Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pre-Open Beta currently known issues being addressed; key status update before OB launch!

Ok - so time for a long Pre-Open Beta post that outlines some of the current issues that are in the game, and where they are on the "fix-it-spectrum," since we have people yelling "LAG" and other things and I wanted to clear up what main issues we are currently working on from our side, and how some of those might be the same items that you are seeing from your end (in case you are in the unfortunate groups that are having current problems this week).

Also - while there certainly still are some issues (this is still closed beta after all), all the issues OTHER than "Item 1" are "local" to particular users, locations, ISPs or hardware configurations, and thousands of other players may not even be aware there are any. But some of the current issues are SIGNIFICANT - and we are in the process of addressing them. And as such; if you are in any of those unlucky groups affected (which we are really sorry for), the more specialized the issue is to your situation, the longer (unfortunately) it may take to sort them out (and in some cases require you to make some changes on your end), and the more general the issue is, the faster it will get fixed, especially if it's in one of the top items listed here.

But with that - let me roll out the list of top known issues that are now being worked on:

Pre-Open-Beta Issue 1: Multi-second lagspikes every 20 minutes
This is actually a PB server-side network spike. Today we have rolled out a fix on two of the districts in the US. If that fix holds up and doesn't cause any other issues, then we will roll out the fix on all servers over the next two days (this particular patch does not require any major maintenance). Therefore this goal is to have the issue solved by Friday this week. All you will notice is that things are not freeze-lagging any more.

Pre-Open-Beta Issue 2: Lag/Latency to servers that SHOULD be close to you, still making the game APPEAR laggy, which will be fixed with coming Routing update.
In the last two weeks we have run in to a condition where some end-users from certain ISPs report INSANELY long trace-routes to our datacenters, thus destroying their personal game experience. In some areas and regions it seems to affect ALL ISPs, and in some regions (like the US) it mostly affected ISPs using Comcast's backbone.

The issue has been isolated to an issue where one of our ISPs has a "visually optimized" routing system that "hides" their internal route hops, with the unfortunate side-effect that some network traffic now actually travels VERY LONG physical distances since it "appears" that the route presented by this ISP is "short" near the target servers (even when it's insanely far away).

The routing protocols incorrectly pick the long physical route with very few hops instead of a TRUE close route with MORE hops. The exact technical BGP4/OSPF reasons why this happens is too long to go in to here, but, needless to say - it causes BIG issues in the game when you live in Northern California, and your network traffic goes to Los Angeles, then goes to Virginia, and then back to Los Angeles and only THEN  reaches our server (!) (as was the case with Comcast customers from Northern California this week).

Last night (May 10) we made a change on the US side and now anecdotally we have seen players who had complained about 200ms traceroute end-times in the US, are now again seeing the correct 10ms ping and traceroute end times (as they should have all along). We will post more instructions on the forums to repeat this test from the European side (where we have to perform something very similar to suppress the rogue routes).

The Test targets (to try your route distance you can either tracert or ping these locations:)
US West (Los Angeles):
US East (Washington DC):
Europe (Frankfurt):

The only thing to note is that US East will show a 'break' in the traceroute until the game actually goes live there next week (there will be a * * * response as part of that trace route at the moment, which is expected)

For everyone's reference, from our offices in California we get the following ping times: 10ms to West, 69ms to East, 167ms to Europe.

That means if you are in Germany for example you should under ideal conditions see the reverse of that (10ms to EU, 90ms to East and 170ms to West). If you are getting something completely different than that, then you are having a route problem (or more accurately, your ISP is having a route issue) OR your ISP might just be located really "far off" the main trunks of the Internet and giving you a lot of hops just to reach the "super-highway." So test it out and refer to this forum thread for more information:

If you are in Europe and seeing 100ms+ or 150ms+ ping times to the Europe IP included above, then there is potentially a serious route problem on your path. If so post your information in the forum link above.

Pre-Open-Beta Issue 3: 32-bit Win 7 / Vista users with 4GB of Ram CAN make their experience much better by using 3GB switches 
This issue is that in spite of what's installed in your machine, any 32-bit version of Windows actually can only use 2GB of User Mode RAM. Through some new uses of DXT compression we have been able to cram down the requirements to about 1.7GB to 1.8GB of RAM, but depending on the setup of your 32-bit machine - this might still cut it far too close to the limit to be stable (and leads to crashes and instability in some setups). The answer (other than installing 64-bit Windows which is the best solution) is to utilize the 3GB system switches provided in the new Windows versions (which on Win 7 and Vista are actually NOT called 3GB switches that at all). Autodesk has a very similar recommendation on their side for intense applications like AutoCad and 3D Studio Max:

So while this is certainly a hard-core tweak (it requires the bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 command to be run from the command prompt as an Administrator - and if you have no idea what I am talking about, you probably should not try it), those that have used it now report that they have gone from crashing 5 times an hour down to not crashing for several hours. The reason is that when the game uses 1.8GB of RAM, you have VERY little left to run anything else (Virus-scans, or even just more components of the operating system), so by enabling the memory to use all the way up to 3GB of memery (with the last 1GB reserved for O/S and Kernel) you can perform much better in the game. HOWEVER (and this is key), once you do this, your O/S or Kernel COULD become unstable, if you have far too many drivers or other components loaded (or just crapware on the machine). But on a reasonably clean machine, this is a pretty harmless tweak (but again - do NOT attempt this unless you fully understand what you are getting in to).

Pre-Open-Beta Issue 4: Green graphics splotches / lower frame rate with compression / White Purple Glow / Invisible Man problem opponents
The team is also working on several DXT compression related issues. DXT was added specifically to help performance of 32-bit systems with 2GB of RAM (see Item 3), but as a side effect, there are now cases where it creates strange artifacts for both 32-bit and 64-bit users (such as green-glowing pixel issues on certain clothes) and we are researching if this addition is also potentially affecting frame rates on certain video card combinations. The first part of this issue will be solved in version 1.5.1 permanently (the version after Open Beta), but in the meantime we are working on this. In particular the White Purple Glow and Invisible Opponent problem is clearly an issue (and no it's not an exploit thankfully, just a graphics glitch confined to your local system).

Item 5: Various driver and sound issues causing potential crashes and other technical issues.
So above and beyond the top collection issues that we are working on there is also a secondary category of issues that are a bit harder to track down, for example an elusive sound driver problem for certain sound cards (and in some cases that's ALSO tied to the 2GB limit issue for 32-bit Windows). These issues will also be squared away one by one, and once we also will have much more extensive QA times for each subsequent patch.

Positive Game Play Enhancements - First Open Beta:
On the positive side of things, we are working on two critical game play enhancements for Open Beta, which we think will be great additions to the game; 
(1) Skill Ratings based on actual skill (has been detailed extensively in an earlier post: ) where we expect the Skill Rating part itself to become part of the Open Beta and 
(2) Meta-grouping for Level 9 players (aka "Rating 9" in APB terms). It turns out we have a GIANT group of players who got to level 9, which is the first group right after the tutorial, and then simply stopped playing. If you don't both find a group and also ready up ("K"), you COULD end up roaming the city for hours with nothing apparent to do. Before Open Beta we expect to have this enhancement added as well, which takes care of this particular issue.

Positive Game Play Enhancements - Later Open Beta
After the first OB build our focus is on two other items (to be included IN the Open Beta)
(1) The District segmentation by Threat and Skill Rating. This will basically allow you to "progress" to harder / more skilled districts over time. It also (potentially) allows us to ease up a little bit on the upgrade restrictions, since as you get better (or buy better stuff), you will enter in to better and better districts. It also means you can manually enter a higher ranked district, but not go to a lower district.
(2) This one is key: Purposeful End-Game PvP. Without going in to all the details here (but I will do that in a much longer post once we get to the Open Beta), we are working on a very significant improvement to the game that will give actual purpose to teams and clans, and more importantly, gives a purpose to continue challenging others to fight you in the game itself for a very very long time. We will share more about this once we get to the actual Open Beta, but the short version is that just like guilds are important in WoW we are making Clans important in APB, and the long term survival and glory of clans will be critical to the game's success.


  1. GreaT post.

    I'd like to get some insight from you about the General Protection Faults and other intermittent APB crashes I've been experiencing.

    Is there a place I could message you my specs to get some info on what the problem might be? I'm so tired of crashing out of opposed missions every half an hour...

    Andrew (aka Dredge, Joker crim)

  2. I like nice, big posts like this. There's lots of good information to sift through here. I'm glad you're keeping the community updated on just what exactly you're all working on. Keep it up! We like to see it!

  3. please allow us high geared people enter lower rating districts when segmentations kick in, just nerf or t3s upgrades to t2 or t1 depending on district

  4. Sounds all well and good .... I have a big BUT there:
    is from the "hacker and cheater" is not working problem?
    my very honest opinion: I love laggs as hackers and cheater
    It is a fact that one (even if only a beta) is hardly reasonable "test" can play or if one is killed instantly.
    and I also wonder why this is tolerated or even approved?
    play some of our past have now stopped again because it makes no sense to play ... think there are some under it are to be in releas not come back .... these are all custom, the G1 will be lost!
    Is it so hard to do against that?

    I would like to finish my comment not so negative:)
    now you have really saved the game and so far very good job in many ways ... respectful and THANKS!

    MFG Aki
    Clan MVP

    translated by google

    MFG Aki
    Clan MVP

  5. Hey, thanks for the update. Please be very careful with this, " It also means you can manually enter a higher ranked district, but not go to a lower district." It sounds somewhat worrisome. It just seems unnecessary to add such a strong division. Players that aren't forced to play better players, every once in awhile, will possibly not get any better. It just seems like it may do more harm than good. If this was only confined to the tutorial area until a certain rating (and then the player be kicked out once they got too high a level) then it may seem OK. And then there will be the option for players to opt out of the tutorial anyways.

    It's late and I'm throwing around ideas, but it basically just seems harsh to me. Ah well, make sure to get some sleep every once in awhile!

  6. u think the idea of having our low level friends join high level districts is just insane! please dont think about it this way... other alternatives like my above post or a mixed district anyone can join are much better options ...

    also upgrade rating requiremenst need to be fixed or the change will be meaningless... you gonna have alts or friends with twinked toons thanks to being accesible

  7. Regarding the DXT Compression, will there be an option to disable it entirely for those of us with systems that can handle it? Recent changes made the texture glitches even worse for me, and while things aren't green/purple all over, the textures end up very pixelated in districts, and manually disabling the compression in the ini file makes them look great again with no performance hit. I'd love to see it become an official option, as I don't like playing with the ini files.

  8. @bjorn

    can you guys give us 64bit user with more then 4gb of ram, a DXT Compression switch in video options to turn it off?

    i would love to see more video setting options, hope this is something you will be adding.

  9. Asking low level friends to play on higher level districts isn't a problem or insane. I do think all of this extra protection is a bit superfluous though. I really don't get the point in sheltering players forever. I fear these divisions will murder the population in the end.

  10. As for endgame, I'm all for improvements but I'd like to make sure that it will be possible to continue enjoying the future game for what it is now - I actually enjoy just pub grouping and doing missions without needing a clan and I would be disappointed if that was somehow no longer an option with the addition of so-called meaningful endgame.

    Also, it is my opinion that L4D2 suffered from fragmenting the player-base into too many different maps and game modes and I was wondering if G1 is taking that sort of problem into account when considering adding new rulesets, districts, and other forms of player segmentation into APB:R? For the record I support skill-based instancing and am more concerned with rulesets and districts.

  11. Teamwork Gamers all the way! Oorah!

  12. @korgan - yes - we are not removing any of the current districts or ability to "go out and date" people in the big world. But the changes will let people who go "clanning" have a lot more purpose long-term, and make that something you can enjoy with your friends for a very long time (Wow-style even :) ). But you will always have the ability to Open-World roam around.

  13. There is another major issue which has not been addressed, yet. I have a very good AMD system:

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T / 2.8 GHz CPU (3.2 GHz OC)
    8 GB DDR3 Memory
    Sasmung Spinpoint 1 TB HDD
    ASUS Xonar DX Soundcard (deactivated Realtek onboard sound)
    25 MBit Internet

    I just bought the GTX580 for €420 which is a lot of money (had a MSI ATI 5770 HAWK before). I hoped that this will finally kill all stuttering for me. Guess what? It doesn't! I still have lots of frame drops every few seconds. Whenever my FPS goes from 60 (default) to 50 or 40 or 30 or anything else the game stutters. Also I notice sound stuttering from time to time. Especially when lots of people are in the same area / huge battles going on -> stutter like crazy!

  14. on issue 4, do you mean the problems, which mostly appear on multi-gpu/xfx ati cards, or is this another issue?

  15. finaly i can say that is some realy good job G1.
    your are now working on the right things getting the game to run normaly.
    i happend to be one of thooes that ot from 40 ms to 160+ ,so good to hear that its on your end the problem is .and i hope you getting it back to normal soon :) .
    but still have the problem whit the ingame recorder ,imean i have better grafic on my sega master system then that .. if you can make it hold the Q around 6-750 p I VOTE FOR REMOVEING THE HOLE THING TO GET SOME PING .

  16. Sounds like you guys are doing an excellent job, I've seen a lot of improvement in the performance of the game already. But I do have one problem, my updater seems to download some files, then quickly exit out and never come back or do anything. Can you shed some light on a fix or will I need to reinstall?

  17. There are two huge issues I see here:

    1. Segregated servers - They will NOT work. The games population is simply way to low to segregate the districts by TL. At one point this afternoon there was a grand total of two full districts on US East (and maybe 400 people total)... how exactlly do you guys think you can segregate by TL and not have a split up player base? Sure, the games population is going to tick upward when Open Beta comes around... but its also likely to go back down shortly after, and what about off times? How are very high TL players suppose to play if there are very few higher TL players on? Seems like very little thought was given to this idea...

    2. Meaningful End Game - *facepalm* Every time I hear G1 talk about their future plans for APB I cringe. I never hear "This is what we are going to add to the game you are currently playing...", instead I hear "I know this is what APB is all about, but check it out... were going to turn it into a generic 20v20 shooter and basically ignore the current game". I'm not saying you don't have plans for the open world districts, but you sure don't talk about them like you do.

    I've heard talk of racing, bank heist game modes, and even 20v20 Clan districts... and all I see is G1 shooting APB right in the face with some really bad ideas. Almost no one is playing APB right now and hopeing that it turns into a generic TDM shooter.... they are playing it for the open world, cops and robbers aspect. Its the one thing APB has going for it after the customization. Thats where the future development should be focused... on adding content to make the curent game more fun and less repedative. Don't add a seperate bank heist mode (that not only would have no continuity to the whole "living city" idea, but would also split up the population even more if you go through with your idea for seg servers), instead make it so players can knock over banks/shops in the current action districts and trigger missions doing so.

    Thats how G1 should be thinking about future development. Not "What features can we tack on that are totaly different then the current game", but "What could we add to the current game to make it better".

  18. Thanks for letting us players know what your working on.

    I would like to know why all the graphics on clothings and on cars get blurry or pixelated OUTSIDE the designer. It looks like crap. An yes, my computer can handle it! Please fix this.. What is the point in designing stuff when it looks like shit..!?

  19. "Almost no one is playing APB right now" - you realize this is a CLOSED BETA still. Once we remove the restrictions chances are the population will change.

    And, we are NOT removing anything from Open World districts. But the reality is that it's extremely difficult to maintain long term purpose strictly on the open world missions. Offering more meaningful Clan systems BOTH in the current districts as well as in new districts ACTUALLY play in to the idea that this is a GANG LAND (which was one of the original game titles). So - to us that is in fact the exact improvement you are looking for (or at least - that's the improvement WE are looking for - making clans more purposeful, no matter WHAT district type you play, Open World, Racing or whatever)

    So - bear with us, and we will discuss the details of the next phase more after the OB launch.

  20. @PacManiacDK - the in-designer vs game issue; in the blog I am pointing out the issues with DXT compression. Again, something that is currently being worked on, and especially if you have x54 system the compressions can be removed for better fidelity in the future builds.

  21. @Bjorn - All I'm saying is that no one bought the old APB thinking, and no one is going to flock back to APB this time around saying "Gee, I hope they add non-open world content to this online open world game". When people start playing an open world game... they expect it to, you know, stay that way. Sure you say your not going to remove the open world aspect... but you also don't sound very excited about it, or your future for it.

    As for the focus on Clans... get off the WoW train. Not everyone cares about clans and stateing that your absolute main focus is on clans (seems to be all your talking about in your post in fact), makes people like me not even want to play your game... and funny enough, most of the people I was grouping/playing with today weren't in a clan. And don't kid yourself... most of your big clans have more intrest in running around beating up and noobs then they do playing heads of battles with other skilled clans.

    Oh, and on the games current population... you tell yourself what ever you need to sleep at night. However, haven't you invited everyone that applyed for the beta, plus a bunch more people who submitted their e-mails to the main site? I think its fair to say a good percentage of the people who really wanted to be in the beta... probably are. So I wouldn't expect a massive population boom when Open Beta hits. I could be wrong of course (and I hope I am), but it seems unlikely.

  22. @stakex

    Lol. Actually no - there are still tens of thousands who have submitted requests who we have not let in yet, but clearly we'll simply find out.

    Also - I am happy you like the Open World districts, and yes, we are of course going to continue improving them. And if you don't like Clans/Guilds/Teams, then when the new functionality comes out, there is no requirement for you to join anything. But, again, remember that to make a GANG that matter, even in the open world and theme of APB, there are very few ways to make that meaningful in the current game. Therefore ONE of the improvements will be to make clans/guilds/teams/gangs something more interesting in the game - especially since that can trigger far bigger fights.

    Again - we'll share more next week, after we go to Open Beta formally. So you might want to wait on the discussion of those features until you actually find out what those features actually are... :) (but then again - it's the internet, so we all spend a lot of time speculating)

  23. @bjorn

    Is there something I can do about my GPF's? I'm a handful of crashes away from shutting down my computer, and becoming a mountain-dwelling hermit.

    I was the first comment on the blog, if you need reference.

    Andrew aka Dredge aka Vjohnson

  24. @Andrew - PM me on the Forums (TechMech) with your contact info, and we can verify what type of crash you are having. I certainly do appreciate people who are engaged for the long haul with us :)

  25. @Bloggy

    Seeing your specifications, I come to think of my own...
    I got the very same processor that you have, and I get the same FPS drops very often... May this be a problem caused by the processor? Because as far as I've seen by talking to the people, not many of them have the problem that we have...


    @The post itself :D

    You have some pretty good ideas for the APB, focus on clans may be a great one, because at the moment, having a clan means nothing, just that you are going to have people you know in a clan list... I thought we should use friend list for that...

    I really hope you are going to fix the lag spikes and the lag overall. I don't think that my ISP has a bad routing system because most of the time I get ping as low as 20-30, but happens to be so that sometimes it goes up to 150-300 and stays there for a few hours... Which makes no sense, as I test my ping online and it stays normal, though on APB it goes over the roof. Must be the server-sided problem, which I hope is going to get fixed...

    And thank you for updating so often. I respect you for giving this game so much attention, as it could be a great one with a few fixes :)

  26. Sorry for the second post... but a few things that has been left unsaid:

    The idea about skilled players getting to districts with other skilled players on it, is a good idea... But in my opinion it should be like an unlock or something. What I mean is, let's say you hit the skill level required to join the district, you'd unlock it, but could still join the lower skill districts too. If that was the idea, sorry for being stupid :D

    I think the massive PVP would be really nice as well, though some people say it would only become another one of them shooters... In my opinion it would be a great to have a few districts just for the PVP. I mean the more modes the game is going to have, the less repetitive it is going to be. And to be honest, the first time that I've joined the original apb back in the days, I thought there is going to be such a mode where everyone could just battle on the streets and I was very surprised they didn't have such a mode... And I am really looking forward to this :)

    As for hackers, I can't wait for them to be thrown out, but you shouldn't obviously go banning everyone who's being accused. Because I could tell, that I'd be in the list of hackers, because of being accused so many times. I hope you can really monitor the hackers, so the skilled players don't get banned for just the accusations with no proof.

    Lastly, I hope you are going to make an option to disable the DXT compression. Because I am really sad to see these horrible pixelated graphics at the moment :| As I've read the comments one person mentioned that I could disable it by editing the .ini file... But I don't think many people will know how to do that.

  27. On the subject of positive gameplay enhancements, what sort of schedule are you looking at for the weapon rebalance? I don't know if you're planning to leave the current unexpected weapon behaviour in game (e.g. Assault rifles being better at 60m+ than some semi-auto rifles and machine guns) but even if you are then you must be planning to change the balance to make most weapons competitive; Right now 90% of the player base seems to be using the NTEC, STAR, OCZ 626 or N-HVR and many weapons you can play for hours without seeing, like the LTL guns or the OBIR/Obeya.

  28. Is the East Coast datacenter up today? I read that Thursday would be the day.

  29. Excuse me for my dumbness, but where I can found the setting for disabling DXT-compression (if it really is possible), thanks.

  30. Hey Bjorn,

    I asked on earlier post, but I might as well ask on this one:

    Any pointers as to what time (either Cali or GMT) the OB will launch? Times such as "midnight", "midday" or "maintenance period" perhaps?


  31. i have try to set DXT to false, and when i start the game it resets back to true.

    why will it not stay on false ?

    i see you said you are adding the option to disable, can't wait :)

  32. I want to thank you all to bringing back this game to life.

    And I want to thanks you Bjorn for your information and for quick response to everyone.

    This game has big potential and I think we all need this game and game needs us :P :)

    The FIRST problem is Hackers they are broking
    this game ... they are braked old APB and I really don't want to loose APB again. So please put your target on them.

    The Other problems are fixable its all mater of time but Hackers is a big big problem. The PB is bullshit program. Its in Battlefield BC2 and in Assassins Creed Brotherhood etc but there is steel lots of hackers in this games and there is no protection :(.

    P.S. Thanks again to whole group for bringing back this game.

  33. "It also (potentially) allows us to ease up a little bit on the upgrade restrictions, since as you get better (or buy better stuff), you will enter in to better and better districts. It also means you can manually enter a higher ranked district, but not go to a lower district."

    Thumbs way up!!!

  34. "If you are in Europe and seeing 100ms+ or 150ms+ ping times to the Europe IP included above, then there is potentially a serious route problem on your path. If so"

    Would like to know the rest of the sentence. Getting a bit tired of this 270 latency non stop.

  35. I made a profile months ago and signed to the newsletter. But I havent received newsletters or an account for apb?

  36. What I'm trying to say is.. Did I do something wrong or haven't you allowed that many in yet?

  37. @Bjorn

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

    1 25 ms 44 ms 24 ms [24.58.72
    2 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms [24.92.246
    3 19 ms 19 ms 18 ms [24.24.
    4 29 ms 59 ms 31 ms
    5 104 ms 31 ms 32 ms []
    6 133 ms 33 ms 39 ms []
    7 164 ms 56 ms 53 ms []
    8 94 ms 95 ms 95 ms []
    9 96 ms 95 ms 111 ms [213.248
    10 102 ms 91 ms 95 ms
    11 * * * Request timed out.
    12 97 ms 95 ms 95 ms

    Trace complete.

    Every single time I run this trace... At hop 11 it times out...
    So what is causing my lag?

  38. @bjorn

    will the move to real east coast datacenter happen today ?

  39. @keiraskye - that's actually an improved trace, and now the only issue is that 95ms is the potential lag from the Syracuse area in New York to Los Angeles.

    Once we open up the east coast, we will move you there (presuming your character is on US-East)

    We are running the tests on East today and tomorrow, and are likely to open it up to the public on Monday, just to make sure everything is well tested.

  40. @Bjorn

    Thanks for the reply... I guess your right that I'm speculating too much about features I haven't heard all that much about. It was also 4AM when I wrote that... so sorry if it was a touch mean, I was in a serious hurry to get to bed.

    Anyway we'll wait and see what you guys have planned for the future before I comment on it again. Just understand that I waited for APB for several years, and when it came out... I felt there was so much room for possible growth and change (and that the game seriously lacked content... a problem you guys inherited). Then it shut down, and now it has another chance to grow into the game we all thought it could be... thats why I really hope to see a focus on improving the current game that were all hear to play.

  41. @Bjorn

    I'm confused though. I ran a trace for the US server... not the East. I am currently on the west coast server.

    My internet is with Time Warner and I have over 50mbps so shouldn't I be able to play on the west coast server without this timeout and lag?

  42. WOOHOO, hope the testing goes well, can't wait to play on the real east coast server.

    thank for update on EC server Bjorn :)

  43. @Bjorn

    Sorry I meant West Coast server...

  44. Will anything be done with 'spotters' (as I call them)? You know, when there is another player with your opponent(s), but they're not in the mission they just follow you around and mess with you and give away your position.

  45. @Bjorn

    After looking into this more.. I've realized my timeout is in your network. At hop 10 I'm already in California on the K2 Network... then it times out. What is the issue here? It can't be my ISP... so I'm very confused.

  46. Thank you G1....i was having a mix of Real lag and the routing lag....all i could do was steal cars from crims....i didnt even bother doing missions....well atleast i earned 10k APB$.....

  47. @Bjorn

    Will the new skill rating system also include individual skill?

    Right now as it stands, the guy that goes 0-7 has the same skill rating as the guy that goes 7-0, simply because they are on the same team. Shouldn't there be incentive to do well on the mission as a player? Receiving a little more contact standing and money doesn't really cut it.

  48. @Bjorn

    Will the new skill rating system include individual skill as well?

    Right now the guy that goes 0-7 on a mission has the same skill rating as the guy that goes 7-0, simply because they are on the same team. What is the incentive for playing well on a mission? Receiving a little more contact standing and money seems inadequate.

  49. @Bjorn

    So after showing you all the hops and the time out which I found out is already in California... how is this going to get fixed? And just a question but why is it hopping to Switzerland instead of staying in the United States?

  50. @bjorn

    please reconsider, i don't want a TL14 only district, or a TL 4 only district. that's boring. being put against twice as many low TL players when you're high threat is part of what makes this game badass, if you get rid of that, you'll be getting rid of a core component of gameplay which no other PVP FPS has.

    it's like the system is saying, that i'm so good, i'm worth 2 *normal players. that's badass! it's fun for me as a high TL player, and it's fun for the low TL players when they overwhealm me through brute force, teamwork, and numbers. it's win-win. if you want to stop high TL harassment, just get rid of the terrible camping spots where even an army of 500 low TL players can't get up to 3 high TL players on a roof.

    IMO the tweak you need to implement is having an even mix of high and low TL players on EACH SIDE of each district. the problems occur when when there's all high TL crims on one side, and all low TL enfs on the other, this leads to ALOT of boring unopposed missions, or just wandering through the city with nothing to do. because there's a total of 12 high TL crims being dispatched against all 50 enfs. this is where the balance needs to happen. create some sort of algorithm that will shuffle individuals and groups into instances where their presence will help EVEN OUT the TL balance.

    cause having all 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 matches in an instance with all TL 14 players, or all TL 2 players, it's just not as fun. the fun is going against 3 lvl 14's one round, and going against 6 lvl 4's the next round. this variety is wht keeps the game fun and fresh from match to match. if you remove this, the gameplay is just going to get more repetitive and streamlined. which i believe will be detrimental to the game in the long term.

    the way the system works now, you could just add up all the TLs of all the players on each team in an instance, say the total ENF TL is 50x7 so 350, and the same on the other side, this would be EVEN STEPHEN! and not let people join who would throw the balance off more than say 20 levels total +/-. that should be enough to let a whole group of 4 join, but still not throw things out of balance so there's no opposition. just an idea, i know that the skill system is changing how players are rated, this i fully support. i just don't support servers that have all the same players on it. (maybe a few for low TL players, that's optional, but this shouldn't be the main focus) then you don't scare off noobs, but once they graduate, they're thrust into the "real world", where in every server there's good players, and bad players.

  51. Good to see things coming along.

  52. The game is split:
    - By Region
    - By District
    and now you want to split it:
    - By Skill Level
    - By More Districts (Chaos, Racing, Turf Wars, etc.)
    Unless there's a massive playerbase, there will not be enough players in a single district for people to get opposition.

  53. its still closed beta and not open to the public, so how can you talk about player base, and so what so there is 2 waterfronts districts and not 6 and so on, and like i said its still closed to the public and only has a small player base for now.

    i think some people just want a lot of noobs around so they can pump up all there skills real easy.

    there is nothing fun about killing sitting ducks over and over.


  55. I see a lot of optimization for low-end computers by making the client smaller, decreasing minimum requirements, compressing textures (a lot more than they should be), etc.

    There should be options in the installer to disable texture compression for those of us who have systems that can easily handle this game. Not everyone has a crap computer from 2005.

  56. So first - too bad that we lost 50+ comments in the Blogger crash yesterday (apparently Google had problems).

    Second - yes - a lot of optimization has been focused on 2GB machines. In the next patch, many of those optimizations are dropped / altered or at least made more customizable for the end-user.

  57. @Bjorn im just gonna openly say this... APB is NOT an OPEN world game...

    infact i have found a vid to sum my apb experience up quite nicely

    this is EXACTLY how this game is atm and to be honest that means the game sucks ASS

    i am having more fun in Metal assault then APB and its a 2 fuckin D game.

    if you dont get shit heads like in that vid you get hackers OR you get crazy lag/ping witch can make the game unplayable at times

    when i first heard of APB (back when RTW had it) i was like HELL yea this is my kinda game....

    now that ive played it this is what im like

  58. @Bjorn

    Can I get an answer? Why is my trace route going to Switzerland? And why am I timing out on my 11th hop (which is in your network)?


    Well said sir.

  59. @keiraskye

    I have answered you several times in the past few days, but happy to continue. The "missing" route hop is expected. It's a side effect of one device in the chain not permitting ICMP. It does not have any impact on the actual connection or performance.

    However - if you are seeing a hop from the US to Switzerland (?) - then certainly do what the blog says, and post that route trace here

    Again - that type of detailed discussion is meant for the Forum thread dedicated to rogue routes.

  60. @Jaylon0012

    Right - under the "normal" rule-set you cannot kill people outside your mission. That's by design, and it has some annoying side effects (as you illustrate). Fortunately that particular issue is NOT what happens most of the time. But, letting people run around the same city certainly has certain side-effects (and certain huge awesome bonuses when everything works out as they are designed).

    We have been working on the "chaos" ruleset which is "true" open-world, but if you thought it was annoying when someone outside your mission was blocking a car, then just imagine how annoying it would be when someone outside your mission blows you up repeatedly (or 20 people blow you up).

    Therefore we will add Chaos mode only for massive engagements (like 50 v 50) since small squad fights cannot really happen when anyone in the world can pick you off.

    Also - we are looking in to ways to have players report people who collude or interfere with missions repeatedly. Ideally you would report the offending player through a system (at the moment you can still report the player, but it would have to happen manually).

  61. @Bjorn i think it should be fair that if some1 comes into say 25 meters of the mission they can be killed

    also make a "Chaos" zone so that people who hate annoying blockers (witch happens ALOT not alittle) can just blow em away <.<

    on a side note to that "chaos" rule set i have played games like Mortal Online and Darkfall where not only is it like that ALL the time BUT you can loot other players goodies so im fine with that set up

    NOTE: On clans... this is an idea :D

    make clans able to declare WAR on 1 another.... basically i gat this from darkfall... 1 Clan declares war on another... then the clans can kill each other REGARDLESS of mission

    wars last 1 week irl enless the 2 clans decide to stop it.

    also PLZ make clan citys <.< (side districts basically where clan mates can go to just hang and do little things like set up shops and throw tags (homemade graphitie) on the walls

  62. ....a Clan mansion or building...or hideout would work better than a seperate district for each clan....The mansion/building/hideout would be a private minimized social district only available to you and your clan....with a clan wault and stuff like that....

  63. Every week more and more hackers! Great game! Power to the cheaters!

  64. @Jaylon0012

    I kind of like this idea: "make clans able to declare WAR on 1 another.... basically i gat this from darkfall... 1 Clan declares war on another... then the clans can kill each other REGARDLESS of mission"

    We are in the middle of the clan items right now, so I will post more details after OB. Basically I think you will really like it, and it has presumed that there will be clan-fights in clan-districts. I will explain more as we get closer.

  65. @Bjorn

    I posted there the first day it came out so hopefully it gets fixed

  66. It would be lovely if the enforcers can intercept a criminal clan battle and try to end it by arresting and killing anyone involved. Ofcourse there could be a time limit before enforcers can interfere so that criminals can have a chance to end their battle before getting jumped by the cops :)

    This game has incredible potiential. I am asuming you devs are aware of this. I just hope that you have enough recources to implement this potential to the fullest.

    Good luck Bjorn! :)

  67. Great G1, if you write something about hackers is the thread immediately deleted so nobody can read it! Very serious. So that no one is scared?
    Slowly, I no longer trust G1! It is extremely cheated and no one does what! Every 5th use aimbot. And 80% of all TL15 cheating !
    Very nice !

  68. Hi, this is the first time I post here and hopefully help.

    I wonder if this "Multi-second lagspikes" problem also affects the FPS, because when it happens my fps goes from 62 to 28 and quickly back to 62, when it happens I miss a kill everytime, is very frustrating.

    Another thing I noticed is that when I enter the district the HDD LED is flashing for a while as if he were loading something, perhaps the customizations of the players in the district, whatever it is, implement an option to pre-cache is needed, even if its become Optional, the "cold start" will be smoother for weaker PCs.

    As for players who disrupt the missions of other simple solution would be to implement an circular invisible wall around the interactive goals (where you need to press and hold "F"), preventing them from putting cars in that small and restricted area, allowing players conclude their goals and improve the flow of missions.

    If possible would like to know what you think about it. =D

    here is my PC specs:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
    GTX460 1GB
    2x2GB RAM Kingston 800
    Windows 7 Professional x64

    What tweaks can I do to improve stability? thx

  69. @bjorn

    I know many people have said it before, but whatever you are doing to deter or eliminate hacking is failing.

    I usually am a supporter of the "hacking is far overstated" crowd. Everyone cries hacker anytime they get beat. Well, my opinion is slowly turning. The basis for this is the amazing accuracy and distance some people are getting out of these weapons. I usually get a positive k/d ratio. It's solid. With the rare exception it's been like that since day 1. Not just in APB either but other shooters.

    It's true. there are savants out there that make me a little schoolgirl with a slingshot. However, when I can spend an entire evening pulling no kill matches 50-75% of the time, there is a problem.

    When a oca can hit almost every single shot at 75m, something is wrong. When an unmodified n-tec on full auto hits more than my obir with hunter 2 at 90m, there is a problem. When I go through multistage matches where the opponent doesn't miss even once, even with mouse whip speed, there is a problem.

    This is a huge part of RTW's release and colossal crash and burn. People started playing and were greeted by un-winnable matches courtesy of the latest mod. This will be especially bad when the original RTW players come back in open beta. How much of a chance do you think they will give you the first time the even think they're up against a hacker.

    Right now, everyone thinks everyone else is hacking regardless of the truth. It's because there hasn't been anything solid one way or the other so the trust isn't there. If the players don't trust your anti-hack, they will assume everyone hacks. This will kill the game and I really want this game to work.

    p.s. sorry about the length...

  70. @Bruttle and @zcala

    First of all - we haven't deleted anything about hackers; but blogger had some giant problems and lost almost all posts yesterday, and intermittently today as well.

    For @zacala - if you read the forums there are tons of thread about cheaters. Some about real aimbotters (most who have gotten banned) and some imaginary (we had to reverse some bans after reviewing the play data), but the perception is certainly there.

    For @Bruttle - yes most of the time that a hacker is reported, he/she is actually NOT a hacker at all. I will make another lengthy post about how hackers are handled (and will be handled in OB) in the Open Beta release post. So stay tuned.

  71. @Bjorn
    If I work at the APB recorder would, I would blow the whistle Aimbot 10 players per week. It looks very good as they jump from one enemy to another in 360 degrees and back again without killing one (Aimbot error). I could give you 3 names that are 100% hack! The only one would have to look at!

    And if I would take the trouble and scenes, how do I know what makes someone about it? I open a support at G1 and no one cares? They come with copy and paste text and that's it! The hacker always running around yet!

    Bjorn So what are we to make fair players against cheaters? Tell us please!

    Sorry for the English!

  72. Sorry but the 360 snap is actually a game mechanic....aim at someone and run away then shoot....your character will whip around

  73. @myccraft

    yes, I know what you're talking about. when you're sitting behind cover and looking around with the camera but not spinning your character. You see the opponent and start shooting. Your character does an instant turn and starts shooting where ever your sights are pointing. same thing.

    The instances I'm talking about are in multi target situations. The opponent goes from shooting one target to the next almost 180 degrees (we planned a crossfire) with less than a 1/2 second between hits on my team mate and hits on me. this is at distances that the gun they are using should be inaccurate as hell.

    Like I said, I know there are people far better than me. But between the level of strategy available in this game and my own experience with shooters, I usually hold my own.

    On a good day when everything is clicking, I too get called a hacker. I can pull some great stats out of a match. However, there are certain things you come across in this game that are impossible in the quantity they exist.

  74. sorry,

    but i think you have more hacker then you realize.

    its not uncommon to get shoot dead at 100m or more just as you pop out from around a corner, unless you are giving some player X-ray vision how would they know to shoot that vary moment, they shouldn't know.... that's the answer... and why is this? because they can see where we are coming from with that hit box through walls.

    and I'm not even going to get into the weapon with no spread.

    you guys need to crack down hard on this, or they are going to kill your hard work. just like all the other games they hack in.

    go back to playing something you can handle, than again you probably cheat at every game you play. I'll give you hacker a little hint, that's why you have no gaming skills.

  75. @bjorn

    One more question, would the leveled instances you are talking about in open beta prevent players of different levels to group up and play together?

    For instance, I'm pushing R level 90. My friend is dying to play in open beta and will be starting from 1. Would we still be able to group and do matches together?

    I personally would have to agree with nick's post. I like the idea of getting issued 2+ noobs for opposition if I end up matched against lower levels. Honestly, there are more things than just raw numbers involved with noob vs experience. There is a strategy element that can be unfair to a new player when they don't know the map. when one player knows the hide spots around an objective and the new player doesn't it can be rough.

  76. @Bruttle
    @all other

    You have no idea what I mean! I speak from 2-3 enemies and one kills all in a few seconds in 360 degrees! And without a fire break!

    I play the game since 2010. I know what to do in the game or not! So I will not go as a beginner!

  77. So one more thing....Bjorn when will we be able to buy guns permanently again?

  78. wow, just pinged the East and West servers... I live closer to the East and I'm getting better ping with the West server... *Shock* now I just got to figure out where I saw server change options >_>
    Good Luck with the launch, just 4 more days.

  79. @Bjorn

    Need to know when we get our CBT1 chars back as you mentioned in previous blogs.

  80. On the botter issue, if it is true that there will not be anymore avatar wipes then what are you going to do about those people that have power leveled because of the bots?

    I am not talking about the botters them selves if everything is working right then the will be banned on the 18th. I am tralking about those that benifited from running with the botters. Lets say there is a self professed botter, lets call him ZOG for this example. Not Player A and Player B join Zog and Coolaid (made up names) and because of running with the botters power level thus unlocking items and contacts, that normally would take weeks, in a few hours.

    Now playerA and playerB are not going to be touched by the banning, however they benifited greatly from the botters which is unfair to the main players and any new players that come after. PlayerA and B have access to items that they should not have and would not have got if they had not run with the botters.

    There were botters/hackers in RTW APB and that did major damage to the game, not just because of running players off the game but because player A and B were able to flood the market with Items that should not have been unlocked for months.

  81. You have banned me for 3rd party software on 3th and havent responded still to my appeal yet.

    Good to know good skilled players are getting banned based on "noobs cant handle losing" reports when there are still cheaters out there staying under the radar.

    This is what happens when you run on an anti-cheat software but manually ban people based on unfair reports and GM decisions.

    Dont ever forget humans are likely to make mistakes which in this situation has cost me a lot with my premium and armas purchases.

  82. @Genco
    My Friend happend the same. He won't come back to APB for sure. Good work to the Guys who do ban people. You make the game famous!!!!

    Well im not playing because i cant play with my bro together. Hes getting a kick-out when i connect over the same router.

    But away off the critics,
    you developer do a very good job keeping us so informed ^^. Very Open in telling your decisions etc, but you should really check the banlist. When OBT starts, the above thing is fixed... I hope so at least xD.

  83. Punkbuster = Shit;
    Hacker = Like a Boss;
    Me = Quit APB:R

    GREAT JOB, you'll fail the game again!

  84. Bjorn said:
    yes most of the time that a hacker is reported, he/she is actually NOT a hacker at all. I will make another lengthy post about how hackers are handled (and will be handled in OB) in the Open Beta release post. So stay tuned.

    first of all, you won't ban hackers. You havent banned anyone, and you re lying through your teeth... No names have been posted (the "no name and shame policy" is just plain bullshit excuse)and the numbers are fictionsl. and you dont banthem cause they pay. But get ready to have this game end up like crossfire and die eventually, and people to never trust your company again.

    Second of all most players with high TLs ARE cheaters. Have you ever been shot from 60m with OCA and being hit by every bullet and die in the first 5 ones? Have you ever been killed by STAR while you re dodging and the killer is in mid-air while he shoots killing you in 5 bullets, all of which hit? Have you ever been shot by a guy with a normal pmg who runs and shoots at the same time and killing you in no-time before even you can react?

    all these examples are cheaters who scream in district "learn to play" like you re the noob who played an action game for the first time.

  85. by the way blogspot sucks. try wordpress.

  86. @Rm4g3dD0v

    Wow - this may be the most ironic statement yet on this blog "first of all, you won't ban hackers. You havent banned anyone, and you re lying through your teeth..."

    Notice the guy above your post, a certain "Genco" who is complaining about being falsely banned. I will leave whether or not it was a false positive ban to our hack team to sort out, but I find it ironic that the next post you post and scream that we don't ban :). So - riddle me this - if we never banned anyone, why are there a lot of people screaming about being banned?

    We actually don't care if you are a paid user or not when it comes to cheating. If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned.

    However it is true that we spent much of Closed Beta being FAR MORE lenient than we normally are against cheaters for data collection purposes, and testing out all our systems. But I would suggest people stop with 3rd party program before Open Beta. Just a friendly suggestion.

  87. @Rm4g3dD0v

    yeah i got killed from the start star with 3 hits no spread, hello it was a good damn star 3 damn hits and i didnt have any damage yet 3 damn hits i was dead.

    this is just 1 example from tonight.

  88. @bjorn

    I play on Obeya.
    At normal day hours like 8:00GMT - 20:00GMT things are normal with the occasional cheater or superskill motherfucker if you like it better, arround noon.
    But then, after 20:00GMT and till the morning, the servers are almost filled up with those superskilled motherfuckers. I mean all those TL13+ login and play at night.

    It can't be happening by chance that 95% of the suiperskill mofu's appear at night like vampires.

    I bet you devs havent played on Obeya at this time on night and playing against clans like zombie marathon, viagra, knights, enforcers we trust, etc. playing at normal hours only gives you a 3-5% of playerbase as cheaters. But try at night, youll be surprised how many you'll get. And to tell you the truth, guys who are good, dont act like jerks when u hackuse them. Apparently those who cheat want also tyo troll and make you even more miserable. And ALL those mofos late at night have the same behavioural pattern. FFS.

  89. bhy the way, is teamspeak and ventrillo allowed or that's included in "that" 3rd party group too?

  90. If u say that u ban hackers,than why these hackers are still playing?they names are DonTappey,nooBASs,OldDonTappey these only 3 names that use aimbot from 100 aimboters!But still there are 100 reports and they not banned,why?Cos they got premium acc???

  91. All you whiners complaining about hackers.
    Why don't you read some of the previous post where Bjorn / TechMech clearly posts that they will allow some cheaters to play until OB, to gather information about the 3rd party software they use. End guess what, it is STILL fucking BETA!

  92. there will always be cheaters thats a fact and no need to say its closed beta . im sure G1 sitting on a big list of names , and been watching peapol for a few days just makeing sure that aint banning someone that isent cheating .

    but is there going to be a fix on the in game recorder ??imean at this time its no use to have sens the rec´s look like shit my sega master system has better quality ....
    just saying.

    second the in game bug report ,, something that should be a working thing for open beta ... looks real bad haveing problems like that and going to open beta .

    i missed a few reports sens it dident work ,

  93. "End guess what, it is STILL fucking BETA! "
    Dear shortsighted fanboy,
    Exteel was a fucking beta, but bcsoft was making money out of it.
    Gunz was a fucking beta, but gpotato was making money out of it.
    So, dear shortsighted fanboy, what if G1 decides that apbr goes as beta forever as an excuse for ppl who complain about lag, cheating, imbalance, crashes and other "to-be-expected-in-beta" things, while still making money from it?

  94. no update today? i was looking forward to waking up to an update :(

  95. Actually im running a 32 bit OS and im not getting lag....but random 10-20 second freezes every now and then

  96. @Rm4g3dD0v

    "Dear shortsighted fanboy"
    Now what the hell is that suppose to mean?
    I obvious just believe more in G1 then you do. Have a little faith Dear nonbeliever.

    And second. Yes, I was a fan of ABP, and now of APB:R. And i hope you are to. Why else play the game??

    BETA has nothing to do with making money on a game or not. Only the test state the game is in.

    If G1 decide to go "forever BETA test mode" I'm out of here. No more APB:R. And so should everyone else! I give them 3-6 months more to release the game. If that dose not happen I quit.

    Because then the dev. team have failed and simply given up. Which is not fair to the fans or the people who have bought premium to show there support and believe in a real release. (Not OB).

  97. @Bjorn
    That is your best post, Thanks. :)

    "We actually don't care if you are a paid user or not when it comes to cheating. If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned."

  98. I think the success of APB:R is over 80%, because there are more legit players in the CBT, than hackers.

    But why the 80%?
    If the game's popularity keeps, or gows up, the game will not be going down. Well atleast not because of the player base.
    Otherwise, if new players will leave because of h4xs0rz, the game's player base will decrease more and more. This will lead into the game (servers) beeing shut down.

    The biggest problem is, that there are hackers.

    Open beta, sounds good, huh?
    Yea it does! New LEGIT players will join. That's cool.
    But on the negative side:
    Hackers who were banned through CBT are comming back + new hackers.

    NOTE: Above is my point of view and my opinion.

    I have a good feeling, that APB:R won't fail this time!

    To everyone, whos out there and is not able to play APB:R, you will be impressed, for sure!

    Thanks and bye^^

  99. Every time I look in here or at the district chat, I see people complaining about hackers.

    I am pretty awesome at this game and I have met one maybe two players I believe was cheating. It's really anoying when people keep on whining just because they get killed by me or someone else who is good 10-20 times. Also the problem you seem to have a problem with the matchmaking system when I meet someone with rating 10 and no upgrades against my lvl 2 and 3 upgrades.

    So when can we find the "report whining kid" button.?

  100. @Andre

    I accept what you wrote ^^.
    I played APB:R, but stopped. (not because of hackers or overskilled players, but because of an Game issue)

    Im not whining at all, because i believe to play against more legit players, than against hackers.

    But the post above is not wrong. Now, you play against real player mostly. But when the OBT starts, don't you see the negative side of it?
    New players == bigger playerbase && New players == new hackers.

    As long as there are more legit player than non-legit ones, the game is awesome, and it will always be.

    I see people calling me a hacker for 10 - 3 or maybe higher kills. It really annoys ^^.

    No dont stop to ban cheaters. You are great, but if you ban people for maybe 1 report of cheat, then there are real players on the ban list.

    Im sure you do you best and go on to do so.


  101. Are the servers moving to dc right now. Because when i loged in it says character world offline.

  102. @Ярослав said...
    nooBASs is cheater?He only makes 28/2 in a 3vs2 match and shoots you with the colby hunting sigh from 80+ without missing and huess what he doesnt mean and at close range.Ahhh and dont forget he knows where you are and comes from behind everytime.But then again he is pro and we nabs that doesnt know shit.

  103. what does it mean when it says character worlds offline when you log in?

  104. east coast server move.
    check the forum posts under News & Announcements.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. As a rtw apb OG and an aimbot OG I would have to say that I can't believe the downplaying of aimbots that anyone who has owned apb does. Smart aimbotters don't keep it on full 24/7. Hell really smart aimbotters only push to activate if they really feel they need it. Whats hilarious to me is when im chamsing and another dude is chamsing and we follow eachother when there is a huge wall in the way. This idea that aimbotters make upthe very tiny minority is ludacris and you don't truly realize this until you become a part of one of the many hacksites that support a apb hack. Most aimbotters wont even post on the site so as not to draw any attention at all. I just think a game like this will have a hard time succeeding when aimbots exist for it. Also, I first started botting with rtw a month after release because of how obvious and bad the aimbotting was in there game. Almost seems like this game would own best on a console.

  108. On the 18th are you gonna start work on the low res version or will it be realeased

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Seems like a new patch has been released today. :]


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