Monday, May 2, 2011

Open Beta Date, Credit Bonuses, New Items, Character Restorations and Cheaters

Ok guys - today we have a lot of interesting things to talk about - so we'll hop straight to it;

Open Beta Date has been set
We have set our formal Open Beta date: May 18, 2011.

With the builds over the last week fixing most critical issues (still some PB optimization and hardware issues to iron out over the next couple of builds), plus the items currently in the pipeline that addresses additional items, and the near completion of the US-East datacenter, we are now heading forward with removing all restrictions to joining the game on May 18, 2011.

However, between now and the Open Beta date (ie for the next two weeks), we will progressively permit access to MOST PEOPLE (17 or older in the US and 18 or older in the rest of the world) who do two things (1) creates (or already has) a GamersFirst Account with the appropriate info (see the link to the right of the blog) and then (2) submits his/her email (matching the G1 account) at the front of the APB page ( in the "Newsletter Signup Email form." This will let us slowly turn up "the heat" on our servers before going fully "open."

To that end, tomorrow during maintenance we will let in another batch of about 40,000 people or so.

There are still a few important features that are not yet in the game (new skill rating system probably the most critical and skill-based district segmentation and progression), and various tweaks to spawning but those will be added as we move along, and likely some of the new ones will be there before Open Beta.

Credit Bonuses have been processed
In order to fully test our credit charging features, we offered a 100% credit refund to everyone making an APB credit purchase before the end of May 1. Those have now been credited to the eligible accounts, and the notifications (or rather - reminders) will go out tomorrow morning confirming the credits (though you can see the credits in your accounts tonight). Thanks to all Closed Beta testers who helped us test this critical feature. Next we will be working on making some of those charging screens a little bit prettier :)

New Items ready to go
Over the next two weeks we will be starting the process of releasing a new group of items for lease or purchase. We will start slowly with a couple of new leased guns this week, and then will follow that up with actual permanently purchased items, customizations, symbols etc (those are all permanent to your character). We have several hundred items in the pipeline to release over the next several months, some which will be reserved for Premium players as we go along, and some that will be rare and only available for short periods of time.

Character Restoration
Tomorrow during the maintenance window (4:00pm PST) we will release the character restoration system, to reclaim old characters and customizations. We will send out emails to everyone that have characters that they can reclaim.

Cheaters (aimbotters)
It keeps baffling us that people are cheating in one moment, then paying for premium, and then continue cheating? Seems really odd, given the amount of money you will be risking for something that literally only will  help you aim. We have ON PURPOSE not kicked hackers for over a week to monitor what they are doing. That clearly will change. One semi-famous aimbot site realized that we had caught a slew of their users over the weekend (though we did so silently), then they stopped their own hack, and then earlier today re-enabled it. Sigh... when will they ever learn. Anyway - before Open Beta we will perform various changes, which will be good for the game, and bad for the aimbotters. Long term we have a more radical solution to the issue, which we will share when it's ready :). In the short term we also have what we think is a good solution, and you should see the beneficial effects of that by Open Beta.

Anyway - with that long list of items, we are steaming ahead with all the other long term changes, and I will update this as we progress on the critical long-term PvP and team improvement items.

One day the team will even schedule in some sleep time, but we are not quite there yet :)



  1. Thankx guys for the awesome work and time dedication you put in the game and all the sacrifice You all do for us the gamers.

  2. I am finally going to be able to play!
    did a great job ..
    I love them:)
    thanks for everything

  3. Hey, nice update.
    One question, will u release a list of names of all the hackers? I and many others want to know if the people we always suspected of hacking actually do hack.
    Also it would stop people from calling hacks on me.

  4. "before Open Beta we will perform various changes, which will be good for the game, and bad for the aimbotters. Long term we have a more radical solution to the issue"

    i would love to know about this "more radical solution" :D

    ALSO: cheating is not as rampant people think. most of the time the player skill is unmatched

  5. If you want a list of all the banned cheaters, go to PBBANS, jesus christ, want me to wipe your ass for you too?

  6. Oh hell yes. My school ends just days before the open beta.

  7. Rockin' post! Looking forward to seeing if I can restore my old character(s)!

    Thanks for all the updates. I, however, R-E-A-L-L-Y hope that you've ironed out 99% of the General Protection Fault errors! I didn't see any mention of those here.

  8. Even though I complain a lot about GamersFirst, I gotta admit, you are the hurricane that no one expects until the last minute... and all those who get caught in it are hackers.

    Godspeed, G1, godspeed.

  9. the reason thy havent said anything about it is because not everybody is geting general protection fault errors i dont get them.

  10. Appreciate it fellas, keep up the good work, it will be worth the wait, you've done a solid job keeping us all posted TM' good on ya mate and everyone @ G1

  11. @Gamers Last

    ill let you wipe my ass, your gonna have a lot of free time on them hands.

    hackers are only good for one thing, wiping your ass.

  12. LoL! You're mad hun. The G1 fanboys always get offended by my material. My philosophy is like bestiality, it ain't for everyone. Leaving your simple minded, angy comment doesn't change me! DON'T TREAD ON ME BABY!

  13. On a side note though, I will wipe your ass...You'll need it after I own you and you don' shit yoself!

  14. To funny that one got you mad. LMAO

  15. fuck em up! hackers have been fucking things up online.

  16. oh look the dude is speechless.

  17. Is there another way to play APB? Perhaps offline? You do realize your anguish sustains me...

  18. @GamersLast

    Oh - how I love your posts. So when I wrote that (if you recall - a LONG time ago) that was the snapshot for that very point in time.

    At this point in time we have a lot more info on a lot more (idiot) people. And yes - hacking is less of an issue than people think (percentage wise) since often when people lose some just scream hacker Not saying it isn't an issue that we take seriously. And we will deal with it.

  19. i for one don't care if you cheat cuz your not winning the aimbot is.

    but time for me to go, i don't wanna make you start QQ.

  20. I don't know if you guys have tossed around the idea but I think it would be kinda nice to have special gear or some limited edition clothing for those of us that participated in Closed Beta

  21. Yup - we are in face going to provide some CLosed Beta Participant goodies when it's all said and done :)

  22. Awesome...Let me take the time to thank you for being so open in communicating with us. It is refreshing for a gaming company to do so. So I just want to say that I really truly appreciate it!

  23. You were unfortunately vague regarding cheaters. I understand you can't divulge specifics so as to not tip your hand to the aimbot makers, but I really hope you guys are doing more than talking the talk, as far as stopping aimbots.
    I purchased Premium to show support for your further development of APB, but I can frankly guarantee that neither myself nor my clanmates will purchase anything in the future unless the aimbot situation radically improves, it's a priority for us; we'll be waiting/watching that, to see if the game is worth putting more money into.

  24. @Bjorn - Has anyone at G1 considered using PunkBuster like DICE does in their Battlefield games? IE:

    "HackingDouche was removed from the server by PunkBuster."

    Instead of the 'waves' of bans, you should probably take hackers a little more seriously and kick them on the fly. Maybe not an instant ban, to leave room for error... but after several kicks, ban 'em. It'd make playing the game legitimately a lot more satisfying in seeing the hacking douchebags getting kicked repeatedly, and eventually banned. Right now all we legit players have to rely on is "hopefully G1 will ban the hackers soon!" which is just not acceptable.

  25. @ Bjorn

    This Game is not ready for Open Beta.

    I am in closed Beta and its still not as good as it could for Open Beta.

    The Spawnsystem is still broken.
    I am called Cheater when i get 12:2 Ratio. Even if i lost 5 matches before -.-. Also you are called a Hacker when you get more Standing because you are Premium. Please make it visible to see that for people.

    Fix the Missions ! Much are still bugged or something. Also when your Team won 5 of 6 Stages and lost Stage 6 they lost complete Mission ? WTF fix that. Let Players get standing for those 5 Stages then. Thats not fair

    Best Regards


    @ Gamerslast

    Cool name ^^

  26. Alright - GamersLast and lildrcuz93 - I am wiping your personal off-topic spat off this blog.

    At this point the two of you should go find another venue to fight it out, since neither of you are contributing to the discussion.

    Come back when you have something meaningful to say.

  27. @3 Man Studios

    Funny you should say that. The next wave of items we are working on are (1) another spawn system fix this week, (2) proper skill rating system to avoid such wild ratio-swings in threat levels, (3) fixing mission system elements - in particular end-stage issues like the one you describe where only the last stage counts (it's actually a quite involved issue to fix - but one that our team are passionate about fixing).

    Will we have ALL those by Open Beta? Potentially not, but they will be in good enough shape that we will continue iterating on them to continue improving them.

    Thank you for your continued support!

  28. @Dree - we actually use PunkBuster. We have been experimenting with various ways to deal with hackers during Closed Beta, and we are getting closer to what we think is a good solution.

  29. When do the emails go out if you have both made the gamersfirst account and signed up for the newsletter I has not recieved one yet.

  30. "To that end, tomorrow during maintenance we will let in another batch of about 40,000 people or so."

    Maintenance should be at 4PM PST so check your email around that time.

  31. God Bless you Bjorn, God bless.

    Now my friends can join me in Beta , this game is amazing.

    I have a question.
    Whats the real purpose of the game? When u reach 80 rating - What happens then? I mean, if you unlocked all the guns/items etc and you have nothing more to do?

    Best Regards,
    Yours sincerly


  32. @Dree
    I believe they cannot name and shame as it is illegal in their state of residence so don't expect them to do so.
    It's hard sometimes not to scream HACK in district when some ass can constantly know where you are coming from and switch back and forth between your whole time sawing them down going 15-1 every match you go up against them and be in a clan called must be hookers or some dumb crap.
    But my hat is off to your whole team as I see you guys have taken this potential great game that Dave J once envisioned and tried to make it work in your own vision. I hope you guys make gobs of money and continue to run with it and be all you can be at making the game WHAT WE WANT TO PLAY!
    By the way.....PLEASE GIVE US MORE a 1955 stepside ford with flare fenders.

  33. Will there be a character wipe when going open beta?

    And how do u identify who's able to reclaim characters?

  34. @Advalorem
    Hopefully endgame will be advanced turfwars / chaos district and racing and all that jazz plus continued development of more districts and more contacts. :D

  35. Hey Bjorn another blog another question of mine i hope you would be so kind to answer:

    Is there any approximatly date to fixing the clothing bug so black cloth will no longer appear purple/geeenish?

    Thanks in advance :)

  36. @Bjorn
    THANKS for the new update.
    Have you tought of making some beta trailer?

  37. Is the email a requirement to restore the character, or is it just a reminder to the emails that are eligible? cause some of my friends dont have accsess to their old email anymore

  38. Will the CB goodies be available for purchase in the Shop at OB's launch?
    Since me and most definatly and another huge batch of players won't get the chance, same thing with the G1 Credit refund promo.

  39. Thanks G1 for everything!
    The day APB died I thought, the best Game is over... forever...
    and now... It´s better than ever thanks to Bjorn and the whole G1-Team. You had great ideas, listen and react very well and do a really good and hard job.

    There is only one question I´m looking forward to the answer in the future... When I´m able to get my old char and it has the same name as my new one (with an other email-account)... will it delete my new one?


  40. The best way against aimbotters would be a short "replay" of "how i got killed" in the view of the killer. If he hacks u can simply fraps it and soon hes banned...

  41. @Bjorn

    Awesome work, Bjorn, keep it up. Already doing a better job on this game than RTW ever could. I will definately keep playing this game.

    And honestly, on the cheater's point: I havn't been up against -that- many actual cheaters, mainly because 8 out of 10 times you get killed, it's by someone who's actually good, but it seems people have a hard time believing that someone might actually be better than them.

  42. @Maru

    I think you get an email to G1 email, not your old RTW emails, since that would make the most sense.

  43. @mccartercar
    The "Must be a Hooker" clan on Colby server was originally mine (before the 1.5.0 wipe) and it was a mockery to the "Must be a Hacker" clan which alongside with "downloaded skillz" was the top cheating clan in Colby. Originally it had no cheaters. Later on, I dunno what happened to it. however the persons that were made in the "Must be a Hooker" clan were NOT cheaters. Actually some cheater tried to convience us to join, he was so asskicked that he needed a plastic surgeon to remove the boot imprint from his ass.

  44. Will we be able to restore
    Because I had several Chars in old APB and love 'em all!
    I know this is a bit tricky because free players will only be able to have one char, but is there a way to have ALL my chars and their stuff restored?

    Would be nice to see an answer from you!


  45. @BJORN
    I have a question. Right now the Designer gives you only 2 outfit slots.
    My RTW APB characters (3 of them) had all 8 outfit slots filled. What will happen to the outfit slots now? If they re restored in Live or in OB, will they have their Outfits restored, or I 'll have to make them again?
    Also are you going to allow more outfit slots? we need at least 2 more (those of us that dont walk arround san paro with red warmup pants and white tank top).

    Damn... this image with the players wearing the default outfit and the default gun (STAR) brings me to comment "STAR wars, the Clone Wars"...

  46. sup bjorn

    any news on when the next character wipe/reset will happen?

    love you!

  47. Nice update and good work! ;)

  48. i was sceptic about g1 taking over apb at first. after some testing, i think your doing well so far. i dont think the game is unfair in any way and it hast great pvp and long therm motivation.

    personaly i dont play any free2play games. i do eve, guildwars and some others. hardcore players will give some cash for benefits, but watch out, dont make the paying customers to powerfull (weapons, mods, ...).

    because this game is based on aiming to kill, you will have problemes with cheaters at any time. i dont think a technical solution will do it. but like in any first-person shooter you can monitor cheaters fast. you probably need some more resources (in form of GM's) and a good eye on the high K/D-ratio players. at some point it is the best method to filter the hackers out, ban them and blacklist permanently ingame.

  49. I've been mentioning this a few times in the forum to see if I get any response, I have not. I've also contacted support yet heard nothing from them since last Thursday. I bought $20 worth of G1C using the in-game browser on the 26th/27th however while the money was taken from my bank account I never received any points. I did a second purchase using the same payment method on the G1 main site ant it worked. I'm now hoping that when you sort that payment out I will get 3200 points instead of 1600 as I never got to spend them during the refund event. It was out of my hands after all, not my fault your in-game browser messed up. What's your thought on this, think there's any chance G1 will not punish me for finding and reporting a bug in the in-game shop?

  50. The open beta will be on my birthday (18/5) :D

  51. maintenance was .. or will be?

  52. You guys are doing some great stuff. I really wish the characters looked better on 32 bit systems though. As it is now, this is going to be a much bigger turn-off to people then is being given credit.

  53. Hi, thanx a lot for good news! Can't wait for skill-based district segmentation - wish to improve my skills by practice, not by dying 10 times per mission)

    I have a question: during old ABP we(me and my boyfriend) used ONE account. We just created different characters. Would it be possible to restore both characters, but to different GF accounts?

    I'd appreciate for reply,

  54. Worthless news over and over again.. Its so obvious that making $$$ is the only priority for G1.. how about fix the poor client performance optimization and make the game playable to start with?

  55. @Mikael

    Money is important for every company wishing to survive. Without money, there would be no servers to run APB:R on to begin with.

    Second, I think the fact that this blog has been up, and that they're actually replying to our questions shows that money isn't the -only- priority they have.

  56. """"@3 Man Studios

    Funny you should say that. The next wave of items we are working on are (1) another spawn system fix this week, (2) proper skill rating system to avoid such wild ratio-swings in threat levels, (3) fixing mission system elements - in particular end-stage issues like the one you describe where only the last stage counts (it's actually a quite involved issue to fix - but one that our team are passionate about fixing).

    Will we have ALL those by Open Beta? Potentially not, but they will be in good enough shape that we will continue iterating on them to continue improving them.

    Thank you for your continued support! """"


    Nice to hear that ^^

    I really like the game and i will continue bying Premium because i love the game.
    Its nice to see that you will fix the things i wrote.

    Also i am looking forward to the new symbols in the market. Will there also the Contact ones ? Would be nice.

    Thanks for you reply

    3 Man Studios

  57. I call Warrock as the ultimate hacking game or (ultimate cashing game)

    Thats were i'm thinking G1 is doing nothing about it.
    And so they wont do here.

  58. I hope to be one of the lucky 40,000 people ^ ^
    good work and patience for all hahaha
    Greetings from Spain

  59. check this out bjorn

    also. YAY MISSIONS FIX! (some of us actually play this game)

  60. Is There going to be a other Character Restoration when the apb actually come out of open beta and become the final product?

  61. i have problem or bug i got disconnect from server and when i try to log in back i click on my character and click next its say my character is in another districk its locket...

  62. Ya bjorn you say you are fixing shit but its gonna fail like all your other "fixes". Gamersfirst does not have the capabilities to make any game a good one.

  63. Bjorn, I'd like to know if there will be a fps fix. I saw some hardware would be worked on, but dunno if that'll fix fps. Right now, I get 40 fps in an unpopulated area or the training zone, and in a populated area, I spike to 2 or even 1 fps. Sometimes I do 180s without using the e-brake or even holding a or d for more than a second. I also once had the chat window up as a passenger and while typing, was suddenly ejected as if I had hit f. I've made a few bug reports but would like to not see those issues in the open beta.

  64. so, when does the character reclaim mail come?

  65. @techwreck

    What do you base your claim on?
    If you can't do it better, which I think you can't, then shut up, and keep you pointless posts to yourself..

  66. @Bjorn If it is useful, I came across this site when searching the infamous hacker Dontappey in google last night. I searched "Dontappey aimbot" and it came across a page listing many people on some kind of cheat website. Here is the link I'm not saying all these users use APB, but Dontappey is in the list of users, so there could be a few more APB cheaters in that list too. Its good what a simple search on google can find!

  67. Batou just doesn't seem the same without his Ford GT

  68. Waiting waiting waiting!.. I have no more patience too... LoL... 19th of may will be great... :)

  69. @Richard

    That would be circumstantial evidence at best. Unless you can connect the emails of users on that site to the emails used to login to APB (which it doesn't appear you can) then theres no way of knowing for sure. Theres nothing from stopping me from going to any website and creating the usernames 'Richard' 'TechMech' or 'Bjorn'. Its just a username. They aren't unique across the web.

  70. the cheaters get so much moeny and theart lvl are vary Hige more kill=more lvl more moeny :S but i hate hackers they think them seylfs pros or some thing ;) and i tell to any one do not buy any acc for apb because they will Scam you !!! thanx i tell what i wanna tell cya in san paro :DD

  71. Hi Bjorn, what about the Realtek issue? 1/6 of players are still getting freezes. Can you please fix that?


  72. when are the East Servers coming?

  73. Your Anti-Aimbot post does not fill me with confidence.

    This is the single most important issue affecting the game. You need to get in front of the hacking issue, bare your soul and tell us exactly what the truth is.

    As it stands now every single player who goes 10:0 in a match is accused of hacking. The average player doesn't understand hacking, or how to tell.

    you need to provide details and examples of what hackers look like. Tell players how to tell the difference between a good player and a hacker.

    Your silence on the hacker issue is so bad for business. You need to make addressing this issue with the players your number 1 priority. You will not beat the hackers technically, you can only beat them by looking at stats and adding in tools for the community to identify and report them.

  74. Also, I gave you $25 as a sign of good faith. I hope you can address this issue, but it seems unlikely with your current plan.

    I don't see G1 having some magic technical solution that other well funded FPS game companies have missed.

  75. Hi Bjorn

    Iv'e asked before? in many sites apb, reminds me of rockstars GTA, wich i loved to play, and i that game you could get a bike, is there any chance that will be introduced in apb, it would be !!!sooo coool !! if it would, and even better if it could be for 2 players one to drive and one to shoot.

  76. One issue I noticed is the screen that you use to purchase the G1 credits. When purchasing, the place to enter your city and state seem to overlap a bit. A friend of mine had the same issue when trying to purchase his and almost gave up.

  77. i say we don't need a full list of how they are going to deal with the hackers, we are going to make the hackers very unhappy works for me.

    that would be like making a spy plane, and telling everyone what it looks like and how it works before you use it.

  78. Will we be receiving our vehicles back as well?

  79. OHH YOU GOT ME! They got gamers last! Clever shit with the rapid PB SIG Changing, that can't last too long though.


  80. @Bjorn

    hello sir coul you make party more bigger i dont have only 3 friends in this game xD

  81. Bjorn,

    Please make my dick more bigger. I only have a 3"er.


  82. well, This week is my birthday, as a gift I would like to activate my account:)
    That would make me very happy
    I have put my mail on the website of APB... like every day . :)
    and one more thing.
    you said:
    "tomorrow during maintenance we will let in another batch of about 40,000 people or so"
    but I'm a bit puzzled, because I am Argentine.
    so that "tomorrow"is today or tomorrow?
    When the information was posted, here the time was 1:00 a.m.
    understand ?

  83. @Gamers Last show your manners!!
    @simiospreste its 2 hours left till mainteance :)

  84. Some interesting facts here:

    I played RTW APB and never once used any form of aimbots, wall hacks, etc. because I find it stupid and really didn't think there was too much benefit to it.

    For this Closed Beta, however, I will admit that I did purchase a Radar and "Aimbot", and G1 probably knows that I did, but it wasn't because I wanted to win.

    I wanted crunch the numbers on how much benefit you really do get from aimbotting, and I will actually share those with you guys.

    For one, I noticed that comparing my K/D over 20 hours of gameplay (10 hours with and 10 without) that my K/D ratio increase was only by about 4.0 (average with aimbot: 15-3 average without aimbot: 12-4). Definitely not worth the price of an aimbot.

    Two, my win count did not increase at ALL! No matter how good you may be, in this game, it's all about which team has the best tactics. You may get 20 kills and not die once, but that doesn't mean squat if either your opponents use better tactics to win the match or your teammates are just bad, which happens whether you "hack" or not.

    Three, with my aimbot enabled, I counted that I was accused of hacking 4 times all together. However, with it disabled, I got at least 12 accusations of hacks. This doesn't mean that I'm "better than hacks" it just means that people really don't know what they're talking about when they make such wild accusations.

    All this being said, I have uninstalled the software from my system and will no longer continue to aimbot. However, if G1 bans me, I will totally understand.

    I love this game and whether I get to keep this account or have to make another because of a ban, I will continually pay for premium and support G1 as much as possible.

    Bjorn, you guys are doing a great job and I'm looking forward to all of the changes that are being made to this great game.

    Oh, and in case anybody was curious, my characters are: Amber & Phailbot (Crim on US-EAST) and Swag (Enforcer on US WEST)

  85. Hacking is stupid, but paying for them is even stupider. How dumb do you have to be to PAY to cheat in a FREE game? It boggles the mind.

  86. Is anyone else crashing when they play. IT crashes on me everytime i start. Any suggestions.

  87. *skims over phailbot* blah blah blahh, blah - Yeah I agree.

    Did you say hackers are stupid, then say stupider? LoL. If you want to play that game, how stupid do you have to be to pay for credits on a free game? OHHHHHH WHAT?! WHAT??!! CANT TOUCH THIS BABY.

    I can give good sex to you...Cause i'm really good at at sex.

  88. @Gamers Last well how can a online game support themselves without somekind of payments?? there is not a single free online game wich you can achieve the absolute best without putting some money into it!!

  89. Retardation aside, good to see things moving along. Got a lot of friends waiting in the wings for this one.

  90. Hi, my character is blocked. When i try to connect, i'm disconnected with this message:
    "World enter has failed. Look like characters is locked in another district instance. (Error Code 60004)".
    Anyone know the issue? I tried to reboot my connection but anyway i get this message.

  91. Ok i have the following question,
    i have a Closed beta account with a character
    with the same name, of my character right now,
    is it still possible to restore my old character for the symbols, and keep my closed beta character,
    sins i have 180 days premium xD

  92. @Kevin -- premium is for the account and has nothig to do with the character. Wouldn't be a problem either way.

  93. @sjean

    I am only trying to help. Yes it does not show emails of people, but it does show their user name, in Dontappeys case, it is exactly the same username as he is using in APB (maybe they have to for the hack to work? I dont know!). I aren't an expert at all but it would be worth being looked at by Gamersfirst and Bjorn. What is also interesting is that if you go to there is also a link at the top that takes you to what looks to be forum showing the hack that is used, and it also shows screenshots and video's of the hack in action! If Bjorn and Gamerfirst want to learn about hackers, then there is nothing better to learn from than the video's of the hack itself. From watching the video's myself, its very certain to say most aimbotters will crouch when firing, something to look for when you play against someone you suspect is using a hack.

  94. @Richard

    Your assumption that most botters crouch while botting is not well thought out. Why would you crouch when you can hit anything even while standing?

  95. Everytime a kiddy gets angry over a botter, a hacker gets off a little.

  96. So, tonight I thought of something that may be a dumb question, but... why are the maintenance windows so late on a Tuesday? I know most MMO's do their maintenance days in the middle of the week, which makes sense, but they usually start it sometime in the early morning PST so less people are affected by the downtime. Starting at 4pm PST (hasn't it been 4pm-ish a couple of times now, too?) seems weird because all the kids are out of school, most of us adults are getting ready to leave work, or already out if you're in EST.

    I'm sure you guys have a good reason, just curious what it is...

  97. Crouching and shooting has nothing to do with hacks. Anybody who knows what they're doing typically crouches to shoot because of the accuracy increase. The ONLY viable evidence of aimbots is when someone, while shooting one enemy, immediately snaps 90° or more directly to another enemy. It is very possible to quickly move your mouse 45° or so to another enemy, however, it is not easy to do that and be 100% accurate. You really have to pay attention and use discretion to be sure that someone is aimbotting.

  98. Has anyone gotten the email for the 40,000 new BT's yet?

  99. How many time the server will be down?

  100. I agree with Dree's suggestion about how DICE does it with Battlefield, i.e. "HackingDouche was removed from the server by PunkBuster." We're all aware that APB already uses PB, I don't think that was the point of the comment.. The point is that you make legit players suffer while we wait weeks for you to ban the cheaters, instead of (like most other FPS games) immediately removing them.

    When you let cheaters get their jollies in for weeks at a time without interruption, they're not going to be scared about bannings, and the people who buy these aimbots think it's a successful product that they won't be caught using, and more will keep buying the aimbots.

    You think by waiting a little while, you're suckering them in to get them all at once, but you're not going to stem the tide by letting them have the illusion of a successful product that people keep buying. By showing that you're on top of it instead of letting it slide, they may be less inclined to risk their account/character progress for a guaranteed ban. And it makes G1 actually look like you're doing something about the problem, so that you don't get unhappy customers in the future. People like me.

    Nor is this at all related to "name and shame", I thought username/character name was made apparent, not revealing their real name. There's nothing illegal about saying a district-wide "CharacterName has been banned for hacking" when they get caught right when they do it... rather than waiting weeks to ban and making legit players unhappy for the duration. This will also help the community feel better and keep an eye out for potential returning cheaters since this game will be F2P and they could spam new accounts.

  101. For any players still asking questions about what you'll get from recovering your old characters Check out

  102. You guys are an awesome team. keep up the good work. and defiantly the most personal and outreaching community.

  103. Well i hope GF don't forgive a few hackers because they told the truth, don't forget they already are high rank with a lot cash and weapons so yeah BAN THEM ALL is not fair to hack on closed beta get everything you want it , say i did im sorry and promise not doing again and keep everything to open beta lol...

  104. @ Clawdette -- I couldn't agree more. I think getting caught should get you a warning by being kicked out of the server once, then if you log back in using bots EVER again (not just put a cooldown on the warning) should get you permanently banned.

    Also, that is a very good point that, as a f2p game, you can just make another account when you get banned. What's the solution? Make it so difficult to play with hacks that it's not worth it to keep making new accounts.

  105. My god I can't wait. So many improvements, just thinking of how great this game will be has me i n a daze. Great job to the APB:Reloaded team.

  106. @Phailbot
    Thanks for your awnser.

    But still the character name of my RTW char,
    is the same name on the gamersfirst version

    and another question, will the Characters we have right now be whiped? because everybody says somting els in the game :)

  107. @Kevin. I seriously doubt that they will wipe simply because people are already spending money to aid their characters progression. They have not officially announced anything yet but I would be surprised to see another wipe.

  108. Has anyone gotten an email to get into the semi open beta I currently have not recieved anything


  110. @neo_kcb -- I was going to say that you obviously didn't read my post properly, but then I realized that you can't even construct a coherent sentence.

    I didn't say, "Oh I hacked, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." I was gathering information on the real benefits of aimbots and found that there really are none.

    I'm just trying to prove that hacks are useless wastes of money.

  111. I cant wait to have the old murdersauce back!

  112. Even if you haven't received the email, you should at least try logging into the forums to see if you have access to the closed beta forums. For this is how I found out that I received beta access.

    I've been in CB for months and still haven't received my email...


  114. Bjorn,

    Where are the character restoration emails going? Are you using RTWs old information for each character, because my email has changed since the RTW days and I'd like to reclaim my old character....

  115. Where are the closed beta forums at?

  116. Still waiting on those character reclamations...

  117. yeah , have the emails gone out yet, somebody told me they did.

  118. Hi Bjorn

    Since yesterday night i've been laggin like SHIT! And i've never been laggin before?
    Anything u changed ?

  119. @Bjorn

    I can't get my armas marketplace to show up i wait and wait but it just keeps loading.

  120. Thanks for making APB even worse than before you got your hands on it. You really did a lot of blog writing in the time you had the game, too bad you didn't do any proper developing. Besides messing up weapon balance and giving us some poor TTK.

    "Here you can have your old character back, but they'll just have their two of their outfits... AND NOTHING ELSE. Oh and you have to delete your current character or PAY US for a new slot... you're welcome"

    Rename the company to Failure First.

  121. I was quiet when suddenly I'm disconnected me. I say shit to further problems on the servers but no I got banned.
    I say shit how come I was banking when I have done nothing illegal, I'll see the email I sent GamersFirst and there I see:
    Hello *******,

    This email has-beens have a feeling thats the followings notification GamersFirst account: ******* has-been Permanently banned for using illegal 3rd year party hack tool we PDB Reloaded.

    The ban for Question regarding please feel free to submit a customer support ticket at:

    I really do not understand because I did nothing.

    Thank you kindly explain to me the real reason for the ban and to rectify this error because it pisses me off not being able to play.

  122. Its called you were caught for hacking.. plain and simple. G1 doesn't willy nilly ban people with a specific example.

  123. they ban hackers now.. shit happens for u :) im happy bout that! thanks g1 for ripping off that bastard!

  124. OMG I LOVE YOU OPEN beta been watching a mate playing the game and it looks so good

  125. @Lucas

    It is probably because yesterday me and 39999 others got beta access and loged in same time wich stress the server and then lag for everyone.

  126. @Bjorn
    are you guys planning to do somthings to the districts i mean how many enforcers and criminals are in one instance cause my friend and i were playin and we were in a instances without any enforcerss only criminals and it sucks because we don't get many xp that way

  127. Dear bjorn... WHERE THE HELL IS MY ACCOUNT!?

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. I call BS on the open beta early acccess crap. I have a gamersfirst and I put my e-mail in well before the time. I even put it in again (3 times) the hour you announced the stupid early access crap.

  130. People need to relax. I don't understand how you consider constant flaming to be productive content of a blog post meant to keep us informed. These guys are obviously doing their best to make this game great for everyone and have been working night and day on it, for what will be a FREE game.

    I have definitely seen a few good points brought up like from Michael Cowan, but I'd say about 100 of the posts aren't remotely constructive.

    Anyway, my only question for now is if there was a delay put on the original account recovery mentioned in this post. I was checking my e-mail last night and didn't get anything. Any information that can be given about this in your next blog post would be great.

    Thanks again for all the hard work on what will be a great game! Your efforts have not been wasted on all.

  131. @Chaz I thought the emails would be launching out after 4pm.

    Going back to the next district, Asylum. Basing off of the pictures it looks to be completely new compared to the current districts, which I like. Instead of the open spaces, there's small rooms and hallways. I feel this could give a bit of an edge for shotgunners though, which seems outbalanced.
    Well, really I wouldn't know what the actual layout is, as it looks like a city with an Asylum (Arkham City?) Anyways, nice to see bigger projects in the work. Really want to see the social district have more features such as the cinema.

  132. @ alpha centauri: Yea as did I, but this post was dated Monday

  133. @Bjorn

    First of a few questions and suggestions reguarding this post:

    1. how does the "Character Restoration" work?

    I am in closed beta allready, but do not seem to ba able to reclaim my account yet.
    I realize that you have alot emails to send out to all the old players from the former RTW apb (like me),
    and i might just have not recieved the email yet.
    I have used same email and (main)character name as on my old apb account.
    To ensure that someone else didnt take the name before me, and same mail not to confuse myself.

    1.a Would the above cause any complications to me reclaiming my character?

    1.b What do we get to keep from our old accounts(alot of people want to know this i am sure)?
    Vehicles(talking of custom painted ones with no upgrades slotted i presume),
    outfits(how many, and all items in outfit?), characters(how many and based on what?)

    1.c Do we need to remove our current closed beta characters to be able to claim old ones?

    1.d Will there be another character wipe before live, if so when(if you know yet)?

    2. Hackers and cheaters

    2.a I agree with Dree and Clawdette about it not being enough with a mecanical long term sulution,
    you need to get in there and ban ASAP to stop the fire before its starts. In form of kicking first then banning, and
    maybe even combined with a few GM's. I'm not saying a GM in every instance all the time. But just the chance,
    one might be there will have a preventiv effect too.

    2.b Allso it seems the post have been deleted now, but what are you going to to about baned hackers spoofing?
    I saw one metioning kernelspoof, so i had too google it to find out what it was.

    A suggestion for this Blog

    Why not make a PST clock on here so people can see what the time is on your Schedule?(if possible)

    @mrhandycomp If you go into district select on top you will se a tab called "Instances",
    if you clisk it you will see every instance listed on the server and the population in it.

    @Chaz i agree 100%

    @Phailbot Kinda good i guees seeing one testing the hacks and being willing to take the punishment for it i guess.
    Though i hope your alone on this. However am not sure if your trying to save your ass, or are sincere.

    @tiktok I am glad seeing someone get banned for cheating and getting back here to write about it.
    I ofcource hope for you that it was a mistake, but if it wasnt you had it comming busta.

    @Noah Why do you think they are late on the email?
    Maybe becase people (like you) apply 4 times insted of the 1 time required?
    Allso we were alot actually playing apb before it colapsed, and just maybe they put the old
    fanbase who allready payed for the gamebox ahead of you?

    @Mikael, @Gamers Last, @techwreck, @Raul, *SIGH*

    @G1 Looking better and better guys! You really deserve a huge cookie!

    Best Regards Zemtex

  134. Remove the texture limitations for 32-Bit users please. We want to see our custom shirt and car designs too :)

  135. @zemtex i know that but it's kinda stupid that it can happen right or am i the only one ??

  136. @mrhandycomp

    no your not the only one.

    it is what it is just join a different district,
    maybe when the game goes OB and release we will see less of it as more people start to play.

  137. im having a problem...i imported some songs onto the music player and now the game crashes 10s after i enter a district

  138. ok, so I have a pretty big concern. I'm one of those guys that don't mind paying for a service. However, I want to pay a simple charge and not a complex network of charges that are intended to bleed even more money out.

    Basicly, I don't mind at all paying 15 a month for a premium account however, at that amount, I want a full game. I understand that this is a ftp game and you have to make your money. However, I am not ok with having to pay 15 per month, then having to pay an additional couple dollars per character slot, a couple more per unlock here, a couple for an unlock there and end up jacking the monthly cost way over the 15 per month.

    Unfortunatly, it's looking to be just that. Even though I have gone premium, there are still additional charges coming down looking to nickle and dime me even further. Please, please tell me this isn't the case. I would like to see premium allowing for full unlock of the functions.

    I can understand a special weapon or vehicle costing additional, however, I think premium should remove the 10 day limit on items, allow players to unlock all the designer options, and allow for unlocking the enirety of current content. Basicly, like i said, I don't mind paying for a full game. But I do want access to the full game without feeling like i'm getting nickle and dimed to death.

  139. Hopefully will you somewhen fix the bug that is causing a complete system crash (brrrrrrrrrr loop-sound and unresponsive system -even ctrl+alt+suppr won't respond-)
    This problem seems to concern only 64bits win7 users, maybe with some specific hardware (realtec soundcard or soundmax, since disabling the soundcard in BIOS seems to solve the crash problem).

  140. lets hope this maintenance will be quick. Is there any updates on the fps issues?

  141. @Zemtex You sir, are a moron. I did not apply 4 times, I registered the same email 4 times to make sure I typed it in correct

  142. Also I played APB the day it was released by rtw so go screw yourself.

  143. @ PacManiacDk

    I would say you can base that claim on every game on the gamersfirst lineup. 80% of people on here never heard of G1 until they took over APB - there games are hack riddled with people who dont care about those games and the legit gamers are 12 year olds playing them because they are free.
    APB is the only thing they have going for it because its a real game.

  144. Can anyone connect to the server? It says that I don't have the proper version of the client while it is fully updated.

  145. Yeah servers are still down,

    Anyone know what this 25MB patch entails?

  146. can you juts do the maintenance early ?....

    many peeps are playin when you do that @ midnight CET >_<

  147. is the server down for maintenance? i wish i can access the apb forums they're inaccessible to me for some reason, anyone outside the us or eu experiencing this?

  148. Character Restoration works now!!!

  149. Taking so long for a 25mb patch...

  150. The game is in maintenance, and it's quite a long maintenance in order to make several database changes. The team will update the forums and Facebook when it goes live.

  151. many thank you very much for activating my account, the game is awesome
    Luckily I found no bug


  152. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  153. Thanks for clearing it Bjorn.

    Well at least the changes are for the best. With that said it might take a while guys so yeah.

  154. @Bjorn - I've given it time. I've tried to be patient. I've tried to be polite.

    Stop counting all the money you are making on Premium and start fixing the rampant aimbots and the lag mountains every 10-15 minutes. Making responses that basically says: "LOL! We're not going to ban them! LOL!" basically just tells the botters that it's open season.

    Fix. It. Now.

  155. @Bjorn Yeah, I'm aware that PunkBuster is being used, but it's not being used properly. Have you (or anyone at G1) ever played a game that uses PB properly? IE Battlefield, CounterStrike, Quake3, anything? Even if your state legally prohibits you from naming the offenders, who cares? Just don't name them? Other games using PunkBuster don't mess around and get rid of the cheaters -immediately-. They care about the environment they're selling and they -protect- it from cheaters. They don't sit around and decide for weeks who's cheating and who isn't while their loyal, legit players are forced to suffer through playing against said cheaters to the point where it's not even fun to play anymore. I won't admit to being the best player in the game, and I take my losses as well as my wins... but it's not hard to tell the difference between a cheater and a legit player.

    Look on YouTube. Cheating is rampant as ever in your game and G1 doesn't seem to care as much as they pretend they do.

  156. @Sicarius

    First - we haven't made a whole lot of money (at least not yet) but we are clearly hoping this game will do very well, and second - botters are being banned. Some are even complaining on this very blog that we have perma-banned them for no reason. Sure - must be for no reason at all...

  157. Restoring characters doesn't even find my account. Urgh.

  158. @Bjorn i would like you to explain us what's going on with these closed beta keys. are they given out all at same time -yesterday? or is it a few thousand everyday? if yes can you tell me what time ??? thank you

  159. The Character Restoration is more pointless than I first thought it'd be.

    First we didn't get our weapons, vehicles and other items. Fine, I'll accept that and I can see why.

    Now, I restore a character and find I can't email my own items to my other character because they are listed as not trade-able! So I'd have to go back to the start and start from scratch on *everything* just to get the items? Come on guys, this isn't right. Make the items we own trade-able with our own characters, this is ridiculous.

    I bought the original APB and I have been extremely vocal in my support for GamersFirst development on the project, but I can't help but feel a little screwed here.

  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. my account got blocked lolz cause evidently i district chatted Hacks on this dude who was banned for botting yet i got blocked and yet to recieve an email stating why

    anyone else get blocked without email notification also?

    ps: games gonna fail unless you @g1 fix lag spikes hire moderators not an auto ban system to do your work aka it will and could ban inoccent players like me (i didn't hack but i did say a few fbombs but they were filtered automatically)and try and reduce greifing by 50

  162. Anyone else getting the "We found your account but there are no characters to migrate." error? It's disheartening, especially since I -know- I have atleast two characters on that account.

  163. @Bjorn

    what the point to recover my old char from RTWif i cant tranfrs my items to this char that i really want to point now to play with that char

  164. @Bjorn
    You said before that the Beta 1 characters would be restored first and then the RTW apb chars. but we went straight to RTW recovery. Is there a way for us to get our art and such from the beta 1 chars?

  165. whats the point of keeping the old if we have to start from zero . im still gona do but seems werid.
    just happy if it works to get my old car back and all designs imean did ju put 50 hours to the closed beta char so .

    the the thing i as going ask about . is there enyone else that hade som latency /ms problem the last 2-3 dags?
    igone from 40-60 to 150-240 ms the last 2 dags , havent done enything whit the computer or internet ,did lower the grafik and everything nufiing .
    im playing on EU1(obeya)

  166. HAI BJORN

  167. @Daveellis0808
    Try refurbishing the items.If that doesn't work then i dunno.

  168. All you have to do is refurbish the items from your old character and mail them to the new one. If you had a character to transfer then you played APB before, how could you not know that? Man... it's like the people who load into APB:R now and are completely lost because they can't find the kiosks. What corner were people living in? Get out there and explore the game!

  169. @b.pomerleau

    obviously you have no facts to back up your statements .. they have said on multiple posts in the CB forums about Ingame GM's so maybe before you say its not true do a little reading.

    And if you got banned its cause u were hacking. Plain and Simple. And if your not a support ticket will be your best resource instead of trolling.

  170. Is there a way to restore the previous Closed beta characters that existed before the wipe happened?

  171. Probably not dude.... If u read or even browsed EUSA for closed beta they informed you that there would be a character wipe. If you wanted the name you should have attempted to get it again after the wipe.

  172. Yesterday everything good today game full of lagers + hackers very funny ;) total dislike play spawnkill game

  173. actually Bjorn himself said we would in this very blog a few weeks ago; "Once we are in Open Beta, we are looking to see if we can let you reclaim custom characters from the Closed Beta."

  174. @ Patrick W. i didnt hack and that doesn't answer why i didnt get an email notice why it just states my account was blocked and i cant use it to login to APB:reloaded CBeta im guessing since i reported an average of 7-8 players all of which were banned i did call em out but 4 others did as well they might have falsly reported us aka taking me and the 4 others with em

  175. I never whinne against people cheatin...
    many noobs call me hacker some many time to know how boring it is...

    But tonight we see a full hacker team....

    MrT, Rapist, and another lamin noob I juts don't want to remeber the nick...
    Aimbot spotted \o/

    I really damn hope that you do something against that Bjorn...

  176. Oi did the east coast server just die?

  177. i got disconnected to.

  178. Matchmaking is still garbage, for example: 9on4, NO option for call backup, pros at enemies they lowered their rank.

    why you dont make the threadlevel based on groupsize? noone reduces his threadlevel in an 4 man group! if everyone has an own threadlevel for singleplay, 2-,3- and 4man groups i dont see an problem at all.

    Spawnsystem getting more worst every patch too - at rtw times you auto flank them, because you spawned around the objective, defend points was able to get with this system, now you are cannon fodder after spawning.
    getting spawned at 20-250m away from targets is crap too.
    but most annoing is the spawn of lowrange guys directly behind you or of snipers on an long road - as you kill them, they are greyed out and can easy sniper you out until they turn red again after spawning.
    please! when you dont can do it better, give us the old rtw spawn system back!

  179. Sorry G1 but you really need to fix the game for 32 bit systems before open beta

  180. How can I register to play this great game?

  181. @Bjorn

    I never had crashes or anything, but since the last patch, the game is UNPLAYABLE.

    Me and my brother do have 2 computers, behind 1 Router. When i play APB and my bro isn't connected to the internet, no crashes at all.

    But when he connects to the internet over the same router, i get kick back to the login screen.

    And yes, i can repeat this one as often as i want.

    My Bro got his Beta Access off the latest wave. It would be a big problem, when this game goes public, and more people a gonna have the same problem.

    Please do something about this...

    Thanks and have fun :D

  182. @Cheater

    they are working on the spawning system, but for me unless the target moves i always spawn with in 100m.


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