right at the start of Open Beta.

    That sucks for you Closed Beta testers, but - that's kind of the point of Closed Beta!

    Also from your name "keiraskye" I cannot tell where you are connecting from, but that could certainly help troubleshoot in case we know your provider (Comcast is currently a known issue - and several German providers have the same issues as well at the moment). If that's the issue you are seeing - then that's not a game problem, but a network issue that we are working with the ISP to resolve.

    So, very sorry you are having a frustrating experience. Thousands of players are able to play just fine with no issues at all. But clearly we are working hard to resolve the remaining issues.

    In either case - check back in next week, and my presumption is that most of the key issues will have been sorted out. At the moment they seem to be all be heading to satisfactory conclusions.

    Again - that's what Closed Beta is ALL ABOUT! And you are supposed to be helping out - which is why you are in the Beta in the first place!

    But I am stating the obvious.

  120. Disabled Punkbuster, and adds HackShield! This has been proven at least in contrast to Punkbuster!
    Punk Buster is constantly ignored, no matter what game.
    Hacker laugh about Punkbuster. Because it is not certain it!
    Hackshield for the win !

  121. @Bjorn,

    I was wondering about the time the open beta starts. Any chance you could give us hints whether the OB launches on midnight California time on 18th, or will it happen during the maintenance window at 4pm Cali time? From my calculations it seems if my second assumption is correct, Europeans will be able to join earliest at 1am... 19th.

    Thanks in advance!

  122. Why the QQ when you can PEW PEW
    Enjoy the PEW PEW while you can PEW PEW
    While you PEW PEW, G1 will stop the QQ
    By fixing the bugs PEW PEW, that cause the QQ
    So you can PEW PEW without the QQ

  123. Bjorn you only talk about fixing things. For a year you talk and talk. But I see no real fixes, just more problems.

    Stop talking and promising. And start doing.

  124. The color patches still aren't fixed.. They appear has a dark shade of black now and can see them even worse.

    And boy oh boy are VIP missions screwed up now. I've heard as low as 5 minutes on the clock to kill 8 VIP. Have you thought about how much time is wasted reaching them after spawn?

  125. @ Bjorn
    Are you working on optimizing the game on two core processors?

  126. @Chad its sad that they added an stupid factor for the vip lifes instead of increasing the time of the mission from 5 to 15 minutes.

    the factors was fair and i really dont know why they do this shit at an working system. maybe they cared to much about some whiners who cant get away as vips... but seriously if g1 listens to them why they dont remove that fucking slowdown on vehicles as vip? this will be an good change...

  127. @Bjorn

    i have to agree that the Vip mission is real bad now, i too say increase the time to 10 or 15 mins and remove the car slowdown, the high speed car chases were awesome and now there gone. :(

    PS, not everyone drives on Vip missions some people like to camp on roof tops, it was fun the why it was.

    Thanks and keep up the great work guys.

  128. @Bjorn

    I understand that you have specific teams designated to different areas of the game. That would only make sense. My issue isn't that you are releasing clothing items at all... my issue is that after playing the entire closed beta I still can't seem to play missions properly and it really hasn't gotten any better. The whole point of the beta is to fix things and I really do hope that by open beta I can play as well as the other people who are having these issues.

    I hear you saying that there are thousands of people playing this game problem free but when I log onto the server all I see in district chat is "OMG LAG!!!" "My car is driving itself" "I can't kill anything" and so on and so forth.

    I am connecting from the US. And I do not use Comcast. My internet is over 50Mbps. I can play COD games in Sweden with only a ping of 186ms but my ms shoots up to over 1000 on a US server.

    I do understand that these aren't 5 minute fixes and I really hope they do get fixed by open beta or else I won't be playing as I'm sure everyone else with issues won't be.

    But I'm also stating the obvious.

  129. east server full of hackers <3

  130. ditto on what deadduke said Vip mission is real bad now. and i really hope this will be changed back to what it was before

  131. @Bjorn
    What did yesterdays patch do? I had 62FPS capped almost everywhere with 1680x1050. Now I'm using 1280x800 (because I like it more than 1680, and been using it for a week or so). But after yesterdays patch, my FPS drops all the time to 30-40FPS. Even if there is not smoke or anything. My comp is I7 920, GTX275 with 6GB DDR3 1666MHz. One good solution for this would be a possibility to cap FPS to a user defined value.

    And second thing, what happened for "armas guns are not going to be more powerful, just different." Scoped NTEC..? Ok, it's not more powerful, but it's more accurate than one slotted NTEC Nol with Hunting Sight 3. TBH I think you are going too much for P2W-scenario. But keep up the good work.

  132. @Bjorn
    Yeah just tested 1680x1050, now I get 30FPS. Why did G1st alter the game this way? Shouldn't it be BETTER now?

  133. Even lowering the graphic details doesn't help. Why add compression for graphics in first place? People have fast connections nowadays, so the client size isn't a problem. 4gigs ~ 7gigs.

  134. @TRS - it's possible this is due to DXT compression (depends on your rig) - and in fact you could actually INI tweak the settings. In either Case - PM me on the Closed Beta forums and I will take your info so we can investigate.

  135. @keiraskye

    Later tonight we will start a thread on the Closed Beta forums and walk you through how to Traceroute to the US and to the German servers (depending on the continent you live on). Again - the issue is NOT the game lagging, but the problem is that certain providers have a VERY short "route" by measure of "hops" using a certain type of network connection to our servers, even though it's in fact a VERY long physical route.

    We are working to sort that out. Basically - unless you live in Brazil - you should NOT see more than 200ms to any server on your own continent - EVER.

    Separately we are also working on a Punkbuster lagging issue that we are sorting out with them, and I will address that on the blog as well. It appears the solutions is going to work.

  136. I can't possibly remember the password to my old apb account. So I opened a ticket and my case got elevated and then deleted even though I have my old cd key.

    Why can't I just use my cd key to get my freakin' old characters back?

    Like nobody is answering me on this.

  137. @Bjorn

    Could you post a link to this thread once it's open please.

  138. @illin - really sorry - but we simply don't have any information about anything that related to your old CD key. The CD key system was handled by EA, Digital River and Steam, and we simply have no data from them, or from the old RTW company about keys and activations. Your ticket however should NOT have been deleted (?). Instead they should have asked you for additional information about your account and old account and characters, but certainly not deleted the ticket. Do re-submit the ticket and point out that you had an issue with the prior ticket, and make sure that you pick APB as the game.

  139. pls admins, fix problem with freeze of computer for every 5-10 minutes, because it`s not good, cannot finished mission

  140. The game still going for open beta may 18......meaning today


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