Sunday, May 29, 2011

Player Explosion during Beta

(update May 30, 1:30pm PST; as a temporary measure, in order to reach the in game store to buy premium or character slots without first logging in to the game, you can access the store at the following location: . We will permit regular we access as long as the queue-ing remains in the game. Note:item purchases should be performed from inside the game.)

Ok - so first off - I want to cautiously remind everyone that we launched APB Reloaded "Open Beta" only six (6!) days ago.

Open Beta means primarily that there will be no more character wipes, and while the game is getting very close to final production quality, and it's certainly already a blast to play APB Reloaded in it's current form, the game still needs some key changes, fixes and upgrades before it is fully production grade. There are code improvements to be released for matchmaking, more purchasable items to be completed for the item shop, and key upcoming infrastructure changes to be rolled out. In short - the game is still in Beta, and every week it will continue improving.

This is also why Premium accounts (ie upgraded accounts that accelerate game progression, unlock customizations, increase drop rates and gives players item purchase discounts) are only priced at $9.99 to start, and $7.99 for renewals. This rock bottom "beta pricing" includes a good 33%-50% discount compared to other MMOs.

Now don't get me wrong - while still a little rough around some edges (such as a few pesky sound bugs for some specific sound cards, some occasional district DC issues, and the fact that the large map size dislikes 32-bit Windows, but LOVES 64-bit Windows, as well as more cheat related changes still to be made, and the fact that we are working to add more things for people to do, game modes to use and districts to explore after they get really high level) - APB Reloaded even in Beta is STILL a really great game, with a ton of wild fun to be had in the city of San Paro.

Premium holders getting a leg up, because they are doing their part to help rebuild San Paro
Getting a premium account supports the development team, and also ensures updates are rolled out even faster since more support means we can invest more in speeding up the development effort. And - best of all - if you don't want to upgrade, you still don't have to. You can still play the game for free. But I do want to take a moment to THANK all the thousands who have already jumped on board and gotten premium accounts! Your support is invaluable. And therefore, we are of course going to let you "cut in line" when things get into a capacity squeeze.

Having a huge volume of free players means that free players will occasionally have to queue for slots at peak times, since it's important we provide priority access to paying players. Even so, our explicit long-term strategy is actually to make sure that everyone (include all free2play players AND all paid players) get basic game access without major game queues, especially when the game goes "Live" after the current Beta phase is over.

But during the massive growth phase we are in right now, or during large upcoming game changes, priority certainly always goes to Premium members, and others will be placed in queues only when network conditions require it, to make sure the game experience is not destroyed for everyone else trying to play the game.

Records set during the 6 days since start of Open Beta, and a blog post "Stat Scoop"
The purpose of the Open Beta is to test the limits of all the equipment and systems. On that score, the Reloaded Open Beta has been a smashing success so far :) !

The good news is that today we again set new records for beta players in the game, and the bad news is that during the beta phase there are some limits on network capacity, with increased capacity originally scheduled to be ramped up over time (which of course - given the response for the game, will now be sped up - a lot).

To give you some inside stats (we can call this the exclusive blog post "stat scoop") even though I will not expect to normally share many (if any) realtime stats. But given the week we have had I will certainly share some of that; at peak today, after only six (6!) days in Open Beta, we had just under 24,000 peak concurrent players connecting to the game globally (aka "Peak CCU") with a somewhat larger number of players logging in to the game in Europe than in the US, with more than four times that number of unique players logging in to the game during the last 24 hours, each player with an average playtime well over 3 hours per game session (average!). This load also meant the system automatically fired up over 200 district server instances around the globe to handle the load from the gamers.

To put that in some perspective with some of the great games out there (some F2P, some subscription); Eve Online announced back in 2007 that they had reached 35,000 peak CCU, which was 4 years after the game was released. World of Tanks announced in April this year that their PCCU reached 25,000 after a year of Beta testing. Nexon announced that Combat Arms beta had reached 12,000 PCCU in Europe in their open beta running for 10 months from December 2008 to September 2009.

So for us to get to 24,000 PCCU in six days (and WELL over 12,000 PCCU in Europe) is certainly a very good start, especially when you consider its still only Beta, and it has not yet been a week :) (and we have now also capped our servers to boot).

That also means the game is consuming A LOT of servers and network capacity to handle the growth, since unlike games that are super-low-server-impact-per-player (FarmVille, Kingdoms of Camelot etc), APB Reloaded consumes an insane amount of processing resources to keep track of 100 players, 250 cars and over 1000 NPCs real-time per district, and performing a large-scale physics simulated district at 30 frames per second server side. To continue the comparison with Eve, the sever side frame rate of APB is an order of magnitude higher than the server side framerate of Eve. Granted, it's not a fair comparison (Eve is a viscous liquid equation system with click to move mechanics that update rather infrequently, and APB is a frame-rate dependent shooter, so both are great games - just of course doing it very differently, even though CCP's upcoming games might change that). But you guys get the point; there are a LOT of sensitive computations going on in this game at a rather massive scale in our datacenters, which also makes the game somewhat "fragile" to large network issues.

Game Signups and Social Media Growth
The game has also settled into a steady growth pace by adding an average of nearly 1,000 new signed-up game accounts PER HOUR for the past several days, and our Facebook page is getting an average of 6,000 new likes PER DAY (which is great, since we now are using Facebook to post all key game status alerts, which gets info out much faster about game status than just using email, forums and other old skool formats). The page has grown from 48,000 on May 17 to 120,000 on May 29. In fact our facebook page has now surpassed the pages of other great games out there, or is heading toward the same like counts as other games that we all admire. Clearly that increases the pressure many-fold on our teams to live up to the qualities of the games that we are now going to be compared with.

Growth Strategy and Issues
The strategy on the GamersFirst side has been to roll out the game with a large but reasonable amount of investment to avoid starting the project from a big financial hole during the redevelopment phase (since this game certainly had a VERY bad history of not doing too well previously), in particular because this game has massive server side hardware requirements, far beyond most normal MMOs, with several hundred servers to execute the district logic for this volume of players.

But interestingly enough, we actually have plenty of server capacity to spare on hand. In fact right now we have sufficient server capacity on standby that we could power up that will give us 40,000 Peak CCU capacity if not more for the game.

Instead the issues we have seen for the last 6 days in Europe have all been firewall related. Even though the best firewall sales people on the planet will tell you that THEIR firewalls (Ciscos, Junipers, you name them) can handle XX Gbps of traffic, as soon as we throw millions of packets per second of encrypted UDP at any firewall, chances are that the "specs" go out the window. This resulted in the theoretical 7Gbps firewall pair we had in the EU croaking at 737Mb/sec (or less than 15% of the "theoretical" limit) and at much fewer pps than ever "rated."

So, alternatively, we COULD run the servers without any firewalls (that would actually solve the packet loss and firewall congestion issue instantly (!) ). But that would be religiously a pretty bad move. And certainly other game companies have shown that would be a rather bad idea. But, that's often the way this type of issue gets solved (throw the servers out on the net without firewalls). The network performance would surely go up. Be so would the risks to the game and the players.

Therefore, what we are doing instead is a measured increase over time, and also rolling out various changes to our core systems that will permit us to slowly increase all the server caps.

Also, we are cognizant that players can come and go, so we are going to continue performing somewhat deliberate growth during the beta phase and plan to pull out all the stops when all final changes, updates, fixes and features are fully in place.

See you on the streets of San Paro!

Bjorn / TechMech


(updated: Sun May 29 11:59pm to add):

Sidenote to clear up minor mis-information on the interwebs?
One of our forum members pointed out a video segment by some random reviewer that got a lot of things wrong about APB, and to top it off referred to Gamersfirst as an Asian company "doing mostly things in the Asian markets." Let me quickly clear that up; Gamersfirst was created in California originally under the name K2 Network, is based in Irvine, and its largest investor is Intel Capital. While we have global operations all over the planet, we only publish games in the regions of North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. So while that maybe "touches" Asia a little bit, we are actually an entirely a western market focused company and currently do not publish any titles in East Asia. Hope that clears it up (if anyone were to ask :) ). Also - all this information is easily google-able too (for example google: k2 network investment), but I think that would be too much trouble for some people.


  1. Please make Hardware support a priority in the beta, we do not see more gamemodes as a priority when half of the san paro population has random issues of preformance bjorn

  2. What % of those PCCU are premium?

    "which gets info out much faster about game status than just using email, forums and other old skool formats"
    please try to post updates on twitter or forums too.

    Also, do you guys need a beta monkey that knows every criminal mission and every inch of the maps? (maybe 95%), I`m done with the contacts and have nothing to do. (WTB equipment slot 4 and 5)

  3. @dreamss

    Sure - we are going to roll out the TMC soon, and you certainly seem like a great fit. Also - we do use Twitter as well (I should have pointed that out) at but generally we get much higher reach via Facebook.

    Also - the TMC is going to be the first to try out any new Clan systems and game modes as they evolve.

  4. you guys are great, seeing those numbers and comparisons to other games in a MUCH larger timeframe and you guys are doubleing them.....WOW

    and very good decision on the firewall topic lol, wouldnt want to be sony for that in the future err i mean sorry

  5. @Unified

    Actually, while we are working on that (for example getting SLI profiles added by NVidia etc.) - many of the performance issues relate to lower end hardware on 32-bit OS systems, both which pose a problem for the game of this size. But indeed we are working to resolve conflicts with higher end hardware that SHOULD work fine with the game.

  6. Hello, Bjorn! I have small question about banning cheaters. Why do they receive ban for month or so? why not permanent ban?

  7. "This resulted in the theoretical 7Gbps firewall pair we had in the EU croaking at 737Mb/sec" Actually, if you were to say 737MB/s instead of Mb, that would be right on the money. Bits/bytes get mixed up a lot.

  8. @Greg

    Nope - I meant bits and bits... In other words - our 7Gbits per second firewall died trying to push through 737Mbits per second of traffic (one of the many firewalls we have in production I should say)

    Had we been pushing 7Gbps for that particular segment of the network then that would have been understandable.

    Network manufacturers often presume the max sized packets (1518 Bytes) when they measure throughput (in bits). So when you have very small packets (64 Bytes) the math looks very different. And they DO measure that to, using the pps measure. In our case, it basically failed on both, and we presume its due to the traffic shape...

  9. @Greg

    ... or I should say - never believe the marketing speak in the brochure... :). That's what Open Beta is for (to test these wild claims :) ).

  10. Also good to know the difference in a sales Engineer and a REAL Engineer when you are getting specs from a company on their hardware. I've worked with both and the Sales Engineer has a degree and a shiny brochure but no real field knowledge.

  11. hope your team banning them racists tired of seeing nazi signs and white power and all that other dumb racists stuff

  12. yes bjorn i understand you, but while i am infact a owner of x64 and a pretty high end system, it seems to conflict with all of my realtek HD sounds, only solutions to this for me is to disable onboard audio in bios, and a casual gamer should never have to edit bios to play a game

  13. i should also note that APB causes audio dropouts and heavy fps issues if enabled in bios, and there is no way to disable the in-game sound, not even calling the unreal engine function with bUseSound=false works

  14. Thanks for the update... Wish you guys would have commented more on the upcoming stuff .. not a whole blog post about network issues. As this issue is only affecting half the population. But keep up the good work u guys.. thanks for at least posting.

  15. @ Bjorn

    You said on facebook that there will be no wipe in open beta. ut what about wipe when the game starts ?

    I dont wanne make a new char and level it again.

    an answer would be very nice. Thanks

  16. @Bjorn

    I have small question about banning cheaters. Why do they receive ban for month or so? why not permanent ban?

  17. @marvin do you not read the fourms or the comments on this blog..

    it has been stated Several times that there will be no wipe as it stands now.. but it being open beta if they need to do a wipe they can still but its unlikely.

  18. @niipazzo

    they haven't worked out the hardware bans yet. when they do when the hacker is banned they get banned from ever creating an acct again that works unless they change their hardware.

  19. I have loved APB ever since I played in the RTW beta, I am so glad it is back, and during the credit refund phase I got myself about 5 months worth of premium.

    What worries me, is the price premium goes up to out of beta. That puts it on the same level as other premium MMOs which much more content and give you everything available without microtransactions.

    Considering if I wanted to, I could play this game for free, I would see this as a touch too expensive. I know there is a multibuy discount, but so is there on many other games.

    The current price point is perfect, it's just at the right level for me to say, yeah, I'll get that, and I might rent a gun too.

    As soon as it goes up... I'm just not so sure...
    I don't think I would get enough value from being premium at £7-9. £9 is more than RTW charged to play monthly, and you could pay that buy selling things to other players.

    Please consider keeping your price at the beta price, I am sure many more people would get premium that would not consider it at the higher price.

    I know this is an expensive game to run, but as you have said, it is very popular, and you have many new players. I myself have introduced about 10 of them. (Bigger group sizes please!).

    Totally unrelated note: I love huge missions with many players, please make these happen more often!

  20. APB is a very great game my friends and i loved it so much but we get 1 problem we wait so long time to enter the game or change discards ( place's ) sorry my English is not good enough and i hope u get what i mean some times we wait 15- 20 min till we enter the game and that's 2 much i hope u fix that thing and btw plllllzz put more details for female character i really hope u do and thx to everyone that working on APB hope u the best

  21. @Patrick W

    While new hardware bans system is not implemented he could just get ban till 2099 as example. That ban for just month looks suspicious, thats why i want to hear Bjorn. Interesting whats the point in 1mo

  22. @niipazzo
    unless you get tragically ironic, dangerously close to insulting, bjorn won't answer to questions about cheaters.

  23. And ye whats the problem to delete whole account then or ban permanently as they said in blog and forums? Hardware ban is for excessive cheaters that create accounts one by one, isn't it? or i miss something?

  24. ok. thanks for the premium acc. i ll buy it again. but why you cannot overcome the hack issues. only gamersfirst has a lot of hack issues. many other games has block systems that prevent hack , but you can only ban users. it is shame for gamersfirst. thank you for f2p games. but !!!! do it for APB , do it for us . do smt for the hack.. thanks

  25. @Rm4g3dD0v

    I don't see anything insulting, i'm just curious that it. Rm4g3dD0v please don't butt in if you have nothing to say.

  26. Hello,

    I have a big problem with APB, after about 30m I started play, my pc restarts and show blue screen report with code 0x124, I figuered out that it's because my realtek card drivers, everything was ok when i was playing on x32 os, but when I instaled x64 seven, everything messed up, when I turn off driver in the manager I can play without any errors but when I'm trying to switch it on, game crashes. I'm not the only one with this problem. In other games i didnt notice those problems, everything works fine. Also on others u3 engine games.

  27. The pricing of Premium during Live is what concerns me. I dont mine paying for $15/month but would prefer a little benefits thrown in, for instance, 100 ~ 200 G1 credits incentive.

    Otherwise i would prefer the pricing to stay as off right now.

    @niipazo, i am putting in my voice @ the hacking issues as i have been working in a game development studios and to patch exploits may take from hours to months to fix. Worse scenario is will take years. Stages of tests, remaking the cheat, reverse engineer the cheat client.

    The ugly part is we have to play with the cheat in the live to understand how it works on the field than the internal test servers itself.

    my hopes are really high with G1 as they have done 150% better than RTW, the original developer. Looking forward to more improvements!

  28. @Leonard Lim

    Ok, i understand that part with hacking issues, cant get part with so small ban like 1 month)) that actually doesn't bother me much, just good to know that they ban cheaters, just curious. Maybe you know the answer based on your experience

  29. Bjorn I gotta warn you tho, I can be a bit critical :p so Im gonna be a PITA monkey.

  30. @Bjorn

    In regards to the new updates which we all know are coming, Racing District, Turf Wars, Asylum etc, is there any possibility of giving us a very rough projection on how these are coming along and/or if you have a rough idea when we will see these great additions?
    The reason I ask is that many players are wondering about this and I feel a little tidbit of info might go along way to encouraging players to stick around that little bit longer than usual.

  31. @hackers

    while having a total save system is a nice thing there are lots of things about safety that consumes massive amounts of resources and mostly you (as a developer) will think twice, how save u want something to be. (I think thats clearly shown by the firewall related issues) Programmers are lazy bastards that often have to deal with hard specifications. The problem with workarounds is: they unfortunatly tend to skip really important bottlenecks. Of course you could validate every memory access twice and check the possibilty of input server side, but that would cause more trouble (moneywise) than benefit. And why other companies don´t have this problems is very simple: they only have to deal with simple click and fight mechanics, that should be consistent and checkable serverside by nature, and/or 32 Player matches on very limited maps. A luxus APB:R doesn´t have.

  32. Where is the "closed beta tester" reward?
    I have read about it and there is no reward atm i think!

  33. Congratulations! So many users, this is a huge success for the game.
    This success, in my opinion, among other things, was achieved through the right strategic decision to select the product model free2play (or freemium actually).

    BUT guys, do not create queues. Yes, we pay and have a premium account (and some paid guns). We freely pass into the game and it's cool.
    BUT, some of our teammates do not have premium accounts. From this, they do not cease to be our friends or members of our team. And we waiting our friends for 30 or 40 min for start play. And it's not cool. Really.

    The problem is compounded by the fact that even if you entered there is no guarantee that you will not fly out of the game after 5 minutes after enter. Even with a good computer (for example, Core 2600k, 8gb ram, 2xSSDs and 2x580).
    And so, from 3-4 hours that we can play together in the evenings, we play 2.5, and waiting for 1.5 hours. It's generally not cool. And it's very annoying. So much so that some team members who caught crash go out of the game with curses, and we follow them because we are a team.

    So, we do not play. And if we do not play, why should we pay a paid weapons or Premium? Why should we pay for something we do not use?

    Business is business, but queue should not be more than 5-10 minutes, otherwise it is torture for all of you if you have premium or not.

  34. @Дмитрий Ск. absolutely right!

  35. @Bjorn
    Hey great news^^

    I want to ask you something:
    Is there gonna be the LastFM support as in the RTW times?

    Quick and short ^^

    Thanks and have some fun!

  36. I'd love to support APB by going Premium, but I refuse to be a "subscriber." Instead I'd buy a Premium account if it was a permanent upgrade, even if it meant it'd cost me, say, four or five times what a one-month Premium sub would cost.

    I just feel ripped off paying real money for stuff that I don't still have after a month.

    I think I'm not the only one who feels like this, so please, give us some way of becoming permanent Premium players!

  37. WoT PCCU was 70000@Russian server this april

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Bjørn, if you guys hate hackers that much, why dont you do like TQ Digital Entertainments and publish the banned lists on every server.

    I really wouldent mind seeing if a few of the names iv fought would have come up ^^.

    Also if getting called haxor is so ordinary in this game, dos that mean i suck just because iv only been called a haxor twice? ;o

  40. i would pay $60 for lifetime prem

  41. I love apb and I playing it with the highest settings. though I have 32 bit:( I get error every half hour or 20 minutes. it says (The Catcher is out of memory), it is because I have 32 bit?can I upgrade to 64 bit somehow? Please help!!!! Ps can i be in the TMC?:) Im a criminal on patriot:)

  42. Nice to see that there is work going on :) thanks to makers and thanks for bringing back APB!!!!

  43. I would like to thank you for the tremendous effort your guys are putting into the game and the excellent communication with the community.

    The cheaters seems to vanish faster which i GOOD!
    IGN latency have gone down from ~170 to ~60 for me(Sweden/Telia) on Obeya.

    Ive signed up for a premium account to support the future development of the game, but my concern is once you reach max level/standing/bought the $$$ cars you want it doesnt realy add anything except for shorter cooldown on field supplier.

    I for one will continue to pay for premium even though as it stands now the only real benefit will be to skip queues.

    I guess my question is: any plans to further add benefits to premium customers?
    Like to be able to buy the rented cars permanently.
    Im thinking of the Jericho "Partisan" who could be buyable for 500k if you have premium for example.

    Keep up the good work see you all in San Paro.

  44. Honestly, performance wise this game has run great for me minus a few memory issues. I think that majority if not ALL the performance issues coming from most of these players is from their systems. Sometimes ISP connections play a part as well. I sit at a constant 61-62.99fps, and 60-80ms while in game. I have seen a few lag spikes once every few days (when the servers are packed with players), but nothing major, and it usually only lasts 10 seconds. I also play on max graphic settings. When I see people complain about performance it really brings memories back of when I used a dual core processor in RTW days, and when my pc would not go over 20fps, and sat at constant 400ms (lowest) with the lowest settings for graphics. Mind you I also played on EU servers for early closed beta days when gameplay was only a few hours a week, and I am from western NA. When the NA servers went live though I think it only improved by 100ms, so I was sitting at 300ms.

    I've also seen in forums several people complaining about how much of a memory hog this game is. I believe that to be somewhat true...because 3/4 of my memory is soaked up while running apb after a few hours of gameplay. I had this issue with my old pc, as well as the new pc (Both of which have 4 gigs of ram). It hasn't been much of an issue performance wise though with my new pc considering now I have a 6 core processor that can handle it, but I have never played any game that soaked up that much memory. That being said whether or not I have 4 gigs I think upgrading to more won't solve the memory leak issue with this game. I read that some people using upto 12 gigs of memory had the same issue. So I think upgrading your processor, and graphics card plays more of a part in game performance.

    My ISP is currently dsl which I absolutely hate, and is no comparison to the broadband high speed cable connection I used to get through comcast, however I have have no issues with playing apb thus far except when my husband is downloading a huge game on his pc that shares connection with mine. (BAH that's DSL for you)

    I know that some people can not afford to upgrade their pc, but from my own experiences this game has improved 100% by upgrading. So, for those of you who can not upgrade. I would not expect to get great performance if your pc barely meets APB's minimum system requirements. It's just not going to happen.

  45. if you raise the premium price to $15 like your planning then I wont be resubbing. APB does not play like a tripple A MMO and isn't worth the same amount of money as one.

  46. QUESTION about matchmaking, does it take into account the difficulty of the missions?

  47. @ Duncan

    "What worries me, is the price premium goes up to out of beta. That puts it on the same level as other premium MMOs which much more content and give you everything available without microtransactions."

    I could have not said it better than you. I agree 100%, and this has been something that I have been unpleased about since I found out about premium membership, and purchasing of weapons through the armas marketplace. I honestly cannot see myself paying the same amount for this game as I did for world of warcraft, and then on top of that purchase weapons. I had no idea that the prices were going up at game release? This is news to me? The pricing as it is now was an issue for me, and with it going up, well no offense but that's just silly. Premium plus microtransactions? Um, no thanks.

    Do we need to be premium to purchase permanent weapons? At this point premium membership doesn't offer anything particularly special other than to support gamerfirst. What does matter to me though is being able to use permanent weapons rather than having to re-lease weapons every 10 days. If premium membership had more to offer, for example g1 credits that came with it then maybe it would be more useful.

    This seems more expensive than old RTW APB. Sure the game cost ya 50 bucks to buy, but with being able to sell guns through the marketplace for RTW points. In the long run it was cheaper. I had enough RTW points to support my subscription fees upto 6 months. I invested 50 bucks into RTW APB, and that was it.

    With this new idea of premium membership, and microtransactions. I will be paying more for the game than I did back in RTW APB within only a few months.

  48. game dosent require more than 4gb of ram for optimum play unless you alt tab alot and have background processes.

    reason it requires high azmmounts of ram is that no other game has this huge of a map and lets players move around so quickly. also no other game has more per player singular textures

    wow for example has time to stream textures as needed cause movement is slow but bat riding used to cause popups on slow pcs :p

  49. I think where RTW went wrong is allowing players to sell permanent weapons through the marketplace for RTW points. Then allowing players to use those points to pay for subscription. They weren't bringing in money that way. People were taking advantage of the point system rather than paying subscriptions.

    Only way to fix that is not to use a point system, and not allow players to trade, or sell weapons.

    I understand gamers wants players to support the game, and pay for monthly subscriptions.. but you can not expect us to pay for subscriptions and micro transactions on top of that.

    Why not if possible...and this is throwing an idea out there, but allow premium members to play the game as RTW originally had it with preset weapons rewarded to you for progression, and allowing us to pay for permanent weapons inside the game by unlocking them through progression? I would much rather earn my own permanent weapons than have to buy them one by one through the armas marketplace. The progression as it is now has flaws. Although some people may enjoy the spam mail with no rewards inside.. I personally don't.

    Why not restrict free2play players to the gameplay as it is now with leasing, no reward mail, and non permanent weapons.

    Atleast that way premium membership actually is useful, and it allows the players to earn their own items through progressing through the game.

  50. Oh I forgot... Considering the population boom I might suggest making efforts to have gamecards/timecards/pointcards(?) more readily available for over the counter purchase. I have looked for the "Ultimate card" but it is difficult to find in store.

  51. @niipazzo
    You really need to see a doctor for your vision.
    I said :
    "Unless you get tragically ironic, dangerously close to insulting, bjorn won't answer to questions about cheaters."

    what of that accuses you as being ironic or insulting? DUH... learn to read.

  52. @Bjorn, any way to contact you outside of this Blogger?, essentially it is to do with something you guys will be introducing sometime in the very near future, but I dont really wish to disclose it all publically.

    Tried contacting Neume, he never responds -- Tried contacting Vali, he does respond but it is very broken communication (like 2+week waits)

    ..Sending you this in hopes to identify a flaw, before you introduce it.

  53. This will really be a great game when all the cheaters spawns and missions get fixed.

  54. @Bjorn

    I don't know if you have read my previous post but did you notice the increase of memory usage while changing districts?
    Let's say I start playing at Waterfront. After some time memory usage reaches about 2,3GBs and it stays this way most of the game time. Then I switch to Social and it levitates around 2,5GBs. But when I switch back to Waterfront, memory usage goes to 2,8GBs (and later on almost 3GBs) of memory usage. This (as far as I understand) means that some resources aren't flushed from memory while they are not needed anymore (stuff from Social District). At some configurations it produces a lot of performance issues, making the game freeze for 1-2 seconds in a rather random time interval.
    Are you going to investigate this issue? Or is there some explanation on why is this happening?

  55. Oh yeah... on the side note. I've read somewhere that you are planning to add new districts and game modes. Is it something you guys are working on right now or is beta fixing an absolute priority at the moment?

  56. @Bjorn
    any news on the gift pack for closed beta players?

  57. Yo nice update you gave us but i will be waitting for 1 important update about all the serius stuff that needs to be fixed and not again will dodododo.

  58. On serius not now are you going to put the old threat system back????

    This one fails a lot i wasnt smart enought to not play the first day it came out and did a winning streak of 18.

    Now 5-7 days im still the same threat(gold pistol)and getting the usual 1v3 matches every day.

  59. Could I get an ETA on the fix for Crossfire/SLI/dual GPU graphics cards. Tired of having invisible opponents. Sure made it to gold 6, but I'd say about half my loses are from this bug. And it's also the only thing keeping me from investing money in the game.

  60. THANKS, AT THE END, SOUND ISSUES WITH SOME SOUND CARDS, I still can't listen to the music player because my sound card don't like it... But at least I can hear the other sounds like cars, guns, and player voices...

  61. so how do i buy my premium account??? guide plz

  62. Really wanted this game to do well and I'm delighted it is, the amount of info being posted really helps.

    Any hints or titbits on the new content in the works (or returning old content- *cough-car body kits*) would be good :)

  63. Question: What is the router actually gaining you? You make a terribly vague point about security - but why do you need a piece of hardware to block a few ports? Just shut them down at the software level. Same goes for handling DoS. If you rely on a hardware firewall to cover either issue exclusively then you've got bigger security issues - and might want to consider hiring someone who can advise on it.

  64. @aasss Unfortunately those particular drivers are notoriously bad. You could try making sure you have the latest ones. If you already do, you might have some luck going back to some older ones instead.

  65. Its annoying when i come home at 10 PM iam tired want to play APB as free player launch APB and there is 300 people before me to join , BTW good marketing thinking but APB is very stereotype game and people will get bored with waiting , when in comes to normal game no beta more people sign up and all they must wait :D that will be cool about 30 mins till you get in game HELL YEA, start thinking guys dont be greedy as Real time world , League of Legends they have no restriction for network limit , ye they have lower server load than APB but you should upgrade it

  66. @unified Still having realtek issue Brah? What kind of board are you using anyway, so I know what not to get in the future. Maybe I just get lucky with my gear but I've been on tons of places that have realtek issues, and I don't think I've ever had those issues before. I did get some 'popping' that made my whole computer sound like it was running on vinyl, but that was the last drivers and I think it had something to do with swapping out mobos and windows having to switch to realtek from Via audio codecs, and that got cleaned up with the update they did this month. I kinda wish I had experienced the issue at some point, so I'd know how to help you better instead of just saying things like 'Update your drivers? Run a full performance overhaul?' cuz that's what everyone says. Sorry Broseph.

    @Bjorn The sheer amount of information you guys give us in updates, and the fact that you tell us exactly what you think the problem is and the steps you are trying to take to solve issues is staggering. It shows a real desire to keep people informed (Even if most of them have know idea what you are talking about when you do). You really don't see that from game companies with the exception of maybe CCP (They love to get technical, and throw little inside jokes in for those that read the patch notes and blogs and take the time to get involved and learned). But this is just an amazing thing that you guys take the time to do this.

    You guys should hire someone to make youtube tutorial videos that breaks down technical blog stuff into simple terms with charts and pictures and laymen's term examples.

  67. When will we be able to buy ditrional costume slots?

  68. @Riri Excellent question, I was wondering the same thing myself. I hope it's not too expensive though, cuz I recovered my toon from RTW servers so I've already got like 6 full outfits of clothes. Something like 37 different items got transferred...

  69. Great game needs great content updates.

    i meant it..

  70. Hi Bjorn! I am very happy seeing that the game is turning into a big success I hope it continues that way.

    I have a question don't know if it has been brought before, Are there future plans to add some "solo missions" or things to do?

    'Cause right now as an Enforcer (As far as I know) you can only return "stolen cars" and get a reward for them. I know it's an MMO and I know you want to encourage team play but sometimes I would like to do some "Solo" stuff just for fun.

    Oh and finally are there any plans to be less "punishable" on our creativity for FREE To PLAY designers? like adding a little more layers on designs, ect.

    Thanks for your time and I wish you the best!

  71. Can't play the game anymore. Ping is too high and is continuing to climb higher daily.

  72. @Shroud

    Where are you connecting from? Also - see the forum post specifically dealing with network routing.

    Network congestion in our datacenter has actually been decreasing in the last couple of days after the technical issues, so I am curious what ISP you are using and from where.

  73. Maybe G1 have to start work on the PvP system because this is what is in right now is the crazyest shit i ever see in online gaming. Whiy i (level 5 enforcer, alone) have to fight agaist level 28 criminal ????? something is very wrong and i also meet 1v4 matches also again i am just level 5 how the fuck i have to fight agin 4 level 10-15?????? nonsens. another thing also i see the pvp is trying to do something whit higer ranks eg. put more lower rank in the enemy team but the whole thing is ruined because the higher rankers have got more advanced things (weapons equip, etc.) If it is possible to do it i got an idea to solve this problem, i hope it is not idiotic: when you select which district are you want to go, the search engine have to watch the rank than put the guy where lots of people are the same rank or near the same rank.

  74. @Rm4g3dD0v - you again (!)

    Not sure where you get that from. But discussing cheaters on the blog is somewhat counter-productive since we are not disclosing how we do certain things.

    However, in sum; are people getting banned daily. Yep. Are they unhappy about this? Yep. Do they blame it on "other programs" they were running? Yep. And finally - are they surprised we catch them, and then try to beg for forgiveness? Yep.

    So - the general message is "just don't do it." And "friends don't let friends attempt to cheat in APB."

  75. @András

    Are you talking about "Rating" or "Threat Level"?

    Remember that the Threat Level is the same as skill level. Not the other things (Rating really just means "game progression")

    If you are a Threat 5 (ie - Bronze 5) and you are fighting a Threat 28 (ie - Gold 8) then something is clearly wrong (or you are on a very un-populated server)?

    You can PM me on the Forums with your data - or - just post one of your character names here on the blog as it appears in game, and I can check out your last few matches.

    What you describe should not happen (unless you are confusing Threat Level with the Progression info - which is easy to do since they have somewhat silly names)?

  76. @ Bjorn
    Huh this accident happened whit me a little time ago... and the reason why i said i was alone bacuse offifially there were other players also but dont know they were afk or just idling but they dont do anything. it is my failure in communcation but my "english" sucks sorry for it
    but that is tru i usually meet higher in Threat Level, but atleast i know it is dont mean he is skiller just he made more missions. I am on EU2 and my char name is FeliciaHardy and am am right now Silver 8 and my Rating is 73.

  77. I'm REALLY happy to hear that this game has picked up this much popularity and I hope that the success keeps on going. I will certainly be doing my part in keeping this game alive and kicking :D

    Keep on the great work!

  78. we need a german server the laggs are to hard ... sometimes a enemy eats over 20 bullets becouse we lag .. pls fix it its nearly unplayable

  79. @nils
    euro pean servers arelocated in frankfurt <_< hard to make them more in germnany <_<

  80. @nils11311x
    Go toy our Router/Modem, put plug it out, wait for like 15 seconds, plug it in again, and now you should have the most possible speed (:P).

    Well this works for me, wehn i start to lag in the game.

    I don't know if you did that already, but i can only say: I dont have any lag and yes i am in Germany (NRW) ^^.

    Thanks and bye :)

  81. I doubt any developer or person from company will read this, but I think it's really cool that you post stats(how many ccus) and give the good honest truth about any issues that may come up.

    Good work on a game! as I want to make games as well

  82. @bjorn
    You re never gonna get rid of me!! muhahahahhahaha
    anyways, you didnt answer to the original question that is the rumors about the 30-day bans.

    But I have another issue. When are you gonna fix the spawn system, especially the fucked up waterfront spawns arround the ferry-boat and the central-north piers?

  83. Hey Bjorn,

    I didn't get an email to renew my premium and have five days left, Is there a link to renew premium with the lower discount?

    Thanks in advance,

  84. PS, i believe one of the social district worlds just crashed. It froze up and currently is at 3000 ms.

  85. How are you guys at Gamers First going to help fix some matchmaking issues, during the next few months? I realize that measuring players threat levels and matching them up with similar players would be the most logical choice, but in groups, that is somewhat difficult. I usually start up a group with a few mates (Me being TL 22, a 15, a 16, and a 4). Sometimes we get pitted against players with a much higher skill level than all of us put together (and I mean going 0-10 for all of us D:). Do you plan on taking the total TL of a group and just finding a similar group within that district that fits?

    Also, one other question about APB:R. Do you guys ever plan on creating group limits that are higher than that of 4? A group capable of 6 would make the game so much better and interesting in my opinion. Much more advanced play when working as a team.

    Also, I was also wondering if I am eligible for TMC. Let me know. :)

  86. Oh, and to add to my last comment, I love what you guys have done with the game. It is really awesome, and I love the upgrades. You have certainly figured out how to combat cheaters and hackers, and fix some major gameplay issues.

    Do you guys plan on creating an in-game report system, or an in-game bug announcer?

  87. Hi Bjorn,

    I am wondering if the issues with buildings loading very very slow is going to get fixed? It can sometimes take several minutes for them to fully load. It makes it pretty unplayable when it is like this. Yesterday it was almost fine, but all other days since I started playing on the first day of OB there has been like this.
    Is this something you can do anything about?

    I play on Obeya. I live in Sweden and use the "Comhem" ISP, 25mbit connection.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Bjorn / TechMech

    I hope the numbers of players that you are so proud of goes to 0 because you are a greedy company.I wish annonymous had targeted you instead of sony your greedy is far beyond them.

    I dont see any delay putting the weekly premium weapons or that kind of shit the only delay is when fixxing problems.

    You said your tech team is fixxing the packet loss problem and you will be queues for 1 day or 2 till they fix it.Guess what its a week now and queue at peak hours exists(only for normal users i forgot)

    This game has the worst spawning system,yet theres no fix to the problem a month and some weeks i play here.You kill someone and finish your object and they spawn 20 meters to the new one.

    In other games it goes this way.Deffenders has the advantage of camping places so instead of respawning at 30 sec lets say as the attackers they respawn at 60.Ofcourse something like this cant impemented here but thats not the point.

    You see no problem for someone deffending a place and camping it to be able to respawn 50 metters away from it and the attackers have to spawn 150 away.2 Reasons for that is:You are blind and dont see a problem with that or you just no idea how to fix it and you just going to create racing districts.

    Also enfocers have better spawns in all missions expect the one that criminals have to burn some windows with 23 lives and if they die when the object starts they are next to windows.

    I dont know this is a great game and love to play it but everytime i log in something to make me mad is there.Its a cheater-griefer-spawn system-unfair teams based on the threat lvl that is stucked atleast for my character-unfair missions-Bugged missions like VIP 8 lives enemies 23 lives and 4 minutes time(this happens in waterfront.

    Sorry for my language but its getting boring and really fraustating to see the same sh... every day and to log in to blog and dont see an update for the serius staff a week now.

    PS:Racing districts and whaever you are going to add postpone it till you fix all the other things or at least make it bug free so there arent more ways to make us the gamers angry.

    Thanks for your time.

  90. Ohhh and because i dont want to be unfair Good Job about latency its getting better and better every day actually you do look the posts in updated tracerooutable ips.

  91. Bjorn / TechMech said...

    "Actually, while we are working on that (for example getting SLI profiles added by NVidia etc.) - many of the performance issues relate to lower end hardware on 32-bit OS systems, both which pose a problem for the game of this size. But indeed we are working to resolve conflicts with higher end hardware that SHOULD work fine with the game."

    Funny you mention low end. I am running the BETA on an Athlon 64 3200 w/ 1.5GB RAM on XP... It hurts, but is somehow still enjoyabe. Hope to upgrade soon, using APB (and soon to BETA The Secret World) as my bench mark.

  92. @R.S.. Burke are you getting it to play on that? How did you even get it to install? I've got a friend who's got two computers, both well over those specs for processor and ram, and both of them refuse to install the game, citing that her processor isn't powerful enough to play the game.

  93. @Denmeniazi This is the BEST post i have ever read!!!
    G1, think about it!!!!

  94. @Bjorn
    I posted my results in your latency thread. A problem doesn't seem to be reflected. My ISP is Mediacom and I'm playing on the Colby server from northern Alabama. I think I am experiencing abnormally high ping, compared to closed beta (CB stayed in the green almost all the time), with it hanging around 260ms+ now.

  95. WTF?waited the Queue for 1.5 hour, after that entered to social and was endlessly waiting on the loading screen for 40 minutes and nothing!!!! guys r u kidding me??? have to wait now more 1.5 our to enter and God knows if I'll able to enter the game or will be the same again... please fix it quick BJORN!!!

  96. I have a question about support requests. I have been playing since closed beta and now I can't get into the game with either of my characters because my RTW-restored character crashes my game at the character select, and my main character was corrupted recently by the body studio and refuses to load. I have been waiting on my support request for days with no indication that it's even been read. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? How long am I going to need to wait before I can play again?

  97. I'm in the same boat as you Korgan, I put some of my old restored RTW clothing on and bam not able to load my character anymore.

    I've found cases with people having the same problem or linking it to Kaspar Danko's clothing and there's no response.

    I've had no response to tickets either - I've even just asked if its possible to roll my character back or delete all my clothing but alas absolutely no response at all.
    What makes it even more frustrating is I've been with this game since the 2nd round of CB invites and happily paid money in to the premium service and bought leased weapons from Armas which are now just sitting there ticking away with me unable to use them.
    Overall a very sad panda as I really like this game and have so far liked most of the changes that have come in but my pleas with support are unanswered =(

  98. You are doing a great job with the game, but what do going to do with cheater?. I keep playing against them and is soooo frustrating.

  99. It feels GREAT to be back in San Paro! I bought my premium account on Friday and spent the whole weekend re immersing myself in the game.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  100. @Jimmy Westerburg

    I just continued on. it installed fine for me.

  101. I agree that premium is cheap compared to other MMO's, but i also feel that we are getting 33%-50% less for our money than other MMO's as well. it's essentially a standing and APB$ buff. You do make noticably more money and xp than other players for sure, but thats about it. I havent really noticed much as far as customazation perks beyond what was available for free in the CB. I really hope you plan on giving us more bang for our buck as development progresses.

  102. @(Bjorn) @!!!![G1]!!!!

    So - the general message is "just don't do it." And "friends don't let friends attempt to cheat in APB."

    Agreed with that.. What about if they dont listen to there friends ;-) and what kind if other programs will the banning system sees as a hack? I use AVG internet Security 2011. Google Chrome. Skype. MSN. TeamSpeak. Ventrilo.

    And wait a sec.. if i had a Virus like a Trojan.
    Will this system sees the Trojan likely as hacking program?


    Since the last 3 days off packed losses i loss FPS aswell.. isnt that awesome? first time at the tutorial district at Closed beta it was like instant 55 FPS+ all on MAX. 1920x1080

    Now it is like: 1280x1024, Minimal, to get the same FPS as before :-)

    But i must admit that i pay for the game now ;-)
    Just to get rid off that queue-ing system of yours.. And of course will G1 wait as long as they can to not improve servers so they get cash from players that just as me dont like waiting.

    Ever heard about opening ports? Thats a NORMAL problem when it is about FIREWALLS.

    Not the be rude at you Bjorn...
    Your not the only person working at this awesome game but it is just this: bought by [G1]

    G1 = Gamersfirst --> so far never saw by any game that the Gamers are First at this company.

    Well i start calling G1 this:
    Call it this: C1 --> CashFirst

  103. G1 is going wrong way with the cash shop. Premium + cash items system shouldn't includ uber weapons ( and premium weapons are such, scoped ntec for example). If you cash for premiums, then make items cosmetic only, cheaper, or just easier available ingame items ( for example make ingame version of 3 sloted guns requireing R200, + make contact leveling slower, and make it buyable foe 10$ in armas. EXACTLY same guns, add costume slots, colored versions of guns ( golden plated, visually different or just modifications to make your guns ,look diferent ( silencers, scopes and stuff) and cash opn those. With 9.99 for monts and almost same for few guns you pay MORE than in most MMOs for subscriptions. well those are just comments . G1 most important purpose is earning $$$$ fotr shareholders, and short term income looks more impresive on powerpoint slider during presentation for Big Bosses.

  104. Hi!

    So I've been playing this game since 11 days. There's something I love in this game and there's something I hate in this game. I love the idea that this game is placed in a city, because I love the urban fights in games. Also I love the limitless customization of the game. I can freely create anything I could. :) In this game sometimes I really have fun. Now you can see the "sometimes" in my last sentence. Here it is why: I know that the Dev team is working on the matchmaking system to improve the game, and I really appreciate all the efforts you guys making to make this game the best MMOTPS. Before the Open Beta the matchmaking system was good I didn't have problem with it. I won more missions than losing them. As you changed something in the threat level system, I had start losing all my missions where I've got opposition. Here it is why: I always got outnumbered, or I always got stronger enemies than me or my team. From this point we or I have lost all the missions with opposition. But this isn't the problem. To be honest I don't even care about the matchmaking system. What really annoys me is this: Why do I have to shoot an enemy 6 times to kill him/her? I mean 6 bullets to kill somebody?? That's just ridiculous. Also it doesn't matter where I'm aiming, I need 6 shots whether I put all the bullets into the head or into the body. (Maybe I'm wrong I don't know, but still, 6 shots is too much.) If I try to kill an enemy from behind at mid or long-range he/she detects me before I could kill the player and he/she will also have enough time to escape. It makes hard to kill somebody. Last time I've just put half of my LMG magazine into ONE enemy and he didn't want to die. I mean WTH??? This was very unrealistic, but this game is about the realism, isn't it? We are not some cybernetically enhanced future robots. We are humans. For example in CoD MW I need only 3 shots to kill somebody and 1 shot with a sniper. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 it is the same. Hell, even in Counter Strike 1.6 ( which is way older than APB) 3 shots is enough to kill somebody with an M4 and one shot with an AWP. In APB I couldn't kill a guy from mid-range because he detects me and at the 5th shot he is already behind some kind of cover. And I can't believe somebody could survive a 50. Cal shot from a sniper. It is sure that one of his body part would get ripped off. Obviously you don't need to make the bodies like this, so I can rip off a player's leg. Just increase the sniper's damage (argotech DMR and N-HVR) So I can kill a player with one shot. Or cut the players' health to half so the changes were made. I'm sure there are players out there who are complaining about the same problem as me. Well I think that's all I wanted to write. I hope you'll read my post Bjorn (And I hope you'll understand it, because I'm sure I have a lot of grammatical problem in this post :D:D).

    I really like this game, and I don't want to leave it. But with this minor case it makes the game unplayable for me. And I think for other players too. :(

    Please reply soon. :)

  105. P.S.: Sorry for the president like speech. XD
    I've just explained my problem, and I could
    write more but it would take ages to read
    it. xD

  106. not grammatical problem. xD
    grammatical mistake sorry. :D

  107. They are not going to make N-HVR 1 shoot to kill.Can you image a hacker shooting you from 80 meters and never miss??

    Also i loved in CS 1.6 how you can 1 shoot with the sniper but if you remember you could one shot from close range with the Slow shotgun so here i want the JG to be 1 shoot to kill!!!!!

  108. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  109. Okay. Then let it be 1 shoot to kill. And I don't care about hackers because I have never met any hacker, during my gameplay. But the way the game is going on now, it makes everything unplayable in it. Okay, maybe snipers would be good to remain normal. But if I give somebody a headshot with a sniper then he/she should die. So headshot with sniper should be 1 shoot to kill. I can't believe any virtual or real life human or everything else would survive a headshot with a 50. cal. This is not zombie killer. This is APB.

  110. Same goes for shootgun you wont find anyone being hit from 5 meters to head and dont have his head removed :D

  111. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  112. Audio
    AMD High Definition Audio Device
    does this sound card make apb to crash????

  113. Okay here is an idea. Make Hardcore and non-Hardcore servers. Hardcore servers would include my ideas above about the guns, and non-Hardcore servers would remain as it was before. So, everyone will be happy. :)

  114. Hardcore servers would cut a player's health to half, so if he/she falls down from idk 8 meter he/she dies. Not like now. I have jumped off the bridge several times and I didn't die. Kinda weird. Oh and your charcter should get exhausted by sprinting. I'd really like a sprinting period where the character sprints idk 70 meter then get exhausted for 10 secs or 7 something like that. So it would make the game more realistic.

  115. I got problem here.. and all my clan members got that problem to!! today I connected to EU Obeya server there was queue system with 1000+ players waiting for connect.. after 1 and half hour I entered and tried to connect Financial dist... 2 hours I was waiting to connect to that dist.. its say connecting... and nothing .. like its freeze on connect. and after 2 hours I disconnected from server.. and now I'm on queue system again with 1000+ players waiting to connect....
    SO please fix disconnect problem first.. then start queue system! ... I'am waiting about 6 hours to connect to the game!....

    my internet speed 15Gb/s and my computer is very high and powerful...

    Please put your hands on this issue.....

  116. hey G1
    fix your shit stages please, 90% chance of winning the escape mission for crim.

    4v4 last stage crim have to RUN LOL, they all four split up and flee to each corner of the map??
    would you fucking fix that shit???????
    just make the cars slow(FOR CRIM ONLY LOL) (if you really do intend keeping that shit stage ingame) like vip and item hold stages.
    adn its even more fucking pathetic playing 1v2, they drive in same car 1 shots your car GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    suck cawk

  117. @1 Shoot kill

    OMG, are people crazy... 1 shoot kill... do you know how bad APB would be with 1 shoot kills? and yes, i to have played a shitload of shooters over the yrs... players that have 5 stars would just camp out and pick players off left and right without you being in a mission. that would not be cool.

  118. @deadduke Yeah, I'm not overly fond of that idea myself. I never like scout/deagle maps in CS, really don't want one here

    @gamespykid You have to take into account several very important things. Sure guns in real life just rape faces all day, but how fun would that be if it only took one bullet to kill you in a game? Then, instead of complaining because you lose against competition because they can get behind cover, you'd be complaining because you'd get one-shotted by a sniper before you could even figure out where he was. You'd really only stand a chance in missions if you're in a car, driving for your life, or you are the one on defense with a sniper. And that's not even getting into aimbotters. Trust me, if it took fewer bullets to kill people, you'd be complaining more than you are now. Except then it would be G1's fault and not your own aiming/firing limitations. Right now, you lose because A)You get outnumbered, B)Framerate issues could make killing difficult, C) you and/or your team just aren't strategic enough to get the job done. You aren't cooperating, you are't taking time to survey the area, learn likely hiding places, destructable cover and half-cover, and move in cautiously. Instead, you or your teamates likely run in guns ablazin like you're all Bourne Identity, instead of pushing your way in like you're Blackhawk down. You started losing when the matchmaking changed because you were suddenly going up against people that were evenly matched with you, but had a bit more stratgey or could adapt to you quickly, or you got raped by like 3 or 4 guys half your skill, who are gonna win usually just for the sheer number of bullets they send flying in your general direction. That's why the empire did so good. Sure they couldn't hit the broadside of a sandcrawler, but you put a hundred of em together and even Han Solo's gonna get shot running around a corner, screaming like a maniac. I don't care who shoots first.

  119. I didn't said anything about 1 bullet! Geez... 3 bullets. That's very different.

  120. First: My framerate is good, I have high-end computer.
    Second: I'm not a noob, I can aim and shoot.
    Third: I always thinking tactically to get behind the enemy. But if I start to shoot somebody from long range with an NTEC-5 the player have enough time to escape because that gun is not really accurate. And I can get a very good K/D ratio in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (where I need only 3 shots to kill somebody). Why it would be a problem to put it into the APB too. Oh and I also suggested Hardcore servers, so those players who wouldn't want to play "hardcore" they are going on the non-Hardcore server. Read all my comment before you post anything. And for real. I don't know a game which needs this many shots to kill somebody. I wouldn't complain about this more than now, because I always get behind or right next to the enemy so I could shoot him in the back, or from the left/right. But anytime I try to kill them from long-range they escape. I wouldn't complain because I would get the first shot... mostly.

  121. Oh and one more. I was playing with my brother, and we were communicationg through skype. So you can't say that we were not cooperating. It's just that we needed a lot of shots into an enemy. Trust me if my ideas would have in the game before I even started playing, I wouldn't have complain now. :/ (Sorry for my grammatical mistakes).

  122. @ BJORN / TechMech
    Hi been playing the list of these guys for 5 days now Blatent Cheaters.
    ive had to post them here people like this are killing the game for eveyone.
    i cant see myself playing this game for much longer & certainly wont be buying premium or and other G1 credits.
    to other people replying to this post i dont care what u say i will not be replying or dragged into your flame post's

  123. @Bjorn

    we should never have to do a 2 on 1 match, its almost impossible to do the missions as a crim, i can kill both enf just to have them spawn rite back at the object point and kill me, trying to steal the car or arm a bomb, spray a wall, break a window, hell you get my point by now, at least have to matchmaking system let us call for a TL1 for backup...

    now i don't see anything wrong with a 2 on 3, if you kill all the Enf you have someone to cover your ass as you try to do the objective ,match and maybe a 2 on 4 isn't that bad, but i have not been in a 2 0n 4 to give you any input on.

    also, I'm beyond sick of the Enf having it super easy, they don't need to break into the cars they don't need to break into the buildings and so on, a lot of the time they can just run over the objective spamming the F key and never stop running, or they can run rite up to the cars and jump rite in and take off, that's just 2 examples, NOT COOL AT ALL TOTALLY IMBALANCED MISSIONS...needs to be fixed.

    and yes people i get it Enf are the good guys, but they should still have all the same timers as a crim for balance.

  124. enforcers need to break into cars, and need to raid buikldings, rearelly its just pres F and run, only asy mode i know are stun grenades...<_< and generalt LTL, cos it disables you for much longer time than just beeing killed (stun+arrest, you wait for arrest ring to run off, THAN, yo can spawn, which sometimes means difference between winig and loosing

  125. @Bjorn

    small question: when are you planning to end the queue list?

    thanks :)

  126. @Riri

    i know the Enforcers get some parts of missions like that, i have an Enforcer so yes i do know, but the fact is that the crims have to do that almost all the time and Enf don't. it is imbalanced, and i'm not the only person that has noticed it.

  127. Here's my cheater list from Obeya
    (currently playing forcer)
    ************* AIMBOT/WALLHACK ****************
    harryhooks - forcer
    oxocube - criminal
    tobii - criminal
    afrodesiac - criminal
    niktoo - criminal
    eternalshot - criminal
    randomhero - criminal
    d241 - criminal
    legain - criminal
    suicidegirl - criminal
    desgaizu - criminal
    mahbaker - criminal
    starstyler - criminal
    discipline - criminal
    ladyerica - criminal
    matho - criminal
    thepecko - criminal
    jayc - criminal
    mazafaka - criminal
    killernerd - criminal
    henrietta - criminal
    lipoo - criminal
    alpha3134 - criminal
    mindblank - criminal
    kikkoman - criminal
    zakaini - criminal
    seizan - criminal
    koinkoin - criminal
    Ciss - criminal

    ************ GHOSTING *****************
    mbpdeepsnyper - criminal
    PENDEJO - criminal

  128. It seems the old cheater clans (crimson eye, reapers, nothing personal, etc) are back. What happened Bjorn/Devs? Did the cheaters got the better of you? Or is the rumor of the 30 day tempbans, true?

  129. >>>>>>>>>@Rm4g3dD0v can you ask those guys if they have a hack to get more then just 3 shitty things to my cloths?
    and more then 7 shitty things to my car?

  130. mini nitendo-> get premium, or ask someone with premium to make clothes/car and send it to you

  131. Rm4g3dD0v

    "Here's my cheater list from Obeya
    ************* AIMBOT/WALLHACK ****************
    legain - criminal
    suicidegirl - criminal
    desgaizu - criminal"


    LOL! you useless prick, you must be really bad at this game or maybe you were upset about a girl beating you but your a idiot if you think me or any of my clan members aimbot/wallhack.

    ban this kid and remove my name and my friends from this kids silly little list, he obviously is a sad child with no life who has to write peoples names in his little notepad when they beat him, PATHETIC.

    also you are more than welcome to check my account Iv played since early closed beta and would say im just about better than average.

    So funny to see kids raging about everyone and every clan been cheaters, when really they are just bad at playing a team game.

  132. @Bjorn

    you guys need to ban the gold sellers, they are spamming the hell out of the chat and they can PM you on top of it. F***ing Annoying..............

  133. @DesGaiZu
    You are right ^^. There are more people playing fair that those using Aimbots/Wallhack.

    Me and a Clan member, we did a 2(me and him) vs 4 match and we won it like 7 - 2 each of us.

    Just because we are able to fight against multiple enemys and have a higher K than D ratio, we aren't cheating. Maybe you should stay with L4D or something where you have AI enemys.

    Thanks and have fun!

  134. @Bjorn -

    Hello sir,
    I am experiencing a major issue. I played APB last night. So I clicked the .exe this morning and logged-in, it said error 10001(not current patch).
    So then I ran the APBUpdater, and I didn't see any new patches, so I pressed "repair" and launched the game, I log-in and it gives me the same error.
    What can I do, sir?

  135. @Rm4g3dD0v

    That's quite a list, you must get WRECKED at this game. Maybe try to work on what you're doing wrong rather than make irrational, illogical snap-judgements. Discussing cheaters on this blog is highly frowned upon anyway, so please, go find another corner to cry in.

  136. @Rm4g3dD0v
    I like that you are even calling out clans here for instance the The Crimson Eye which I happend to be a part of I can assure you there is no hacking you simply just suck..

  137. FYI this shows you the amount of hackers caught so far
    The numbers suggest that hackers/cheaters are rare compared to the 24000 Peak CCU mentioned. It's even more likely you meet cheaters than actual hackers.
    Get a decent computer and learn to people would be my suggestion.

  138. General Protection Fault problem after last update.

    Go read the forums and fix it you can play with 2 crashes in 20 minutes wake up.

  139. @Bjorn -

    Hey sir,
    My game crashes every 10 minutes.
    I am running the APB.exe but both of them crash.
    Can you fix this?


  140. I get the same error, can u fix it plz?

  141. Bring the error report server online!
    I can't send error reports....

  142. @DesGaiZu, Casz
    The Knights clan did say EXACTLY the same bullshit you say, but they all had their asses kicked off this game.
    So dont cry much on the blog when you get banned.

  143. in the new Patch there is written--> Players past this point can still receive these packages by pledging to the contacts and playing missions.

    So I finished contact.. how much time I have to play mission with already finished contact to get random reward? ? ?

  144. o and where is reward for CB players? There was written that in OB all CB player will get reward for being in CB .

  145. @Rm4g3dD0v

    oh please your the child crying posting peoples names who have beat you.

    please post any sort of proof that me or my friends cheat, you can't all you have is my name, the worst part is were just a small clan who play for a bit of fun we all played back in the rtw days were above average at best which makes it even funnier that you think we aimbot/wallhack


    this is why letting kids name and shame doesn't work, anyone better than them and they rage quit and report you.

    also Rm4g3dD0v what is your in game name as I don't remember ever seeing anyone called Rm4g3dD0v then again you probably rage quit before I could notice you.

  146. there is one more thing i would like to adress.

    I was in mission 2v2. or technically 2v2, thetre were 2 more enforcers outside mision, who were blocking points in armored cars, making it imopossible for us to get anythig done (they were outside mission and inside cars-> impossible to blow up) i know that invulnerability of crewed cars outside mision was fix for truck-griefing, but now we have outside mision car0griefing in place

  147. @DesGaiZu
    I posted the same list as a service ticket.
    So if you re cheating bye bye!

    But tell me something. Why are you so afraid of having your name posted on a "cheatlist" of a "noob" as you claim? I can't imagine any reason other than being a cheater for real trying to disorient the mods by crying that you re a real "skill0r" and all others are crap. If you really were that good, you'd either take it as a complement or laugh at it. In the contrary you sound pissed off. Maybe because you were actually reported?

    Also if you had payed attention to your /w you would have known who I am.

  148. @DesGaiZu
    Also, why did my post with your name in ot SHAME you? Maybe cause you know you re a cheater? If you weren't a cheater you wouldn't be either afraid or ASHAMED!

    You reek of cheat kiddo.

  149. Game is still crashing, is there a patch coming soon? Waiting for a fix! ;)

  150. @DesGaiZu, Casz, Rm4g3dD0v

    Why the G1 just don't put a killcam in the game so we can easily recognise if the player is cheating or not. Nobody is using this blog for new ideas or anything else like that. You are just blaming each other, like kids. Ask G1 to put killcam into the game and then you can easily recognise if the exact person is really hacking or just playing well. Think before you post anything. Maybe he is really just a good player ( "good player" means "24/7 no-life gamer" for me. That's why I quit from the game, but I still suggest ideas, so eventually I'll come back. If my ideas get accepted someday. Well some of it).

  151. @Rm4g3dD0v

    Seriously all your posting is rubbish, still no proof what so ever apart from crying boo they won me at a game ;_;

    I normally do take it as a compliment in game don't feel special your not the first kid to /w me in game crying.

    but to slur my name and friends on a public blog with no evidence what so ever of course I am going to reply.

    Im sure lots of kids have "reported" me and many others while crying about loosing but im still here because I don't cheat never would and never have, in fact i'm just as against cheaters as everyone else who spent money on the rtw apb and saw it ruined by hacks and iv now spent money on this apb to show my support.

    I will enjoy seeing you again on obeya, make sure you say hello seems as you don't want to post your name (although have no problem posting others)

  152. How can you do the same failure with this patch G1?
    You have fix this and now you do the same crash shit!
    After 20min i crash EVERY time....

  153. @Rm4g3dD0v

    i understand your mad that you think people are cheaters,and we know some of you are, but to post a list without proof is not cool. now if there is even one person in that list that you are wrong about, other people will think that person is cheating as well, again not cool.

    @people in the list

    if you are using a macro on that semi auto weapon, as i see players in game all the time using macro to get those weapons to fire faster then they can with their finger, to me that is cheating.

    i do not approve of players posting a cheater list you need proof of cheat, that should be done By G1.

  154. @Rm4g3dD0v
    I mind that you are calling out people and clans on the website without proof yes. I don't mind G1 looking over my shoulder cause I have nothing to hide. That applies to the whole clan aswell.

    I love the fact that G1 is going for a name calling to call out cheaters even. Though it shouldn't be done by players that are either newbies and those accusing anybody without proof or crying for a kill cam since that will only increase the load on the servers.


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